Smolder is standing by the desk holding the phone to his ear. Scullery’s looking through the window and is holding Alan in her arms. SCULLERY Who is it Smolder? Smolder covers the mouthpiece with his hand. SMOLDER Our nemesis. SCULLERY Tell ’em to call back later. Smolder uncovers the mouthpiece. SMOLDER (into phone) Call back later. DRAKE (V. O.) (over phone) Wa-Smolder hangs up the phone. ALAN Ooohh! A fire truck. I always wanted to make a movie about a fire truck. It’d be called It’s On

Fire. The plot would be simple. A renegade fire truck joins the hot rod circuit in search of his father Professor Can Opener. SCULLERY That doesn’t make any sense. SMOLDER What’s a hot rod circuit? ALAN Something that goes real fast. Smolder walks over to the window. SMOLDER Huh... they sure put out that fire fast. SCULLERY Looks like the shows over. Scullery and Smolder sit on the couch. PHONE RINGS SMOLDER That’s probably our nemesis again. Smolder pulls a broom out from under the couch. SCULLERY What’re you doing? SMOLDER Just watch. Smolder reaches over with the broom and pushes the phone off the desk. The phone hits the floor and the handset falls off the hook. Using the broom Smolder drags the handset across the floor until it’s at his feet. Smolder picks up the phone. SMOLDER (to Scullery) Pretty clever huh?

SCULLERY No. That was pointless. ALAN (to Scullery) But don’t you see? That’s the beauty of it. SCULLERY The beauty of wh-Smolder shushes Scullery. SMOLDER (into phone) Hello? DRAKE (V. O.) (over phone) Hi. It’s you nemesis again. SMOLDER (into phone) What’d’ya want? DRAKE (V. O.) (over phone) I just wanted to know if you received the message. SMOLDER (into phone) You mean the exploding car? DRAKE (V. O.) (over phone) Yep. Now how are ya gonna get around? SMOLDER (into phone) Two things... 1, that wasn’t our car and 2, we use the bus. (pauses) Hello?

(pauses) Hello? Two voices on the other side of the phone quietly CHATTER about what Smolder just said. SMOLDER phone) Hey! Who are you talking to? SCULLERY What’s going on? SMOLDER (to Scullery) I’m not sure but I heard a couple of names. SCULLERY What are they? SMOLDER (to Scullery) Drake and Jeff. JEFF (V. O.) (over phone) Oh no! He knows our names! DRAKE (V. O.) (over phone) Quick, release the knock out gas! JEFF (V. O.) (over phone) We don’t have any kn-The line goes dead. Smolder hangs up the phone. SMOLDER Our nemesis or nemeses are pretty lame. ALAN They did blow up a car. (into

The SOUND of someone running up the stairs. A small piece of paper is shoved under the door. The SOUND of someone running down the stairs. Smolder picks up the piece of paper, SMOLDER It looks like we got a message from our nemeses. SCULLERY What’s it say? SMOLDER (reading the letter) “We need to talk. Come to the address written on the other side of this piece of paper tomorrow. Sincerely, your nemesis.” Smolder flips over the piece of paper. SMOLDER That’s not too far from here. Should we go? SCULLERY We might as well. ALAN It sounds like there’s gonna be a showdown! CUT TO: EXT. APARTMENT COMPLEX COURT YARD - MORNING JEFF and DRAKE are standing next to some stairs in the courtyard of their apartment complex. Jeff is about 19 and Drake is 18. Their choice of clothing reflects their slacker lifestyle. Drake is wearing yellow shoes. JEFF We should’ve given them an exact time.

DRAKE No, it’s perfect the way it is. We’ve given them the element of surprise. JEFF But that’s a bad thing. Drake pauses for a second. DRAKE You’re right. Well at least we’ve got the Yellow Element. JEFF They’re not Green Lanterns Drake... and besides your stupid. DRAKE How am I stupid? JEFF For one, we don’t have the Yellow Element-DRAKE (points to his shoes) But my shoes are-JEFF And two, the Yellow Element isn’t in the comics. DRAKE But the movie-JEFF The animated movie isn’t canon. Drake gets ready to say something but then stops. DRAKE (defeated) You’re right. CODEX walks down the stairs. She has red hair.

DRAKE (to Codex) Oh, hey Codex. Codex gives Drake a little wave and walks by them. JEFF I heard she throws pretty weird parties. Codex leaves through the back entrance. Scullery and Smolder walk in through the front door of the apartment complex. Drake points at them. DRAKE They’re here! Smolder notices Drake pointing at them. He tells Scullery and they walk over to Drake and Jeff. SMOLDER So you’re our nemeses? DRAKE Yep. SCULLERY But you guys are basically just babies. DRAKE Hey! I’ll have you know that I can read at a fourth grade level. JEFF We’re both over 18. SCULLERY I’m sure you are. So what’s this all about? JEFF You’re operating on our turf! SMOLDER

Your turf? DRAKE Yeah. We’re the detective agency that works this area of Portland. SCULLERY You guys have your own detective agency? Aww do you have a tree house too? JEFF Shut up, ho! Smolder punches Jeff in the face and Jeff falls over. SMOLDER (angrily) If you ever say anything like that to her again you’ll have two broken legs ta deal with! Scullery looks at Smolder surprised. Jeff, holding his nose, stands up. JEFF (angrily) Aw man it’s on now. DRAKE Yeah! We’re getting it on like Dixie Kong! SMOLDER I’d like to see that! JEFF This is officially a turf war battle royale! DRAKE Yeah! A battle royale with cheese! JEFF (to Drake)

Shut up Drake. SCULLERY What are we suppose to do in a turf war? DRAKE Basically we’ll just be pulling pranks on each other until someone starts acting like an adult. SCULLERY Well Smolder, it looks like you’ll be on your own this time. SMOLDER (to Scullery) That’s fine. (to Jeff) The turf war begins tomorrow! Smolder and Scullery turn to leave. JEFF Wait! Smolder and Scullery turn back. JEFF If you tell the police we blew up that car we’ll give them your address. I’m sure they’d like ta talk to you about a certain parade. SMOLDER (disappointed) Okay fine. Smolder and Scullery leave through the front door of the apartment complex. Jeff takes out his cellphone. DRAKE What’re you doing?

JEFF I’m just making a phone call. Jeff enters a number into his cellphone and holds it up to his ear. PHONE RINGS PHONE IS PICKED UP FEMALE SECRETARY (V. O.) (over phone) Thank you for calling the Engelsikarios Corporation. How may I direct your call? JEFF (into phone) I’d like to speak to the man in charge... code 2744. FEMALE SECRETARY (V. O.) (over phone) One moment please... THE MAN IN CHARGE (V. O.) (over phone) Hello? JEFF (into phone) It starts tomorrow. THE MAN IN CHARGE (V. O.) (over phone) Excellent. CUT TO BLACK: THE END