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Present Day Map Final

by RenDragonClaw
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For reference use only, this is a map of the present state of affairs in KAS or the 'Present
Welcoming- Nations that are welcoming to kaiju often either worship, employ or do their best
to appease/understand giant monsters as whole. They are aware that kaiju are not uniformally mindless engines of destruction or creatures out to drive humanity to extinction.
Such nations also apply the same philosophy to enigma sensitives, mutants and giga fauna
provided they don't prove themselves to be a serious threat to the environment and local
populations.Discrimination against enigma sensitives and mutants of a non criminal nature is
often against federal law and such individuals can find help in adapting to human society
again. Welcoming Nations also are among the leading experts on kaiju in general, providing a
secure and stable environment for kaijuologists and other scientific minds interested in the
creatures to study and potentially even create them. Naturally this can backfire but
welcoming nations are known for taking such debacles and turning some good fortune out of
Friendly- Nations that are friendly to kaiju may not have the resources to train, study or
employ kaiju defenders of their own but are understanding that kaiju attacks can be reduced
by not agitating them and understanding how and why they go about their business. Friendly
nations often focus more on repelling and warding against kaiju attacks than attempting
containment or termination. Many friendly nations are of the sentiment that kaiju are not
something that should be challenged by man unless really necessary and spiritual and cultural
beliefs in the region often tie into this. Enigma Sensitives and Giga Fauna often find refuge in
such regions or are considered protected providing they are do not cause a great deal of harm.
Wary- Nations that are wary of kaiju are always on the defensive, expecting kaiju to attack at
any moment. Whether it's pragmatism or national pride, wary nations think the world would
be much better if it simply went back to not having kaiju at all. Knowing that kaiju are not so
easily removed, wary nations strive to separate themselves from kaiju as much as possible. A
very 'you stay on your side, I'll stay on mind' kind of mentality. As long as kaiju do not enter
the borders of a wary nation they will not be attacked. Kaiju that come from hollows within
the borders or are created there are subject to extreme scrutiny and wary nations focus on at
least containing or driving off such kaiju as quickly as possible. Wary nations however do not
actively hunt kaiju not within their borders and seek to avoid initiating a violent response
from kaiju that may be nearby. Kaiju that have proven themselves valuable assets to the
country are strictly monitored and controlled but are cared for and appeased as needed. Such
kaiju are often held as a symbol of power. This philosophy extends to enigma sensitives and
giga fauna, controlled and contained for the nation's benefit with the idea that any sign of
disobedience or going rogue is grounds for stricter confinement and possible termination.
Hostile- Nations that are hostile towards kaiju are aggressive, sometimes self destructively so.
Hostile nations always seek to kill all enigma based life forms out of either human
supremacy, paranoia or a deep grudge caused by some major incident. Religious fanaticism
also plays a crucial role in if a nation becomes hostile or not. Several major religions have
laid a stigma on enigma based life as 'unholy' in some fashion and that affiliation with such is
'heresy' of the highest order. Some hostile nations are akin to wary nations that have opted for
an extreme preemptive policy over a pragmatically defensive one. Hostile nations will
attempt to attack any kaiju within reach of it's military and enigma sensitives and mutants are
fugitives that are openly hunted and exterminated, thus many such individuals become either
refugees or unwilling criminals. Giga Fauna are exterminated with extreme prejudice. If a
hostile nation does have kaiju of it's own they are often driven out or become a region wide
terror and public menace. Kaiju defense forces from other nations must go through extensive

red tape and political meandering if called to deal with kaiju threats in the territory of hostile
nations, often being barred altogether if the situation is not truly dire. Hostile Nations that
grow powerful enough to use a kaiju of their own are either ruthlessly abusive to their ward
or employ extreme measures to ensure loyalty. Hostile nations that have a 'working
relationship' with a rogue kaiju are extremely rare. While kaijuology in general is openly
ridiculed in hostile nations, the study of kaiju for military purposes and possible termination
is highly prized. Hostile nations are willing to go to great lengths to secure such information
Indifferent- Nations that are indifferent interact with kaiju as the situation demands. They
otherwise are effectively neutral or simply don't care. Often this is because the nation is
having severe problems not related to kaiju or are culturally unfazed by the weird and
strange, taking it in stride. Indifferent nations are also nations that have not really suffered
major kaiju attacks or have very little enigma activity to speak of. Others are caught between
powers greater than themselves and are shielded from a high degree of kaiju traffic. Those
that do have interactions with kaiju either are too powerless to do anything about it or are
The USA, being the site of nearly half the number of Earth Hollows across the Globe counts
itself among the world nations that have polarizing mixed views of kaiju. While exact policy
remains divided along party lines (much like everything else) the USA has perhaps the largest
number of active kaiju and the views on them differ from state to state. Many of the rogue
kaiju from the United States are at least even in temperament and while this is not by any
means a given, tend to be receptive to communication and cooperation with humanity. Much
of the Northern or 'Liberal' states want to at least understand these titans so they can better
defend themselves or learn something from them that could be beneficial to the US. The
southern and more conservative states meanwhile have gotten the brunt of aggressive kaiju
both from within their own borders and those traveling over seas. This has upset them
something fierce and many are of the militant and even stubbornly evangelical opinion that
kaiju are abhorrent abominations of the devil at best and active threats to national security at
worst. Thus the most efficient method of dealing with kaiju is 'shoot it till it dies'. Between
these two extremes and countless demographics that fluctuate wildly in actual knowledge of
kaiju, the United States is largely indifferent as a whole though how long the powder keg
between the two radically different stances will stay unlit and united will depend on how well
they can continue to defend American soil. A task that is proving more difficult as larger and
Canada has a generally positive view of kaiju, seeing them as an extension of their parks and
lakes. While any individual kaiju is more dangerous than a moose ever could be, Canada
enjoys the relative security from it's neighbor and thus even when aggressive kaiju do attack,
there is a usually a solution right around the corner. While Canada doesn't have much in the
way of kaiju defense personally, it's rogue kaiju population is generally amicable as long as
they are not attacked. The Great Lakes are home to a number of these kaiju and are not too
aggressive as long as they are left alone and given a respectfully wide berth.
Already rife with drug lords, poverty, pollution and half a hundred other issues, Mexico really
doesn't need giant monsters rampaging through their country on top of it. As Mexico has
several coastal choke points, it is very vulnerable to sudden attacks by sea which is a prime
Kaiju method of travel. Like many coastal nations, Mexico is threatened by that fact alone. It,
and the all countries leading to the Panama Canal, are threatened by the rise of the
Conquerors in South America. If the Conquerors succeed in crossing through Colombia,
In general, the countries that make up the Amazon continent are utterly hostile against kaiju

for a very simply reason: they've lost the most. Lima Peru was utterly devastated to the point
a national day of mourning was announced to mark the occasion. The Panama Canal is also a
major choke point for traveling kaiju and many fear it could be attacked or smashed apart any
day now. The Amazon Jungle is a perfect hiding place for mutants, growing kaiju and even
fully grown kaiju. The continent as a whole lacks the military resources to make a sizable
dent in anything that's hungry enough to come prowling out of the trees and rivers. This
Buffered by the Amazon Basin, Brazil has so far managed to avoid the often damaging
attentions of Kaiju. It's no secret that they are just as paranoid of a kaiju attack as the rest of
South America but for now they are not up for provoking the issue further while the majority
of kaiju activity is either far south or far north. There is also no telling when a kaiju could
So far Greenland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Finland are considered
Friendly toward Kaiju. The reasons vary from myths and folklore being heavily engrained
into the culture to the point that kajiu from the region are regarded as proof of such, to being
included in the safety net of the United States and it's kaiju defense forces of various origin.
Far as the Brits are concerned, stranger things have happened. Meanwhile France and
Germany are Wary of kaiju threats, having major landmarks that would be fitting battle
grounds for kaiju. The destruction of national treasures would be astronomical. Most of the
rest of Europe is indifferent, caught up in the flux of the economy and their local issues to
pay kaiju much mind until one ventures into their cities. This is generally the case with one
While Italy, and it's capital of Rome were Hostile at first, considering kaiju abominations
against God and the end of humanity's 'rightful' dominion of the planet, the country has
recently flipped it's stance on kaiju. After the terrorist attack on the Vatican and the death of
many major cardinals, priests and the previous Pope-all of which were strong advocates for
kaiju and mutant termination-were killed. Their replacements have been much more moderate
and have been drawing support for a 'sanctified' kaiju defense force of their own. While there
is no proof that such a force exists as of yet, rogue kaiju by and large seem to avoid the area,
indicating that a large earth hollow may be within Italy's borders. The government claims to
be looking into the matter but has otherwise made no comment.
Because of the sudden appearance of kaiju relating to Greek myth throughout the
Mediterranean and Black Sea, Greece has been brought out of it's slump thanks to such
legendary creatures proving to be real and at a far greater scale than they ever imagined.
Many of these kaiju have reclaimed their ancient lairs and thus are mostly considered national
treasures so long as they aren't disturbed. Several Heros from those same myths have also
appeared in the form of massive golems, leading to a nation wide surge in interest into the
period of history known simply as 'The Four Empires Era'. The generally amicable nature of
the kaiju and golems in question has lead to a surge in tourism and has been a considerable
boon to the field of Kaijuology. The area is defended from more rapacious rogue kaiju by
virtue of these kaiju defending their lairs. The exception to this is Crete which was heavily
damaged during a titanic battle there with enigmatic eldritch forces.
The USSR has a great deal of territory to defend and defend it will. Adopting a policy of
pragmatism when it comes to kaiju, Russia has little tolerance for kaiju aggression both along
its borders and within the country itself. Several times they have sought to drive out various
kaiju with overwhelming firepower. Due to the climate many kaiju don't approach Russia and
those that lay under it have so far remained largely dormant. So far no Earth Hollows have
been reported in Russia, something that can be seen as a equal blessing to the United States

having the most. It is unknown if the Russian government is planning to create their own
kaiju defense force and if they are, they are keeping it well hidden.
From Jordan to Pakistan, the entire Middle East has adopted a defiant and utter loathing for
kaiju in their entirety. Seeing the Christian center of Rome turn its stance on its head has lead
the Muslim Brotherhood and highest members of the faith to consider their path the only true
path to humanity's survival. All kaiju sympathizers are damned and are among the infidel.
Being that the Gulf and West Bank are frequently used by Kaiju to cross between Africa and
Asia, this means many rogue kaiju belligerently stomp across Muslim countries on a weekly
basis. This only serves to further infuriate the populace which swarm out like angry ants to
tackle anything from full fledged kaiju to giga fauna with little more than AK-47's and rocket
launchers. Kaiju also have a habit of leaving entire regions laced with mines bare after
crossing and thus further frustrate their efforts to drive out western interference. The entire
region has become one giant sand bowel of anger, more than it ever was before. The more
aggressive and destructive kaiju don't waste a second thought obliterating, crushing or even
eating their often times ineffectual attackers. To make matters that much worse, rogue kaiju
seem to have an urge to battle each other when crossing paths through the deserts; leaving the
area even further damaged. While Enigma Reactors have been brought up to help rebuild and
protect the region, unanimously the Middle East has rejected anything to do with Enigma,
claiming it to be a tainted and unholy substance. This has not stopped random occurrences of
it to be left behind or stirred up from deep below the dunes by the never ending sea of
In a slight departure from the southern areas of the Middle East, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are defensive in the face of kaiju threat. With the
umbrella of the USSR working to defend itself from kaiju incursions from the south, these
regions often work together with Russia to stall or deter kaiju that head north. Pressure from
China is also keeping the northern countries here from actively provoking kaiju, generating a
moderating influence that keeps these countries quick to defend themselves but not self
destructively so as is the case in the far south. The Muslim Brotherhood, while present, is
more passive as Russia is quick to act against countries that provoke and bring threats to their
border and allies. The desperately extreme tactics used in the south are too risky to attempt in
Being so close to the chaos is life as usual for Israel. However the kaiju defense forces of its
allies often use Israel as a beach head for containing problems near the Westbank and to keep
the brutal conflict contained. In a place where you could be shot or blown up any given
tuesday, Israel accepts kaiju much the same way they do everything else and shield
themselves in their bubble while welcoming the towering defenders that often arrive. It
behooves Israel to trust in something that can actually leave a dent in a kaiju sized threat. It's
neighbors, as usual, find this yet another excuse to destroy them. Indeed, many provocations
of rogue kaiju in the Middle East are done to steer them on a bee-line to Israel. Hence the
The plains of Mongolia have so far seen very little from kaiju activity. Due to being cradled
between a kaiju welcoming mob state of China and the pragmatically ruthless Russia,
Mongolia is probably one of the safer places for humanity in the world when it comes to
kaiju. Like Russia, it currently has no discovered Earth Hollows and most would like to keep
it that way. 'Let the giants sleep' is a common saying in regards to kaiju.
The 'center' of the world changed positions very quickly after Sheymir single handedly
dismantled their government, leading it to be ruled by a mob state that worships the crimson
titan like a god. Always in search of more knowledge to satisfy his curiosity, Sheymir hardly

begrudges the attention of other kaiju, especially those he has not seen before or those that
particularly interest him. Sheymir however does not direct China so much as inspire it and so
China sees the rise of kaiju as revitalization of ancestral spirits long buried and released in the
modern era. While matters of government are mercurial in China, they are currently not
Spiritualism is very high throughout South Asia and especially India. Many regard kaiju as
something natural that was simply forgotten and having seen what has happened in Greece,
are eager to plumb the depths of their own legends to see if kernels of truth can be found.
While this is looked at by it's aggressive neighbors as a foolish and heretical journey into the
unknown, India by and large does not see it that way and continues to find an increasing
number of clues as to the times of the Four Empires and even earlier. It is unknown currently
if this is a result in a calamity or a blessing. Kaiju are given difference as long as they aren't
openly aggressive and even then more passive and creative ways of driving them off have
been implemented by the various military's as conventional warfare, even if they had the
funds of other nations, would not be able to do much to a large majority of kaiju.
Being completely surrounded by water and having very little landmass to defend or hide in,
the island chains of Indonesia and the Philippines are in considerable danger of kaiju attack.
Even Giga Fauna are more dangerous and elusive here than they are elsewhere, slipping into
the Pacific escape pursuit before coming back for another feeding...or worse. The people here
As to be expected, the land down under couldn't give two shits about giant monsters. They
already have at least a hundred smaller ones milling about. To Aussies a Kaiju, or 'Sky Jews'
(head in the clouds and takes all your taxes) as they've nicknamed them, are on the level of a
large croc. Dangerous to come in contact with but a great view to crack a beer over. It helps
that there are only two earth hollows on the main land and only one of them is active and
The island of sheep farming and fantasy cinema, New Zealand is a rather unassuming
place...until you meet the people. As of late, despite a minor hiccup New Zealand is
seemingly controlled by a large corporation named Abrahms Co and the country's stance on
kaiju and enigma sensitives alike is one of open arms. While there is a dormant hollow of the
coast, so far kaiju activity around New Zealand has been eerily calm as no attacks have been
reported. Those that have been reported were debunked as 'too utterly over the top to be real'
The land of the rising sun, the origin of the word 'kaiju' itself, ironically used to have nothing
but bitter rage toward a large majority of kaiju. Tokyo Bay is still utterly lifeless. The
appearance and subsequent battles with the 'Death Coil' Shimaku had left a burning desire for
revenge in Japan and to date have gone to increasingly longer lengths to ensure her demise.
Unlike other hostile nations, Japan was willing to allow kaiju defense forces from other
nations to enter their borders if it means disposing of their number one enemy and similar
threats. They have so far called upon the US based companies of Manticore Inc with little
success. This ultimately changed when the Arbiter and Guardian of Predation Kaitheros
emerged from the Dragon's Triangle and proceeded to humble them, his priestess Ruki
voicing his concerns and ultimate prerogative of amending the course Japan had taken.
Kaitheros even took the initiative to bar Shimaku from further unnecessary carnage upon
returning to Japan. The results of which are inclusive but optimistic in the rogue kaiju taking
a more protective role of Japan's borders as a fellow predator. The relationship Japan has with
Kaitheros is one of mutual respect and while Japan cannot control Kaitheros, he remains an
ally of sorts. Shimaku remains largely feared and resented but provoking the Death Coil

without due cause would result in Japan fending for itself against the serpent. Between the
two very different types of 'guardian' and the unknown aims of many other kaiju that frequent
the Pacific, Japan is a guarded but tempered nation that is indifferent to activities outside it's
borders and are effectively neutral within due to the new dualistic paradigm they have found
A defiant bastion of Communism in the far east, North Korea makes no qualms about firing
everything they have at intruding kaiju and have pledged to do so. Caught between the US
supported South Korea and the Kaiju worshiping China, North Korea is like a cornered dog
and will react to any perceived kaiju threat with utter urgency and without restraint. It has
warned that it will use nukes, to which Kaijuologists the world over bury their face in their
hands as such developments would likely make the problem that much worse.
Having had to stand in a military choke hold with it's communist twin for decades, and seeing
China's sudden change of perspective, has given South Korea a lot of breathing room. While
North Korea is extremely unpredictable and as dangerous as ever, South Korea hopes that it
will eventually listen to reason as the only other hostile nation in the region, Japan, only cares
to defend itself and will not interfere unless fired upon. South Korea allows allied kaiju
defense forces to land and operate within it's borders, hoping to pressure its Northern
opposite to concede before it does something rash and potentially disastrous.
The Saharan nation of ancient ruins and desert winds is like France, dedicated to preserving
it's ancient heritage and historical monuments. Kaiju are the single largest threat to that at the
moment. The never ending and escalating conflict in the Middle East laps at it's borders but
must go through a narrow choke point. On the opposite side of the Mediterranean Turkey has
mild protection thanks to the presence of the various kaiju scattered about Greece and itself
though many of the more dangerous ones call it's western shores home. Together they act as a
Like Australia, Africa has little care for giant monsters as it has only one active Earth Hollow
and several dormant ones though Kaijuologists believe there might be many, many more. The
reason for this indifference is much different from what it is in Oz. Most of the scattered
nations in Africa are embroiled in civil wars of their own making with rebel factions
everywhere. Kaiju are something akin to yet another natural disaster they must watch out for
and recover from. Where civilization has entirely fallen apart, Kaiju are revered like gods or
demons, much like they were in ages past. Some rebel factions even try to exploit this by
enraging the kaiju in luring it into the path of their rival tribes and militant opposition. Often
this ends in greater tragedy and both sides are annihilated or devoured by the berserk kaiju.
Poaching has taken an interesting turn but is now more dangerous than ever as about 8 out of
10 attempts on Giga Fauna fail miserably. This is mostly the case with one exception
With so many other things going wrong in the second largest country in Africa, it's a wonder
they aren't as indifferent as the rest of the continent. To the people of the Congo however, the
kaiju are a symbol of something greater than themselves, something to be respected, feared
and appeased. Many rogue kaiju and Giga Fauna either actively or subconsciously take
advantage of this, promoting a growth of activity here in the heart of 'Deepest Darkest Africa'.
While human on human conflict is as brutal as ever in the eastern side of the country, the
kaiju seem to act as shock absorbers for this violence, driving out militant factions they see as
either food or pests in their territory. For those that appease the new alpha predators in the
jungle, life is dangerous but manageable. For those that wander recklessly through the
undergrowth spraying bullets everywhere, life is short and graphically painful.