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Institute of






J4ay 8th

1 940

Dear Muriel,
Gett ing letters answered is by no means m:t forte. And
during the last six months I have had suoh a pressure of work for
B.O.T.A., whioh is getting a fine start to a satisfactory reincarnation, that letters have been harder than ever to write.

Institute of
By this time, I hope. your book about bi r thdates and
is in print. I f not, do send me one as soon as it'.
off the presa.

The Tarot tradition was never published until I put it

in the book. It is part of the tradition of a section of the Western
Sohool with Whioh I had made cont aot before entering the Golden
Dawn. Regardie has nothing about it. beoause most of his G. D.
material ia from the revamped )(ss. of the Stella Uatut1na. whioh
followed the usual method of oooultist. (ao-oalled), and out out
whatever it could not understand. Gematria, for example, and the
magic squares of the planets, have almost no referenoes in the
Stella Matutina texts.
Our Chapter out here is growing and working. We have
an average of 98% attendance at meetings, and though I have been
holding them back a little. it looks now as if we should have a
real Second Order in about a year-and-a-half. We are limiting
Chapter membership to 30, and beginning with 7. As soon as a
Chapter reaohes the limit, seven of its members must gather the
nucleus of another, whioh then works out it. own destiny. Thus
no group get. big enough to be unwieldy and develop clique

Institute of
The correspondence work is grOwing, too. It had fallen
on evil
days, thanks partly to the depression, and partly to the
well-meant but ill-advised attempt ~ of the one who had it for awhile
under her direction to keep the teaching. out Zk of the hands of
all save those she regarded &8 "ohemically pure,Yes, Saturn is m:t most important planet. Elevated in the
10th house, it acoount. for most of m:t adventure. and misadventure
But the Neptune aspect did me no particular dirt. Things have been
restricted in some wayS) but there has been ateady development of
the central idea. And the home life (which now inolude. two grandchildren--girla, respeotively 23 months and 9 months) is happy as

Your Brother in L.V.X.,

/LL l-," IV~..


Deur Paull
It 1. a long t ime betwecr. l etters, but the Toaple did not
g$t it.clf buil t in u day .
Shortly a t ter t his one reaches
~O\l , you w1ll reoeive troll the E.P.DuttoD Co p&IIJ' a book, tltl"
PUP.Bcrrr (I x.8TDY, _lch 1 hepe wUl pleas. YOl& trea ......ral point.
of Tl ew. It r opresonto the e~d of & long and hurd tight, and the
first "tep (I hope) of further 1fOrlt. 1 made up lIlY aind t hat thi.
worla would only b. p!1bUlhed in the orthodox chanDels, by & r epatab1e publ1sbUg houae, b IIIlch a wa;y that it. would be aold through
the eatabllabed cbamaal.. It. took _ e tiM, aDd a bout .ix re-wri tina.,
but here I t is - and I think yOel will agree that i t 1e a good-loold.DI

Institute of
You 11'
11 fi nd your nue in the dodication. The alliteratioD

o! tbe three names was reell rath~r tortun&te t aPulch W.3 the naae
given to Charl La.enby in college becauee he was 10 ugly - mort
tor pulchritude, an4 his friends Lll \lBcd . l t r ather than hi s o~, which
neTar seemed to ~u1t hi.. I hopa he'. chuckling i n heaTeD 80aewhere
over thc re-appe arance of the ten day c}cl e

110 llt ae know what yOll think of it, and how thing:; go with you.
good to s ense the happiness in the l etter 1 had froll you a year
ago, IlIlCI I hope tbat eYerl'thi ng continues to denlop :lIIOothl;y. You ha4
a bit of happinesl and peace, It seells t o lIa .



1 hav ~ ILde eODa rather iaportent discoveries in tl . cycle work,

springing out of the Ten U&1' "'ycle 'oraula, which ~ or IIBj' not be published - 1 do not think tbe)' will - bllt which d ll i nterellt you naxt
t iM I .ee you. I have found a 10D{. range ~ cllc period which the
e. . to hav~ al s.ed entirely, and which correlates with hiator.y perfectly.
It all hlUlgs on the TRD, of cOllrse, "lth01l\ that, there 11 no po.elh1e
UDderstaDding ot the tund.eaental cyclic pc.t tern - which i8 wl'.y your _
stand. t1raly on the ded1clition page of PURSUIT 0)1' DESmy . I ....aab.r_.
you oat lie doTa and aade lie l earn that Uebrew alphabet and the clrcl OIl
th- Tree, ~hen to me th~1 ere JQst so much gi bberi 9h1

Institute of
Loui., who 18 well end active and enthusiastic, Join::! ae

poe.t.1lIj!s to 1011, 8DIl 11,1 own go also to your Dorothy.

or )'011 as a gr andtather, Paul l

In WU'Il
I do lUte the piotur.

Sincerely and affec t ionately your.,












Muriel Bruoe Hasbrouok

184 East End Avenue
NeW' York, N. Y.

Institute of

Dear !fur iel ,

Your good letter oame Friday, in the morning. and the afternoon
post brought the book. Everything stopped then. and I promptly devoured
itl Dot is spending the week-end on the desert with her friend. Kiss
Newton, and has taken the book along. Probably Kiss N. will buy a oOW.
She and Dot IrAy have some difficulties with your interpretations ot the
numbers--Gspeoially with "initiative" tor 2. But the whole performanoe
is so good that you may be sure it will be reoommended in 1fI' next oiroular letter to our B.O.T.A. members.
Your letter has been pasted into the book, right next to the dedioation page. That dedioation interested a friend of ours, John Comfort.
son of Will !.evington Comfort, beoause it seems that W.L.C. and Puloh
were friends.
Your artiole in Cosmo~olitan stirred up quite a tempest amongst the
astrologeer. (that double ee H is intentional) out here. Of oourse they
all :miased the main point, whioh you slipped over so nioely in the guise
of a ooDfession--that prediotion i8 possible. ADd both Dot and I oan
hearti4r agree with your oonclusions as to the futility of trying to help
the ordinary oonsultant by astrology. I thought I deteoted a trace at
1ro~ in your moral releotions and reference. to Soriptural injunotiODa
against soothsaying, but that seemed to be flavoring for the jam in whioh
you oonoealed the pill ooncerning prognostioation.

Institute of
I use the same CosmoEconomics
basio principles in 1fI' ORACLE OF THE TAROT, but a.
that work was intended for publio reading, I slipped in a blind, by using
the modern
rulerships of the decanates instead of the traditional ones.
But one of our Working Builders out here happens to be a natural diviner.
Probably beoause, having been for years a pulp-fiotioneer, he has a ' low
threshold. Whatever the reason, he is a positive wizard at Tarot divination. and the thing he amazes everybody with is the unoanny aoouraoy of
hi. time-plaoings. both past and future. Of oourse, the real reason he
suooeeds so well is that he is truly religious about it. Be doesn't
fortune-tell. He divines--making h1maelf intentionally an instrument for
the all-knowing Wisdom. Two or three people who oame to him with evil
purposes in the baok of their minds have been frightened into aotual
repentance and amendment I

The B.O.T.A. work grows, but rather slowly. Two men who are assooiated with me are experienoed in advertismg. and they tried various type.
of oopy in the ocoult magazines. But we got suoh a lot of replies tr~

-5If there's anything in your long-range method which has a bearing

on ooming world-events, and would be helpful in getting the pattern
olearer for us, won't you tell me about it? Not in a blue moon do
I write suoh a length' epistle, but something seemed to pl"OJIlpt it
this morning.
Once a month, I write a personal letter to every Affiliate. They
may write as orten as they like. ask whatever questions they have. and
make any oOIlDllents or suggestions that oocur to theIJ.. Their letters
fram me go out in alphabetioal order, and touch on every point they
have raised during the preceding month. This is a lot of work. but it
keeps live oontact with every member, and prevents the few who are
voluminous letter-writers from absorbing too muoh time. When they know
they'll get just one Pauline Epistle. no matter how orten they write.
they don't get impatient. ADd usually it is possible to boil down the
replies into a very tew paragraphs.
My best to Louis. You two seem to be working toge-ther just as _11
as I work with Doroth'. We have sharply divergent viellB on 80me things.
Yet we do about as good a job of basi. oo-operation as &n two people
I know.
The kids are all well. Three grandohildren now, named, in the order
of their agels Sylvia Louise (3 in June), Charlotte Loui8e (2 this month).
and Sharon Ruth (Februar,y 12, 1941). The,y make me rather glad, 8ometimes.
that this workshop isn't where I live~ Our home is just aorOS8 the
street fram 6018. at 6023 Springvale. Plenty of room. and a big baokyard,
ldth a sand-pile in which Sylvia and Sharon have a good time.

Institute of

Your Brother in


Institute of


..Illy W, 1941

Dear Paull


waG delightful to recol ve yo

ong letter I l:i th tho Bole
of Loui s ' unfailing Wlderetlllldiug of Iilld loy ulty to Ii4Y Job ,
I r.av o been ,;orking very much ulone, thls lust f ew. oara::, 814d your letter
guve lAC , us it "ore , an ~ ~cnsution of compunioDshlp "Hell ll\atched
the inner one that \Adonai be praieed!) is elwqs there. 'FlIat I particular~ en joyed in your l etter, next to the big-brother-ontha-job WIU'II
f eeling that I t gave oe , 111l.S the ...~ i n .,h1ch you accepted PURSUIT OF
IJr:STIlIY as just wl.a t h 10 . I suppose tl1&1. what J. &c tr)'11l6 to tell you
ls that I enJo~ ed "hat .OU dldn' t N,Y even mox'c tbaA whl. t you 1i1iJ'.
o.JCc~ pti on

th~ m

Institute of
D1d yon, or would you, s end a v:ord direct to Dutton' I have told
t l!ll.t ;rou
are, i n
opinioD, .!.!a .uthority on liorllotio philosophy eJld

the I(a ala in &orlca. . Do , ot courso, o:cuct~ 11.0 you like about thls, I
am neithcl' asking nor ::uggest1ng. I think that HRU hL S ch&rg e of th e job,
Il.J\d evcI'J'bod;, wlll ue lIov ed to do whatever i s best f or it.
I ou a re the f i rst aud ouly reuder of my m-ticle 1n COS1!OPCIITAN "'ho
got the poi nt . I t wa~ so interes ting that I wrote , and sold, tha t a rticl e
nUI.tly blo . ehrs be f o!"e i t 'l'c.a publ1sbea. The timing perfect, i t cue
out Just as D tton I7I1.S hedbtiog be:ore the final plunge . HRll is .. good
hll:;el! I hope . OU S I1' the. c1x-pa e pul.>U 1~' that the ..ood IoIr Olancy gave
I:lC 1n "1.IlerichD A, trolo!,.y .
He tried 8..:f ully hrd to disai;ree witt ac, and
failed entir ely} the only thing he did ';8.S to cdl 118 a liar on h o points,
"hie!:. I ,-, ent j cOl' rl,cted f or hi ' 1 i ,. 8. lctt ~ r ,,hi.3h he didn't pubUsh . lhe
"ab~rolO e"'r s are evidently above BUch th1n65 as editor l&! ethlc t; .
I all
hJ opt1ng your word, incIdentally, it'. a be au~.
Your e"parlenc e Ilith B.O. T.A. and ordiJUlr,Y e.dTerti a1ng i nt erests .e
One of ~ blg.,est pr otleIUI has beeD to find a polnt of correl a tion bet ween mk1['~ it livinG and obey1n{,; the tlmdeaental uu which forbid
the " selling" of the R1sdom i t s elf. I huv e tri ed numer ous 0xperiaents, and
cl.l or them have pr oved that ~ through P<>l'OD-to-porson met!1ods cu the
,,'ork, in tiIQ' br!Ulch , be developed. 'Ihat 18, your decision to attrE-ct Dew
studonts through already evtebllehed lIembers ls correct. We flnd th~ people
' Iho can usa - !lJlo. Pilii' for - our work i n broad tr ends only through t hose
indl vi chu ls who have bee.n i n touch , '1th us, either as personal fri ends or
lill per6on~.1 clif:nt e of aine.
Loui s wade, I year , CAO of be ~101lt v:il.ia.'lt
e trorts t hat tas ever baen lIllde t o prove the falla cy of thl. law, he failed
t o prove the ftillacy, t:~ere bl ;lroYing t he le.. , and wha t a f ew of lUI learned
froJII 1t has been ,.orth far !lOre thlill ~th1ng else could eYer beeD: The
. / Det reBul til lU'e JlUlt touched apon in ~ chapter "'IHIl ~aALIlliS 07 TIJIEftbut
i t 1a unlik~l,y tha t they wlll ever be putlic~ developed or r ecorded. !hey
hro tar private cir culation only, but - - l1lte the individual Ten Vay ~ycle
rorllUla - II fe eling is that RThe Boss- Wlillt s the. to be OD record, and I
aa trying to obey tll1ll order 10 an i ntelligent iIIIlDner.
e nO r1ll0UE~"

Institute of




July SO



Th ere Is a c ertain ssrle!; of ftplun c tary r elatiODshlps whlch se

mllll S pSl' chology
wh1c.h JlAlte .hat we call hlstoq. Thia parti cular seri e 1.13 far as .. have
beeD able to d 1s ca9'or , has never been Cltudled &11 a lIerien L)' a strologers .
Th is 1::; I t lIurprls 1n , a s i t Y:ould "boot as l i ttle 8<Ju se as . ,lIt
of the a s trolo~ict.l O(;ma8 l ....;ll:h i sn ' t or..tch) ex(!ept for the 11Eht thbt
1 ;; shed J , on .it
t ,f! Ten IJl V Cycle Jl'or oula. As I hll"JO ('on t.blo to
s tudy nud Int ~rprat It , t :.b.nks to th e r orz:r.u.a, 1 t - the r eri c o - C vso
Do r n('lfro L <;011
pO . lOO .1111' -l'.c whi ch lIUlor c . e"c
~ li B puyc holaa
,1.. CEl in thoir indie" t u or der, :l.I!c;uclng \ '.Jr ld avcut!$ ' ld condl t1ono
,.. e fUnd.::l!lellt~ ll~ 'lin lur , ,lt~ (lllch re~ rl!lg phas c ,

to be directly associated with t he tunduental chr.nges of

Institute of

Dot cod u 8i ~ 1= c: c lic p ~r od T:Orl:in<: in I ndi;-1<\tw.l li"" s , ' d

a f ew 0" the.:;.:} , only t o rl:1C or t ~.... t t!..~e:r ; \{'r.,;!' t..n Gridr:nt It~\
,~?p11ed to tho> '"iFld o' rhse ~ cholo " I foun d that t ' "''' e
la'~ O!3J1l1 d IA> R l'k, r. d er~duUly tho tecJm1'.u., 1' , veale!! It(!elf. ith the
r es;.tit t.."Ja t I b!l.Vil .n or<:hrly tittcrn af 11 hni; l'aot. '" <:;'c11<' pGrlod ,
a 3L.'ur'ld off ito 'l.!o.S"lS , e ll f 'vhl ch C<.:i b" tlmGd and - - y vi.rtue of the
l .l.r:nUCi - a..,. Js "ed ':'8 to tll~ t 'P ~ , or dir e ction tru:.t .,1.11 l ,e talc
b;' the
a a ,,5 payc; .)].0 ";:' 1\11'1:1;:: e"ch p, .' se , As i 3 t he CB _e cd th ever";thing conr,cted
.. 1~1l the T"'!l Ik C:'c t A ' ()rnn.tla ( lio : '0'-' -.rill fu.V~ notic ed if you hevs looked
int o the 'lkel eton of i t 10 lIlY book) the w ole thine i:01'ke out tli th b. utmost
a;th M!it cal. aCC:I:!'ac , fit !l ~ i .1 ',:1 th the uni v Grcal ordor on cvnry . und o
ch azked
a t 1;)1',



f.n \ it 1:3 '~ui to e .... ld ':1t to

t ha
':109ver !'irRt orka d out t ho T"n Uay
.r1!!Ula kn ~ about th9 on..; r un.::, e CJ cli c perIod . .rust for exuJ:1ple r


tho c clio P dod hieh is now dru .. 1n~ to u close Oecian

t h t he i ndlca torf .lc:.ors ( pl une t s ) in tn(l cJ cle which i c"U ed BTHIl"E . The ne xt eycl !),
b e.:.intn.:: in 1958, start t'llt.'l the I ndi cators In the cycl o !!hleh Is called
R .3'1' ,J' TiU.rn. Yo:, will not .. t:lltt S1'1liF , 10 II ~ ? t-mtic.l.; R~ST
r~ :.l S'IRIPn 1s e Four pot~a tt
. Tb9 n wab(H' ~ or the s ",
l-l::1pOrUnt oy cl.s
indicati ons h ave JllClll'cd r i ght Illong dO"fln the pn ttern, in r !>t .l 'ogressicn, as
t f.r buck as A. hav . ooun a bl e to trl..ce thea, and 1nvD.riahl therc is, In
h i s tory, it d"fl 1ta o.u i ty 1 n the rtI,,,SS psychology ot t.'l ~ tll1l!l tbl<t can be
l 1nked "!it!) th<3 old n OJa", at th3 C'jcle ,Ii thallt s' e tch1nJ cv ou th ~
I'll aho\< YOI.l t.'le wh ole t.!lln,.. ouc UIl:' - bat i n tIlp meen t18e, you Bee "hilt
l''l4.11y tJr t si Gn! C ,,-,1C9 '..h e c:rclic lndi cJ t i on of the i n o:nilli: period cc.n
b ve. I lllU,:" publish a r Oc"Ilootica tlon a l>out It -- liB .I. 51 0, I can" t SCGm
to !:et 1f1J orderll ole= on t':lL;:, and until 1 do, A. ehtUl. not 1II0ve. But to
)'OU l oan B
d~!lnlt e'
th.1t the \/orl.d S n for an entir elY uS" t v!?" of
p _3.ce , ..nd that all the ~'mbol1 c fae'~o; s at'th~ cycle i ., question ftUnt bp.
c.nulysed end r a t on I s
bafor e h. s aue Ju.!gment clln b e lIIIi.Ca . laue
o r thIo, ~o ul ; aad I have boon ooi ne , and s o f , r ogno eticatl ous t hat wo
b ave we (
recor d",dJ h a e \70rked out nth bO.810, an.l s e M accuracy.

Institute of

Thie cyclla el' iod r "ea13 that ev ax-;' :!'O orten the !!orld goes quite
1Iad. J. t happzns with tlL uUlo3t regular ity .
Thede phases uet for atout
e1"h t y"urs, and t.: e re i s 8.1w1l7S
breathing apa ce or 3Wl!.ty c.bout h!U.i' : '~
roUf,h. Thi s t1,:Ie , the CHAOTIC pbtlt.e'" s tilled in early 19 ~~ , IUld., with
1 ts res1ll~ attempt a t eq1li11brl., I II ted until ita fiDal s1C;twl. caae 18
~ "Iluz.r 1940. Th l'l ne xt ,?-'l.ClSO change - f r . . chaos to "mL'lor prosperity"
wa s tilll(ld for .July, 1941. These phas e:! , we havo ouod , deal Hlth BASIC
CHA.'ICfS IN l ASS PSYCHOLOGY . They urI) syn chronisti c , and tuudalllentally

The point about these pos sible, or apparent inaccu racies,

is that the actual , t~n gi ble wcrk ~bat Louis and I have done in
connl;; ct ion with the cyclica l changes in the vt..riouo markets ot
this and ot her countries has tended to provide considerable
evidence (I nev er, of course, uee t he '.lord "provs " in such a
connection) that t he basic ten- day cycle p~ttern is so much more
ucourate than ~ ny ot her basis for measuring time in rel~tion to
human psychologic",l c. a nges that t he se i undamenta l s can \, ell be
taken ~s fundamental ly co rrect -- for u\ orkinc basis , t,~t is.
You said to me , y ears ~go , t~t n o one baa eve . ~ o rhed out a w~
of ... na.lysing the stock market, or t he commodi ty m.... rkets. through
the use of "astrologic ...l" ml;;asuremen t :l . .t t ilC ti rne , I belie ve
your statement ~s correct . 110 . i t i s n't; e (lone it, but
i n do i ng h we le.J.rned (the h ..... r d way) jUGt he, f ...r one 'rq
go in tru st i ng =",n Judgment even of t!le siI:lplified ana basic
po ttern 0 1 t he t en-day cyc l e structure, and -- most illl.;ortant.
I t .~nk -- wbat addition 1 reali st ic f~ctors re neceosary t o
use in oorr elation lith the t iming fac tors.

Institute of
a terrific job. and i t i s by no Deans

It has
coo~ let ed.
but we ' bave ~c com plished certain thingo . OUr aocomplishDents ,
I WD a...pvy to aay , are not only intellectual but pr ...ctical . In
a "ord . they do biv ... reGults . And the odd thing i s that by beiDg
ob stinate enough to stick to the job in the face of what seemed.
at times , to be i n ~upc rab l e difficul t ies. we ~ve learned not
only how t o use the t ime p~t tern, but also ~u it e a lot of t he
basic fund~enta l laws of what is demanded of the neopQyte by
the great Laws, i f aaid ne ophyte insists on poking his a. her
(or his and ner) nose i nt o affairs 01 such gre~t momont.
All of hich lonG-Winded remarks are supposed to bolst er
up my statement t hat Jupicr. being LXblted in ~eo, not in Cuncer.
~s . are to do with the La y and th_ Lion than llith th..,.. Ca...riot.
In _ '.ord, if you ca n Iilake :coney in the cot ton carket bysticking
t o b~ ic. a o cur~te , t~ e :ce~suremente , thcru muot ~ so~ c thing
in it -- a s the ~nulish sa W.AAt?

Institute of
As I said , we may be in Californi a before :n:..ny l eeks, and
of our
for c ocinS
will be to sse you --

~leaB e l et me kno f . f aot , ~bout uue re I c~n get your book,

and w,mt ot her m~terinl taero i s av~i : ~bl e for further study. for
u s both, pcrt icul ~rl y in relutio n to the Grade work .

m~ in re~son s
" e \lere hoping s o IIlUch t oot you mi ght visit us in our/home i n
th" . 1lderness, whic h it no ... seecs we ... re re ~dy to l ea ve . Three
yeare i n t he u ilderness should be long e nough. don ' t you tui nk?
If one \,orks like t e devil ...11 the time. and we re ... lly, both
of us . I hope you h!l.d a .. ond(;rful and fruhful tri p .oJust, and
th...t i t \, 111 not be long before ve c .... n t..ll get t OGether in the
flesh us well as in the upi r it of L. U. A.
Louie Joino me in
,"~rw booa \,iohcs t o y ou t.n u to the It.dy ",,-o se aC l,lu ... i ntance we
are looking f orW'cl.rd to l,g oOllle time Boon -Aftectio n,,-tely.