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Cause Analysis Type of Essay

Many students in schools show a lack of interest and motivation in their studies. Discuss the reasons why they are
academically uninterested.
In every school, while there are hardworking students, there are also lazy students who are not interested in anything about school. They
just come to school, sit at the back of the class, talk and disturb the others. There may be some reasons for such behavior such as family, peer
influence and financial problems.
The most common factor which influences the academic performance of students is family. If the parents are interested in how their child is
doing at school, the student will be more interested in his lessons too. Educated parents generally show more interest in the academic performance of
their children; however, this should be a practice common to all families not only to the educated ones. When the parents are not interested in the
success or failure of their children, the child will not care about school or lessons, and will perform poorly.
In schools, the best-known students are the ones who do everything except for studying. They seem the coolest students at school and
everybody admires( / )their reputation. When the parents fail to show any interest in their children, they are likely to become
one of those students who look cool but display no academic achievement. Because in these ages teenagers do not understand the importance of
useful things, they do trivial( / )things which seem really important among their peer group. Their only aim is to be well
known at school and have a group. Studying lessons, then, is not one of the ways to become popular at school.
The most important factor for the lack of interest on part of a student is the financial situation of his family. There are some students, for
example, who think even if they pass the university exam, their families will not be able to find the money needed for their education. Apart from (

)this, some students have to work after school; as a result, they cannot concentrate on their studies. When the difficulty of the lessons is
added to this list, school becomes a nightmare ( ) for these students.
It is possible to rescue these underachieving and academically uninterested students from this fate. The parents and the students themselves
may be warned, or the government can give financial aid to these students. Maybe it is very difficult to completely solve this problem of student
apathy and lack of motivation, but we can at least ameliorate ( ) it.
Definition Type Of Essay
Topic: What Is Happiness

Humankind cant continue their lives without desires. If one wants to be happy, surely, he has to discover his best desires that provide him a
happy life. Some of these desires that help to continue our lives can be acceptance in our relationships, a good family life and strong social
relations. Trying to satisfy these desires has a great meaning to achieve happiness for me.
To start with, however embarrassed ( / )I am about this desire of mine, I have an obsession (

) to expect people to accept my thoughts and manners in every situation. Yes, this is not a good characteristic and sometimes

makes me an antipathic ( / /) person but trying to be accepted by someone can give you happiness, too.
Besides, if you can manage to make someone love you knowing and accepting all about you, I think that is the absolute ( / / )
Furthermore, it seems to me that family is the basic source of happiness. Certainly, I cant always be a good guy and sometimes I make
them upset but I cant stand seeing them upset. Therefore, I try to do whatever necessary to make them happy. Consequently (), when I see
happy family faces, I feel deeply happy.

Thirdly, to have friends is one of the most meaningful aspects of life. I believe that one should have three very warm friends at least. For
example, I cant bear loneliness ( )and if I couldnt share all my heart with these warm friends, I believe that I could never be happy. As a
consequence () , if you feel like me, it will be worth improving your close relationships in order to be happy.
To recap, humankind has a short life but he is given a lot of desires to be happy. Moreover, if one wants to discover the meaning of his
short life, he should look for it in desires. Whether he finds it or not, he will taste happiness just by looking for it.

Definition Type of Essay

Topic: What Is Happiness
Every day in one way or another we are trying to find happiness in a complete chaos (// )that is what all we are
struggling for. Actually, temporary happiness is everywhere if we want to find it and search for it. Sometimes it is just as close as a cute kitten to us,
sometimes giving a hand to someone who is in need of us is enough. Even taking a breath may give somebody the absolute happiness at times. But
what if we leave temporary happiness alone and decide to construct our lives on basic principles of permanent happiness? Certainly these principles
depend on ones characteristics and point of view. In my opinion, social relations, acceptance (/)and independence are the most
important elements of permanent happiness in life.
To begin with, social relations are very important for me to be happy in the general drift ( / )of my life. I should have good relations
with the people around me for peace of my mind. If I have close and intimate ( / )friends with whom I can share my troubles, worries and
also my joy, then it means that I have beaten the life up to a very considerable point. In my opinion, someone who has real friends has the most
valuable treasure of life. In order to obtain this treasure, I make my friends among the people whose principles resemble mine, whose characteristics
best suit me and who are sincere. Besides friends I try to have good relations with the people I encounter ( / )
somehow every day, like neighbors, acquaintances() , teachers, relatives and the others.

The second element of continuous happiness for me is acceptance: to clarify, acceptance of my characteristics, behaviors, choices and desires. At
one point, it can be defined as the acceptance of my existence as a real individual. As long as I am accepted and taken as I am, I can make right
decisions for myself. To accomplish ( ) this, I explain that I do not want unnecessary criticisms from the people around me. Unless the
things I do or think affect anybody, the others should not poke their nose into them. It is none of their business to interfere with me about the subjects
that only interest me.
In the third place, learning to be independent is very important for me to reach real happiness in life. I should be self-sufficient (/
) enough to continue my life without too much assistance of the others. Sometimes we are left without our families, sometimes none of our
friends stand by us or at times we may get into a position where we have to do things just by ourselves. We live our lives not as a team but as an
individual, so we must learn to cope ( / ) with it as individually as possible. To be an independent person, I try to be selfconfident and to be a self-confident person I try to obtain different qualities in different fields. Furthermore, I believe my power, love myself with all
my faults and endeavor not to repeat them but to learn from them.
To sum up, if I acquire( ) success in social relations, independence and acceptance, then it means that I have the golden key to make
happiness an enduring element of my life. Obtaining all these elements may not be very easy, they may be achieved only in the long run but there is
something we should always bear in mind, achieving the real and permanent happiness in life is not that easy, either.

Compare & Contrast Type Of Essay

Parents. I consider mine as my flat mates these days because we do not spend much time together. We are four people living in a
house together but we even eat our dinners separately because everybody comes home at different times and we are busy all the time.
What I remember from the old days is my two grown up flat mates are two different characters so I have no idea why they still live
They are pretty much the same in physical appearance. They both have fair complexions which is typical of Caucasians. They should
be thin if we consider this type but they are not. Actually they were but I cant remember those days.
They have different personalities. My father is moody and pretty much aggressive just like me. He has obsessions, like
everything should be perfect. On the other hand, my mother never cares about what she is doing and she has what we will call the
patience of a saint. Whenever my father gets angry and starts shouting, my mother goes Ergun, why are you shouting? with a very
calm voice.
What they really cant get along about is their tastes in life. My mother loves spending money. She can spend her whole day
going around the stores shopping while my father is sitting at home reading newspapers and books or watching documentaries on TV.
Although my parents are very different from each other, they came to an agreement and that is not being a parent for me any
more. They never worry about me when I am late and they never interfere in my choices. I think from now on they will work on my
brother, my poor little brother.

Compare & Contrast Type Of Essay

People have different characteristics, so it is very difficult for couples to continue a marriage. A couple like my parents who
have different characteristics but who know how to complement each other is successful at continuing their marriage.
If I didnt know my own parents, I couldnt believe that two such different people could live together very happily. They differ from
each other in countless aspects. For example, their physical appearance is the clearest evidence for their difference. My father is a tall
and thin man. He has big hands and long arms. Also my father is blonde, while my mother is quite dark. My mother is a short woman.
She is nearly 15 cm. shorter than my father. Her hands are so small that her two hands are still smaller than my fathers one hand.
Moreover, my mother is a bit fat. I can say that she fits the image of the typical Turkish woman.
The obvious difference in their personality is that while my mother is quite talkative, even gregarious, my father isnt keen on
talking too much. My father prefers to listen to people and doesnt like making too many comments. It doesnt mean that he doesnt
like talking, but he talks when it is necessary. Also he is very open-minded and never asks me too many questions about my decisions,
my activities. On the other hand, my mum asks everything, what I did, where I was and with whom, why I was there she interferes
with everything and is curious. Perhaps, it results from her worries about me but sometimes it is quite annoying. For example, while I
am on my way to Istanbul, she calls me constantly. She knows the mobile phone is turned off but she still calls. In contrast to her, my
father is carefree. He waits until I call them. I love this trait of his because it makes me feel free.
As I said before, they are my parents and are quite different. But somehow they achieve complementing and understanding
each other. In my opinion, it is enough to be a happy pair.

Compare & Contrast Type Of Essay

My Parents
I think that my parents are very different from each other. They never agree on a point. They always have different opinions,
even on very simple issues. They argue all the time and I think this is their secret formula for staying married for such a long time.
Arguing is a way of talking to each other and talking enables couples to know and understand each other. As a result, my parents are
still together although they have more differences than similarities.
Their differences start with their appearances. My father is dark, very tall and of medium weight. On the other hand, my
mother is not so tall; she is a little fat, and she has brown hair and a fair complexion. They dont look similar at all. However, they
look nice together.
In addition, their personalities are very different. My mother is open-minded; she doesnt stick to one idea. She listens to
other people and changes her mind if it is necessary. My father, on the other hand, is very stubborn. If he has an opinion, he refuses to
change it. I think they have only one personality trait in common: they are both very giving to my sister and me.

Their tastes in life are different too. My father likes football and basketball games, while mother likes TV serials and movies.
My father likes listening to music loudly and this annoys my mother.
They are very different but they have my sister and me in common. They love each other and us after so many years together.
Some people say opposites attract. I think it is true.

Compare & Contrast Type Of Essay

My Parents
My mother and my father got married in 1984 and since that time they have been living together, and they are really happy. I
envy them their happiness and their relationship. One day if I get married, I want to be like them. They are very similar in some ways
such as physical appearance, personality and tastes in life. I believe that because of these similarities they get on very well.
Firstly, they are both tall. They are not of the same height but my mother is tall for a woman and my father is also tall for a
man according to Turkish standards. They have fair skin although my mother is a bit darker than my father. Also they are similar in
their body build. They are not fat but they arent thin either. The only difference in their physical difference is the color of their eyes.
My father has green eyes whereas my mother has dark brown eyes.

They have some similarities in their personality too. Surprisingly, they get angry at the same time at the same things. When one of
them starts to shout at my sister or me the other one carries on. I believe that they think about the same things too, so they can do this.
They are also both easy-going. I can explain or share my ideas and my aims to them very easily. I am never afraid of them, because
they never frighten me. But in some conditions, of course, they are different from each other. We are like friends with my mother. I
share all of my secrets with her and she helps me, like a close friend. On the other hand, my father is a bit distant but I think that is
normal because I am a girl. I am sure if I told him my secrets he would become angry. In general, I get on well with both of them.
In addition to these, they have the same goals. First of all, their only wishes are about my sister and me. They want us to be
healthy, successful and happy. They also have some dreams. After my sister and I get married they want to have a small house in a
small seaside town. They also want to travel the world. They are interested in the same things too. They like the same kind of music,
movies and sports. For example, my mother watches football matches with my father and he in turn goes shopping with her. They get
on very well; I dont remember a thing which they think differently about.
In conclusion, they are very similar in lots of ways. Because of these, they are a perfect couple. I am very proud to have
parents like them. They have brought me up in a happy home. In the future I want to do the same thing for my child, and make him as
happy as I am.

Compare & Contrast Type Of Essay

My Parents
My mom and dad have been living happily for more than 20 years now. This is a very hard thing to achieve if you are that different
from each other so you should respect it.
First of all, they are very different physically. If you do not care about the more than 20-cm-difference in their heights, you
should feel something about their body sizes and looks. My dad doesnt care about his looks. I mean it when I say it. He does nothing
but complain about his belly. His hands are really awful. They are hardened and thickened by his work in the carpenter business (yes,
he likes dealing with wood and metal). On the other hand, my mom does what it takes to look good. She cares about her skin, hands,
face, weight, etc. You should see them together and then you will understand what I mean better.
The next thing is their personalities. My dad is very unpredictable: he changes his mind all the time. The weird thing is that
these are not small changes. One day he is on one extreme and the next day he wakes up on the other extreme of the same idea. And
these are not very bright ideas. Another thing about him is that he is very hot-tempered. When he is angry (mostly because of things
that should be) you should run away. There is no way you can communicate with him. Just flee. In contrast, my mom is emotionally
very stable. In contrast to my dad, she is optimistic, not pessimistic. She is easy going. She has certain limits and as long as you dont
cross them, you can usually talk to her. They have only one thing in common. They are both frugal. They dont like spending more
than necessary or wasting the worlds resources. That is a good thing.
The last point is their tastes in life. They are also very different in this respect. While my dad isnt happy with anything but boats, my
mom can find a good point in almost anything. My dad doesnt like anything but boats, so there is no need to spare time and lines for
him. My mom likes good cars, food, places, and movies. She is so lively.
All in all, they are my parents and I love them. I actually consider myself lucky because with a dad like mine, you have
always something to smile at.