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5 159 Caw 4 ‘SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ‘SEARCH WARRANT TO: THE CHIEF OF POLICE OR ANY OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER (Specie Law Enforeenent Ofer or Casicaion of OF fe Meopalan Pace Ueparinel oar hatred AGRO Affidavit, herewith attached, having been made before me by DETECTIVE MICHAEL FULTON OF THE MPDC HOMICIDE BRANCH ~ MAJOR CASE UNIT has probable cause to believe that on the Cperson premises Dlvehicle Llobject, known as _Year: 2013/ Color: Multi / Make: Ford/ VIN: 1FDWE3FL8DDA26628 / NC TAG: EY2006 in the District of Columbia, there is now being concealed certain property, Items contained in “Atachment A” of the affidavit which is lence related toa homicide and as | am satisfied (aged grounds for seizuro) {hat there is probable cause to believe that the property so described is being concealed on the above designated Person premises D2lvehicle [lobject, and thatthe foregoing grounds for issuance ofthe warrant exist ‘YOU ARE HEREBY AUTHORIZED within 10 days ofthe date of issuance of this warrant to search in the daytimelat any time of the day oF night, the designated [_] Person premises (XIvehicle (Jobject, fr the property specified and ifthe property be found there. YOU ARE COMMANDED TO SEIZE IT, TO WRITE AND SUBSCRIBE in an inventory ofthe property seized, to leave a copy ofthis ‘warrant and return to file a further copy ofthis warrant and return with the Court on the next Court day after its execution, = Issuedthis 22 day of MAY oa ets) Teds, Soparior Cou Columbia —— a ool oie of Columbia RETURN [received the above detailed warrant on + 20 __15 and have executed itas follows: On » 2 15, at Claw Co p.t searched the the Baerson premises [vehicles [Jobject, described in the warrant and Ileft a copy ofthe warrant and return with properly posted. SR TE ea RRIF e— P y By [ie Bs = " aoe This inventory was made in the presence of Tews tue rd tala sznut of a ov kn By me nde awarant t+ Executing Offer Subscribed and swornto beforeme this __22 day of, MAY. +2045: Wage Sipeior Court oF he Disket of Combis IS CRITI METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT Washington, D.C. Affidavit in Support of an Application for Search Warrant Q United States & — Superior Court of the viet Court Distriet of Columbia Itis requested that a DC Superior Court search warrants be issued for the entire vehicles described as: Year: 2013 / Color: White / Make: Chevrolet / VI 1GIPASSG4D7264363 / MD TAG: 15279CF Year: 2013/ Color: Multi / Make: Ford/ VI IFDWE3FL8DDA26628 / NC TAG: EY2006 Resume: The affiant, Detective Mike Fulton, of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, upon being duly sworn, hereby declares under the penalty of perjury and says the following is true based upon personal knowledge and information from other law enforcement officers, The affiant, Detective Fulton, has been a sworn member of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC since 1990. Detective Fulton is currently assigned to the Homicide Branch of the Criminal investigations Division. Since this affidavit is being submitted for. the limited Purpose of supporting probable cause, the affiant has not included every fact known to him or conveyed to him concerning this investigation. He has set forth only those facts that he believes Probable cause that evidence related to the below criminal offense are necessary to estal may be found in the location requested to be searched. BACKGROUND OF THE INVESTIGATION: 1, On Thursday, May 14, 2015, at approximately 1:24 pm, members from the District of Columbia Fire Department were dispatched to the report of a house fire at 3201 Woodland Drive, Northwest, Washington, D.C. Upon the units arrival, firefighters observed smoke and fire visible from a second floor window of a three story residential home. Firefighters forced entry into the residences’ front door and began fire suppression. The fire was primarily contained to a second floor room and closet, with minor extension to an adjacent bathroom, 2. While extinguishing the fire, firefighters located three unconscious adults on the second floor of the residence in a bedroom. The three adults were ultimately identified as Mr. Savas -_— @ Savopoulos, the father, Mrs. Amy Savopoulos, the mother, and Mrs. Veralicia Figueroa, the housekeeper. All three of those adults appeared to have suffered trauma to their bodies. Mr. Savopoulos and Mrs. Savopoulos were removed from the residence by firefighters, but both were found to have no signs consistent with life and remained at the scene. Both Mr. and Mrs. Savopoulos were pronounced dead on the scene. Mrs. Figueroa was removed from the residence and transported to Georgetown University Hospital where lifesaving efforts failed and Mrs. Figueroa was pronounced dead. 3. A fourth decedent was located in an adjacent bedroom, where the fire is believed to hhave begun. This decedent remained on scene and was pronounced dead. This decedent is believed to be Philip Savopoulos, the 10-year-old male child of Mr. and Mrs. Savopoulos. The remains of all four decedents were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia, pending an autopsy and a determination of a cause and manner of death. 4 On Friday, May 15, 2015, Dr. Nikki Mourtzinos of the OCMEDC conducted an autopsy on alll four decedents. Dr. Mourtzinos ruled that Mr. and Mrs. Savopoulos and Mrs. Figueroa’s cause of death was blunt force and sharp force trauma, and the juvenile, believed to be Philip ‘Savopoulos’ cause of death was thermal and sharp force injuries and the manner of all four deaths was determined to be homicide. 5. The scene of the investigation is a three story, brick residential home with a basement. On the side of the residence is a set of French style exterior doors. The doors have a single broken window pane located next to a door latch and alarm sensor, The door is broken near the lock and a shoe or boot print is visible on the exterior, suggesting forced entry. The visible shoe ‘or boot print is not consistent with current issued DCFEMS firefighting boots. Preliminary interviews of firefighters reveal that firefighters did not enter this door. A not to scale image of the shoe or boot tread print is shown in Attachment B. itis requested to search for and seize any shoe or boot with similar tread pattern, 6. The juvenile decedent was located in a bedroom on the second floor, which sustained heavy fire damage. The decedent was located on the charred remains/mattress spring of a queen sized bed. The majority of the bed frame had been consumed by fire and the floor under the bed sustained heavy fire damage, and in some area was totally consumed by fire. 7. There was fire damage to all furniture in the room and the charred remains of some furniture features impress that some furniture was all, or nearly all, consumed by fire. A strong odor consistent with that of gasoline was present throughout the home. Several matches and a ‘matchbox were found at the top of the stairs. 8. During the course of the investigation, your affiant spoke with detectives certified in fire investigation. Those detectives have determined that the odor of gasoline was present at the Savopoulos residence. Gasoline is an ignitable liquid, and is commonly used to accelerate and ignite fires in arson cases. Additionally, an accelerant K-9 was introduced to the scene and su me 15 Ces