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CIS 110 Outline

Summer (I) 2015

Name Mahnad Al-Farsi

Section 1

Title of Speech: Filipino Culture


Attention Catcher: I used a picture that shows Philippine flag with the famous boxer
Manny Pacquiao Pacman. And I used other colorful picture that may catch their view.
Also I add a short video.


Listener Relevance Link: The Filipino culture is not that small as we see it. Also it have
many things that really interesting if you read about.


Speaker Credibility: I have interviewed a Filipino friend who gave me a big idea about
Philippine and also I made a research that helped me to get more ideas about the culture.


Thesis Statement: In this speech Im going to talk about two things, which are: how
Filipino celebrates and their accent when they talk English.


Preview: Im going to talk about different type of celebration in Philippine, their dresses
and how they sing. Also Ill talk about their accent and how its different than from
American or our accent.


First Main Point: This picture shows how Filipino people celebrate in their holidays,
engagements, wedding and it shows what they do in these celebrations. They also like to
dance and sing as well.
A. There are many celebrations that Filipino people practice in a year such as;
1. The Santa Cruzan.
2. The Sinulog festival.
B. The other familiar activity with Filipino culture is Singing.
1. Story. Last Christmas I went to see my friend who I interviewed they
where singing all the time
Transition Statement: A way from how they react, I will talk about how they practice


Second Main Point: it is very interesting to study the way how Filipino people talk in
English (their accent). And how it is different than perfect English.
A. The Filipino people pronounce TH as D and V & F as B
B. They mix between the pronouns (her/his). Example: she said that his

husband is cheating on her. (The Filipino Stereotypes, 2014)

CIS 110 Outline

Summer (I) 2015

Thesis restatement: The most two common ideas about Filipino culture are how they
celebrate and there accent.


Main point summary: Sometimes people describe the Filipino culture by these two points
and they ignore the other points.


Clincher: I recommend that people should study the Filipino culture deeply to explore
how people react to other people.

The Filipino Stereotypes, (2014, February 7). Retrieved June 2,2015 from