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General Manager

: Ms Shaminy Ganesan


: Ms. Foo (Ms. Foo Pui Yee)

Finance & Accounting Manager

: Ms. Chua (Chua Yi Mei)

Merchandising Manager

: Ms. Chiang (Chiang Pei Weng)

Human Resource Manager

: Ms. Malar (Parimalar)

Sales & Marketing Manager

: Ms. Siew (Siew Poi Mun)

General Manager : Good afternoon, everyone! Thank you for attending our Executive
Meeting of MaCsha Paradise. Before we start our meeting, I would
like to appoint Ms .Foo as the secretary for todays meeting. It is
okay with you, Ms. Foo?
Ms. Foo

: Sure, it is my pleasure.

General Manager : Ms. Foo, is there any apologies for absence?

Ms. Foo

: There are no apologies for absence.

Problem 1 : Latest books are not available most of the time.

General Manager : Thank you. Without any delay, we are here today to discuss the
problems arise in our company and find out the solutions to solve
them. Ms. Foo, could you list out the problems we are going to
discuss today
Ms. Foo

: Sure. Recently we have faced several problem which jeopardize

on our business performance which are the latest books are not
available most of the time, the employees attitude towards
customers are bad and decline in sales.

General Manager : Alright. We need to find out solution for these problems in order
to make our company achieve our vision and mission. First and
foremost, let us discuss on the first problem. Ms. Chiang, could
you give me a reasonable explanation, why the latest books are
not available most of the time in our bookstore? (Knock table)

Ms. Chiang

: The latest books are not available most of the time in our
bookstore due to our current supplier problem. They provided a
very poor delivery services. The books we ordered was late
delivered for 2 weeks, this causes we unable to update the latest
book in our bookstore and this situation have been continues for 2

General Manager : Is that anything happened for our current supplier? We have been
cooperate with GG Berhad for a quite long period, and this
problem never been happened before.
Ms. Siew

: As I know there was a big changing in their company personnel

for few months ago. Is it this is the main cause of their poor
delivery service?

Ms. Chiang

: Yes, you are right Ms. Siew. Their new manager, Mr. Adam has
changed their transportation company to a small company in order
to save their cost. That company is bad in their delivery services.
Not only our company are facing this problems, but other
bookstores which order books from GG Berhad also facing the
same problem.

Ms. Malar

: I would like to add something. Recently we received many

complaints from customers regarding for this problem, I think it
have been jeopardized our bookstore reputation. Hence, we should
do something to save our reputation.

General Manager : Seem that the situation is worsening. Is there anyone have any
suggestion or solution on our bookstores current situation?
Ms. Siew

: I suggest to change our current supplier to AAA Berhad. This is

because AAA Berhad has been operating for more than 10 years, I
believe they have more experience. Furthermore, they have a good
reputation on their delivery service.

Ms. Foo

: Sorry for interrupt. It is a good suggestion but I think the delivery

cost of AAA Berhad is quite high. I suggest we can choose to
change our main supplier to BBB Berhad. This is because their
delivery cost is lower compared to AAA Berhad.

General Manager : Ms. Chiang, how about your opinion?

Ms. Chiang

: I agree with Ms. Siew. Actually, I have conducted a survey about

few company which supply books to the bookstores. Could you
all please have a look? Based on the report, delivery service of
AAA Berhad has the best rating among the suppliers. As the
survey shown, they even provide night shift transportation service
to the customers. Even though the delivery cost is higher a bit,
their reputation is good. However, I will try my best to negotiate
with them to get the lowest delivery cost. Ms. Chua, is that our
bookstore able to afford those additional delivery cost?

Ms. Chua

: Based on the analysis of financial report, currently it shows our

bookstore is facing financial problem. We do not have the enough
capital to cover those delivery cost. I suggest, all of us contribute
additional capital to support this expenditure. How do you all

Ms. Malar

: I agree with you Ms. Chua. Since the supplier is our core
problem, we should not tolerate on this issues. As a partner, I think
all of you are willing to help our bookstore to across this problem
together, am I right?



General Manager : Ms. Chua, we still need how much additional capital to cover the
expenditure in case if we change our supplier?
Ms. Chua

: The estimated amount is RM 30,000. I will prepare the budget

report when received the quotation from AAA Berhad to come out
with the actual amount of expenditure.

General Manager : Alright. Ms. Chua, could you come out with a budget report
before this Friday?
Ms. Chua

: Sure. Ms. Chiang, could you send me the quotation of AAA

Berhad after this?

Ms. Chiang

: Of course. No problem.

General Manager : Alright, any objection for the suggestion?


: No. (Shake head)

General Manager : Ms. Chiang, could you handle it?

Ms. Chiang

: Okay, it is my responsibility. I will follow up. (Node head)

General Manager : Good. So I hereby announced we will switch our supplier to AAA
Problem 2 : Employees attitude towards customers are bad.
General Manager : We now move to the next problem which is to discuss on the employees
attitude towards customers are bad. Ms. Malar could you address this
problem to us briefly?
Ms. Malar

: Alright, now I will proceed with our companys second problem. We

have employed few full time and part times staffs due to the
reason we are new bookstore. But most of them are not familiar
with the operation of our bookstore and I received some complaint
on their bad attitude towards customer. It is a severe problem
because they are front line staff which representing our bookstore,
their service represent our bookstores name and image. Besides
that, I saw some staff didnt work according to our bookstores
procedure, slack while working and even didnt collaborate with
the manager to do the task they supposed to do because the
manager didnt act like what a manager should do and didnt lead
them in their task accordingly. In my opinion, both staff and
management problem should be handled immediately before the
thing get worse.

General Manager : How come no action was taken when the problem was getting
Ms. Malar

: First of all I would like to apology because recently I were

occupied with my familys problem and I wasnt able to perform
my duty and responsibility in carrying out my task as well as
failed to managed my staff.

General Manager : The responsibility doesnt only fall on you Ms Malar but to all of
the people that attend the meeting. I was also busy in setting up
my other business until I neglect this company. I think we must
give more commitment to our task and we should amend our
attitude too. About the staffs problem, I think we need to do
something to amend their attitude.

: I think we should meet the staffs and have a talk with them
regarding their duties and responsibilities. The better idea is to
send the staffs to a training centre which will provide talks and
workshop. This will help us in changing the staffs behaviour.
Besides that, I have a place in my mind which can solve the
problem we facing now.

Ms. Siew

: In my opinion, instead of provide training to our existing

employee, I think we shall employ someone who is capable,
expertise and have a good attitude. I scare the impact of the
training is insignificant.

Ms. Foo

: I disagree with Miss Siew because training is less costly

compared to layoff and hiring of new capable staff because they
are not familiar with our bookstores operation. Moreover their
expected salary will be higher too.

Ms Malar

: I propose that we should provide training not only on their

organizational attitude but also on the techniques and skills needed
in attracting and entertaining their customers in an impressive

Ms. Siew

: Yes, it is a good opinion and I agree with Ms Malar.

General Manager : Okay, thus in conjunction with our problem, we will provide
training on organizational attitude and on the techniques and skills
needed in attracting and entertaining our customers to our staff. In
addition to that, I propose that we should provide training on
management staff in order to make our bookstore operation runs
more smoothly. But what training should we provide? Any
Ms. Chiang

: I suggest that we should provide leadership training course to our

management staff because a good leader can lead our staff to
operate the bookstore and at the same time could make our staff
more committed and motivated in order to achieve our bookstores
vision and mission.


: Not only that, I think we should also provide training on

communication course to our management team because
communication is essential in creating a harmony working
environment while avoiding many of the conflict. I also believe
that our management team still lack of this skill.

Ms. Chua

: I agree with Ms.Malar, I think we should focus on training our

management team first in following 3 months due to our limited
capital. Then only we will consider on moving to another type of
training if needed.

General Manager : Ok, now we have suggestion on leadership training and

communication training. Is there any other suggestion?
(Every member shakes their head)
General Manager : If there is no other suggestion , due to limited capital as Ms. Chua
said, we should vote for the training course for our following 3
months, please raise up your hand to let me count your vote.
Anyone recommend leadership course for training in following 3

(Ms. Chiang raise up her hand)

General Manager : 1 vote for leadership course, anyone recommend communication
course for training in following 3 months?
(All raise up their hand except Ms. Chiang)
General Manager : There are four votes for communication course since the majority
agree in implementing communication course, I think that it is
more suitable and important for management training at the
moment. Hence, we will have communication course provided by
our management team for following 3 months. Ms. Malar, is it
okay for you to find the suitable training center that provides
training for us?

: Ok, Madam, I will find the best and suitable training center for our
management training.

Problem 3 : Decline in sales.

General Manager: Finally we are moving to third problem which is decline in sales.
Can I know why this problem occurred? Is the problem related to
first problem? Can anyone of you explain it to me?
Ms. Chua

: Yes. Firstly, I would like to explain about how decreased in

revenue will affect our bookstore financial position. The recent
sales had declined continuously for a few months ago. If this
problem continues to happen, our bookstore will face liquidation
problem in coming year because we are not able to recover the
set-up expenditures and continue to get losses.

Ms. Chiang

: (raise hand) I am sorry to interrupt you, Ms. Chua. Since we were

received complaint from customers about the latest books were
not available most of the time as discussed early, this is directly
contribute to the sales declined. I would take necessarily actions
as appointed early by General Manager to solve that problem.

Ms. Chua

: Ok, no wonder. (Hand show okay sign)

General Manager : Good, Ms. Chiang. I want to see the increase in sales after you
update the inventory. Please take notes about this, Ms. Foo.
Ms. Foo

: Sure, Madam.

General Manager : So, still have any reasons regarding to this problem? Anyone?
Ms. Siew

: Sorry, I would like to make additional explanation about sales

declined. As you all know, we are having monthly promotion of
15% discount for all kinds of books on every first week of
Monday. Actually it is better if the promotion day change to every
second week of Monday. Not everyone have balance from last
month and is able to make purchase during the early of month.

Ms. Malar

: I agreed with Ms.Siew. It is take time for a company to settle

employees salaries. For us, we are taking about 2 to 3 days for
calculating the employees salaries such as EPF, SOSCO,
allowances and overtime hours. After that, I need to pass to Ms.
Foo for approval from General Manager then Finance &
Accounting Department.

Ms. Chua

: After approval from General Manager, bank need about 2 to 3

float days while transferring money from our company account to
employees account. Therefore, it is impossible for the customers
to make purchase on the first week of Monday.

General Manager : Okay, our monthly promotion day will change to every second
week of Monday.
Ms. Siew

: Furthermore, we should give RM5 cash voucher for every

purchased of RM100 from customers on the promotion day. This
cash voucher is valid for 3 months after the purchase date and is
deductible for every purchased of RM50 from customers on this
period except monthly promotion day. This voucher is not
exchangeable to cash.

Ms. Chua

: This idea is good. We can get more sales because customer will
try to buy more books and stationeries for getting cash voucher
and use this voucher at our bookstore again to enjoy the benefits.

Ms. Chiang

: This really helps to get the lower price from supplies if we order
more inventory due to high demand from customers.

General Manager : Thats good. Let me concluded that in order to increase sales, Ms.
Siew you have to operate with Ms. Chua to implement cash
voucher and change promotion day to every second week of
Ms.Siew & Ms.Chua: Sure, we will try our level best.
General Manager: Ms. Foo can you briefly come out with a summary regarding the
problems we have discussed just now?
Ms. Foo

: No problem. The first problem we have discussed was the latest

books are not available most of the time. Ms. Chiang will handle
this problem by changing current supplier to AAA Berhad.
Secondly, bad attitude of employees towards customers will
handle by Ms. Malar by giving communication training course to
employees. Lastly, Ms. Chua and Ms. Siew will implement cash
voucher and change promotion day to every second week of
Monday to increase sales.

General Manager: Ms. Foo, please complete the minutes of meeting and submit to me
by tomorrow morning.
Ms. Foo

: Okay.

General Manager: Its there any other business issues need to discuss?

: No. (Shake head)

General Manager: Okay, its time to end the meeting today. Please always refer to the
notice board for the next meeting date. I am hereby to adjourn the
meeting. Thank you.

: Thank you.