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Summative Brief

Learner Tutor(s) Kevin Myler Course HNC Graphic Design Year One

Date Set W/C 22/02/2010 Deadline W/C 29/03/2010 Unit No. 17/18
17: Typographic Skills
Internal Verifier Christine Taylor IV Signature Unit Title 18: Advanced Typographic Design

Background: Linotype: Plus 10: DESIGN
Type and letter forms have been integral to Linotype is a global leader the production, marketing and Plus is a unique design-led festival showcasing all that
communication between people for centuries. licensing of high quality fonts. is innovative, pioneering, and novel THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL
in the world of international typo/graphic design. COVER THE FOLLOWING
Typography underpins more of our visual It is a developer of the communication vehicle ‘font’ for all GRADING CRITERIA
communication we see than we can imagine. A lot our visual media we see ourselves as a partner for both designers The Plus International Design Festival is run by
decisions and directions we take in everyday life are and typographers. designers for designers; it serves as an emissary for
often because of a designer’s choice of typeface, size, the design profession, an advisor to business, P1 P2 P3 P4
weight and interaction, creative emotive qualities in Today, they are seen as the foundry of all typographic and a champion for design education. M1 M2 M3
the mind of the viewer. knowledge and type creation. Plus is a touchstone for the design community. D1 D2 D3


You are to create a series of dynamic, creative typographic layouts using ONE of the Tasks and Assessment Materials: COVERS GRADING CRITERIA
following typefaces only; Task 1: An A3 BOOKLET that reflects a personal look at type in design, and the FOR THE FOLLOWING UNIT:
 GILL SANS  OPTIMA  FRANKLIN GOTHIC CENTURY GOTHIC selected typeface- its history, its variety, and its usage in past and contemporary
Each layout should use only ONE of the typefaces, but you are allowed to mix different Task 2 :Creative ideas and design, in the form of an A3 BOOKLET, that reflects your
styles of the font – consider changes in: creative exploration of the brief- use of type and folds, formats and shapes.

Si ze (Scale & Proportion) Task 3

1 x Client presentation visual of your final mailshot concept
 lower case
 Normal (roman)
 Bold Mandatory requirements:
 Italic Designs and layouts must Include:
 Bold Italic  Linotype Logo
 Kerning (Tracking)  Plus Logo
 Leading (Line spacing)  Linotype address/contact details
 Layering of letterforms, to create depth ( these are supplied to you on disk)
 You are to include the supplied text for your typeface
Once you have arrived at a layout that best promotes this typeface, you are then required as part of your final design.
to develop this concept into an innovative MAILSHOT, that will be sent as both a
promotional device for Plus 09, and to promote the Linotype company. You are to include a COMPLETE ALPHABET (ROMAN/NORMAL)
of the typeface within the layout
It should come out of a sheet of paper NO LARGER THAN A3, that then rendered digitally
PASS criteria covered by this brief: MERIT - criteria covered by this brief: DISTINCTION - criteria covered by this brief:

P1 M1 D1
Research and evaluate how letterforms can be used as identify and apply strategies to find use critical reflection to evaluate own work
graphic images appropriate solutions and justify valid conclusions
Research and evaluate how text and image can be M2 D2
combined to enhance communication select/design and apply appropriate take responsibility for managing and
P3 methods/techniques organising activities
Select and use typefaces for typographic applications
creatively and imaginatively
M3 D3
P4 present and communicate appropriate findings demonstrate convergent/lateral/ creative thinking
Evaluate the use of typefaces for typographic

How this task will meet this criteria, and where? How this task will meet this criteria, and where? How this task will meet this criteria, and where?

P1 M1: D1:
Rough booklets, creative concepts and their development will Effective judgements have been made as to the creative Creative and message conclusions have been arrived at
show to a basic level that the learners has investigated the concept, message and layout of the poster through synthesis of ideas and have been justified as part of
historical development of typefaces and letterforms, and Creative work will reflect more than one theme or creative discussions and personal annotation of creative work.
show some understanding of the development of type. direction.
Research and creative exploration of brief will reflect effective Learner work will evidence self-criticism of approach has
P2 approach to study and research of subject area, and taken place
Research materials will reflect elementary reflection of how advertising in general.
typography can be creatively used to communicate massages realistic improvements have been proposed against defined
characteristics for success, by means of evidence of self-
in visual communication. M2: evaluation in creative work, and discussions.
Learners will show some understanding of communication A range of methods and techniques have been applied to
needs, at a basic level. creative concepts.
A range of sources of information has been used D2:
P3 The selection of methods and techniques/sources has been Learner work and practical working in studio will reflect
Learners will demonstrate the use of a basic level of justified within personal evaluation, discussion and autonomy/independence has been demonstrated.
knowledge of the parts of letterforms. annotation of learner work. substantial activities, projects or investigations have been
They will be able to identify the basic elements of typefaces. Learner research materials have been synthesised and planned, managed and organised, as part of research
processed as part of the creative process of the brief. materials and level of creative work undertaken.
Time management of brief will reflect that activities have
P4 been managed
Basic experimentation that reflects elementary consideration M3:
of size/weight/style, evident in the rough concepts produced. Appropriate approaches to creative work and research have
Some understanding of factors such as legibility, but this will been used D3:
not be in depth. Coherent, logical development of principles/concepts for the Creative ideas have been generated and decisions taken
Final visuals will reflect direct and clear evolution of the intended audience are evident. Self-evaluation has taken place
selected layout, and will be completed to the stated deadline, Creative work and final visuals will reflect that a range of convergent and lateral thinking have been applied
Basic use of creative visual typographic usage. Basic methods of presentation have been used and technical Problems have been solved
experimentation with shape, format and folds. language has been accurately used Innovation and creative thought have been applied
Final visual will use the digital software mediums specified. The communication is appropriate for familiar and Receptiveness to new ideas is evident
unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used Effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts