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intelligent Power

Montanhydraulik Group

Montanhydraulik Group
Muns Techniek BV

Montanhydraulik Group

Hydraulic systems and electrical

controls for offshore industry,
dredging, shipbuilding and general



Montanhydraulik Group

Montanhydraulik Group

Special machines for the mining


Repair of hydraulic cylinders



Hydraulic cylinders and components

for heavy-duty vehicles and wind

Hydraulic cylinders and rotary joints

for industry, on or offshore plants


Hydraulic drive systems for

civil engineering

Muns Techniek BV

Montanhydraulik Group

For our customers it is very important to rely on the

hydraulic systems in their installations. We spare no effort

to make that possible.

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Hydraulics is now essential in modern machinery and

As the requirements for modern vessels and machinery

constructions. It transmits high forces, guarantees tor-

constantly increase, we also increase our standards. We

que in confined spaces and ensures that motion can be

aim to develop systems which are not only durable and

accurately controlled.

loadable but which also contribute in making processes

economical, flexible, environmentally sustainable and

Every industry and every application however has different

completely controllable.

requirements for a hydraulic system in terms of complexity, power and dimensions. Muns Techniek develops and

As a partner of the Germany-based Montanhydraulik

supplies complete hydraulic systems from small power

Group, we work closely with other experienced hydraulics

packs to custom built jacking systems.

suppliers. This gives us excellent market knowledge and

extensive production competence. We supply national

Our strength lies particularly in the development of com-

and international manufacturers with high-quality and

plete hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical control

proven hydraulic products and systems.

and software systems. These are used in wet dredging

and in the offshore market whether in marine or mechanical engineering. In recent years Muns Techniek has
specialised primarily in outstanding solutions for offshore
applications such as jack-up vessels or installation ships.

Anton J. Breugem
Managing director Muns Techniek B.V.

Muns Techniek BV

Montanhydraulik Group

Muns Techniek BV

Montanhydraulik Group

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intelligent Power

design, produce and service hydraulic

technology for worldwide applications at
our site in Sleeuwijk, the Netherlands.

The best results come

from enthusiasm and
When Muns Techniek was founded as a private enterprise
in 1991 we had one goal above all: the development of
high-quality hydraulic systems and controls, which would
withstand extraordinary stresses for use in new technologies.
Nowadays we manufacture hydraulic systems for national
and international companies, which develop and build stateof-the-art installation vessels.
Our customers rely on our knowledge and our long-standing
experience in developing and service complex hydraulic
systems from the first draft design sketches to approved
classification drawings, production drawings, installation,
and commissioning.
To satisfy our customers, whose task formulations regularly
present us with new challenges, and to keep our output at
the highest level, we invest continuously in development,
training and continuing education of our employees.

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intelligent Power

the right partners we

can overcome our challenges
even more effectively.

We are building our

future on partnership
and Intelligent Power.
In recent years Muns Techniek has been working closely with
the company Montanhydraulik. This creates new possibilities
of product ranges and system solutions for companies all
over the world. In March 2011 the Montanhydraulik Group
acquired a participating interest in Muns Techniek. The corporate slogan Intelligent Power has applied to us for a
long time. We already create intelligent solutions to meet the
system requirements of modern applications.
The mutual exchange of experience and extended production
capacities create the ideal circumstances for us to operate
as a system supplier to the hydraulics market, offering high
quality and the right products.
The choice of components, which we obtain from our longstanding specialised suppliers, follows strict quality criteria.
We achieve perfect inter-compatibility of all components
by carrying out both assembly and final inspection under
constant quality control by classification societies.

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intelligent Power

realise the best hydraulic

design we advise our
customers on every detail.

Our 3-D system engineering

forms the basis for a
successful project.
All system developments including full production and assembly drawings are carried out in-house using state-of-the-art
3D-CAD and simulation programs. This enables us to design
and produce complex systems quickly and efficiently.
In our system design we take into account current technical
standards of the classification societies and the individual
specifications of our customers. In order to implement these
adequately we carry out extensive face-to-face consultation
meetings. These help us to define particular requirements
and identify potential problems at an early stage so that projects are designed and completed in time and in accordance
with the agreed aims.

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intelligent Power

complex and extremely precise:

An entire hydraulic subsystem integrated
into one manifold block.

Demanding applications
require intelligent
control systems.
Hydraulic systems in vessels or other mechanical constructions are designed to operate under extreme, all considered
environmental conditions and over long periods. Our tailormade manifold blocks enable the monitoring of many different
hydraulic functions. They are in general very compact, which
makes them extremely efficient.
Every part is controlled by our intelligent control management
system. This guarantees a smooth, efficient handling of the
jacking cylinders and locking pins in a jack-up installation
under the most conditions.

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intelligent Power

Powerful and reliable:

electro-hydraulic pump units.

We guarantee functionality even under high

Hydraulic pump units are essential these days in large scale industrial automated systems, whether in an offshore or
onshore environment. Performance and safety criteria for
marine and offshore markets are particularly high. In this
case the hydraulic drives and controllers must be extremely
reliable and must be able to work with backup procedures.
We produce complete prewired and tested pump units for
the most varied of customer requirements and according to
the specific rules of the classification societies.
The high power electro-hydraulic pump units for jack-up
vessels are equipped with soft starters and PLC-controlled.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 3,500 /1,400 /1,500 mm
Weight: approx. 4,000 kg
Pump (2 x)
Axial piston pump with load sensing
Output flow at customer requirements
Nominal pressure: 300 bar
Output electric motor: from 419 kW to 640 kW

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intelligent Power

High power control to the last detail:

electrical control cabinets.

On the safe side: our

controllers ensure
smooth operation.
The continuous availability of machinery and equipment and
technical components is an important criterion in making
projects economic and sustainable. The same applies for the
hydraulic system for mechanical engineering applications as
well as in shipbuilding or offshore constructions. In all these
markets the control system and its components need to be
designed for long operating periods and they need to be
correspondingly reliable and maintenance-free.
Our modern controllers ensure smooth and precise coordination of all steering functions. All system components are
controlled by local programmable logic controllers (PLCs),
each inside a control cabinet, and if needed powered by
soft starters.
Instructions from the command bridge panels are executed
by the PLC after local safety checks. In addition the PLC
collects and archives all data needed for the operation of
our hydraulic system and forwards them to the ships power
management system and/or the dynamic positioning system.

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intelligent Power

For the right amount of hydraulic oil:

purpose-built hydraulic oil tanks.

Keeping the flow with the

right tank design.
Hydraulic systems need to work both fast and precisely. The
hydraulic oil tank ensures the right oil flow for all cylinder
Our hydraulic oil tanks are custom-made and have all the
required connections and filter systems. To increase the operating efficiency of our hydraulic system for offshore installation vessels or other constructions we mostly install two oil
tanks. These oil tanks are directly connected to each other
and operate as one tank.
The design of the tanks corresponds to our customer specifications and the rules of the classification societies and is
tested in our workshop. The empty tank is easily transported
by its four lifting lugs. Prewired and equipped with valves,
filters and sensors the tanks can be directly installed.

Technical specifications:
Weight (without hydraulic oil): approx. 4,000 kg
Level switches
Analog gauge glass
Length: 1,600 mm
Connection box for electrical components
Air breathers (10 x)
Filters (6 x)
Connection for pump units
Connection for oil cooler

16 | 20

intelligent Power

and performances

18 | 22

intelligent Power

Almost 18 percent of electric energy produced in the world
today is generated by hydroelectric power plants. Following

Hydraulic jacking cylinders

the steady expansion of this potential for more than two

Hydraulic pump units

decades, the consistent utilisation of offshore wind energy

Hydraulic oil tanks

is now gaining in importance.

Manifold blocks
Electrical control cabinets

The production of renewable energy by offshore wind turbines will capture an ever increasing share of the market in future.
The Vidar is the latest of the Hochtief construction ships and has been equipped by Muns Techniek with a hydraulic continuous lifting system.

The technological requirements connected with this are

Soft starter boxes

enormous. Due to an ever increasing demand totally new

Control panels

concepts, suitable specialist equipment, and ever more po-

Sliding blocks

werful ship types for the erection of maritime platforms and

Locking pins

power plants have to be developed that can withstand the

Cooling units

extraordinary conditions experienced offshore.

Operating desk with HMI

Especially the requirements for offshore-installation vessels

are extremely high. They need to lift gigantic loads safely
while standing in water depths of up to 45 m.

Bilfinger Berger SE

Together with Montanhydraulik we are the right partner to

Crist S.A.

develop and manufacture complete hydraulic solutions from

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine

hydraulic power packs to hydraulic cylinders. These are con-

Engineering Co. Ltd. (DSME)

nected to electrical control systems including a software


control system we have developed in-house.

J.J. Sietas KG

The system technology of Muns Techniek, paired with the

RWE Innogy GmbH

cylinders specially designed for offshore-use of our German

Van Oord N.V.

partner, is successfully installed in many offshore systems

of renowned installation companies.

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intelligent Power

Jack-up platform
Since 2010, the jack-up platform Thor has been in largescale operation in the North Sea. It serves as a special device

Technical Data:

for the erection of about 80 wind turbines for the offshore

wind park Bard I, roughly 100 km north-west of the island

Main dimensions hull


Length: 70 m
Width: 40 m

The jack-up platform with its enormous 3,300 t loading

Hight: 6 m

capacity, 1,850 m2 free deck area and a deck load of

15 t/m provides maximum efficiency when in use at open

Leg dimensions

sea. Particularly impressive is the hydraulic lifting system

Length: 82 m

of the approx. 11,000 t jack-up platform.

Diameter: 3.70 m
Spudcans: 8.50 m

Montanhydraulik has supplied a total of 24 pull cylinders for

The hydraulic jacking cylinders produce an enormous lifting power.

The hydraulic drive system for the legs is accommodated in the four jack housings.

the more than 80 m long legs of the jack-up platform. Muns

Operational conditions

Techniek produced the necessary hydraulic drive and control

Operating depth: 50 m

system. The heart of the system is formed by ten hydraulic

Payload: up to 3,300 t

units, each delivering 370 kW.

Deck load: 15 t/m2

Hoisting capacity: 10,000 t

The jack-up platform is erected in more than 30 m water depth.

The hydraulic drive is accommodated in the so-called jack

Hoisting speed: up to 1.20 m/min

housings at the four corners of the jack-up platform. Each

of the 550 t legs is encompassed by two mobile guide fra-


mes. All four upper guide frames are movably mounted by

Max. tensile force: 7,081 kN

means of six hydraulic cylinders. The lower guide frames

Max. compressive force: 2,010 kN

is firmly connected to the construction. Three locking pins

Piston diameter: 600 mm

(diameter: 400 mm) on each frame push themselves into

Rod diameter: 320 mm

the legs, thus enabling the step-by-step lowering of the legs

Stroke: 4,200 mm

down to the seabed.

Weight without oil filling: 13.5 t

Special features: magnetostrictive travel
measuring system, 2 inductive limit switches

A leg of the jack-up platform Thor is 82 m long.

22 | 26

intelligent Power

Construction ship
In order to combat the supply shortage in the construction
of its own wind parks, a German corporation for renewable

Technical data:

energies had two gigantic special ships of the same design

built. These ships do not need tugs or transport barges and

Main dimensions

can travel to their site of operation themselves.

Length: 109 m
Width: 40 m

The ships become jack-up platforms due to the hydraulic

Leg length: 78 m

lowering of four movable legs with a length of 78 m and a

diameter of 3.75 m. The jack-up system can lift a total weight

Application area

of 15.700 t out of the water.

Max. loading weight: 4,200 t

Montanhydraulik and Muns Techniek supplied the entire hy-

DP2 positioning (satellite-controlled)

draulic jacking system, including the electrical controller. The

Water depth: more than 40 m

particularity in the construction of the ships lies in a proprieta-

Speed: up to 7.5 kn

(= up to 4 x 5 megawatt turbines)

ry jacking system that is equipped with two per leg movable

When jacking the Seabreeze, the 15,000 t ship is lifted out of the water.
The four legs have a diameter of 3.75 m.

The intelligent control system guarantees the smooth movement of the lifting cylinders and locking pins.

and opposing lifting frames, the cylinders and locking pins.


The control system allows the lifting of the platform via all

Hydraulic performance: 3,990 kW

four legs in synch in a continuous movement.

Max. oil flow: 9,600 l/min

Max. operational pressure: 325 bar

After their completion the construction ships, 109 m long

and 40 m wide, will be able to not only transport up to four


offshore wind turbines of megawatt class 5 and 6 complete

48 traction cylinders: 630/280 x 3,000 mm

with foundations and even under rough sea conditions, but

Max. cylinder speed: 1.0 m/min

will also be able to erect them.

Max. effective speed: 0.84 m/min

Max. effective speed, barge up/down: 0.70 m/min
Piston rod coating: ceramic with integrated
displacement measurement system

Local programmable logic controllers (PLCs) control all system components.

The cylinder movements are controlled from the bridge.

24 | 28

intelligent Power

Wet dredging
Wet dredging is used to expand and maintain waterways,
harbours and approaches for shipping. Alongside its ra-

Power packs

pid development, the machinery and handling equipment


in harbours, marine and waterway communications is also

Split barge systems

becoming ever more powerful.

Spud pole systems

Electrical control & steering systems

Various circumstances in recent years have led to dredgers

Control software

becoming ever more complex. Amongst other things, criteria

Piping & cabling installations

include difficult ground conditions, deeper dredging depths

and remote deposit sites. Commercial specifications related to

The trailing suction hopper dredger Amazone has a volume of 2,770 m .


Tug winch for dredger vessels.

VlaanderenVII: self propelled 1,000 m3 split hopper vessel.

greater economy and higher capacity plus environmental con-


siderations are also part of the development. The correspon-


dingly greater technical requirements have led to processes

Bilfinger Berger SE

being increasingly automated. The innovative hydraulic system

De Groot B.V.

required for this is supplied by Muns Techniek.

De Klerk B.V.
Dutch Dredging B.V.

We equip hydraulic dredgers of all kinds and in all sizes with

L. Paans & Zonen B.V.

full hydraulics including electric power boxes with all needed

controllers. We therefore contribute to making it possible to
recover and handle considerable quantities of material fast,
effectively and cost-effectively.

Repair and service

In addition to the installation of the electrical hydraulic
Power pack with 168 kW for a bucket dredger.

systems our experienced and certified service technicians


provide further services and on-site repair for our customers

Baars B.V.

all around the globe.

Boskalis B.V.
Hochtief Solutions AG

Our customers operating personnel can also take part

L. Paans & Zonen B.V.

in several system trainings at our office in Sleeuwijk or on

N.V. Besix S.A.

request on board of the vessel. The training includes detailed

Sonac Vuren B.V.

system information on hydraulics, electronics and control

software as well as on safety issues and how to handle
hydraulic systems in emergency situations.

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Muns Techniek B.V.

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