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Prairieville, LA 70769


St. Elizabeth
Hospital Holds
14th Annual Golf
On Monday, March 16, 2015,
St. Elizabeth Hospital held its
14th Annual Golf Classic at the
Links at Pelican Point. This

annual golf scramble,
benefitting the St. Elizabeth
Endowment Fund, hinges on
the generous support of local
businesses for sustainable
success year after year.

Lady Health System
(FMOLHS) again contributed
as the Gold Sponsor. EATEL,
the Pathology Group of
Louisiana and Whitney Bank
each sponsored at the
Corporate level.

33 teams participated in this
year’s event. Majestic Medical
Solutions served as the event’s
exclusive Cart Sponsor for the
third straight year, and the
Franciscan Missionaries of Our

The FMOLHS team,
represented by Kevin Guidry,
Rob Handy and Bubba Fisher,
took first place. The Marjon
Electric team, including John


Stuart & Company, and the
Longest Drive contest was won
by Katie Graves, Regions Bank,
for the second year running.
The success of this event is
shared with the amazing team of
volunteers that made it happen.
A host of hospital team
members, Franciscan

Jenkins, Bob Jones, Quinton
Corley and Billy Spout, placed
second, and Himmel’s
Architectural Door and
Hardware, with Jay Himmel,
Scott Mathews, Tony Freeman
and Ryan Madere, placed third.
The Closest to the Pin contest
was won by Taylor Broussard,


The 2015 Gonzales Jambalaya Pageant will be
held Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd.
The pageant is open to girls ages 0-23 and boys
ages 0-4. The deadline to enter the pageant
is April 25th.

Missionaries of Our Lady Health
System Materials Management
team members, St. Elizabeth
Physicians team members, and
members of the Women’s

Applications and Queen’s Rules and Regulations
are available online at

The deadline for pageant applications is the
April 25th. Get those forms in now!


Advisory Council of St.
Elizabeth Hospital contributed
their time, effort and
enthusiasm to ensure the
tournament’s success.

come over to
the lite side
• Professional split ends
repairing treatment
• reconstructs and repairs
weak, broken strands
• protects against heat
styling and future damage
• lasts 6 weeks



• Natural , Non-synthetic B-Vitamins
• Synergistic medley of nutritional energy
• Blocks bad cravings
• burns bad fat
• restores balance

622.5085 44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)

Making You Feel
Right at Home.

St. Elizabeth Hospital and
Our Lady of the Lake Each Earn
Hospital of the Year Award
St. Elizabeth Hospital in Gonzales
and Our Lady of the Lake Regional
Medical Center in Baton Rouge have
each been named Hospital of the Year
in the small and large hospital categories, respectively, by the Louisiana
State Nurses Association and the
Louisiana Nurses Foundation.

We are especially interested in making all of our patients feel right
at home. We put your needs first to achieve efficient and
comprehensive treatment. Our staff is honest and straightforward
with patients. We strive to provide the best dental care to all
patients regardless of income level.

This is the fourth time St. Elizabeth
Hospital has been named Hospital of
Year, and the sixth time for Our Lady
of the Lake. St. Elizabeth previously
earned the award in 2006, 2011 and
2012. Our Lady of the Lake earned
the award in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
and 2014.

· Implants
· Porcelain Crown, Bridge and Veneers
· Root Canals
· Oral Surgery (Wisdom Teeth)
· Implant Retained Dentures (for better fit)
· Sedation Dentistry

These honors were announced on
March 28 at the 14th annual
Nightingale Awards ceremony, an
event that recognizes quality service,
commitment and excellence for
Registered Nurses in the state of
Louisiana. The Nightingale Awards
also recognizes individuals for excellence in nursing. The following honors were presented to St. Elizabeth
and Our Lady of the Lake nurses at
the event:

Like Us on

· Outstanding Community Achievement
by a Registered Nurse –
Charla Johnson, RN,
St. Elizabeth

306 South Burnside Ave. Gonzales, LA 70737
225-621-2700 •

· Nursing Administrator
of the Year – Yvonne Pellerin, RN,
St. Elizabeth


· Nurse Educator of the Year –
Rosie Kiper, RN, St. Elizabeth

· Nurse of the Year – Jerre Hinds,
RN, Our Lady of the Lake

· Clinical Practice Nurse
of the Year – John Wilson, RN,
Our Lady of the Lake

· Rookie of the Year –
Kieran Foley, RN,
Our Lady of the Lake

· Hall of Fame Inductee –
Coletta Barrett, RN,
Our Lady of the Lake

· Outstanding Nurse Researcher
of the Year – Lisa Skemp, RN,
Our Lady of the Lake College
“Every day, our nurses are at the forefront of patient care. It is this work
that results in our hospitals being recognized as national leaders in improving processes of care and patient outcomes. Congratulations to our 2015
Nightingale winners who exemplify
the Spirit of Healing to which we are
called to answer every day,” said John
J. Finan, Jr., president of the
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady
Health System.
Our Lady of the Lake and St.
Elizabeth are both part of the
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady
Health System.

Jewelry Gifts
Sure To Warm
The Heart

additions upon the arrival of new
family members, pets included!
Personalized family jewelry represents
the spirit of family love thatwill be
cherished and remembered for a
lifetime. Classic
with a modern
twist, diamond
jewelry remains a
treasured keepsake
sure to capture a
mother’s heart.
Diamond designs in
mountings of karat
gold, platinum or
sterling silver are
available for
anyone’s taste, for
all budgets, and are
always a perfect gift
to enchant that
specialmom. Pink is in, it’s not only
pretty but it is posh! This Mother’s
Day you will find an abundance of
fashionable designs featuring pink

karat gold and gemstones. For
centuries, the color pink has been
thought of as being feminine,
sensitive, tender and innocent,
everything associated with motherhood. This year more than ever, you
have an impressive number of beauti-

durability, diamond was always
believed to strengthen love and bring
marital happiness. No wonder it is
now the most popular gem for
engagements and weddings. Because
of their inner fire, it is important to
have your diamonds cleaned
professionally to maintain their lively
sparkle and brilliance.

Jewelry Q&A

ful, personal, and affordable keepsake
styles to commemorate the special
highlights of any mother’s life. Each
maintains its historic charm and distinctive look while adding a new brilliance to all kinds of jewelry designs.


April - Diamond

with Layne Gautreau

A crystalline material composed of
pure carbon, diamonds are brilliantly
clear, sparkling, and one of the hardest substances known to man. The
pure white diamond has long been a
symbol of innocence and invincibility.
And, because of its inner fire and

On this special day,mothers,
grandmothers, and mothers-to-bewill
be bestowed love and appreciationwith gifts of cards, flowers, family
gatherings, and that one very special
gift of fine jewelry. While traditional
gifts of mother’s rings, engraved
lockets and diamond hearts remain a
favorite, this season you have many
newand exciting designs to select
from. Chic mommy pendants for
mothers of all ages designed with
sweet silhouettes, dangling
birthstones or initial charms are on
top of the list. These precious gifts
offer versatile settings to allow easy

What is a Nail Head? When a
round brilliant diamond is poorly
proportioned,with excessive pavilion
depth, the center of the diamond
appears dark.
What are the 3 B’s of Diamond
Cutting? The Bruter gives a rough
diamond its face-up outline. The
Blocker places the table and four
facets on the crown, plus four facets
and the culet on the pavilion. The
Brillianteer places and polishes the
remaining 40 facets of the 58
facet total.y
What is a Spread Stone? This is a
polished diamond that is cut to look
larger than it actually is. It has a
shallowpavilion with a disproportionately large table, sometimes
exhibiting the fish eye effect.
What is a Scintillation? This is the
reflection of outside light shining on
the facets of a diamond, producing
quick flashes resembling sparks.
Sometimes called sparkle, it is usually
seen when the diamond is moved or
the light source shifts.


Equal parts:
*Listerine (Some say don’t use
the blue stuff, because it will
make your feet blue. I had
Total Listerine which is clear.)
*Vinegar (they say apple cider
is better, but I used regular
*Hot water
Soak feet for 15 to 30 minutes
and then remove skin with a

Concoctions – Do
They Really Work?

I started by mixing only a cup
each, but if you’d like to soak
both feel completely, you’ll
need to use at least two cups of
each. Also, make sure you use
HOT water, not only does it
feel better to soak your feet in,
but I it also helps further soften
your dry skin.

I must admit I’m a Pinterest
lover. In my free time, I love
looking for fun beauty tips,
tricks, and recipes! So, here are
a few homemade beauty recipes
that I tried…finally!

I decided to soak my feet for
the full 30 minutes. I must say,
the smell wasn’t ideal, but my
feet felt invigorated very
quickly (from the Listerine
I’m assuming).

Coffee Sugar Scrub
A well known (I’ve wanted to
make this for a couple of years
now) skin firming homemade
recipe that has a reputation to
tone and tighten problem areas
of the body..

Put all ingredients in blender
and blend until a fine consistency. Keep in air tight container
and place by your SHOWER.

PS – I also felt a little more
awake just from smelling the
coffee aroma!

I say put by the shower,
because I kept mind next to my
tub…since I’m a total bath girl.
I can’t help it. Since I was
small, my maw maw always
made me luxurious bubble
baths (Ivory liquid!) and I’ve
been hooked since.


1 cup coffee (any kind)
1 cup sugar
½ cup olive oil
½ cup water

Overall review is this is a
temporary fix to smooth and
tighten the skin. It’s not a
long term fix, but then again,
nothing is except to exercise!
Fun recipe though!

So, as you can see here (photo),
after hovering in my bathtub to
apply my coffee scrub all over
my thighs and tush, it got a little messy! Well, maybe it got a
lot messy.
After using this the past
few weeks, although not
consistently, I certainly feel like

my skin is tighter. Even when I
applied the mixture at night,
the next day I felt my skin a
little tighter.

Vinegar Listerine
Foot Soak
This recipe is new to me, but I
was ready to try it, nonetheless.
It states that in 15 – 30 minutes all your hard and dry skin
will come off by just rubbing a
towel over your feet.


After 30 minutes, Then I pulled
my feet out and a towel did not
work to take off the dead skin.
I needed something a little
more heavy duty. So, with a
pumice stone and soft brush I
was able to scrub some skin
away; however, the tougher
areas like around my heel area
weren’t as easy to remove. I
would say in the tougher
calloused areas it softened the
skin about 50%. This may be
an idea time to use a skin
shaver, but be careful if you
do that.
Overall review of this recipe
is, skip it and just go get a
Happy Spring Ascension Parish!
Get out an enjoy the weather,
family, friends and a have a
good time!

It’s All Good at Frank’s in Prairieville.
We haven’t changed. We’ve only gotten better.
Open 7 days a week and entertainment on
Friday Night makes your visit with us pleasurable.

We also cater boiled crawfish
on or off site with our
Outdoor Pavillion Available
for your event.
225.673.8876 • Airline Hwy.


Crawfish Boiling Contest Raises
$8000 for Dreams Come True
Cajun Livin N Cookin
hosted a fundraising
event to support Dreams
Come True. Rodney and
Leslie Dupuy started the
South Louisiana
Crawfish Boiling
Contest last year and it
grew into the event that
was held on April 11,

2015 at Lamar Dixon
Expo Center in
Gonzales. The South
Louisiana Crawfish
Boiling Contest was
accompanied with a craft
and car show. All of the
proceeds benefitted the
Dreams Come True




This year we double our
number of cooks when 23
crawfish cooking teams set out
to showcase their secret


recipes. In addition there were
45 craft booths and 30 car
show entrees showed their
stuff along with a karaoke

This year Na-Na-Sha Band
played from 2:00 - 5:00 and
rocked the afternoon away.

For more than 19 years, we have developed, owned and
managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over 100
years of personal and professional experience.

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA 70737


The event was geared to raise
money for Dreams Come True by
selling the crawfish cooked in the
contest at a reasonable rate.
Everyone enjoyed the crawfish
and with 70 sacks of crawfish
boiled it was evident the event
was a great success.
It was a great day, and we’d like
to thank all of our committee
members, cooks, craft vendors,
car show entrees, karaoke singers,
volunteers, judges, sponsors and a
big thanks to all the public for


coming spend there Saturday with
us to help raise money for the
Dream Kids. We could not have
had such a successful event with
out all of you.
Cajun Livin N Cookin and The
Dreams Come True Foundation
would like to thank:

JudgesLeuna Johnson - Ascension Public
Schools Child Nutrition
Supervisor, Sherman Jackson Gonzales Police, Cheryl Babin -

Gonzales Weekly, Citizen,
Charlotte Guedry Pelican Post Online
Newspaper, Kylie Dixon WBRZ-TV, Sam Irwin Crawfish,
Chloe Ernest - Crawfish
Queen, Wally TallionJambalaya Festival
Association, Dave
Nusbaum - WWL-TV,
Sabrina Nusbaum Ascension Parish School
Board, Richard Condon Eagle 98.1, Eddie
Lambert - District #59

members Rodney and Leslie Dupuy
with Cajun Livin N
Cookin (event host and
coordinators, crawfish
cook-off), Kim Aydell and
Sherry Mack (craft
booths), Ronnie Romano
(Karaoke) AP and
Charlotte Borne (Judges
Area), Tashia Loots and
Erik Fairley with Sweet &
Salty (car show), Monica
with Louisiana Jaycees
(crawfish eating contest
and washer board
tournament. Galvez Fire
Department (washing
crawfish) and EMS
gservices, Sorrento Fire
Department (coke
booth), Freddie Smith
with Dreams Come True
(Treasure), Terry
McConnell (powered
parachute aircrafts).

SponsorsOur top Major - Crown
sponsors were Fred's
Travel Centers of
Louisiana, and Bullet
Gold sponsors Its Just Print,
Hole N Da Wall Seafood,
Lamar Dixon Expo
Foundation, Atmos
Silver Sponsors Cuts-N-Such Hair Salon,
LLC, Galvez Hardware
and Outdoor Cooking,
Jambalaya Festival
Association, River Rats
Bar and Grille
Bronze Sponsors Harvest Supermarket,
Peppers Fresh Market,
Prairieville Pharmacy,
Tags & Titles, Old Time
Farm Supply, Pinnacle
Services, Roys Ice,
Batemans Ice, Manny's
The event was a great
success for a great cause
and we are looking forward to seeing you again
next year.

Thank You for
Your Support of
Dreams Come True

Attention Candidates Seeking Election:
Ascension Magazine is here to help get your message
in the hands of Ascension Parish residents.

Order Your Ads Space Early.
Premium space still available.
Contact Mike Strong
Office 225.622.1324 Cell 225.413.5485

with Sherrie
The first Breakfast with
Sherrie of 2015 was held at
the Ascension Chamber office
Wednesday, April 8, 2015.
Former Chairman’s of the
Board came together with
present Chairman Kendal
Matassa and President Sherrie
Despino to discuss Board
accomplishments and the
growth of the Chamber.
Topics regarding new
marketing campaigns to help

Chamber members maximize
their growth potential, as well
as new and exciting upcoming
programs in the 2015 year
were discussed in depth with
many new ideas being
presented from the vast
knowledge of the seven
Chairmen who were in
attendance. As our Parish
continues to grow, we
continue our commitment to
help Chamber members grow
their businesses and search for
opportunities to increase our
level of effectiveness and
push into a new realm of

Foote Family
Dental Care
Foote Family Dental Care held
a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on
Friday, March 13, 2015,
announcing the opening of
their location at 328 South
Burnside Avenue in Gonzales.
Foote Family Dental Care is the
brand new, state of the art,
dental facility for Dr. Nora
Richardson-Foote. Dr. Foote
was in private practice in
Denham Springs for over 14
years before moving to
She offers a wide
variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures for patients of
all ages. Dr. Foote also offers
sedation dentistry and same day
appointments. Foote Family

Hey Dr. Rob,
I’m sending you
a selfie.

Dental Care hours are Monday
9:00am – 5:00pm, Tuesday and
Thursday 8:30am – 4:00pm,
Wednesday and Friday 8:30am
– 1:00pm.
Attending the ribbon cutting
for Foote Family Dental Care
were: Owner Dr. Nora
Richardson-Foote, D.D.S.,
Dental Hygienist Lacie Green ,
Front Desk/Dental Assistant
Ramsey Catoir, City of
Gonzales Mayor Barney
Arceneaux, Ascension Parish
Public Information Officer
Lester Kenyon, Ascension
Chamber of Commerce
President/CEO Sherrie
Despino, Chamber Board
Member Paul Salvant, Chamber
Ambassadors, Chamber
Members, family and friends.

Do I look




Bad Breath
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Ascension Premier Dental

Whether you call it bad breath
or halitosis, it’s an unpleasant
condition that’s cause for
embarrassment. Some people
with bad breath aren’t even
aware there’s a problem. If
you’re concerned about bad
breath, see your dentist. He or
she can help identify the cause
and, if it’s due to an oral condition, develop a treatment plan
to help eliminate it.
What you eat affects the air you
exhale. Certain foods, such as
garlic and onions, contribute to
objectionable breath odor.
Once the food is absorbed into
the bloodstream, it is transferred to the lungs, where it is
expelled. Brushing, flossing and
mouthwash will only mask the
odor temporarily. Odors continue until the body eliminates the
food. Dieters may develop
unpleasant breath from infrequent eating.

If you don't brush and floss
daily, particles of food remain in
the mouth, collecting bacteria,
which can cause bad breath.
Food that collects between the
teeth, on the tongue and
around the gums can rot, leaving an unpleasant odor.
Bad breath can also be caused by
dry mouth (xerostomia), which
occurs when the flow of saliva
decreases. Saliva is necessary to
cleanse the mouth and remove
particles that may cause odor.
Dry mouth may be caused by
various medications, salivary
gland problems or continuously
breathing through the mouth.
If you suffer from dry mouth,
your dentist may prescribe anartificial saliva, or suggest using
sugarless candy and increasing
your fluid intake.
Tobacco products cause bad
breath. If you use tobacco, ask
your dentist for tips on kicking
the habit.
Bad breath may be the sign of a
medical disorder, such as a local

infection in the respiratory
tract, chronic sinusitis, postnasal
drip, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disturbance, liver or kidney ailment.
If your dentist determines that
your mouth is healthy, you may
be referred to your family doctor or a specialist to determine
the cause of bad breath.
Maintaining good oral health is
essential to reducing bad breath.
Schedule regular dental visits
for a professional cleaning and
checkup. If you think you have
constant bad breath, keep a log
of the foods you eat and make a
list of medications you take.
Some medications may play a
role in creating mouth odors.
Let your dentist know if you've
had any surgery or illness since
your last appointment.
Brush twice a day with fluoride
toothpaste to remove food
debris and plaque. Brush your
tongue, too. Once a day, use
floss or an interdental cleaner to
clean between teeth.

Mouthwashes are generally
cosmetic and do not have a
long-lasting effect on bad
breath. If you must constantly
use a breath freshener to hide
unpleasant mouth odor, see
your dentist. If you need extra
help in controlling plaque, your
dentist may recommend using a
special antimicrobial mouth
rinse. A fluoride mouth rinse,
used along with brushing and
flossing, can help prevent tooth
Clean your tongue! Most of the
odor that comes from your
mouth is on your tongue. Use
your toothbrush with toothpaste, reach back as far as possible, and brush forward. A
tongue scraper works even better, which can be found at any
pharmacy or supermarket. The
metal ones are dishwasher safe
and allow you to clean them

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth


FREE Teeth Bleaching*
*( with New Patient Exam, X-ray and cleaning )


May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call:

Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

225.673.6910 • www.

Growing with
the Dutchtown
for 8 Years

Don’t ignore those nagging aches and pains.
Get the help you need now.
Call Chase Roy, DPT, for a free consultation

We are Your Community Physical
Therapy Provider. Specializing in
Orthopedic Physical Rehabilitation.
• ASTYM Certified
• Dry Needling Certified
• Clinic hours to fit your
busy schedule.
• Ideal Protein Provider
• Accepting most insurances.

Look great for
those Summer
start Ideal
Protein now.

Get Your Skinny On

With Ideal Protein

Gift Certificates available

Chase Roy, PT, DPT

Chase Roy, PT, DPT

Dutchtown Physical Therapy
36501 Mission Street, Suite A
Prairieville, Louisiana 70769

225.744-3631 • Fax 225.744.3647

By Linda Melancon
instead. Mr. Benson’s daughter
and his two grandchildren are the
beneficiaries of the trust. He
wants to remove the teams from
the trust so he can give them to
his third wife.

Tom Benson
and the Saga of
the Intentionally
Defective Grantor
In February, I wrote an article
about trusts. The article discussed
the basics of trust law and
explained that the trustee of a
trust has a duty to act in the best
interest of the trust’s beneficiaries.
At that time, Robert Rosenthal,
the trustee of a trust created by
Tom Benson, was refusing to
remove the Saints and Pelicans
sports franchises from the trust in
exchange for an unsecured
promissory note that Mr. Benson
was attempting to substitute

In recent weeks, there have been
further developments regarding
this attempted asset swap that are
of interest. This article will discuss
the strategy Benson is trying to use
to remove the sports franchises
from the trust and the recent
developments regarding his
attempts to do so.
The type of trust that owns the
Saints and Pelicans is an irrevocable
trust and trusts like this are often
used for estate tax planning
purposes. If someone dies with
assets exceeding approximately $5
million, estate taxes are owed
before distributions are made to
the heirs. To minimize these taxes,
irrevocable trusts are created and
assets are transferred into them.
Since the trust is irrevocable, the
creator of the trust (called the
“Grantor”) has no right to use the
assets; therefore, the assets are
not considered a part of his
estate at death.
In addition to removing assets
from the Grantor’s estate for estate
tax purposes, these trusts often
allow the Grantor to continue to

pay the income tax on the assets
transferred to the trust. This
strategy is used to further reduce
the Grantor’s estate for tax purposes. This is possible because the
estate tax laws and income tax laws
are not aligned. Assets placed in a
trust that are not counted for
estate tax purposes can still be
considered as owned by the
Grantor for income tax purposes.
This type of irrevocable trust is
called an “intentionally defective
grantor trust.” However, it is not
defective at all – in reality it is very
effective at achieving its purposes.
To be an “intentionally defective
grantor trust,” the lawyer who
drafts it has to put some special
language in it. In Louisiana, the
most common power we use to
create an “intentionally defective
grantor trust” is for the Grantor to
be able to substitute assets of an
equal value for the assets that are
in the trust. Apparently, this right
to substitute assets of an equal
value is what Tom Benson is
trying to do.
As mentioned, the trustee has
thus far refused to allow the
substitution of assets. Instead, he
has asked for asset appraisals to
show that the values are equal.
His refusal to make the exchange
of assets has spawned another
lawsuit – this time in federal court.
This new lawsuit was filed by Mr.
Benson’s attorneys on March 11th
and it alleges the trustee never
required appraisals for previous
multimillion dollar exchanges and


so he shouldn’t this time either.
There is another lawsuit pending
between Benson and his family in a
Texas state court over another trust
that owns some other businesses
founded by Benson. Although the
judge in that case has no authority
regarding the new suit filed in
federal court, he has stated he
does not believe the asset swap
can happen.
Mr. Benson’s attempt to remove
the Saints and Pelicans from a trust
that owns them so he can give
them to his third wife involves a
sophisticated planning tool used by
attorneys to reduce estate taxes.
However, in this instance, the tool
is being used to try to take something away from his children and
grandchildren and give it to his
current wife. I would have to
agree with the Texas judge. I
don’t think this swap will happen
either, particularly if the trust is
subject to Louisiana law. Although
this attempt might not be successful, there is one thing you can take
away from this saga: we all need to
plan for two things we know are
going to happen – death and taxes.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice
of law in Louisiana for the past 17 years.
The primary focus of her practice is estate
planning, special needs planning, elder
law and probate. She is also accredited by
the VA to give advice regarding veterans’
benefits. For more information, please
contact her at 225-744-0027. You may
also visit her website at

Silkpeel Q & A
What is Silkpeel
The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion
System combines non-invasive
exfoliation with deep delivery of
patient-specific solutions directly to
the skin. The Silk Peel stimulates
new cell growth and
addresses your specific skin
condition, giving your skin
the revitalization you want.
Your skin immediately looks
clearer and brighter and
definitely feels smoother
and your makeup will go
on easily.

treatment the skin may be slightly
pink but this should last for about
one hour. Patients can return back
to work post treatment or resume
their everyday routine.

How is Silk
Peel different
from other
While they both remove a
portion of the upper layer of
the skin, or the stratum
corneum, a SilkPeel is much more
controlled and consistent in the
way it operates. That is because,
rather than blasting particles at skin
(as with older microderm devices),
or pushing an abrasive tip across
the skin by hand, dermalinfusion
uses the controlled vacuum pressure to pull the skin up into a
chamber in the hand piece,
where it is evenly abraded just
as agressively or as softly as the
vacuum pressure is set by our
skincare professional.

Is there any downtime with
Silkpeel dermalinfusion?
Usually there is no downtime with
the SilkPeel, but some patients
can experience tightening of the
skin and mild exfoliation. Post

Who should get a Silkpeel?
All skin types can benefit from the
SilkPeel treatment. The SilkPeel
can help anyone who has acne, sun
damage, hyperpigmentation, brown
spots, mild wrinkles, skin dullness
and large pores. Even the most
sensitive-skin individual may
benefit from a silk peel that has
been adjusted for their skin type.

How often should I get
a Silkpeel?
To jump start your new skin
we recommend 3-4 treatments
2 weeks apart and maintenance
every 2-3 months. However, even
one silk peel will usually refresh
your skin for up to six weeks.



Clarence "C.J." Parent got his ticket to go play with the Angels on
March 25. He was a lifelong friend of mine-his father's land
bordered ours back when Prairieville was really a prairie-and a
treasured classmate in the final class of the old Dutchtown High
School (Class of '66). My fondest memories of Clarence were playing
with him and his dad-Kenneth "Boy" Parent-at the old C. Braud's
Grocery and Bar where we played "Milk Cow Blues". That tune has
been recorded by everyone from Robert Johnson to Elvis to George
Strait but we did it on Clarence's Spanish guitar, my
14-dollar Stella and Boy's harmonica much to the delight of
R.D. Smith and the regular crowd.



Clarence went on to bigger and better things playing with several
Swamp Pop bands long after I'd left my gig with Tinker and the Bells.
But he always remembered my favorite song before I even requested it"Change Gonna Come" by Sam Cook and my sister Liz's "Almost
Like a Song" by Ronnie MilsaUGps. I know he is sitting on the back
of a pick-up truck with his dad right now playing a Jimmy Rodgers's
song or something by Hank Williams. He was a good friend and a
good picker and you can't ask for much more than that.
Bill Delaune

Lynn Landry &The Ram Rods:
Lynn Landry-vocals and rhythm
guitar, Gwen Landry-vocals, CJ-lead
guitar, the late Cary Arceneaux-bass,
Ronnie Bercegeay-bass, the late
Hopson Arceneaux-drums.
Mike Broussard & the Drifters:
Mike Broussard-vocals & rhythm
guitar, CJ –lead guitar and harmony,
the late Randy Babin-bass and
Daniel Gautreaux on drums.

CJ Parent
The Musical Ridge Runner from the Bluff Road
CJ Parent The Musical Ridge
Runner form the Bluff Road
When you first meet Clarence “CJ”
Parent you wouldn’t think that he
would even get on a stage much less
sing and play guitar. CJ is a quiet

person but he comes out of himself
for his music. Music is life to CJ.
Shirley and I had a relaxing visit
with Lynette and CJ on their
houseboat that CJ built himself in
1985. By trade CJ was a surveyor
but the houseboat is a testament to
his carpentry skills. Compact and
comfortable the boat has all the
comforts of a land house with the
advantage of cruising the river if one
so desired.
The desire to play music started
early for CJ but his nudge into

music came from his father. Mr.
Kenneth (CJ’s dad) said he always
wanted to play guitar so with a
couple of box guitars procured from
Mexico their musical journey began.
CJ was sixteen and still in school so
after his homework was done he
and his dad would practice. This
priceless bond continued (not the
homework but the music) until
his dad passed away about three
years ago.
CJ grew up on the Bluff Road in
Dutchtown. CJ’s dad worked in
the oil field all his life. They
obviously didn’t have television as
CJ is one of nine children. Rosanna
and Kenneth Parent are the proud
parents of (oldest to youngest):
Caroline Shook, Cathy Hatcher,
Kenneth Jr., Claudia Helgett,
Franky King, Clarence “CJ”,
Charlie, Celeste Harris and
Karla Metz.
CJ was a member of the last class
to graduate from Dutchtown High
School in 1966. This is when he
started playing music for the public.
His first band was The Ridge
Runners. This band was comprised
of: Pierre Curry-vocals, CJ-lead
guitar, Billy Joe Berteau-rhythm
guitar, and Ronnie Tircuit
on drums.
We didn’t try to remember dates,
that messes up most of us these
days, but this is the list of bands
CJ has been a part of for the last
44 years:


Southern Boogie Band: CJ
–vocals, the late Randy Braud-lead,
Randy Bourgeois-drums, Charlie
Moran- Bass, David Miles-keyboard,
Ruckels Gautreaux-trumpet, Mike

Destiny: CJ – vocals & lead guitar,
John Braud-vocals & sax, Donny
Bercegeay-keyboard, Dale Hymelbass, Sammy Myers-drums.
LA 1 Band: Robert Townsenddrums & vocals, CJ –lead guitar,
Lane Swearingen-bass.
About this time CJ played with
Henry Broussard and his band.
Unfortunately we couldn’t remember these guys either. Some parts of
getting older really suck!
The Reunion Band: Steve
Manseur-lead vocals & guitar, Mike
King-keyboard, Buddy Terrel-tenor
sax, Kevin Terrel-baritone sax,
Richard Leger-trumpet, Cody
Marchand-drums, John Marchandbass & CJ on lead guitar and vocals.
Cruzzin’: CJ –lead guitar & vocals,
keyboard-Kit Duncan, Snag Hebertdrums & Randy Babin on bass.
As you can see CJ has been quit
the busy fella for the last 44 years
and I’m just talking about his
music! CJ was a surveyor for Gulf
States Utilities until retiring after
25 years because of colon cancer.
While fighting the cancer CJ tried
to keep surveying but the disease
was too much. CJ and Lynette
have been through three bouts of
cancer, 2001, 2007 & 2011. His
battle isn’t over as once again the
cancer has reared its ugly head.
Lynette has been there every step of
the way for CJ. Lynette is an
accomplished musician in her own
right, not a surprise considering she

was a Bercegeay before she married
CJ. She started playing music in the
middle school band on clarinet. She
also played the baritone horn and
tympani drums. She graduated

from East Ascension in 1968 got
married and moved to Morgan City.
She has three children: Dwain
Dupuis, Kristian Mayon, and Sarah
Mayon. She and CJ are blessed

with 6 grandkids: Dustin, Keila,
Lauren, Megan, Bylan and Blair.
After her divorce Lynette moved
home and that’s when she met CJ.
Her brother actually was playing in
the band with CJ at the time. She
was encouraged to continue her
music and got the chance to sit in
with the band on saxophone (not a
big stretch from the clarinet). She

about it. Lynette was his ROCK
always there for him.
CJ and Lynette would like to
thank all the family and friends who
gave them support and prayers
through this ordeal. Your
thoughtfulness and prayers are more
appreciated than you will ever know.
Special thanks go out to the
musicians that picked up CJ’s slack

got loads of encouragement from
band members and other sax
players. (Musicians all seem eager
to help other musicians with their
art.) CJ was excited when Lynette
started with the band since he was
already “sweet” on her. He told us
he always wanted to kiss a sax
player. We were glad he waited for
a female sax player! Sax playing
wasn’t her only attraction for CJ.
Those eyes kept drawing him in!
Not to mention her outgoing personality, charm and strong character.
They got married and remodeled
the houseboat. Lynette was actually
Cruzzin’s sax player until CJ got
too sick to play. If you happen to
pick up a Cruzzin’ CD the title cut
“Full Recovery” CJ wrote for
Lynette. A beautiful song be sure
to get a copy of the CD.
Throughout CJ’s illness music
has been his stability and driving
force. He really loves his music, you
can see it in his face when he talks

when he was too sick to fulfill his
gigs: Mike and Steve Broussard,
Troy Dupree, Steve Manseur, Bill
Boudreaux and Jerry Acosta. You
guys are the best!
CJ is now retired and working on
his “honey-do” list and Lynette
works for St Elizabeth Physicians in
the business office. CJ still plays
music. You’ll see him at any
number of benefits playing his
guitar and singing. It is admirable
that he plays so many benefits. I
don’t think he has ever turned down
a request to play at a benefit. We
are so blessed to have CJ and
Lynette in our community.
We had a wonderful time floating
on the river at the Parent’s. Their
place is so peaceful it is always a
pleasure to spend time with them.
Thanks to them for opening their
lives to us!

The Difference
is in the Details
Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.

By Tracy
Fall gave us an
abundant harvest
this year.


225.622.5115 •
w w w. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m

It’s March and we’re picking the
few remaining cabbage and Brussel
sprouts from the garden. And believe
it or not, in the hoop house we’re still
being offered a few tomatoes from our
summer vines.
We, like many people today are trying new ways of growing our foods
while hoping to conserve water and
eliminate chemicals. Aquaponics,
hydroponics, raised beds, wicking
beds, even PVC tubing are all popular
new growing technics and we’ve tried
them all.
Imagination has really become a fun
part of gardening these days. Pretty
much anything goes.
Through trial and error we’ve had
many successes and failures in each
growing method.
Aquaponics is the merging of aqua
culture (the raising of fish) and hydroponics (growing in nutrient balanced
water with a clay media instead of soil)
This method proved a bit challenging
at first when trying to establish the
required nitrates and nitrides needed
for plant growth and fruit development, while not harming the live fish,
but we finally got it. It uses the fish
waste to feed the plants. The plants
and clay media filter and clean the
water and return it to the fish and the
cycle simply repeats itself. It is the
closest resemblance to a natural eco
system found in and around nature’s
riverbanks. Our plants grew and
thrived. They produced an abundance
of beautiful vegetables. Cucumbers
especially thrived in this environment
and produced more than we and our
neighbors could pickle and eat. Leafy
plants, however, when picked quickly
wilted and wouldn’t keep. So, unless
we grazed in the greenhouse for supper, this method proved not the right
choice for us.
An attractive and fun addition to a
hydroponic or an aquaponic system is
PVC piping that many use for growing strawberries or lettuce. Used as
towers above the system for extra
growing space, holes are cut from the
piping and replaced with plants. The
same water from the system keeps the
plants watered and fed until they are
ready for harvest. Don’t expect much
from a first year strawberry plant,
whether you’ve planted it in a water
system or in the ground. We plant

our strawberries in October the year
before to allow their roots to become
established while the plant is in its
dormant winter stage and cover them
with straw or hay(if planted in the
ground). Once spring arrives, the
plants will offer you larger,
firmer berries.
Wicking beds are one of my
favorites. They are very close to
traditional growing in that they
contain a layer of soil, then hay, then
more soil, etc… and act as the names
describes, water is wicked from the
bottom of the container up to the
plant roots. With this method we
have grown potatoes, peanuts, snap

beans, head lettuce, carrots and much
more. All the plants thrived in this
environment and the food kept well
after picking. Wicking beds can be
situated on a table top or directly on
the ground making them an extremely
versatile gardening method for small
or large spaces. However, if you have
laying hens, like we do, you’ll need
some fencing to protect your plants
from your birds should you place
them on the ground.
There are many more growing
methods being used today and all
have their pros and cons, but no
matter how you grow your family’s
food, by all means do it. The reward
upon your family’s table is worth the
effort and I’m here to tell you pride
tastes delicious!


April - The Cruelest Month
by Bill Delaune

“Do they still play the blues in
Chicago, When baseball season rolls
When the snow melts away,
Do the Cubbies still play in their
ivy-covered burial ground…”
Steve Goodman.
As that great American
philosopher-and sometimes
caddy-Bagger Vance once so
astutely put it, “Golf is a game
that you can’t win.”
So when you walk into a local
establishment-like Sammy’s Grill
in Prairieville-after a round of 18
frustrating holes, it’s difficult to
explain to some of the non-golfing
patrons at the bar what just
happened in the last 4-5 hours.
“How’d you hit ‘em today, Wild
Bill?” asked one of barflies
feigning common courtesy.
“Well, let’s just say if I tried to
grow tomatoes, they would come
up sliced. But I was only three
over after six holes-one over a
house, one over a patio and one
over a pool. And don’t get me
started on slow play. Gasoline was
50 cents a gallon when we started
our round today. It took Stephen
King less time to write ‘The Stand’
than for us to play 18 holes.

“And if I see one more
20-handicapper plum bobbing a
three-foot putt to make eight,
I’m going after him like Elin
Woods on a Tiger hunt. And
another thing…”
I never got to finish my whining
because just then the vision of
despair walked into the lounge and
plopped down beside me looking
like he’d just lost his first-born
male child on some half-court
hook shot at the buzzer. Had I
been sitting at a blackjack table I
would have left immediately
because this guy had “doom of
gloom cooler” stamped on his
Now I wasn’t in the most jovial
mood myself having just posted
my third consecutive score in the
mid-okay-upper 80’s causing me
to fork up a team portrait of
Jackson and Lincoln for my
ale-quaffing opponents. But being
a sucker for life’s longshots, I
mustered up all the optimism I
could manage with a stock greeting, “Give me some good news,
He seemed to slip even deeper
into depression as he ordered red
wine and proclaimed, “April is the
cruelest month.”

Now I’m also a sucker for
classical references so anyone that
quotes T.S. Eliot deserves my
nearly deaf right ear-at least until I
finish my beer.
“Tell me about it,” I replied.
“My putts have hit more lips than
Mick Jagger’s dentist lately and
my tee shots have been in the
water so much I had to change the
grip on my ball retriever.”
Thoroughly unimpressed with
my links disasters, he lifted a glass
of Ménage a Trois my way and
mumbled a Latin phrase I’d heard
before-“In vino veritas-in wine
there is truth.”
I didn’t even get a chance to
add my own “And in beer there is
freedom but in water there is
bacteria” toast to justify my
drinking because he had launched
into a litany of personal problems
that had befallen him during his
unfortunate fourth month.
“It all began on April 1 when a
co-worker’s prank caused me to
lose my job at the clothing store.
While I was away from my desk,
this jokester left messages for me
to call Mr. Lyons and Mr. Behr
about some fur purchases.
“How was I to know it was the
number of the Baton Rouge Zoo?


The zookeepers were outraged
and contacted the PETA people
who threw up a picket lion around
our store. My boss had no choice
but to let me go-a sacrificial lamb,
you might call me-thrown to the
I attempted to fake sympathy
and leave quietly but he had
already ordered another round in
hopes of retaining his captive
audience. He took a sip of wine,
grimaced and complained to no
one in particular, “This is
supposed to pass for Merlot.
Oh well, Caveat emptor-let the
buyer beware.”
His next story was one I could
really sympathize with.
“Out of work, I tried to pick up
a few dollars in a Final Four
bracket but my champion selection
Villanova lost to North Carolina
State who wouldn’t have even
been in the second round if LSU
could have hit the ocean off a
boat. Isn’t there anyone in Baton
Rouge who can shoot a free
throw?” he lamented.
I started to mention former
Tiger player Eddie Palubinskas
who resides in the Capital City
and is in the Guinness Book of
World Records for most free
throws made in an hour (1,206
out of 1265) but apparently no
one at LSU has had the good
sense to reach out for his help.
But there was no interrupting the
hard-luck fellow’s whine with
the wine.
“I could go on ad nauseum
about the rest of the tournament
and my Alma Mater Albany’s
early exit…”
“Ah, the Great Danes,” I
injected flaunting my useless
trivial knowledge about college
“Why, yes,” he seemed
“My family is originally from
Denmark and they thought it
would be clever to send me
“Is that where you learned
Latin?” I asked noting his frequent
use of the language.
“Of course,” he answered.
“Are you proficient in the
Classics also?”
“Ad deum qui leaetificat
juventutem meam,” I replied
proudly, recalling my altar boy
responses from over 55 years ago.
“Oh, the old Catholic mass,” he
sighed unimpressed. “At least the
Latin kept the ritual equally
incomprehensible everywhere.”
“Surely, you’ve had some good
things happen to you recently,” I

said in my best Pollyanna voice.
“Well, I really thought my luck
had changed when some of my
redneck cousins in Georgia scored
some tickets to a practice round at
the Masters and invited me to join
them,” he recalled. “But we were
dishonorably discharged from the
premises for making comments at
Tiger Woods.”
“What in the world did you
say?” I asked foolishly. “I certainly
hope it had nothing to do with
this being the most popular week
in the year for vasectomies so that
men can sit on a bag of frozen
peas for four days on doctor’s
orders and watch golf and their
wives can’t say a word.”
“No,” he answered. “I don’t
understand a lot of golf lingo but
it had something to do with
Tiger’s girlfriend Lindsey Vonn
showing up after Woods had
played poorly on the front nine.
One of my friends said something
like ‘Maybe you’ll do better on
Lindsey’s backside’ and they
showed us the gate making us
persona non gratis.”
“Man, you are hitting in some
hard luck,” I sympathized.
“Didn’t the Easter Bunny bring
you anything?” I added in a weak
attempt to lighten the
“I don’t believe in the Easter
Bunny,” he shot back. “I don’t
believe in Santa Claus or the
Tooth Fairy of the Loch Ness
Monster. I don’t believe in
Bigfoot or aliens or that Elvis and

Michael Jackson are alive and
living together in McElroy Swamp.
“I don’t believe in the
Abominable Snowman or
leprechauns or hobbits or Harry
Potter. And I don’t believe in
mermaids, Minotaurs or
Medusa-although I’m fairly
certain my first wife was a relative
of the latter.”
“Dude-is there anything left that
you do believe in?” I asked
His face lost what little
expression it had contained and his
voice dropped to a Don Corleone
hoarse whisper.
“I really believe that the
Chicago Cubs have a chance to
win the World Series this year.”
“Man, if you believe that, you’ll
believe in anything,” I countered.
“Things didn’t get any better as
the month progressed,” he
continued. “I came out to
Sammy’s on April 14-unofficially
known as National Hard Luck
Day-because it was the day
Lincoln was shot (‘Sic Semper
Tyrannis-and so to all tyrants’
shouted John Wilkes Booth’), the
day the Titanic sank and the day of
the fatal Apollo 13 radio
transmission-‘Houston, we have a
problem’. Amanda and Emily
were gracing the bar so naturally
they had attracted a club full of
young, well-built men all eager to
impress the lovely ladies. After a
few shot of Petrol, the strongmen
devised a King Arthur-like contest
to see who was the strongest of

the lot and also win a few coins.”
“They were going to pull a
sword out of a stone?” I asked
trying to keep up with the
classical theme.
“No, but after they had
squeezed every drop out of an
innocent lemon into their tequila,
the bet became who could squeeze
one drop more. I put my money
on a lumberjack-looking lad with
huge hands but even he could not
coax one small drop from the
dried-up fruit. One by one the
rest of the Achilles lookalikes also
failed and it appeared there would
be no winner.
“Then a scrawny, little guy with
glasses appeared from a dark corner and asked if he might attempt
the feat. The young studs all had
a good laugh until one pushed the
lemon toward the nerdy fellow
and said, ‘Go ahead, Geek. Make
it leak.’ The laughter turned to
astonished gasps when the
bespectacled gent held the lemon
over a shot glass and produced
one last-but very obvious-drop.
Then he picked up the prize
money on the bar and headed for
the door.”
“Hey, wait a minute,” cried one
of the raging bulls. “What are
you-some kind of magician?”
“No,” said the moneycounting accountant. “I work for
the IRS.”
“That’s when I remembered
that the next day was April 15 and
I’d forgotten to pay my taxes. So
now the government is after me

on top of everything else.”
“Look,” I said, “maybe you’re
just having a bad month. April’s
almost over and May has got to be
better. In fact the Kentucky
Derby’s on May 2 this year and I
have just the horse to change your
luck and solve all your financial
He actually looked encouraged
for the first time since he’d come
in so I neglected to tell him my
sordid history of picking winners
in the Derby.
“You seem fond of Latiny phrases and the horse’s name is Carpe
Diem-Seize the day-which could
also alter your jaded philosophy on
life. He just won a Derby Prep in
Kentucky by five lengths.”
That was my best shot so I was a
bit disappointed at the lack of
enthusiasm on his part.
“Thanks,” he said, “but I
already have my Derby horse
picked out-one whose name is
more suited to my personality.
He’s a California colt called ‘One
Lucky Dane’”.
He left me with one last
blast from the so-called “dead
“Bibamus, moriendum est-Let
us drink for we must die.”
I turned to the young lady
behind the bar and took him at his
word with my favorite English
phrase and my last winner of the
Kentucky Derby at 15-1-“I’ll
have another.”



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Mr. Adam

By Brandt Bourque

This month I decided to mix
things up a bit and began a new
path with my column. I want
to use this space to tell stories
of and in a way, give back to
the great musicians living and
performing in and around our
great parish. With such a rich
music history in Ascension

parish, I felt it would be
only fitting to stretch the
boundaries on my maiden
journey into these short
biographies and tell the story
of a very dear friend of mine,
Mr. Adam Dale.
Adam, a Minden native,
was turned onto music by his
parents who purchased him a
guitar for Christmas at the
age of fourteen. While
attending Minden High
School he excelled musically,
especially in choir class. It was
while in high school that
Adam had his first chance to
lead a band on vocals and
guitar when the christian rock
band “Shoeless” was formed.
Given his great vocal ability
Adam was blessed with a
scholarship to attend Louisiana
Tech in Ruston, an opportunity
he couldn’t turn down. While
in Ruston he would meet and
become friends with several
musicians that would later
become part of the band “The
American Tragedy”
“Tragedy”, as it would
become know as, began in
1999 and got its biggest break
very early on when discovered
and selected to be a part of a
USA network music themed TV

show called Farm Club. Farm
Club was hosted by Breaux
Bridge native and former Miss
USA, Ali Landry. The show
promoted unsigned bands by
mixing them in with a national
act on a nation wide live
performance broadcast. The
American Tragedy episode was
aired with Crazy Town as the
featured national act. At the
time Crazy Town was promoting their number one smash hit,
After the exposure on Farm
Club gigs became easier to
come by, American Tragedy
began touring from coast to
coast. They shared the stage
with bands like: Stained, Saliva,
Hinder, Candlebox and
Bowling for Soup to name a
few. After become veterans of
the road the band decided to
stay 100% independent, never
signing with a record label.
Dale stated, “We could never
find the right deal, everything
we were offered just didn’t feel

right to us.” The band went
on to release 3 full length
albums, a live album and an EP,
the most successful of these was
the 2006 release “Welcome to
the Show” The band was able
to sell nearly 10,000 albums
through touring alone.
In the late 2000’s the band
lost their basses and began to
lose some momentum. It was
around this time that Adam
met his future wife Stefanie
Laiche and decided to move to
Baton Rouge to purse a solo
career. Baton Rouge was
booming with small venues that
were looking for smaller acts to
hire and the timing seamed
perfect to Dale. This opportunity would also allow Adam to
focus on creating an album of
material constructed entirely on
his own. That first album was
titled “The Sun has Risen/ The
Sun has Set”.
In the last few years Adam’s
schedule finally start to slow
down and settle. He and

Stefanie are now married and
expecting their second child
later this year. Adam is
currently a resident of Ascension
parish where he has completed
his dream of having a home
studio. 2014 saw the release of
Adam’s first album as a dad.
Adam says this is his best work
to date. The album is a mature
depiction of life as an adult and
how perspectives change from
being in a rock band on the

roads of America to being a
daddy with number two on the
way. The album, titled “Cats
and Dogs”, is also a nod to his
daughter Collins Avery Dale as
they both share the same initials.
Please take the time to sample
Adam Dale and The American
Tragedy on iTunes, CD Baby, or
Spotify. When you see his name
on a marque around town make
sure you stop by and say hello!



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two grandchildren wanted to
spend the night in a tent.
Spending the night outside in a
tent is exciting for most children. I'm sure most of you have
tent stories of your own but for
now I would like to share a
couple of those horror stories of
my own with you.
We once had a duck lease in
the marsh at Pecan Island where
we were forced to stay in a tent.
One particular night the crew
decided to bring the boat to the
road. We then went to a beer
drinking contest at the only bar
in Pecan Island. We won the
contest during which time this
massive cold front blew
through. When we returned to
the tent later that night, we
discovered that the tent had
been blown down. Everything
that we had was wet. We didn't
raise the tent. We all crawled
under it and did the best we
could. The next morning at
daylight I found myself crawling
out on my hands and knees
upchucking the beer from the
night before.
Great plans were in store for
tent camping and deer hunting
on a trip to Jackson-Bienville
years ago. As we approached the
campground late that night we
noticed severe lightning on the
horizon. My dad and our
hunting partner had enough
sense to bring a cot to sleep on.
I slept on the ground only to be
awakened about two hours later
soaking wet. I then moved to
the truck to miserably spend the
rest of the night. We did kill a
deer the next morning and
spent the remainder of the day
at a laundrymat in town drying
our clothes.
Years ago the Bohemia WMA
provided a campground. My
two hunting partners and I
went to the camp site after
spending the day deer hunting

and fishing. It was November
and the temperature was very
warm. One of my hunting
buddies began snoring
unbelievably loud that night. I
finally couldn't take it anymore
so I went to the boat to sleep.
It wasn't long before my other
buddy joined me. The
mosquitos were horrible out
there and I still couldn't sleep
because of the snoring coming
from the tent some tweny-five
yards away.
There's more horror stories
I could tell about tent outings,
but that's enough for now. At
some point in my life I quit
staying in tents and have no
intention of doing so in the
future. Although it's more
expensive, not nearly as much
fun, and not as nature friendly,
I'll just go get a hotel room.
Most of the time we'll cook our
fish or game on the tailgate of
the truck at the room instead of
at a campfire.
My grandchildren definitely
need to spend a night in a tent
and I'll probably be the chosen
one to do that with them. My
plans are to pitch it in my
backyard. Then when things go
south sometime that night as
I'm sure it will, we'll go inside
to a nice, dry, soft bed....

Till Next Time,
If You're Over Thirty,
Sleep Inside
James "Goosie" Guice

Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


Monday Night

$4 Naked Ladies $2.50 Blue Moon Drafts

Useless Random Facts
with Kellie

Montpelier, Vermont is the only state capital
without a McDonald's.

A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of
milk in her life time.

-Earthworms have 5 hearts.

The average Japanese watches more than
10 hours of television a day.

In average a human losses
200 head hairs a day.

In the U.S., frisbees out sell
football's, basketball’s, and
baseball's combined.

It is believed that Leonardo do Vinci
invented scissors.

Despite a population of over a billion,
China only has about 200 family names.

Buckingham Palace has 602 rooms.

Children grow faster in the springtime.


$5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots


"Thirsty Thursday"

Special $5 Bombs Coors Draft Combos

AM/FM • May 2nd

Your Choice • Beer, Wine, Cocktails!!!

$3 from 8-11pm!!!



5/2 ... AM/FM

5/9 .. ANTEEKS
5/16 .... KARAOKE

Every Sunday

DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE ... $2.75 Domestics!!

Come Enjoy Golden Tee and Ms. Packman


During an oysters life it changes
its sex from male to female several times.

T R Y Y O U R L U C K AT R O L L - A - D AY !

“ L I K E ” U S O N FA C E B O O K

Visit our

1711 S. BURNSIDE • GONZALES • 644-8901

Thoughts from Bully

When Family
Comes to
It happens several times a year.
My out-of-state family comes to
visit. This past month my sister,
Janet(Nana) made a visit with my
niece Sally and her growing
family Millie(3) and Addie
(3 months) old.
Don’t get me wrong. I love my
family and I love when they visit
but the stuff I have to do to make
their visit a pleasant one.
First off I’m a bachelor which
means there is house cleaning that
needs to be done. Maybe a couple
of days worth. And I am talking
about real cleaning like
vacuuming, mopping, sheet
changing. My favorite task is to
clean and clear out the 3rd
bedroom. Yea Right? You know
the room that holds anything I
needed to get out of sight quick
junk room. However there is a
upside to cleaning the room. I
always find things I’ve been
missing for months.
Then I move to the refrigerator
and another task that is seldom
done. Gotta get the tupperware
bowls that are bulging at the
seems out the fridge and the
house. After I took the junk out I
realized I didn’t have much in the
fridge and had to restock. With it
empty the stains really start to
show. I had to use Lysol

Bathroom cleaner and go to
cleaning. I haven’t mentioned the
carport, the grass and the
visitors bathroom. Enough about
the cleaning. You get the picture.
After they arrive we make our
hellos and my home turns into a
nursery, preschool, with Princess
Sophia and Frozen with Elsa on
my favorite flat screen that is
generally tuned to sports and
western movies.
These guys are technology savvy.
There is a IPad in both recliners
with smartphones everywhere.
Millie has about 3 different ones.
One minute she’s using hers, one
minute her Nana’s and then her
Moms. Hell, they hacked my
Cable account and recorded
Disney shows on my television
before they got here.
We started our week with a visit
to eat at local restaurants. As the
week goes on I get a chance to
take them fishing. Something that
is in my wheel house.
I have to tell you fishing with a
3 year old has its challenges. Last
year when she was 2 she had no
trouble touching crickets. Even
carried the buck around like she
had a cricket purse. This year as a
3 year old she wasn’t getting
anywhere close to those bugs. Of
course Nana was trying torcher
her encouraging her not to be


scared. Also when Nana told her
the small crickets were baby
crickets, Millie put 2 and 2
together and ask, “So you are
fishing with the Mommie
crickets?” Try to answer that
one Nana?
Addie was a great baby. She just
layed around, played, laughed,
nursed and created unique smells.
It reminded me of back when my
son lived with me. I made an egg
sandwich for Nana and she ate it
right off the baby’s butt. It was
like a baby boody buffet.
Now Millie and I made some
memories. She put her pink
Too-too on my head over my
camo hat and put purple grape
flavored silver sparkling lip gloss
on me. I don’t think it was my
shade and wasn’t really in my
fashion color wheel. Then she
pulled out the tangerine color
fingernail polish. It took a while
for that stuff to wear off. I
got some funny looks at the
golf course.
I did have fun making clues for
a treasure hunt for Millie. The
clues led her to the freezer where

there a treasure full of toys and
games wrapped in alluminum foil.
Elsa doll from Frozen was one.
She been hugging it ever since.
Now their gone. It’s quiet. The
house smells like the dog. I now
have some 2% skim milk and a
small bottle of something that may
be baby milk left behind. I’m not
touching it! I do have most of a
crunchy peanut butter jar.
Like ‘The Beverly Hill Billies’
“Ya’ll come back now, Hear.”

2nd Annual

You are invited to participate in the

'Cooking for a Cause'
Jambalaya Cook-Off

Sunday June 28th to benefit wounded
combat veterans across the United States
Live Entertainment • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards
• Judged by the Jambalaya Festival Association

We need teams and sponsors.

Our Goal is to exceed the 30 teams of
last year and raise needed funds to
support combat veterans.

For More Information contact
Zack or Katie •
14505 Highway 44, Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 622-3719

$100 OFF any 60 Day program

This Month at Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon
Moran's Marina • 27900 Hwy 1 • Golden Meadow, LA 70357
(985) 396-2728 •

We Are Hooking Them Up in Fourchon
Motel 985-396-3900 • Bar 985-396-2713 • Port Fourchon Marina 985-396-2792
Convenient Store/Deli 985-396-2727 • Restaurant 985-396-2729 • Office 985-396-2728

Captain Chris Moran

Inshore Trips

Consist of leaving out at 6 am and fishing for specks and reds, occasionally drum and sheephead as well, arriving back at
the dock for 3pm. Trips consist of live bait and artificial techniques Live bait, ice, tackle, included. If you have a favorite
rod by all means bring it. Food and drinks available upon request.
Colder months we usually fish Leeville and Golden Meadow marshes.
Warmer months we typically fish Barataria and Timbalier bays, beaches, and the western barrier islands.

Offshore Trips

Consist of leaving out at 6 am and arriving back at the dock between 4-6pm. These trips are the most commonly booked
trips, we generally target bottom species, live bait mangrove fish , and troll the rip when in season. Fish you can expect
to catch on these trips include snapper, grouper, amberjack, wahoo, blackfin tuna, lemon fish, dolphin.

For More Information or to Book a Charter Call Today (985) 396-2728

On these trips we generally travel up to 60 miles out.


Hi, I'm Captain Chris Moran and I have fished
the offshore and inshore waters of Louisiana
my entire life. I truly enjoy charter fishing to
the point that I don't know who is having
more fun, the clients or me. No saltwater
species is safe from Cajun Made Charters,
whether it be Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado,
Shark, Cobia, Tarpon, Amberjack, Mangrove,
Red Snapper, Trigger Fish, Grouper, Trout,
Redfish or King Mackerel. Trips consist of
Inshore, Live/Artificial Trout and Redfishing,
Shallow and Deep Water Bottom Fishing,
Blue Water, Kite Fishing, Overnight Tuna and
Swordfish, Offshore Fly Fishing, and Big
Game Trolling.

Premier Performance Marine is an experienced boat dealer in Louisiana for New COACH Pontoons and Misty
Harbor Pontoons. We also carry well-known brands such as Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki,
Carolina Skiff, Bullet Bass Boats, and Phoenix Bass Boats. Find new and used pontoon boats for sale as well as
parts and boat motors at our Louisiana store central to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We also carry fishing
boats, bass boats, and outboard motors. You can find new or used models to suit your needs. We often have
model close out sales during the summer so you can prepare for next season at a great price.

Specializing in Pontoon Boats
for 15 years

17475 Airline Hwy
Prairieville, LA 70769

Phone: 225-647-6240


Call Philip Banker
for a Quote

Nothing Soft About Softball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is Kids having Fun.

These Kids are Good!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Nothing Soft About Softball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is local athletics.

These Kids are Good!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103

Nothing Soft About Softball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103



Advertise in the
Official Program and
Help the Community


The Official Program will be the









2 0
1 4

publication distributed at the
Jambalaya Festival.

Advertising revenues raised go to
The Jambalaya Festival Association which, in turn,
are used and put back into our community.
We are seeking
Sponsors for the
Festival 2015


2012 obert
laya C

To purchase ad space or
want to be a sponsor contact:
Wally Tallion

Mike Strong

Sponsored by Krazy Kajun

We are raffling off a Golf Cart and 8 gallon jambalaya pot
$10 Golf Cart and $1 Jambalaya Pot Tickets. Drawing on May 24th

Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 - 24, 2015.

Your whole family will enjoy the vast variety of food, fun, music and activities
that have made the Jambalaya Festival the can't miss highlight of the year.

For information go to

Pelican Point is on the Move!

Pelican Point has a renewed vision
and updated business plan to both
upgrade its facilities and services,
and to soon open its doors to what
should become one of the top
restaurants and bars in
Ascension Parish.

For almost 18 years Pelican Point’s
food and beverage operation has
primarily focused on golfers needs.
But, with 800 families now living in
Pelican Point and nearly 600 families
living nearby, Pelican Point will soon
be additionally focusing on the food
and beverage desires of these 1400
families as well as other people who
are looking for more interesting food
and beverage options.
An upgraded Pro Shop has been
moved to a new location in the
clubhouse while the old Pro Shop will
soon become an upscale bar for
golfers, Pelican Point residents, and
others interested in a beautifully decorated smoke free bar with a great
Numerous other renovations are
underway such as enlarging and
upgrading the restaurant, kitchen as

well as a private dining/conference
room designed for small meetings
and our new “Private Chef’s Table”
for 12-24 people per event.

Executive Chef Joshua Hebert will
oversee all Food and Beverage
operations. Chef Joshua Hebert hails
from the shores of Bayou Lafourche.
Joshua launched a new menu the
first week in April and will also
continuously offer a weekly lunch special crafted by him!

Chef Joshua Hebert
Please join us for lunch and see all
the new improvements taking place.
As always, Pelican Point is OPEN
TO THE PUBLIC. We serve lunch
daily Tuesday-Sunday from 11am3pm and breakfast on Saturday
and Sunday from 7am-10:30am.
Once all renovations are completed,
we plan to extends our hours in the
19th hole bar as well as our
restaurant which will begin opening
for dinners on selected nights.
Over the next few month’s Pelican
Point will keep you updated on the
progress and improvements.

“Private Chef’s Table”

Cooking Gourmet at Home

“After The Boil”
Crawfish Cakes
All ingredients used are
what is typically left over
after a crawfish boil
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
6 minutes

½ lb peeled Crawfish Tails (with fat)
2 lbs boiled red potatoes
1 cup boiled corn (cut off the cob)
¼ cup green onions- thinly sliced
1 clove boiled garlic
1 link boiled sausage- roughly chopped
1 cup mayo
¼ cup Creole mustard
1 Tbls Creole seasoning

Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

Batter Ingredients:

cup vegetable oil
cups milk & 2 eggs (whisk together)
cups flour
cups Panko bread crumbs

Reheat your potatoes using either the microwave or by
re-boiling them for about 5 minutes. In a large mixing bowl
combine the heated potatoes, corn, chopped sausage, green
onions, garlic, peeled crawfish tails, mayo, Creole mustard,
and Creole seasoning and mix well. Take your mixture and
form into cakes, approx 3 oz each.
In a medium sauté pan, heat your oil over med hi heat. Next
dredge your cakes in the flour, then the milk and egg mixture,
and finally in the Panko bread crumbs. Gently drop your
cakes, 2 to 3 at a time into your heated oil and cook
approximately 3 minutes on each side. Remove from heat
and allow to cool 2 minutes before serving.


Jeremy Langlois,
Executive Chef

Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience

Latil’s Landing










Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
Wednesday-Sunday 9AM -7 PM

Cafe' Burnside:
11 AM- 2 PM daily

Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required

RIVER ROAD, BURNSIDE, LA • 225.473.9380 •