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E DIV (VIR) RCMP: NARRATIVE TEXT HARDCOPY |GO# S001 2012-369 Narrative: SYNOPSIS - 1 SYNOPSIS Author: 122425 MILLER, DEAN Related date: Wednesday, 2012-Sep-12 Provincial employees and contractors within the Ministry of Health stored and used public health records outside the scope of what they were permitted. Seven employees were dismissed and millions of dollars in research contracts were cancelled. In addition to their legitimate work, the employees may have been using the research data to further their professional standing in the industry. An investigational team within the Ministry is conducting a far-reaching probe into breaches of policy and privacy laws. The team is also supporting the Province's defence of civil litigation stemming from the termination of the seven employees. On 2012-09-12, the Province's MOH team of investigators, led by Wendy TAYLOR, reported the incident to the RCMP. High-level explanations of the allegations were provided to police, but the Province's investigation had not reached any conclusions that could support a criminal investigation. As of the summer of 2014, the Province has yet to turn over their findings. This file is concluded. File re-opened on 2014-11-17 pending renewed media interest and confirmation a report from the Province is forthcoming. Cst Dean Miller 'E' Division Federal Serious and Organized Crime *** END OF HARDCOPY *** *** CONFIDI For: 122425 Printed On: Monday, 2015-Feb-23 rage Ltt E DIV (VIR) RCMP: NARRATIVE TEXT HARDCOPY |GO# S001 2012-369 Narrative: OCCURRENCE REPORT - 21 MOH m Update Author: 122425 MILLER, DEAN Related date: Monday, 2014-No owing some recent media coverage of the Provinces investigation, S/Sgt Duncan POUND requested an update on whether or not any information had been provided to the RCMP. On 2014-11-04, Cst MILLER phoned S/Sgt POUND and confirmed that the police file had been concluded four months earlier as no action had been taken in over a year. S/Sgt POUND requested that Cst MILLER contact the Ministry of Health's investigators and determine if and when they intend to forward their findings to police On 2014-11-10, Cst MIL the following updates: R phoned Dan PECK from the Office of the Comptroller General. PECK provided + The investigation is now being spearheaded by PECK's office; + Ithas been difficult to keep the file moving due to staffing and legal challenges; and + In the new year, PECK will be in a position to provide a time line to their investigation In January 2015, Cst MILLER will follow up with PECK for an update. Ofnote, in reviewing some of the dozens of ongoing news articles related to this file, it appears there has been some incorrect information published. Despite inferences in the media that the RCMP has undertaken an investigation or received information from the Province, this has not been the case, No tangible evidence or reports related to the allegations have been handed over. As such, no investigation has been initiated. Given the recent update from PECK and the history of inaction on this file, itis doubtful that an investigation will be undertaken any sooner than summer 2015. Cst D.C. MILLER 'E’ Division Federal Serious and Organized Crime *** END OF HARDCOPY *** *** CONFIDI For: 122425 Printed On: Monday, 2015-Feb-23 rage Ltt E DIV (VIR) RCMP: NARRATIVE TEXT HARDCOPY |GO# S001 2012-369 Narrative: OCCURRENCE REPORT - 22 Update from OCG Author: 122425 MILLER, DEAN Related date: Tuesday, 20 06 a On 2015-01-06, Cat MILLER spoke with Dan PECK of the Office of the Comptroller General. PECK provided the following updates: + Marta FORBES (sp?) and Paul SCOTT (sp?) are working with him to complete his report; + The report will be 80+ pages and is almost complete; + The Comptroller General will review the report before it is released; + PECK will contact the RCMP when the report is approved and ready for release; + After the RCMP and Province have reviewed the report, it may be released to the public; + The Public Service Agency (PSA) commissioned a lawyer to conduct a review of the government's handling of the firings and initial investigation; and + The PSA's review was publicly released two weeks ago and may be of interest as it provides context to the Ministry of Health's initial response to the allegations. Given the progress PECK and his team have made, it appears that the report will be given to the RCMP in February. PECK has pledged that he and his team will be cooperative with any RCMP investigation and are willing to meet with police to explain their findings. Cst D.C. MILLER 'E’ Division Federal Serious and Organized Crime *** END OF HARDCOPY *** *** CONFIDI For: 122425 Printed On: Monday, 2015-Feb-23 rage Ltt Page lof I Dean Miller - Fwd: Draft media response - Health Ministry Fro Laurie WHITE To: Miller, Dean Date: 2015/02/25 11:42 AM Subject: Fwd: Draft media response - Health Ministry >>> Pound, Duncan(Duncan Pound) 2014/10/03 6:05 PM >>> Ed - Rob was forwarding a couple media inquiries about the status of the RCMP investigation into the alleged privacy breach on the part of several Health Ministry employees dating back @ 2 years. At the time the Health Minister without ‘warning us indicated the matter had been referred to us for investigation. ‘While we were in contact with the Ministry staff, they were not in a position to provide a complete information package and have stil yet to provide same. We have had media interest sporadically (every 6 months or so) looking for status updates. We have been very neutral ‘and not commented much beyond being in contact with the Ministry and inappropriate for us to comment on an investigation prior to charges or lacking public safety aspect. ‘At this point we have stopped asking for the information and have concluded our file. To continue implying we are in ‘contact with and potentially assessing the matter from a criminal perspective would be less than accurate. One of the fired employees and the Minister offered an apology today which has prompted a couple more calls for the investigation status. We (Kevin and I) were discussing maybe putting this to rest for us by saying} "The RCMP has not received information from the Health Ministry which would support a criminal investigation." ‘And as possible addition: "There is no active RCMP investigation into this matter.’ Let me know what you think or if we should stick to status quo... Duncan ‘80207948. 4.000007 file:///C:/Users/000122425/AppData/Local/Temp/1/XPerpwise/S54EDB538EDIV1PO410017332... 2015/02/25 Page lof I Dean Miller - health investigation From: "Shaw, Rob (Vancouver Sun)" To: Rob VERMEULEN Date: 2014/10/08 11:15 AM Subject: health investigation HiRob, There's been lots of news out of the legislature in the last week or two about the BC government's firing of 8 employees in 2012 and the fact the government forwarded information to the RCMP. Can get something from the RCMP on the current status of that investigation? Is it concluded? Is the RCMP waiting for more information from government? | think this issue specific to the RCMP status will come up in question period again today (as it did yesterday) s hearing from the RCMP directly. Deadline 4pm. Thanks, Rob erested in ROB SHAW Legislative Reporter ‘The Vancouver Sun Room 360, Parliament Buildings Victoria, B'C. V8v1x4 Office: 250-953-5932 Cell: 250-893-0841 Email: Twitter: @robshaw_vansun ‘THE VANCOUVER SUN ‘80207948. 6.000008 file:///C:/Users/000122425/AppData/Local/Temp/1/XPerpwise/S54EDB555EDIV1P0410017332... 2015/02/25 From: Michae! Kurvers To: Miler, Dean Date: 2014/10/27 6:50 AM Subject: Fd: Heath Minstry Fle >>> Duncan Pound 2014/10/224:41 PM >>> Mike - sory forthe delay touching base on this but l's try to connect tomrrow to discuss the next step. Spectically documenting the timeline for provision of material and ensuring that date comes fromthe appropriate levelwithin he Minstr... Duncan Duncan Pound, S/Sgt ‘Adisory NOO io Deputy Crops Federal Policing "E* Division 1206-18200 Groen Timbers Way Surrey, BCV3T EPS Office (778)290-2520 Coll (604)828-2464 Duncan nee This transmission may contain confidential or prvieged communication, Unauthorized copying or éstrbuton of any information herein s strictly prohibited and may constitute a crvinal offence, breach of Provincial or Federal privacy laws, or might otherwise resutinlegal sanctions. you ae not the intended recipient and haverecelved ths in error, you must mmedaiely desttoy In the eventyouhave received this ransmssion in ertor, please notify the RCMP "E" Dvision Crininal Operations Federal Pbicing Section by immediately replyingto the sender. Kevin DEBRUYCKERE uncon Pound Brian GATELEY: Kurvers, Michal 201871196600 AM BBs Ver Sun Vaughan Palmer's atl in toys Sun references an RCMP investigation elated to he Health Ministry rings. The government refused to release docs duc to ongoing investigations. Interesting quot, "the RCMP does not actually know what the records are. Therefore i not Pewunded that he information in dipute actualy fons pat of any RCMP investigation,” Dose have sh update on the timeline ofthe rset of any trial fromthe government? ‘Thanks, Kevin ‘80207948. 7.000010 Dean Miler Kuivers, Michael; Pound, Duncan; WINDLE, TIM 2014/11/06 3:01 PM Ministry of Heath File 1ve reached out to the Ministry of Health lead investigator by phone and email, but have not hada reply. When I make contact, I will be sure to forward you the latest estimate as to when they may bein a poston to provide us with their ncings. For your reference, below is a bref time line of our fle, 5001:2012-368, 2012-09-12 File Opened 2012-10-15 Government investigators meet with RCMP and give a high level overview of ther Findings to date. Their final reports ‘expected to follow in "a couple of week 2013-01-02 Meeting regarding electronic formatting of ther forthcoming report. 2013-02-14 Meeting to update on the progress oftheir report expected to be competed by 2013-07-31, 2013-07-16 Meeting to update on the progress of their report, now delayed indefinitely. 2014-05-23 RCMP request update thes report time lime fo follow "ASAP", but nothing received. 2014-07-16 ROMP Fle concluded cing no action in over a yea. Government investgators notte, Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions, Dean ‘Constable Dean Miler Federal Serious and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Street Victoria, BC VET 428 (250) 995-7725 Office (250) 360-6237 Fax (250) 862-4749 Ce ‘A0207949_6-000011 Taylor, Wendy E JAG:EX" Wendy Taylon@igovbe ce ‘Dean Mier" "Dean Miler" 201411110 1033 AM RE: MOH Investigation Hi Dean, “Teles activ, am working ont wth one investigntor a this ime. hae been providing updates to the Comprar General {am going though the ils and drat report assessing the evidence, as part of my nom quality assurance proces ‘Thishs beens complicated fle wth many roadbicks, {am hesitant to provide timeline but completing this leeport remains my Investigation Units prio “The OCG has always cooperated with RCMP requests To nt nt Regards Dan Peck Director, investigation and Forensic tice ofthe Comptller General Ministry of Finance Phone: 250 347-8542-te2509420387.8542> mal: dn pekiaig beams dan peckigov be ca pate that proto! changing for this ie From: Dean Miler [mailto:dean miller@remp-ge gee) Seat Monday. November 10, 2014719 AM ‘Tos Pk, Dan NFINIEX Sbjeet RE: MOH Investigation Dan, Same question to you any ida if your ofc il tends to Forward us your findings? Is, there atime ine? “Thanks in vance, Dean Constable Dean Miler Federal Soious and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Steet Viewria, BC VST 4Z8 (250) 98.7728 Oce (250) 380-0257 Fax (230) 882-4749 Cal ‘>>> "Taylor, Wendy EJAG:EX" > 20141107 251 PM >>> Hi Dean hope als el. The investigations on-going with OCG and copying Dan on your email so you can coatac him, Hayea great weckend! Wendy From: Dean Mill [maito:den miller@iemp-pre gc} Seat Thursday, November 6, 2014 2:38 PM. Tos Taylor, Wendy EJAGEX Subject MOH Investigation Wend. {have seen mention of your insestgation in the mei these pas few weeks. Are you any closer a being in a pis findings? 10 forward us your Dean Constable Dean Miler Federal Serious and Organized Crime 268 Nanaimo Strost iowa, BC VET 428 ‘80207949_10.000013, (250) 998.7728 ofce (250) 380-0257 Fax (230) 882-4749 Cal ‘80207949_11-000014 “Newton, Stat A FINEX" “Sturt Newondgon deca Dean Miler “dean™ 2014112929 AM Re: Ministry of Health ‘Thanks Dean, Swart Newton Compioler Genel Province of British Columbia Ph: 250-387-6692 > On Noy 10,2014, at 12:23 PM, Dean Miller “dean. milerremp-gre-ge.u> wrote: > sian, > st poke with Dan Peck regarding the ongoing Hlth File. have been onthe peripheral of th fil from the onst ain report fom Wendy Taya’ eam. In speaking wih Dan it sounds like Wendy hus moved on anit wil be your tam tht wil be peeping the repr. It sem that Danis more than espa of tackling his projet ad ok forward to ering from your ice upon the report's cancion. > you of Dan have any questions or concems, plese dont hesitate to call me dtc, wil be the pont of eontac for any RCMP investigation that may be undertaken, > Kind rgars, > Dean > Constible Dean Miller > Federal Serious and Organized Crime > 2881 Nanaimo Steet, > Vitoria, BC VST 28 > 250) 985-7725 Office > (250) 380-6237 Fax > (250) 882-4749 Cal ‘80207949_13.000016 ‘Duncan Pound Kurvers, Michael; Miler, Dean; WINDLE, TIM 2014/12/04 12:46 PM. fe: Ministry of Health Fle update Dean ~ meant to thank you fr this an ooking forward tothe update in January. Duncan Duncan Pound, SiSgt ‘Advisory NCO to Deputy Crops Federal Policing 4206-14200 Groen Timbers Way Surrey, BC VST 6P3 ‘office (778)200.2520 Col (604)828.3458 Duncan.Pound@romp-arc S.6-m. Duncan Pound ‘Soff. Conseller de OREC adjoint, Police ederale Division E Malstop# 206 14200 Green Timbers Way Surrey, (C-B.)_ VST 6P3 ‘Telephone: (778) 290-2520 Cellar: (604) 628-3454 Telécopieur: (778) 290-6108 Ema duncan pouné >>> Dean Miler 2014/11/10 12:35 PM >>> Genome, ‘The investigation has been adopted by the Ofce ofthe Compirolee General. amin contact with the Comptrllar General and his staf. Their investigation is facing staffing shortfalls and legal stonewaling, however, they do anticipate proving the RCMP vith a por dealing their findings. The lead Investigator withthe OCG could not provide a timeline fortis report, but ‘ds suggest that they wl bein a postion lo do so ater Christmas. When | askee the lead investigator what his instincts were regards to potential cmnal offences, he said that he had not yet uncovered any clear evidence ofa crime. That sid, they vill be forwarding us their findings for our assessment | wl be following up wit the OCG in ary January Dean ‘Constable Dean Miler Federal Serous and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Street Victoria, 8 VBT 428 (250) 995-7725 office (250) 380.6237 Fax (250) 882-4749 Col ‘80207949_14.000017 Dean Miler Kuivers, Michael; Pound, Duncan 2015/01/06 1:57 PM Ministry of Health File update ‘The Office ofthe Comptroller Generals almost done ther report. expect to hear from them in February once the report has been approved by ther management, The OCG has pledged to fully cooperate wth any police Investigation and I envision meeting ‘with them when their report is rished, Dean Constable Dean Miler Federal Serious and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Street Vietora, BC VET 428 (250) 995-7725 Office (250) 380-6237 Fax (250) 882-4749 Cel ‘80207949_16.000018 From: Ward JOHNSON To: Miler, Dean Date: 2015/01/28 9:54 AM Subject: Re: Ministry of Health File ‘Thank you Dean. Ward >>> Dean Miller 2015/01/28 9:52 AM >>> Ward, ‘As requested, the file number is 2012-369. The PRIME file is not private and will provide you with a brief overview of what has happened over the past 2+ years. If you want more details, the on-line media coverage is probably the best place to look. ll let you know when the Comptroller General and his team are ready to meet with us. ‘Also, I should mention that Kevin DeBruyckere has requested to be kept in the loop on this file directly from me via Duncan Pound. I'l include you in any correspondence I have with them, Dean Constable Dean Miller Federal Serious and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Street Victoria, BC Vat 428 (250) 995-7725 Office (250) 380-6237 Fax (250) 882-4749 Cell From: Laue WHITE Te Dancin Pound: Dean Mil Date: 2015121816 PM. Subject: Re: Ministry of Health ile ‘Thanks. Soxy 1 tespondd to both roquests eat, Ferg te you. Lane >>> Damnean Pound 189022015 88:10 PM >>> “Thanks Dean - we have hd a couple rquests det through ous here at GT. Just maintain radio silence at your end and Sgt Laurie White wil respond forus Duncan Duncan Pound, St. “E" Division Criminal Operation Feral Policing Serious and Organized Crime Advisory NCO. 206-4200 Groen Timbers Way Suey, BC VST 6P3 tie (778)290.2520 (co (onsysrs-3485 Duncin.Poundarremp-grege.cs soWaRNING?** ‘This transmission may contain confidential o privileged communication. Unauthried copying or distribution of any information borin is strictly prohibited and may const «erin fence, «beach of Provincial or Federal rvacy Is, or might there result nleeat ‘Sttetions. Ifyou ae not the intnded eeipient and have recived this in er, you must imnoatly destroy i Inthe event you have ‘received this transmisom in eo plese noi the RCMP "L” Divison Criminal Operations Federal Policing Seton by nmmeditely replying tothe sender. Original Message From: Dean Mille “Tor Pound, Duncan (Ce: JOHNSON, Ward ward johnsonaremprare seca Sent 02/18/2015 20:43:58 Subject Re: Minny of Health File Duncan, Further tothe email rm the Times Colonist reporter, thal two voicemail message thisffemaon. One was from the same TC reporter andthe ‘other wa rom a Globe snd Mil porter, Pease have some one rach out other, It sounds as ithe Opposition has released the esuls of some FOL requests and are digg berenewed media interest this week tothe rovines’s investigation. suspect ther wll Dean » Duncan Pound 2015102/18 3:43 PM >>> Willd, Durcan Pound, St. “E" Division Criminal Operations Federal Policing Serious and Organized Crime Advisory NCO 1206-14200 Gosn Timbers Way Surrey, BC V3T6P3 oie (778)290.2520 {co oo4ys8-3488 soWARNING?* ‘This ransmission may conan conden o privleged communication. Unauthorized copying or distribution f any inormation herein is ‘50207949, 29-000026, ‘ily pebibited and may const a eviminal fence, «breach of Provincial or Federal evacy laws, or ight otherwise result in egal Sntions. you are not the intended ecipcnt and have recive this in eer you must mediately destroy i. Inthe event you have reesved this ansnsion in mo, pease notify the RCMP *E” Division Criminal Operations Fedral Policing Sestion by immediatly replying tothe sender Orginal Message From: Bean Mille “To: Pound, Duncan (Ce: JOHNSON, Ward =Wwardjohnsoncarempare seca Sent 02/18/2015 1833707 Subject: Ministry of Health File Duncan, Below isan inquiry from the local paper. Can you please forward ito whoevers going tobe responsible forthe media om this fle "have no new updates with respect a rveving the Proves report, but expect hea rom them in the coming wees Des Constable Dean Miler Federal Serious and Organized Crime 2881 Nanaimo Strest Viewria, BC VST 28 (250) 998-7728 ce (280) 380-6037 Fax (230) 852-1749 Cal > (Times-Colonisy =<> 2018102118 3:26 PM >>> Hello Dean, “The NDP presented your email to Wendy Teylr requesting the findings ofthe Health Ministy’s investigation. That was Nov: 6, 2014. Have you yet eceivc dose Findings or has the govesnmnent yt indicated it wll ot be sending them? THanks, ‘Times Colonist epontr “aumescolons om ‘50207949, 24.000027, Page lof I Dean Miller - Fwd: Re: Your inquiry Fror Laurie WHITE To: Miller, Dean Date: 2015/02/25 11:44 AM Subject: Fwd: Re: Your inquiry >>> "Shaw, Rob (Vancouver Sun)" 2015/02/18 3:30 PM >>> Okay thanks, I appreciate the quick reply. Rob ROB SHAW Legislative Reporter ‘The Vancouver Sun Room 360, Parliament Buildings Victoria, B.C. V8V1X4 Office: 250-953-5932 Cell: 250-893-0841 Email: ‘Twitter: @robshaw_vansun On 2015-02-18, 3:15 PM, "Laurie WHITE" wrote: >Rob, >Thanks for your inquiry, however, there is no update at this time. >Thank you. >Laurie ‘A0207949_26.000028 file:///C-/Users/000122¢ 2015/02/25 / AppData/Local/Temp’'1/XPerpwise/S4EDBS5A9EDIV1P0410017: Dean Miller - Fro To: Date: ‘Subject: Attachments: Hi Laurie-- Page lof 2 Fwd: Re: BC health ministry Laurie WHITE Miller, Dean 2015/02/25 11:45 AM Fwd: Re: BC health ministry> 2015/02/19 3:32 PM >>> Yes, that's what I thought. I suppose the difference here is the minister of health two years ago said she asked the RCMP to investigate, so that’s been on the public record. I know the people who were fired feel their reputations were ‘damaged and they've been living under a cloud. What chance is there they'l get to clear their names? It seems to me that needs to come from either the government or the RCMP... And I realize it wasn't the RCMP who ever said there was such an investigation ... Is it the kind of thing where you might respond to the government and leave it to them to make a statement? ‘Thanks again for any help. All the best, ‘On 19/02/2015 3:21 PM, Laurie WHITE wrote: Hi ‘We don't typically confirm or deny investigations. If there were an investigation, details normally only become known if/when any charges are laid by Crown Counsel. Thanks, Laurie ‘Thank you Laurie. If in the future the RCMP> 2015/02/19 3:03 PM >>> re to decide there were nothing to investigate on that file, ‘would it say? Do files like this ever get closed, or do they just stay in a holding pattern? ‘Thanks for any help you can provide. All the best, On 19/02/2015 2:46 PM, Laurie WHITE wrote: Hi ‘Thanks for your inquiry but we do not have an update at this time, Laurie file:///C-/Users/000122¢ ‘A0207948_27-000030 / AppData/Local/Temp/'l/XPerpwise/54EDBSE1EDIV1P0410017332... 2015/02/25 Page 2 of 2 Laurie White, Sot Federal Media Relations Federal Criminal Operations 14200 Green Timbers Way Surrey, BC V3T 6P3 Mailstop #1608 office (778)290-2910 cell (604)844-5044 Serg. Laurie White ‘Agente fédérale des Relations avec les médias Enguétes criminelles fédérales 14200 Green Timbers Way, arrét postal no 1608, Surrey (C.-B.) V3T 6P3, ‘Téléphone : 778-290-2910 Cellulaire : 604-644-5944 = uous Canada 2015/02/19 1:44 PM >>> >>> Hi Constable Miller I'ma reporter covering BC politics. I'm writing to follow up on yesterday's news about the health ministry investigation. You'l likely have seen that the government released a statement saying it has no more information to forward to the RCMP. Here's the relevant section: Government has an obligation to report to the RCMP when government property goes missing, and our investigation found that a large amount of health data had been downloaded onto unencrypted flash drives and shared with unauthorized people. The Ministry of Health notified the RCMP at the time and provided them appropriate details about that privacy breach. The ministry does not have any more information to provide to the RCMP. It is up to the RCMP to determine if they will conduct an investigation based on the information that they have. So, does that leave you (or a spokesperson) in a position to say anything? Does the RCMP have enough to launch an investigation? Or does this mean a decision will need to be made (on whether or not to investigate? Or perhaps i's been made already? ‘Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Sincerely, ‘80207948. 26.000031 file:///C:/Users/000122425/AppData/Local/Temp/1/XPerpwise/S54EDB5E1EDIV1P0410017332... 2015/02/25