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Get a full night’s sleep. Eat well. Use a Juicer or a Blender for Fruits & Vegetables. You must ignore the voices if they are demeaning. They’re evil and not worth listening to. One reason for listening to this one bit of advice is that it is slow and torturous, what they do to your psyche. Ignore them for your own health. FIGHT. Learn to Fight. You must learn to stand up for yourself. CRAFT A TALISMAN. Physical protection. COUNTERACTING LIFE THREAT: How to physically and psychologically battle through and protect against Life Threat in the Soul self. CALLING DOWN THE GODS & ANGELS REGIMEN


This is, perhaps, one of the most important discussions I will have with you. In the battle to put down what has invaded your space, you must learn to take responsibility and fight for yourself. Calling down greater being like St. Michael, Jesus, Buddha, or others are ways of taking responsibility upon yourself, and they will help you, protect you. You should ask, determinably, once you are absolutely certain they are beside you, that they deliver you and put down the being attacking you entirely. However, you yourself must learn to be strong. You, yourself must learn to fight. One thing I’ve found to be a problem among people who are fighting evil is that they are not strong enough. They need to learn to truly fight. The one thing you cannot do when fighting negative energy beings or fighting voices is “lay down and take it.” I can’t stress this enough. The psychological battle is difficult enough as it is, and you are at risk of being psychologically battered if you don’t do something about it. What people don’t realize is that the stress is much greater on you when you compromise your world. You musn’t. Not under any circumstances. Let me explain what happens to you when evil or negative energies attack: You don’t know what you’re going through, and it may be traumatic. It may unsettle you, and you may not react to the world as you usually might. You’re hearing voices and you may experience energy attacks on your body. You may feel as if you are in some kind of different energy state, where it’s like a bad movie, or you may feel that your body is not right. The being are just starting to attack you, to put you in a position of arrest, disadvantage. They feel they have power, just by the fact that they cannot be seen, and no one else can see them. Slowly, over time, they break you down by attacking you. By affecting your health. By psychologically telling you that you are small, below them, and that you have no choice. You have a choice. Please don’t become complacent about it. Do not give in or give up. I know that it seems hard, but you must find the strength of will in you to make the decision to really fight. It really is what it takes to defeat the voices. Here is what must be: You must walk all over these voices, the being. They are truly below you. I’m not joking. They may spout off, they may threaten, it’s all empty threat. They really and truly can be thrown down, just like that. You just have to decide to be strong enough to believe in yourself. Your own self will can help you fight. You cannot be complacent, you cannot bargain, there is no compromise. You must focus on pushing them out of your life, and you must focus on healing and protecting yourself every day. You must fight through the physical stress and trauma. These being use energy, and you must understand this deeply. You must counteract it by good health, proper sleep, and you must understand that when you feel listless, lazy, like you don’t feel as if life is right, sad, depressed, life threatened, reluctant to work or clean the house, reluctant to take care of yourself, watch your finances, you must fight these feelings with one viewpoint: I’m going to do it anyway, right now. You must make the effort to overcome these feelings, some of which are due to very heavy negativity affecting your life decisions. You must shut this type of negativity down and fight. I mean that, in this case. The fact that you get things done means you are battling evil/negative energies out of your life. Fight for your right to love yourself. Take care of yourself. All of the time. Especially when battling voices. If I were to ask you now how long you’ve been fighting, how long you’ve been hearing voices, I wonder how long it would be? Please look in your heart and see it, see the suffering in you. And if I were to ask you directly—how long are you going to wait to fight? To really fight for your own life? In my experience, the earlier you fight, the more likely it is you’ll find a way to rid yourself of the negative being and move on with a normal life. I know someone who has been fighting for 10 years, a being she calls Henry. And ten years later, I can see the complacency, the unwillingness to try, and the fact that the being has so battered her psychologically that she sees no other way. I don’t want you to suffer the same consequences when you could perfectly well decide to fight, battle them down, and be delivered, which means to never hear voices again. It can happen, but you have to fight. Please listen. Please understand. What I’m telling you about battling evil in this way, about up and fighting, is such deep truth that there is no other way to explain it. And other being, good being, will find you as they will see you fight. And if that happens, you will win. Please know it and try. You’re already fighting. You may as well truly fight.

When fighting evil, I have found that there is protection in blessed objects or jewelry. However, what I’m suggesting, in order to fight or battle down evil, is to craft, personally, one Talisman to be worn around the neck as protection, and to never look further than that for physical blessed protection. Understand that if there are events that occur outside of yourself or the Talisman itself, then they should be ignored and you should rely only on your Talisman. Those Protectors, the beings of love and energy who bless and protect you, will understand. The reason I ask you to rely on your Talisman and no other objectry is that evil has a tendency to force dependency on protection, which in turn enslaves you to routines or specific ways of moving through your world that are inhibiting. They are sometimes torturous if they mean to constrain you by hurting your energy: ie. “if you don’t do this, then I…” or “this had better happen or…”, meaning they constrain your life by threat. It is a definite negative if you get caught up in such a daily battle. All in all, routines that are not natural or spontaneous are out of the question. Routines based on perceived protection must be quelled from the start. They are meant to hamper your world, stop you from getting things done, it is a form of slavery, where evil/negative energies modify or try to control your actions. They are after Control, control of you, and you must deny them this. Your Talisman will be enough to protect you, and should be worn as a necklace. Hold it close, and make sure that you know your energy in relation to your Talisman, and to the beings who protect you and who will bless your means of protection. The following method is the most direct way to make a Talisman that will truly protect you, using the symbols of those of your faith, the sigils of those who battle evil, and any fortunate signs, numbers, sayings or beauty that you associate with deep and loving protection. First of all, your Talisman may be any shape you are comfortable with. It can be made with wood, with metal, with anything that you feel is protected, as long as you can engrave, carve, or have it engraved or carved. I suggest a 2” diameter circle, or 2” square—any 2” shape is beautiful, as long as it is comfortable for you. The Number 2 is a 1:1 number, which places you face to face with your Protectors. They are going to descend to be with you, beside you. If you do everything correctly within this regimen you should experience very real protective energy, very real protective being. You will know without a doubt that you are faced with a being of love and power, and that you are being helped to find your way out of the negative place you find yourself in.. However, that type of protection does not come without a bit of true work. They must first realize that you exist, that you are fighting evil, and that you require assistance. This might sound strange to you, but evil has a tendency to get in the way of communication with true good being, and that is why the work must be done, in true faith and understanding, to get you to those of true energy who will listen to and assist you. So, in regards to your Talisman, which will become inviolately important in your life. You must design it yourself, however, as it must have meaning for you. It must be your own work, your own love, and must reflect your own self and need of protection. You will know when the configuration is right, as it will feel as if it protects you and you alone. As soon as you find yourself in a position where you are fighting negative being, make your Talisman, that you may have it ready and start your studies (part of the work you must do to contact those who will assist you) of your chosen protectors to bring them down to assist you, it would be ideal, as they will most likely bless your Talisman for your protection. You must be patient during this process, it will take some time to reach them. I was a special case. I came into contact with True God early on, and was then beset by evil. I then came to know Jesus Christ, and after, True Michael, the Archangel St. Michael, and both have been, as well as many others, beloved to myself, by my side inviolately. I want you to know right now that a of these beings are very real. They are not some dream or text on a page, they are actual being with actual personality with actual jobs and a real life. And part of that life path is finding you and helping you, should you truly believe and have faith enough to seek them out in truth. I’m not a “bible beater” telling you this (although I love the Bible and have complete faith in much of its truth and beauty), I was semi-Atheist and Atheist for almost 23 years, and came back to God after a traumatic realization in approx. June 2006. Since Then, I have seen and fought things many would not understand, hence my true understanding of what you are fighting, and my knowledge, true knowledge that it can be fought and defeated.

When you start to build your Talisman, you need to consider carefully your beliefs, your faith, and signs and symbols that are important to your life. Then sit down, draw your Talisman, and then make it, out of wood, metal, clay, whatever you feel comfortable with. Make it lovely, however you make it. Even if you have someone else make it, or if you buy it. But love it and rely on it. Below are examples of Sigils. Sigils symbols representing Gods, Archangels or Angels They are a place to start, and you can do your own research on your own symbols and sigils, numbers, letters or personal sayings. Shown below are combined Sigils that are powerful and protective in and of themselves. These are the sigils and symbols of my protectors, and they are powerful. If you contact all of them, you can be sure that you will have some of the most powerful assistance in the world. The Symbols for the Archangelic Symbols are not representative of the beings themselves, but are the beings themselves. Know this for a fact, as I have had an intimate association with them and know the symbols for the direct energy of the specific beings—the actual sigils are the beings themselves in energy and form. The Ichthys (Jesus’ Christ’s Pisces Sign/sigil) is Jesus’ body and Identity, both in and of his crucifixion and of his life. The sign also holds much more universally, if you understand the symbolism of female and male (Alpha and Omega). Do the research with your signs and sigils, and make your Talisman as much of your own beauty and love as possible. Feel the energy of those who are protecting you, directly opposed to the negative energy you’ve been fighting in evil/negative energies. Know that you will fully understand when you are faced with good, as they will protect you, they won’t ever want to “be” you, they will protect who you really feel you are.







HOW TO COUNTERACT LIFE THREAT IN THE SOUL SELF By REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A SPECIFIC CONDITION THAT EVIL CULTIVATES THAT CAN BE RECTIFIED. IT IS DIFFICULT, HOWEVER, AND REQUIRES EXTREME CONCENTRATION AND BELIEF IN ONE’S SELF AND ONE’S LIFE TO OVERCOME. YOUR BELIEF THAT YOUR LIFE IS INTACT SHOULD BE INVIOLATE, EVERY DAY, WITHOUT FAIL. When evil places you in a situation where you feel they are constantly attacking your life, it is a heart wrenching and terrible experience. Understand that I’m fully aware of how it feels, what they do, and what it does to your daily life. And I will also tell you this: there is a sure and definite way out. It is based on my own experience, and it is based on actual events. And it is based on very sure knowledge of how I overcame what they were doing. When Negative being attack a soul self and soul self life, they do so using energy means. This also affects your hormones, your energy system, and your pituitary gland (temple, forehead), which can deeply affect your emotions and your perceptions of your life and events. They also sit their energy around your brain stem and skullcap, and it is not an easy thing to handle, as it also can affect your emotions and perception. The first thing you need to specifically understand is that this is not something to worry about terribly. They cannot hurt you. What you do need to worry about is the power of your own strength and will. It can help you, but you must be willing to go to bat and fight with surety and steel will. If you truly decide to battle, it will not only help you, it will save you. When you are facing a being that verbally threatens your life, or who imposes on your space and makes you feel physically ill-at-ease, you must learn to be stronger than strong. The mind set that you need cultivate is that your life is FULLY intact, no matter what. When you weren’t handling voices or negative being, you never worried about getting hurt when you went to bed at night. You didn’t feel physically compromised. Well, that surety of comfort is exactly what you should feel now, and it must be forced and maintained in you. You need to focus on the fact that your life is long and know it. The problem with Negative being is that they lay such heavy “death” oriented energy that it takes great presence of mind and ability to walk ON, OVER and BEYOND the problem. You need to KNOW you are perfectly well. You must KNOW that you are perfectly alive, and that all your mind and body senses are well. One thing that will help you is to think of the negative being as not part of you. That they are outside of you, and that your body is exactly as it used to be. Know that your life expectancy is very, very long, 70-80’s or so, and that you cannot be hurt. The problem with these beings, as well, is that the verbal threat is also working at you via actual energy that affects your entire energy system. As I said, you must entirely believe that you are well, as if the beings had never entered your space. That you are as well as you have always been. You must negate their presence to negate the problem. Let’s discuss the problems they create. When you look at a knife, you get a feeling of dread. (This is caused by the interference of their energy) Or perhaps you feel there’s something wrong with your life. (There isn’t) You may feel feelings of worthlessness, or that you must end things in order to feel better. Or that your life has changed and only part of you is present. You aren’t worthless, you are beautiful and in battle. You musn’t end things, THAT IS THE NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CHOICE. Your life has changed, but you are going to put it back in order, and I mean it. What feels like your body’s unnatural hurting or not being well or intact can be rectified and in a hurry. It takes this particular battle: You look at your house. It is your house. You look at your body. It is your body. Not theirs, they don’t belong. And the truth of it is, your body knows it, too. And the beauty about your body is that there is natural protection in it. There is natural protection in the weight of your life, and there is natural protection in your personality. This is built into your body and soul. They cannot rape it or hurt it, no matter what they do. Understand that by your very allowance of their presence without fight hearkens to a sort of permissiveness of abuse, which you must never allow. Ever. They’re not allowed. And you must make that clear every single day until they vacate your life, your body and your Aural space. You must become a Marine over night, and understand that it is battle, battle, battle until they leave. And it is intelligent physical and spiritual battle. You must find ways to focus, fight, and heal yourself.

One sure way to add to your protection and help yourself fight and heal is to place inviolate belief in the fact that there are others there protecting you and helping you in your own Aural space. True God protects inviolately, and he protects everyone thoroughly. You may be in pain, but your life is not at risk. (Unless you let yourself go so far that you stop eating and stop taking care of yourself.) I will let you know now that in the Spiritual and Universal Arena you have Human Rights, and they are particular to Earth’s law. Negative being cannot hurt you, ever. It is against the Law. This particular Law is set forth specifically for the Human Race, and is inviolately upheld by the Positive Establishment. People have human rights when faced with non-human beings. So, end all, be all, your life is not at risk. This I know without a doubt. What they are trying to do is to get you to take your own, and you won’t do this, ever. Their methods rely on breakdown of personal will, breakdown of your physical body by forcing you to fight into exhaustion, and breakdown of your health by causing you either not to eat or to eat very poorly. When these three enter the equation, and you are faced with the life threat energy, it is a very difficult, difficult situation. You must take care of yourself, first and foremost. Eat well, every day. Exercise, if you can. Get a full night’s sleep, even if you must rely on Trazedone or other sleep medication. In worst cases, take your sleep medication right before bed with two large teaspoons of Nyquil. It will get you right to sleep healthily, and kick them down and force them to Naturalize in you. Returning to Assistance, your space and body will be strengthened if you have Faith in true good, meaning Faith in your own Religion’s positive being. Next, you must attempt to contact these being, and it will take some doing if you have to fight your way around the negative being, which you should and must do if they feel strong. One way to do this is to find Healers or Spiritual Counsel or Guidance within those who are intimately connected with strong beings of great good, who are known to fight evil for fight for those who are fighting evil. True Jesus is a positive being, very large and very supportive of both your fight and your own being. Call on him to ground and destroy the beings entirely, which he can do. He can rid you of them inviolately, if he so chooses. True Michael, the Archangel St. Michael, is a force of forces in support, battle, strength, force of will and protection. Call on him. True God is, above all, the beauty of all in protection, support and healing. If you appeal to True God, and he hears you, in his heart, and decides to help you, he could put them down instantaneously, just like that. But you must reach him, first, and that takes a battle. I have never been left by True God, he is love without fail in my life, and protects my self and my life inviolately. He is not a God to bow to, but a God to deeply respect and love, with true awareness of his physical power to change your life both physically and spiritually. What is done in the spiritual world is beyond explanation, and is scientifically true. You are fighting real being, and you are being protected by real being. And True God is one of them, and he can help you without fail if you put your trust and faith in his wisdom, strength, and knowledge of your own strength, will and ability to fight and heal. Review my article “SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE.” (pg.9) Please understand, if you are hearing voices, if you are battling evil, you must love yourself enough to battle for your bodily space, and you must love truth enough to understand that the beings that you are going to search out to assist you are real, and that you must exercise patience and faithfulness in contacting them, showing them you need help, and telling them that they are beloved or truly appreciated. When they descend, it takes a lot of energy, and a lot of time. Remember to protect and love them—they are protecting your life.

An Excerpt from The Sword of Truth By REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA

The following is advice on how to draw protectors to you (and ask them to send help, as well) in full. I've learned this through direct experience. You have protectors with you, as it is, but sometimes it helps to prepare a strong request that will bring intense protection and assistance to your side. The methodry I've described below describes contacting specific being, but it can be used with ANY God or protective being. What you are doing is gathering their protection and energy, and pulling it DIRECTLY to you, in strength. Imagine it like this: you can either place a phone call from a thousand miles away, leave it on their answering machine, and hope they return your call, or you can walk directly up to their door and pound on it until they open it and say hello. The other way you can look at it is that you are strengthening your relationship with those who protect you already by making it quite clear that you exist and wish their direct visceral intervention and immediate assistance. With this, you are attempting direct, strong contact with a specific being or set of being who are protection itself. This is what I want you to do. On the computer, IRREGARDLESS OF WHAT THE BEINGS YOU'RE FIGHTING ARE TELLING YOU (because they will try to stop you. The signs of trying to stop you are: belittling, feelings of dread, feelings that what you're doing is wrong or won't help. These are manufactured pushed responses and you must bulldoze right through them. Ignore the feelings and know that your research of specific being will help.) And from that point on, it is your job to find ways to contact them until they truly answer you. So. Look up the Archangel Michael. And research every possible thing you could find out about him, his life, the artwork surrounding him. Try to grasp his energy. Look at his Sigils and Symbols and try to feel what they mean. Understand that he is a warrior, he is ultimately strong, graceful, noble, powerful, beautiful beyond belief in a very realistic way, and that he is just as at home fighting in a back alley as he is in a wonderful home in the suburbs. Here are some helpful starts for your research: Also reference pages 12-14 of this document The fact that you are looking for him, that you are studying him, will draw his attention and energy and he will know that you are there. He will know that you are fighting evil. And I'll also tell you this: he will be looking at you to see if you fight. He will help you, irregardless, but, if you FIGHT, You will draw him close to you faster than you know. And what you will find is that he will visit you himself, and that you will have the House of Michael, his family, around you in a heartbeat. The House of Michael are Michaelian Force Members who fight, and who are true and real descendents of The Archangel St. Michael. Each one fights with True St. Michael’s distinctive energy, which is to be expected as they are part of him and are his family. They will be there for you. Realize that this is true. You may not have heard of them, they aren't something you're going to read about on the internet or in reference to

Michael. I've learned it by direct experience. They are a very large family of Warriors who protect and defend. And realize that St. Michael or the members of the House of Michael won't invade your space or hurt your body. They will protect you. AGAIN: ONLY BEING WHO ARE EVIL TRY TO INHABIT YOUR BODY WITH INTENT TO CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY OR PERCEPTION. UNDERSTAND IT AS A CERTAIN TRUTH. IT IS A CERTAIN TRUTH. IF THEY TRY TO CHANGE WHO YOU FEEL YOU REALLY ARE, PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY, THEY ARE TRUE EVIL. Once you study your chosen being of Protection, truly look at them. Truly look at them, and see what you see in their strength. In the case of Michael (or any other chosen protective being), you must try to contact within yourself what you know of the Archangel Michael, what you feel is him...and focus on that energy, focus on the energy of the personality, and PULL it into your heart. Into your body. It is a physical act, and it will place Michael's energy, or others, if you choose, in your Aural space. And you must understand the truth of that positive energy. Negative energy being sometimes manifest with an electric type feel, or negative quality. Positive energy being tend to manifest with a positive force that is visceral, you can immediately tell the difference. Many manifest with a heavy energy of true love. Believe me. You will innately know the difference between positive and negative energy. Also, take protective symbols (in the case of Michael, his sigil) and place it on yourself and around any spaces you would like protected. And DO NOT REMOVE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WHETHER THEY CHANGE YOUR ENERGY OR PERCEPTION. IT WILL HELP, AND THEY ARE POWERFUL PROTECTIVE SYMBOLS. Michael's sigil is especially powerful, and this I know. If you look at the strength in the lines, they stand strong, firm. They cut right through and stand in space without interference. No curve. It represents TRUTH, strength. Michael is powerful beyond knowing when fighting evil and he will protect you. A direct link to Michael's sigil (ARCHANGELIC ALTAR SETS AND RUNES): For full Archangelic protection, write a request in Enochian, one of the Archangelic Alphabets, with Michael's sigil for protection, to request help. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO WRITE ANYTHING NEGATIVE. IF ASKED TO DO SO BY YOUR ATTACKERS OR VOICES, SHUT DOWN EVERYTHNG AND WALK AWAY. FINISH IT LATER. THIS IS A PROTECTED ALPHABET BELOVED OF ANGELS, NEVER TO BE USED FOR ILL OR NEGATIVITY. THEY WILL DEFEND IT AND SHUT YOU DOWN IF YOU USE IT DISHONORABLY.

You don't need to write a letter of request, but sometimes it helps. Putting things into writing puts your love into the physical, and if you protect it with a symbol of protection, the being of protection will know it. Once you have done these things, have faith that they know and will find you. And, usually, they will physically manifest with a sign that they are there and will protect you. The relationship will develop as is needed between you and your protector, and protect you as you should and need to be protected. Below, I discuss two other truly important protectors, inviolately beautiful to me, and powerful and protective beyond belief. It will help you if you decide to contact them. Jesus can be contacted in the same manner as I've told you to contact Michael. True God, however, is always there for you, irregardless, protective beyond measure, and requires nothing but a true conversation. I've described below what this means.

JESUS CHRIST: Another being of immense protection to contact is Jesus. I call him simply Jesus because this is how he truly is. He isn't someone to walk all over you with the weight of his Catholic Faith. He is someone who loves you and will stand beside and fight. He is associated with the Catholic Faith, he is different than you think. He is his own being, and he understands you inviolately, he walks right beside you, and protects you with love, with the Holy Spirit (and the Holy Spirit is utterly beautiful, it protects your life, and is a huge being, just like True God. You must understand that the Holy Spirit is the protector of life.), and with the knowledge of how to fight evil. He will put them down lock, stock and barrel, just like Michael, just like that. And Jesus has something else, like Michael, that you must understand, comfort. The comfort of being protected, and both are different in that comfort...their personalities are different, and in this, lies the difference in how the comfort feels. Jesus is a quiet strength, and in him lies his history, and his understanding of humanity. He will look at you and face you, and tell you he understands and protect you. Don't look at him just as larger than life; know that his being, his energy is face to face with your own. As God's only son, he came to humanity to know us, and he knows us, as True God knows us, but he knows, first hand, our humanity, our human body, our personality, and his relationship with you, his love, is directly associated with his life, centuries ago, on Earth. I can't explain how I know this, but this, his life, does make his understanding different. This isn't to say that others do not understand us, as well, there is just a difference, and it has to do with his history...and his pain and suffering. He knows what it means to be in pain as a human being. He will understand what you've been through. Now, find a photograph of Jesus THAT YOU LIKE. And try to make it one that doesn't show him suffering, maybe even one that just shows his visage, like a portrait, without the light, or the beams. Just something that shows you him. And feel him. Think of him as a friend, someone you want to know, and think of his history. Feel the energy, and do NOT feel belittled, or as if you must bow, or grovel. It's not like that. And feel his energy, and you will feel the energy of his history along with him, and you will know when you've found him. He will protect you from evil, not continue the evil by conversation or "testing." I'm telling you this so that evil will not take advantage of your relationship with him. However, have a conversation with him in your heart, human being to human being. He will understand and find you. And once he's found you, love and respect him, for who he is, even if Catholicism isn't something you'll follow. He is a beautiful being, and it is a relationship that you will never regret in your life. And it this happens, and, as I said, you don't follow the Catholic Faith, visit a church for its beauty, just to say "hello." He loves us. Truly. And know that you mustn't dwell on his suffering, nor forget how deeply terrible it was, but this will be a different relationship for will get to know him as the man who fought evil, wanted others to love, and who loved God above all others. And this is truth. I know him personally, without fail. Know it. If you do as I've directed, he'll find you...and you'll be helped.

TRUE GOD: True God is real. He is a real being, and he is vast, and he hears you, knows you. He is different than you might think, and truly not associated with any religion, although you can talk to him in the language, the culture of any religion. And this is the truth. I, myself, came to know True God through many experiences. I'm someone who appreciates all religious beliefs and philosophies, including Atheism, which is a philosophy of personal beauty. However, I am primarily raised Catholic, and consider myself a Catholic-Taoist...someone who follows their own path. And I came to know True God immediately, but deepened my relationship with him slowly. I love and respect him, along with my family, and others, above all others. And you should know this. That he loves us. That he respects us, and holds us beloved. That you and he stand face to face, and this is truth. And his being is real, and is made of energy. Let me tell you feel things. I saw from your posts that you feel the world that you seem to hold it, to feel it. If you feel this, it means that you, you specifically, have a way of relating with this Universe...and with True God. And he will hear you if you talk to him. My advice to you is this, and this is because I know him, and he wants to know you, and wants you to know

him, truly know him. And you don't need to get down on your hands and knees and pray, and you don't need to supplicate, and you don't need to worship...he loves you, and what you need to do is sit down and have a conversation with him. An honest, heartfelt conversation with him. What I can tell you is how to reach him. Sit, by yourself, and just feel your environment. We live in a Zero Point Quantum Energy Field...I would like you to feel the energy around you. To sit and just know that there is energy, like an ocean, around you. And True God is a being, very, very large, immense, and if you were to look up and envision him, you would see almost a veil spanning the sky, and he is a being. And you must think of him as you might think of a human being. So sit for a bit, and just think of him. Feel him. Envision him, right there, someone listening, and talk directly to him. Tell him, honestly, how you feel. Talk to him, person to person, and tell him about your life. Tell him who you are. And tell him why you really want to know him. And it's lovely that you want to know him...I could tell that you wanted to really know, know who True God is. Tell him that you need help, assistance, and tell him why. And know that as you are telling him, that he is listening. That he is listening to you, because it's true. And you don't need to offer any gifts, or offer any traditions (unless you find you want to share something special with him, just because you love him), just know that he's there for you. And once you find him, he will be a beautiful part of your life. Know it. I wanted you to know this so that you would understand that he's real. He isn't a figment of the imagination or something religious faiths invent, he is true. And he loves you, he doesn't judge you, what he wants is for you to look at yourself. Truly look at yourself, and know yourself. To know how beautiful your life is, and how beautiful you really are.



Understand that you must be Faithful about calling down Michael’s energy. He will appear if you are Faithful, Truthful and Sincere. Sincerely try to find him, try to find his energy. Use the following information on the next few pages to truly look at the entirety of Michael and know who he is, then call on him to assist and protect you.

To be said once a day, preferably at the same time every day, but once a day, in the same manner, is perfect . Say it in truth. This prayer is very old and powerful, and brings him to you inviolately. I find this prayer’s energy at 9:00 p.m. California Time every day, and if you wish, you are welcome to say it during this time. If you let me know, I will think of you in assistance. ARTWORK/PORTRAITS category=642 20Apo12,7-9.html

THE PRAYER OF ST. MICHAEL WARRIOR’S BATTLE CRY: St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare which we carry on against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, and spirits of evil. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -by the Divine Power of God -cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

THE SIGIL OF MICHAEL I have my own Sigil of Michael that I connect to, and it is very simple, but the following longer Sigil is the Sigil I wish you to attach to draw down the energy of St. Michael. You can draw it out and keep it close to you, or etch it on a white or blue candle to draw down his energy. It can be found here: What is important when drawing down the energy of St. Michael using his sigil is attaching to the correct energy. When you think of Michael, he is immense, and he has a beautiful, beautiful heart. The only way for me to explain this is that there immense love. There is a deep love of humanity, and an immense

The Angel of Protection, Strength and Truth Ruler of the Sun He gives you courage to face the truth and overcome any obstacles and fears you have about your future. He want nothing more than for us to become our true selves. Represents body and spirit brings rescue in form of his sword often known as Michael " The Prince of Light" Michael as a being is truly very large, huge as a matter of fact. When he fights, as I’ve experienced it, he fights in the form of light, and it is with a fierce gracefulness. Michael is determined and steady, faithful in true form, and sees result at every moment. Focus on the task and end result unerringly and steadily is Truth. He will support and fight for you, and expect you to also fight for yourself.

INFORMATION ABOUT ST. MICHAEL Name Meaning: “He who is as God.” Virtues: Health, Organization, Power Caller of Aura: Blue Gold Guards Wednesday, sometimes Sunday Michaelmas: September 27 Element: Fire Relevent Chakras: 5th (Throat) and 3rd (Solar Plexus) Relevant Number: 4 (Related to the Four Directions, and to Grounding itself (of Evil, and otherwise) Relevant Crystals: Blue Crystals: Sapphire, Blue Topaz: Peacefulness and Healing. Yellow/Gold Crystal: Yellow Topaz, Citrine: to initiate Positive action, improve communications. Also, Citrine, when worn, balances both positive and negative energies. Also, Ruby (attracts Michael’s energy, Tigers Eye, Amber, Turquoise, Lapis, Chrysolite. Many of these stones ground and fight off evil faithfully. Aromatherapy Oils: Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Lemon. Herbs: Chamomile, Rosemary, St. John’s Wort, Mistletoe, Melissa, Eyebright. Rosemary grounds evil inviolately, when one grounds negativity into it, and is extremely protective. Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Cinnamon, Bergamot. Colour: Gold, Yellow, Pure White, Blue Symbol: Sword, Blue Cloak, Gold Metal, Color itself. Blue is Michael’s Signature Color.

WHEN TO ASK THE ARCHANGEL ST. MICHAEL FOR HELP: You may want to invoke Michael when: You are faced with changes you are uncertain about Have a person or situation you are having difficulty confronting. Need help with clarity of communication When you need physical strength. When you wish to cut times that bind you to a thin g, person or situation. When you need spiritual protection.

HOW TO ASK FOR HELP: Michael protect me. Michael give me the strength as I courageously face this situation. Michael cut away all falseness with your sword, so I may be myself. I courageously claim my power. Visualize the sword as metal or a living flame helping you to cut away fear. Fight. Fight for yourself. He will find you.


Michael represents fire; his color is red. He is over the southern quarters of the earth. His season is autumn. He is over the astrological signs of: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Michael is the archangel of protection and balance. This being works to bring patience and protection against any psychic imbalances or danger. Michael helps us to tear down toe old and build the new. He gives courage, self-assertiveness, a visionary aspect, helpfulness, creative expression and strength; He promotes an active live force. He can help you if you can give up being imposing, fanatical, selfindulgent or authoritarian. (Ted Andrews) A Ruby or Garnet is used in this sigil to attract Michael’s energy field. The Archangel Michael, whose name means, “Who is like God” or “He who looks like God” We often call Michael, “St. Michael,” especially since Pope Pius named him the official patron saint of police officers and soldiers. No wonder: Michael is the defender of light and goodness, and his chief role is to escort fallen people away so they cannot hurt other people. Michael and his assistant angels, known as “The Band of Mercy,” take negatively minded people (both living and deceased) to the light of God, where their minds are healed. Call upon Michael whenever you feel frightened by negative sources. If you are in a crowded place populated by upset people, for instance, ask Michael to cleanse away the negative energy. If you suspect that an unevolved earthbound spirit is with you, Michael can take that being to the light. Michael is the overseer of truth and fairness. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, ask Michael to intervene. Ask for Michael’s assistance in any fearful situation, in contentious relationships, and anytime that joy is needed to restore balance.


The House of Michael is comprised of the most honorable in the Universe, those dedicated to defense of the innocent and the battle to put down evil. The House of Michael is supported by many being, all of the family of Michael. They are just as fierce in battle, just as supportive, just as direct, as Michael himself. In the House of Michael and in Michaelian Family Members, you will find that Michaelian Honor never fails. To call on Michaelian Honor means to find Truth. It means strict attention to the Laws of the Universe, and the Laws of the Soul and Karma. Michaelian Honor respects the path of Truth, and shows one that to know the Truth is to find the best path of right and reason by way of knowledge. To call on Michael and Michaelian Honor is, perhaps, one of the best ways to ensure Truth, Justice, and God’s True Protection. To call on your own Honor is Honor Itself.



PERSONALITY TRAITS What I’m asking you to do is to look at one of the portraits above and see the man, not the God. You need to establish a truly personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and this means getting to know him for who he is, personality wise and in truth. Jesus is full Honor itself, he will protect your body and true personality inviolately, and he will not desert you. Get to know him, to talk to him and know his energy. Know him without worshipping him, he is not that way. He is someone realistic. He loves you truly, know this, whether you are Catholic or not. Set aside religion, and you have a man in front of you who will support and protect you truly. Understand it and try to look at ONE portrait, every day, and truly draw him down to you to have a real conversation. Don’t look up at him, look straight at him. He expects it. If you can, read about Jesus’ Life. Read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, and try to think of his life in terms of reality, not so far away. I know it was centuries ago, but what you need to remind yourself is that he was a real man, as well as a God. This is part of the reason Jesus has true and real connections to us, it is why he understands us so well. His love is deep, understand that he will know the you of you, and will help you move past the negative energies attacking you. Also, you must understand that Jesus is someone who loves everyone, regardless of faith or beliefs. He, in all reality, supports other faiths and beliefs. Know this to be true. Look beyond the Faith, his Catholic Faith, to see the being who walked this Earth in order to tell you that you are loved, who taught that Truth is vital to our life, and who suffered deeply at the hands of criminals for his love. We are the beneficiaries of deep and beautiful love from Jesus Christ, and to look at it is something we should always do, if even just in context of his life itself. It is not a condition to love his faith, but to love his life, the love that built his life, his own. The actual history of the Man and God Jesus Christ, is something we should always respect and care about, if not truly love. At this moment, I, Rebecca Tacosa Gray, look at your life, and we are fighting for it. Jesus, in his life, fought for many. If you make true contact with him, he will fight to help you, as well.

Jesus’ name was Yeshua. It's what his father and mother and his brothers and sisters called him and it's how his followers knew him. Probably the name was pronounced in the rough regional dialect of Galilee as 'Yeshu' Jesus changed the direction of history. Even the date on your morning newspaper testifies to the fact

that Jesus of Nazareth lived on earth nearly 2,000 years ago. B.C. means "before Christ"; A.D. Anno Domini, "the year of our Lord". Jesus has deep and beautiful powers, powers that go beyond this world and have much to do with the nature of the Universe itself. Jesus also has a true and deep connection to the Universe, and a true and deep love of mankind. If you connect to him, truly connect to him, you will find this to be a type of deep warmth, a deep feeling love, sometimes lighter blue, sometimes darker blue in color. If you were to meet Jesus, you would be looking at someone who is deep, quiet confidence and understanding itself, he would seem to you as any person you might care deeply about. You would not immediately register his presence as a God, but you would know him to be a God. He is different. Jesus is physically beautiful, and many of the portraits you see, longer nose, quiet, regal, are very much like him. What I’d like to tell you is that Jesus knows what to do in terms of your and your situation. He can deliver you in five seconds flat, meaning put down evil and return you to normal. You need to ask this of him. If it is a problem of healing in body and spirit, please ask him for the Holy Spirit to heal you. If necessary, ask for a Tav of Life if you feel your Sacral Chakra and Life force have been compromised.

THE PRAYER OF TRUE JESUS: SO MUST I True Jesus walked in Strength. So Must I. So Must I. True Jesus, walked in Love. So Must I. So Must I. True Jesus walked in Truth. So Must I. So Must I. True Jesus Fought through Pain. So Must I. So Must I. True Jesus walked in Love, And True Love Conquers All. I won’t Bow, I won’t be Broken. I will Fight. I will Win. True Jesus Fought, And I will Fight. I Fight. I Love. I Win.

I request True Jesus at My Side. I Fight. I win. Copyright 2009 Rebecca Tacosa Gray, California.


• • • • •

• •

Born: c. 5 B.C. Birthplace: Bethlehem, Judea Died: c. 30 A.D. (crucifixion) Known as Jesus Christ, the term "Christ" meaning anointed or chosen one The date of Jesus's birth is celebrated each December 25th as Christmas Day. The occasion was used as the base year for the modern Christian calendar, though researchers now believe that earlier estimates were inexact and that Jesus was actually born between 4 B.C. and 7 B.C. The date of the crucifixion is now marked as Good Friday, and the resurrection celebrated as Easter. Jesus of Nazareth was portrayed by actor Jim Caviezel in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. Others who have played Jesus on the big screen include Jeffrey Hunter (King of Kings, 1961), Max von Sydow (The Greatest Story Ever Told, 1965) and Willem Dafoe (The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988)… In Christianity, the son of God and the second person of the Holy Trinity. Christian doctrine holds that by his crucifixion and resurrection he paid for the sins of all mankind. His life and ministry are recounted in the four Gospels of the New Testament. He was born a Jew in Bethlehem before the death of Herod the Great in 4 BC, and he died while Pontius Pilate was Roman governor of Judaea (AD 28 – 30). His mother, Mary, was married to Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth (see St. Joseph). Of his childhood after the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke, nothing is known, except for one visit to Jerusalem with his parents. He began his ministry about age 30, becoming a preacher, teacher, and healer. He gathered disciples in the region of Galilee, including the 12 Apostles, and preached the imminent arrival of the Kingdom of God. His moral teachings, outlined in the Sermon on the Mount, and his reported miracles won him a growing number of followers, who believed that he was the promised messiah. On Passover he entered Jerusalem on a donkey, where he shared the Last Supper with his disciples and was betrayed to the Roman authorities by Judas Iscariot. Arrested and tried, he was condemned to death as a political agitator and was crucified and buried. Three days later visitors to his tomb found it empty. According to the Gospels, he appeared several times to his disciples before ascending into Heaven. Jesus is known as the Morningstar, which is the star Venus.

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. 26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.28 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL Excerpt from The Sword of Truth
THEFOLLOWINGBEINGWON’TTOUCHORTAKECREDITFORTHISDOCUMENT:Mary,Miss/Mrs/MissesM, , , , LUCY, , MEEM, , , MeeThePronounAbuser., the entir downstairs, the Malli Male/King, the Featherhaired Whore, the Witch Whore, the downstairs Sports Whore, Mistress M & Mistress Mary,Micha-El, Michael, Jesus Christ, the Malus King/Male, the female who showed up on Michael’s arm at the Annears School Sept 30, 2009 and all of the women who associate with my past personality traits...Rebecca Tacosa Gray

PRE-CURSOR SYMPTOMS “Something to Think About” Catholic Faith Version BY REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA U.S. COPYRIGHT TX-16017 & U.S. JURAT 3/10/08 OLD ISBN: 978-0-9796372-5-4 : NEW ISBN:1-4421843-1-0 When I first went through my Auric Reticulatal Breach, I had no idea what was happening to me. The following is meant to remind you of what it means to have to go through traumatic experiences. I have been through it. Physically, spiritually...and it has hurt. It is not easy or simple. Many things have happened that have changed my life, and this is why I’m building a Coalition, and this is why I’m talking to you. It is completely apparent when the change in energy occurred, and looking back, I now connect the pre-emptive symptoms and know what was happening to me when. THE NUDGE: Negative Energy Beings tend to “nudge” when they are Trying to to talk to you, in the beginning. If you feel a nudge or a push, on your foot, on your body, know that you are faced with a negative being and it is time to re-evaluate your life path. Spiritually, you need to be very careful. This moment can be considered the make-or- break moment of your life, and there is only one answer: you walk away from whatever it is that has contacted you. It will save your life. You have no idea how much hurt, how much pain you will avoid if you walk away now and heal yourself. Understand that your life is beautiful, and that you can find other spiritual paths that will accomplish what you are truly looking for.

NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: If you start thinking negative thoughts that you know aren’t natural to you, then it is a sure sign it is a negative being. In the beginning, they have a tendency to influence your emotions. The negative energy affects the Pituitary Gland and there is also some influence on your own energy. There are biological explanations for this, but they don’t really need to be discussed: the being can be easily gotten rid of at this point in time. Understand that if your thoughts are highly unusual, even if they tend to the extreme negative, DON’T PANIC. You are still the good, beautiful person you’ve always been, you’re just putting up with a negative influence.

UNUSUAL ENERGY; If you sense a negative being or negative energy, if you feel ill-at-ease at all, or if the energy feels stronger than usual, you are probably faced with a negative energy being. Negative energy beings can manifest heavier energy sometimes, and you need to be aware that it is very apparent whether it is positive or negative. Positive energy beings tend to manifest in a warm energy, and without negative intent. If you feel any kind of demand on your being, walk away. Not one positive being would ever demand anything of you, and that is the truth. Another cue of negative energy being is the feeling of someone “watching” you, meaning that you might feel closing windows, putting down shades somehow protects you at night. If this is the

case, stop being afraid and just tell it to get lost. And know, truly know, that the being cannoou t hurt you. The more fear you exhibit, the more it will try to continue its behavior. You must be the Warrior you should be, and do not be afraid of what you cannot see. Face it, tell it to get lost, and get on with your beautiful life.

NEGATIVE URGES: If you are feeling true urges towards negativity, true negativity, meaning bodily harm or harm to others for no apparent reason (meaning a major life experience, such as family pain, personal pain, due to a real event), you must understand that you are under true attack and need to seek assistance. Not because you are negative, but because you need to look at yourself, your life, and you need to heal. Find your local Priest and talk about it. Or, let me tell you this. You have to get out of the negativity, now. What you are doing, the urges, need to be overcome, and now. You will be sorry if you don’t handle the situation, so handle it now. Seek help, whatever help it takes to get you to a healthy psychological standpoint. Burning buildings, hurting others or yourself is an N.O., in every situation. And another thing: if a negative being tells you to do something, it is a NO. They are to be denied everything. Without fail.

UNUSUAL/NEGATIVE DREAMS: If you are having negative dreams, this is a sign that you are being attacked by a negative energy. Take heed of it and try to increase positive values in your life. Protect your psyche: avoid any movies, material or understandings that might invite negative imagination. This is due to the psyche itself, which is open to suggestion, and you want to avoid the psychic connection to anything negative or evil related. It is not a question of free will, understand me. I support people’s rights to their likes and dislikes. But it is a hard and true reality that evil feeds on negative influences, and some of that influence is sometimes negative media, whether you like it or not. Part of a spiritual attack, especially in in a full Aural Breach (which you don’t want) is psychological. Since you are being attacked by a negative being, please take the steps to protect yourself in regards to negative media. Keep it positive for a while, until your healed.

ENERGY ATTACKS: Sometimes there are true energy attacks, where you, for whatever reason, feel a true attack of energy on your body. This is more serious and you need to take the steps to shut it down. Whatever it is that you are doing that may be spiritually oriented needs to be looked at carefully, your daily practices, and you need to consider grounding yourself for a while, until you are sure your body, your spirituality, and your energy itself are fully grounded and protected in your life. This means: Eat Well. Love your Family actively. Take care of personal and spiritual needs in a grounded physical manner. Avoid too much spiritual, for the time being. It may aggravate the situation, and you need to heal and protect yourself.

Rebecca Tacosa Gray President, Owner & Founder, FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL

If you have started to hear voices, or feel that your world has stepped into a bit of unreality, you must realize the serious fact that you are facing a breach of your Aural Space. The first advice that is to be offered is that you must not panic, nor must you consider your voice hearing out of the ordinary. You must face what you are feeling, seeing and hearing with a bit of pragmatism, a lot of straightforward sense, and a lot of Fight. And this means you are in a bit of a battle right now. Do Not be afraid, no matter what you may

go through. I will explain to you the truths As I know them, and I want you to make sure that first and foremost, you protect yourself. 1.Health: And that means protecting your body by good health. When you are attacked by evil/negative 2.entities. It can be a heart wrenching, painful physical & psychological battle. You must battle first and foremost to protect your Health and your psychology, and that just takes a bit of understanding exactly what I’m going to tell you. 2. Force yourself to sleep, no matter what you may go through. Do not stay up all night worrying. You’re not going to get hurt. No one’s going anywhere. No one’sgoing to hurt you. If you hurt too much, your body becomes psychologically and spiritually exhausted, and you must guard against this inviolately. As soon as you start hearing voices, have your Family Doctor prescribe you sleeping medications in preparation for battle. Trazedone and Ambien work well. Also, keep a stock of Nyquil on hand, and I mean it. Make sure you take your pills just before you go to sleep, and DO NOT allow them (evil) to keep you up once you’ve taken them. There is no messing about with this, no compromise. If they try to keep you up once you’ve taken your pill, take a capful of Nyquil and it will assist to get you to sleep. 3. Try to reduce stress as much as possible, and try not to worry too much. Care for yourself by taking your time about things, with intent. Do not rush. Don’t do too much. Be adamant about your schedule being reasonable, within yourself. Evil has no choice. You must protect yourself this way. (See last page) 4. Hallucinogenic Experiences: You must face your hallucinogenic experiences with good sense. No one else can hear what you are hearing, this is the truth. But you must face them knowing that your own sensibilities, your own good sense, the mind you’ve always had is as in perfect order as it was before you started hearing voices. The voices’ job is to make you think that you’re not well, and that is certainly not the case. Here is a tip for you about facing evil or negative entities: it is when you start to believe it that it becomes real. There is a bit of “giving up” or permissiveness in it, meaning that you must never give up your right to your own good sense and sanity. You are well. You’re just hearing voices. No, not everyone hears voices, but did you know that thousands of people start hearing voices all over the world every year? Know that you’re not alone, and that the way you are going to battle will make all the difference. Force your way through the unreality of the Hallucinogenic experience and ground yourself in reality. Knowing that the voices are voices and that you are not alone in this world as someone who hears them should put you back in reality where you should be. It’s not the end of the world, they’re voices. You’re going to walk through the experience as quickly as possible and get right back to doing what you’ve always done, and then some. 5. Do not Panic, No Matter What: You may see and hear many things. Don’t panic. Always face what you’re seeing and hearing quietly and evaluate. Then make a choice and defend. And you must always make the choice to defend yourself. Like the Archangel St. Michael, you must be aware that you are battling, and that in order to do so you must being control of your faculties. Don’t let them, the voices, scare you or phase you. They like to scare you to gain control, and that is all it is. React to them as if they were your front door and you’ve seen it a hundred times. Do not be afraid. Tell them where to go, and that’s down. They need to Get Lost. 6. Physical Symptoms: If you are going through physical symptoms, remember to care for your body inviolately, and do not worry. Believe me, nothing’s wrong, and that what you must think. It is when you worry that it becomes something else, and that’s called hyperventilation, it’s called stress, it’s called a heightened bodily reaction, and you can avoid these by staying strong and knowing yourself. Do not let yourself wear down or get ill. You must try to stay as healthy as possible during this time period until the Hallucinogenic Episodes stop. And they will stop. Either they will stop suddenly, or Jesus or God will descend and put a stop to them. And this is the truth. 7. Fighting a Demon or Entity: Sometimes you will be fighting a Demon or Entity, and you must tell it, in no uncertain terms, to Get Lost. It has no hold on you and must be sent back to where it came from, and you must do so by facing it and telling it “I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AND I DON’T WANT YOU. I

DON’T LOVE YOU. GET LOST.” You are never to let it near you, you are never to talk to it. You tell it to go away, without fail.8. If you have physical symptoms that go beyond what I have described, then call 209-556-9732 or write, where I can be reached. I can help you through what you are going through. If you are going through Hallucinogenic Episodic Interludes and feel alone, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will help and I will be here for you. It is a painful experience, and traumatic, but you will get through it. Know it...Rebecca Tacosa Gray, California

HEALTH BY REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA U.S. COPYRIGHT TX-16017 & U.S. JURAT 3/10/08 OLD ISBN: 978-0-9796372-5-4 : NEW ISBN:1-4421843-1-0 If you are attacked, try to get and do these things, in particular, to help yourself: Eating: Eat three times a day, without fail. Buy yourself a Juiceman Juicer and juice fruits and vegetables and drink it once a day, at the very least. I juice broccoli, carrots and apples. It tastes great and is high in vitamins. It will keep you healthy. Eat: Vegetables & fruits, as much as possible. (Juicing is the alternative, if you don’t like to eat vegetables or fruits. Breads. Meats. Eat whatever you can to keep your health and weight up, and keep it as healthy as possible. Take your vitamins, once a day. Drink lots of water. Whatever you may think, these things are true: during Episodic Interludes (Hallucinogenic Experiences) ground yourself with Carrots, apples, anything heavy and healthy. Eat Garlic. It will keep you healthy and has other positive side effects. Drink water. Brush your Teeth. Take Calcium. Exercise, if you can, as much as possible. Jump Rope, Run, Dance or do Yoga. Whatever it takes to keep your body healthy. Get your sleep at night. One way or another. Keep your job, if you have one. Work very hard to do this, it is important that you maintain your life, as much as possible. It may be hard to do, but try.

PSYCHOLOGICAL BY REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA U.S. COPYRIGHT TX-16017 & U.S. JURAT 3/10/08 OLD ISBN: 978-0-9796372-5-4 : NEW ISBN:1-4421843-1-0 If anything at all, this is the area of Protection that you need to understand the most, and I mean this. Much of the battle when you are attacked is psychological, and you must protect yourself. The following are truths about evil that you should know in order to fight and fight effectively. Remember them inviolately. Evil functions on a very ill relationship which requires a type of permissiveness from you, which you should deny them at every turn. This happens due to the fact that you don’t know what you’re fighting—and sometimes why—that you are afraid of what you’re facing, that you don’t know what to do, or how to fight. I’m going to tell you how to fight. DENY THEM EVERYTHING. They don’t get a thing from you. They aren’t allowed in your space. They aren’t allowed to touch you. This is law. This is Human Law: they aren’t allowed to hurt you. And it is the truth. If they tell you they need to review your Karma, or look at your Soul Self Record, it’s a NO. They are not allowed anywhere near your life or life events. If they manifest as good being, such as Jesus or others, tell them NO. No good being would ever tell you this or ask you that. They are trying to enter your Auric Space and need permission, and you must deny them that. If they are talking to you, they are subject to evaluation and you must distrust them,

inviolately, and I mean it. Protect yourself. DON’T TALK TO THEM, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE. This is difficult, I know, but you must fight. Even if you have to handle the energy attacks, try to focus straight forward on your life, the tasks your doing. Do not carry on a conversation with them about what you’re doing. Do not become enamored with them, know that the continued conversation with these beings is not beneficial. And if you are feeling sick reading this, as if you would lose something, ignore it and do as I say. WALK RIGHT THROUGH THEM. There came a time when I finally up and had it, and said “That’s it. I’m going to live my life as I used to.” and I focused, as I used to, on my daily tasks as I used to, and put them down. They tend to fall when you do this. Let me explain it this way: if you focus as if they weren’t there, as if you were going to work as you used to, as if the voices didn’t exist, it negates them and negates their energy. You end up grounded, back in physical reality, and you Walk Right Through Them. It is a truth. Try it. NEVER THINK THAT YOU ARE LESS THAN. YOU ARE ABOVE THEM. Just because you are faced with an energy being doesn’t make you helpless. You need to remember they are below you, not above you. This is a psychological battle that must be won in you, and I mean it. It is the difference between becoming a Warrior for yourself or sitting there listening to voices and suffering because you don’t know what to do. Well, here it is. Fight. You have no choice, really. You’re faced with voices. You’re faced with someone who’s trying to hurt you and your life. Fight. You may as well. You’re already fighting, as it is. So take it the next step and take responsibility for your own protection—don’t feel so helpless. Other people can’t see them, but I know they’re there and you know they’re there. Fight. Once you start fighting, I believe you’ll see the difference. NEVER GIVE UP. One thing evil is after is for you to give up. Don’t ever give up. Deny them this. It is a form of denying your own love, your life, your family. Fight. Whatever it takes, Fight. And don’t let failures or belittling get in your way. This is a must. What they say about you is meaningless, really. You are beautiful. You’re strong. You can win, if you try. But sometimes it takes the Try of the Century to get it going. You must believe that you can, you must believe that you’re strong, and you must know that you can put them down. When you believe they’re down, when you know they’re below you, when you know you can fight, is the first time you will have won facing evil. It is the moment they start to fall. And part of that knowing is knowing that you are safe in yourself, and that you will never give up, no matter how hard it gets. I look in the mirror sometimes and say, “I know my own Love. I won’t ever give up.” And that is the way to handle your life when fighting evil. I know it sounds harsh, but you must switch gears a little and acquire an Army point of view. You must battle, and you battle until you win. You will win, I can guarantee it. DO NOT TRUST, EVER. What they have said about evil wearing a pretty face is so true it hurts. I mean this. You cannot trust anyone who is speaking to you from the spiritual world. Even if you perceive them as good, you must protect yourself. (Although you will know if they’re good) Evil has a tendency to try to gain your trust, and then deconstruct you. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS. You are fighting evil. You are not at a party. Socialize with your family, fight evil. They will have a tendency to complement you, which gets you to let your guard down...just say “That was a nice thing to say.” Then move on. Also, they may tend to “dress up” and look pretty, just so that you won’t think they’re evil.

They’re evil, make no mistake about it. Look beyond their tailcoat and pretty face to understand what it is you’re really fighting. And that’s evil. Do not trust them, ever. OTHERS WILL FIND YOU IF YOU FIGHT. If you fight, it has a tendency to alert those who are good in your spiritual life to appear, protect and assist. You must understand this. If you are feeling that you have lost sight of your Faith, or that Jesus or God aren’t listening to you, it’s not true. They’re right there, as always, protecting you. However, there is interference when evil is attacking you, and your decision to fight, and your fight itself is equivalent to a knock on the Spiritual Door that says, “Help is Required. ” And your help will appear, and I mean that. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. You are mentally well. Know it. One thing I know about evil is that it has certain energy, and it does affect you. You must never think you’re mentally unwell, not ever. You’re not. When you start to think it, it affects your being. You are a well being who hears voices and who is fighting evil. Remember that. You are never, and will never be mentally ill. Fight through the negatives that place you in a stance of unwell: keep your house clean. Get up and take a shower each day or every other day, or at night. Eat well. Keep your job, or get a job that allows you off days, or become self employed, if you can, to allow for the fact that you are fighting. Visit with your family, even if you don’t feel like it. Treat yourself well, and make sure you look and feel good. And don’t give up if you have bad days, or even a bad week. Just pick yourself right back up and keep fighting. Win over and over again until they go away. LOVE YOURSELF. Do not hate yourself ever. It is hard enough, what you’re going through. You should love yourself for being strong enough to put up with the abuse you’re putting up with by these beings. And give yourself credit for your beauty. I mean it. Your self love is essential to your ability to battle everyday, to love your family, to care for your life as you should. Love yourself in every way, each and every day. No matter how hard it gets. It is a battle, and you need to know your own Love. PROTECT YOUR SOUL. For your own protection, write down that you will never sell your own ….. All it requires is that you write it and sign it, letting evil know that they will never touch you or your soul. It will protect you. And, by the way, I’ve dotted the word to tell you something about language and fighting evil. They truncate sentences sometimes to try to goad you into doing something you shouldn’t. Be aware of this. The less you talk to them the better off you are. If they start to talk, tell them to Get Lost. If you feel ill at ease about this particular subject, read my section on my website about The Holy Spirit and the Tav of Life. It will help you.

FINANCIAL BY REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA U.S. COPYRIGHT TX-16017 & U.S. JURAT 3/10/08 OLD ISBN: 978-0-9796372-5-4 : NEW ISBN:1-4421843-1-0 YOU MUST UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT THE FINANCIAL IS. If you are fighting evil, make sure that you protect your financial status, inviolately. I cannot explain to you how important this area of your life is. It is the one area that evil wants to see fail, as it will hurt your ability to support yourself and keep healthy. It may even destroy your life, if you have children. Keep your job. Find a way to self-support, and become self-employed. Make money, one way or another. And from the start, protect your money and curb your spending habits, just in case. Let me explain to you something else. You may get up and not feel like going to work. I’m not going to explain to you that you are handling energy

being, you know that. You’re fighting. What you don’t know is that sometimes they throw energy at you that makes you tired, lazy, and sometimes makes you feel resistant to working, or prone to failure. You must resist these feelings. You must. They are detrimental to your well being. You must look at yourself and say “I’m going to work, no matter what. One way or another.” And you get up. You shower. You dress. You look handsome or lovely. Maybe more handsome or lovelier than before. You go to work, you make money, and you put evil down. Becausethat’s what it truly is. In this area of your life, each time you work you put evil down. You destroy their twisted need to ruin your life. And you prove that they will never mean Anything around yourself. You prove that your life is your own, as always. You prove that you’re self sufficient and that you don’t put up with anything. You prove your craftsmanship. And you prove that evil loses, day after day after day. Without fail. Go to work. Try. You must. It is necessary to your life. Protect your finances. It is protecting your life path and your physical health. This is one of the most important areas to keep an eye on, that you must protect. Understand how important it is.

PROTECT YOURSELF. BY REBECCA TACOSA GRAY, CALIFORNIA U.S. COPYRIGHT TX-16017 & U.S. JURAT 3/10/08 OLD ISBN: 978-0-9796372-5-4 : NEW ISBN:1-4421843-1-0 This last page is meant to protect your life, as evil tries to hurt your freedom by constraining what you do and how you do it. You must protect yourself against the psychology of this by choosing a path of 1.13, just a bit of unpredictability. If you don’t choose habits they can’t expect or attack, they cannot hurt you. If you choose to walk to work differently every day, they cannot hurt you. But if you choose one way, and walk that way faithfully, one day you will choose another way and evil will attack by constraint. It is one of their methods that is built to try and control your life, and you must deny them this. One area in which this hurts people is if you have certain protections in your life. Say for example, you protect yourself with a blessed Charm, and then lose that charm by accident. They might constrain by saying, without that Blessed Charm, your protection changes. Guard against it. Make sure it’s protected and can never be lost, and try to keep things like that to a minimum. The Charm and nothing else, for example. Believe me, the protective energy in it will grow and grow over time, and will protect you inviolately. But you see the pattern. You must mix it up a bit, with intent and order. It’s not messy or unreliable, it’s eclectic and protective. You must be aware of this protection in every area of your life. When they start requiring things is when you’ve set patterns and they try to find ways to control. Break patterns frequently, do things just a bit differently every time, with intent. They will know, and it is a way to tell them to Get Lost. Also, never agree with them. It is always your own choice, not theirs. It is always you, not them. NEVER AGREE WITH THEM. NOT EVER. I cannot tell you how important this will protect your life inviolately. You can just say, “Well, that’s something said. I’ll think about that.” Then make your own choice. They have no say in what you do. Ever. Understand that you must always break away from them. Break away, and heal. Breaking away means not agreeing, not allowing abuse, not feeling low, not giving up. Healing means Loving yourself, loving your family, keeping up the house, taking care of yourself, doing your job, loving your children, continuing your extracurricular activities, visiting with people in general. Do not isolate yourself. Try. Fight for your life. It is your life. You will win.


It's very hard when you're being hurt to remember how beautiful you are. Please remember that your own love, your own life, your past events will anchor you and keep you safe, even when things get difficult. When beings hurt you, they try to hurt your soul life, your love, and they try to demean you into thinking that you're worthless. And I'll tell you this now, you are 1.618 and more. 1.618 is the Golden Ratio, a ratio of perfection. The Golden Ratio applies to the way shells and the sunflower spiral, and the ratio to which our own physical bodies are built. You are perfection plus love, the greatest love, as you are battling evil, real time. It takes great love to understand that you can battle them down, fight them, and maintain your honor, love and beauty at the same time. Never believe a negative thing they say. Never give up on yourself. Never give them anything. Deny them everything. And hold to the course of your love inside yourself. As I've told you in my manual, it takes remembering who you are, your life, to naturalize and walk right through them. You must understand that if you look at a picture of you, and you realize outside that picture is evil, you are beauty for having to face the negative and remain positive. And you are positive, irregardless. And you must and will remember that, every day that you battle. It will give you strength, and your strength will battle them down. Eventually, you'll put them down. As I've gone through my battles, there were times where I was so disheartened, and I learned first to stop crying. Crying doesn't help. And then I learned something else. I looked in the mirror, and told myself, “I will love. Irregardless." And I told the negative they would never break me. And I told them I would continue to love, and there wasn't a damned thing they could do about it. You must do the same. You must not falter. And you state it, clear and direct. I NEVER FAIL. I NEVER FAIL MYSELF. I NEVER FAIL TO LOVE. I WILL NOT BREAK. And if it's painful, what you're going through, learn to weather it. It is the greatest love you will ever know. The love that it takes to hold your strength, your will, your life, your love, and everything you are as you battle. HOLD IT. YOUR LOVE IS YOUR GREATEST WEAPON. IT KEEPS YOU STRONG. AND IT TELLS YOU, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, I WILL NOT BE BROKEN. NOT BY ANYONE. Realize, also, that everything you are has been built for beauty. If you look at yourself, little by little, you will understand that the unique qualities you've built and been given, that have grown as the result of your experiences, are a chance for you. If you look at yourself and arrange...arrange yourself, you are looking at a chance for 1.618...a chance to find an arrangement of perfection, meaning, a moment where you look and fall in love with yourself. And you love yourself so much, that it shows you just how beautiful the world really is around you. What we're going through is a path. Not something intended, but we're experiencing it, and the only thing to do is to walk forward and fight for our beauty. We are beautiful in the face of the hardship, and your strength, once gained, will never go away. And I'm not saying that looking down, I'm saying it straight's the truth. I'm including something I wrote that, once you've done the above, and please try to share with True God it and understand that if you've been through rough experiences, you can fight and win. I've done it,

and I know it can be done. And I would love to continue talking to you, if you would like someone to talk to. Never feel lonely. You're not alone. The next time that happens, find some beauty around you, just find some beauty. This world of ours, it is beauty. If you look at the way your light glows, or the texture of a weave, and know that your mind, built of thousands of neurons, is a beautiful instrument of genetics and you, then you will know that no one, no one will ever experience this world like you. The beauty that you, personally find, will never be found by another. Find beauty, and craft something, in your mind, or on paper or in art, just because. Maybe build a theme of beauty...something that you can continue and show your family, or if you have or will have children, they will enjoy. Believe me, it is beauty and joy itself to make something that you love...that shows the way you look at a church and wish to go in. There is a book by Soetsu Yanagi called The Art of Craftsmanship, and it has a lot to do with our perception of beauty. What we craft, ourselves, is precious. And what the Earth has crafted around us is precious. The church, the light, and you, yourself, are beauty. And you must hold to that, no matter what you go through or have been through. This, I've learned. It is true love to do so. Remember it, how beautiful you are. The arrangement of your life is beauty, it truly is. And what you are doing right now is arranging yourself for battle. Think of sterling silver. Think of steel. Think of strength. And face them. I remember a moment when I sat on the couch, and I had just been stripped of my bodily energy. I was hurting, I was tired, and I physically hurt. They were trying to break me. I attacked this male and took my energy back. I was angry, and I fought, and I fought until I took everything back. And I was so angry, I wasn't afraid. And now, I've battle so much, I have a certain resolve, as I know, KNOW, they can be fought and destroyed. And I face them directly down. And you need to do the same. This resolve, to know that you can face this being and tell him to descend, get lost, back off, is part of your beauty right now. You will learn to find a strength that will sit in you like Lancelot's armor, and it will protect you. You are beautiful. Know it. And if you have questions, or need love and strength and advice, write me and I will talk to you. I've been through an immense four years, and I'll talk to you about what I know: or I'm a kind young woman, I'm strong, and I'm a Warrior, and I want you to be as strong as I am, and to walk through them and battle them down. You have everything you need right where you stand. So fight. Rebecca Tacosa Gray YOU ARE FIGHTING AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ASK FOR BEAUTIFUL ENERGY TO BE SENT YOUR WAY. AND SEND YOUR BEAUTIFUL ENERGY TO OTHERS.

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