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May, 2015

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort in Singapore. It is shaped like a large cruise
ship, which has three large buildings under the ship as a buffer. Marina bay sands is situated at
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956, in front of the Marina Bay, Singapore. Views from
google maps Marina Bay Sand is located to the east of Marina Bay, to the south of Helix Bridge ,
to the north of Bayfront Link and Marina Bay City Gallery, and to the west of Dragonfly Lake.

Marina Bay Sands is an Integrated Resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed
by Las Vegas Sand. The primary use of Marina Bay Sand is Hotel. The area of this building is
249,843 sq. m. (two hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred and forty-three metre
squared). This building has a unique shape because if we look from a distance its looks like a
ship on the three building buffer. the buildings have functions as hotel. This building has curved
external surfaces. The sides length of this building are 207 metres (679 ft) and This building has
57 stories. marina bay sand is the only building that has skypark with a span length of 340 m
which is longer than the Eiffel tower height.

the main entrance of marina bay sand faces west. the long axis of this building is
orientated north and south , it's maximise the area of wall exposed to the sun. So it's doesn't help
to keep the inside of the building cool. The building is bounded by Bayfront Avenue street to the
east and to the south. it's also bounded by Marina Bay to the west and Helix bridge to the north.
Marina Bay Sand has vehicular acces from the road to the east and south.


Marina Bay Sands is one of two winning proposals for Singapore's first Integrated Resort
which incorporates a family-friendly Universal Studios Theme Park. Marina Bay Sand was build
to meet Singapore's economic and tourism objectives for the next decade.
The resort is designed by Moshe Safdie who says it was initially inspired by card decks.
In addition to the casino, other key components of the plan are three hotel towers with 2,500
rooms and suites, a 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) ArtScience Museum and a convention
centre with 1,200,000 square feet (110,000 m2) of space, capable of accommodating up to
45,000 people. The resort's architecture and major design changes along the way were also
approved by its feng shui consultants, the late Master Chong Swan Lek and Master Louisa OngLee.
The Engineering for the project was headed by Arup and Parsons Brinkerhoff
(MEP/ELV). Arup had originally worked on such prestigious projects such as the Beijing
National Aquatics Centre and the Sydney Opera House. In spite of their experience, they
described the integration of the varied and advanced technologies as the 'most difficult to carry
out in the whole world. The extensive background music system was installed by Singaporebased contractor Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd.
Marina Bay Sands was originally planned to be completed in a single phase in 2009, but
rising construction costs and the financial crisis forced the company to open it in phases. The
first phase preview opening was further delayed until 27 April 2010, and the official opening was
pushed back to 23 June 2010. The rest of the complex remained under construction and was
opened after a grand opening on 17 February 2011. On 23 June 2010, the resort had its official
opening with a "2-day celebration"
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Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort in Singapore,it has some
places consists of Hotel Towers, Sky Park, Theaters, Marina Bay Shoppes,
Event Piazza, Crystal Pavilion, ArtScience Museum, Casino, Marina Bay Sands
Expo & Convention Center, and Rooftop Ampitheater.
This hotel has 2600 rooms with full facilities. Sky Park which is an exterior
garden with an area of approximately 25000 square meters in the sky. It s
consists of food and beverages outlets, Three swimming pools, poolside
amenities, public observation deck, garden, and jogging paths. Marina Bay
Sand has 6 large restaurant inside. Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention
Center is a place for big events which has an area of 120,000-square meters
(1.292 million square feet). Rooftop Ampitheater is a place for theater shows,
it has a unique shape because it looks like a lotus flower blooming.

Marina Bay Sand built using that structure is not easy, a lot of challenges for this project.
Marina Bay Sands is a combination of complex design parameters match the project schedule
very quickly, from initial sketches to completion within four years. This means organizing close
and intensive relations between the teams engineering, construction management and design at
the site, so that solutions can be rapidly negotiated coordinated as they arise
One of the uniqueness of this building is 3 buildings connected by a sky park that is
shaped like a ship. Many of the elements that must be calculated with a building height of 200m
one of his examples is the wind load. This building is modeled on a scale of 1: 4 and performed a
wind test for security and convenience.
Sky park hold girdes box to reduce the increase of the cantilever response. 4.5 metric tons
(5- ton) load reliever, in the put on the tip of the cantilever, it has function to increase the load on
the structure of the damper presentation. Marina Bay Sand has three buildings that support the
sky park at the top, the building consists of four elements, namely, roofs, walls, floors and
foundation . in this building which functioned as the roof is the sky park.
Marina Bay Sand walls constructed from cladding and wall structure. The walls of the
building is made of beams and stanchion. On the surface of the walls there are many glass
windows, glass is used because it is transparent. so that we can see the sunset and views of
Singapore from inside the building. Floors in Marina Bay Sand consist of wearing surface wich
is made of various materials. there are vinyl, marble, and others. And a floor structure which is
made of precast concrete.
The foundation of the building is made of concrete piles, the foundation depth from 69.5
to 82.5 m, it is used as a structure that can distribute the load down hard soil / rock, concrete is
used because it has a high compressive strength so it's safe to holding the load from Marina Bay
Sand, either in the form of columns and beams.
SkyPark roof made of steel IWF which has a high shear strength, resistance to corrosion,
and lightweight so as not to increase the burden of the building. rooftop SkyPark has a function
as a pool whose had a volume of 1,424 m3 and to see the sights.