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''Lack of self reliance, self confidence is

an antidote to accomplishment of one's


''Self-distrust is the architect of people's


''Success is in individual, not in the


We are living in the age of serious global depletion, deplorable financial

and economic depression, social and ecological downturn. There is a

gentle/steady, silent, subtle, systematic decline in corporate governance,

academic pursuit; moral decadence. This global erosion is an evidence of

failure, which calls for analysis of success.

SUCCESS: According to Henry David = ''If one advances

confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the

life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in

common hours.''

In fact, success is the gem that captures the aspirations of everybody, firm,

and government. It actually entails obtaining a set out goals. Since success

is vital to every student, practicing manager, and public administrator. It is

necessary to look at the constituents’ success.

Success constituents

A. Desire and determination

B. Goal setting and time management

C. Teamwork and Resources Management

Desire and determination

The bedrock/stepping-stone to success in any Endeavour of life to any

person, firm, institution or organization is desire. To desire is to ''yearn for''

while determination is the ''decision'' taking out of burning desire. Note that

the pathway to success is always under construction. This road is never

laid on bed of roses but with pebbles and thorns. It takes a man/ woman

with burning desire and strong determination to tread on it.

‘‘Success is not a

product of fate, chance

or luck, it is the result

of burning desire and

diligence that knows

no defeat''
Goal setting and time management

''Make no little plans. They have

no magic to stir men's blood,

make big plans, aim high in

hope and work for men who

succeeds are the efficient few.

They are the few who have the

ambition and will power to

develop themselves''
Goal setting and time management are inevitable and indispensable if

anyone, firms/organisation must succeed. It is a statement of objective or

purpose clearly spelt out and proper utilization of available time to achieve

the aim.

Teamwork and resources management

What men do successfully is what history makes haste to record. In

building of good corporate image, teamwork and resource management

cannot be under emphasized. This demands corporation from all and

sundry in an organization. That is all staff must of necessity work within the

mould of corporate objective to compliment the efforts, gifts and abilities of

the others in order to spend up the work and achieve the set goal.

Above all, effective management of resources is needed if success must be


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