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DOWNTOWN ws @ 7) @ e IS MUSIC IMPORTANT TO TORONTO? Research shows thatthe arts matter to Torontonians in diverse and profound ways. Not only doarts anc culture contribute $113 billon tothe city’s economy every yea: they also employ 174000" people. The arts bring tourists to the city help support cal business and create a more livable cy ‘Music particu, dea (0 Torontonians The city isthe largest mus market in Canada, the fifth largest in North ‘America, and home to rec3 labels and recording studios plus both ‘commercial and not for-profit music enterprises. WHAT DOES MUSIC HAVE TO DO WITH A BIA? Quitealot asittums out An effective BA develops a keen understanding of economic development opportunities forts businesses ands district economy. ‘Typically, competitivenes: comes from oflering something unique— something tat isireplaczable, ‘The idea ofa music strategy isto preserve a distinctly unique Toronto experience and connect Nat oa distinctly unique Toronto future, to generate ‘economic vitality. Perhaps most important ithe role that aBIA can play to advocate forthe ‘music sector with federal provincial and local funding agencies. Downtown ‘Yonge Business Improvement Area (DYBIA) for example, acts a faciitator and partner in support of various music events, including DYBIA partnered with MonstrARTity to secure funding through the Ontario Cultura Attractions Fund (OCAF) to present the Monster Rock Orchestra on YYonae-Dundas Square in May 2015; and «_DYBIAS summer ambassador team, which has been party funded by Service ‘Canada inthe past, works as event support throughout the summer months. use SHAE. DOMWTOWNYoREE BIL IE 2015 0@2GE Soon are = Page2ot8 bowntown, 0ODGO RT aa ag US Saati aa Downtown Yonge is the ight location from two separate perspectives: itis the bistorical home of Toronte music, but it also at the heart of curent demand, for live music rom vistorsand locas. Traditionally, Yonge Street has been the hub of music retail too—tink Sam the Record Man, or Cheapie ABA and Sunrise Records. Thisllows Downtown Yonge to offer a unique uban music experience, ‘Music Lives Here. Not only is Downtown Yorge’s legacy that of Toronto's music hub, butt’ also ‘one ofthe largest and most divers ive music destinations inthe city today. During thefts, sites and seventies, Yonge Street hosted some of the ‘world most renowned musicians atthe city’s well-known live music venues. “Think of azz great Oscar Peterson performing atthe Town Tavern, or Motown icons Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross at Club Blue Note. Toronto’ own Glenn Gould was featured a the Eaton Auditorium, as was bles singer Bll Holiday Whether rocking to Bill Haley & the Comets at Friars Tavern—now the Hard Rock Café at Yonge and Dundas—or soaking up soul music at Le Coq dOr Tavern, musi lived in Downtown Yonge. “Teday ive music continues to flourish on Yonge Street with 14 ive performance venues tha an accommadate almost 16,000 people at any ‘lven time. This includes established concert venves like historic Massey Halla well as jazz clubs Ike The Jazz Bisto, theatres ike the Elgin & Winter Garden, event spaces ike The Carl, plus ahost of churches like the Church of the Holy Trinity in Trinity Square Park, which provide exceptional performance spaces, ‘Te heart of Toronto's putlic performance space—Yonge Dundas Square—Is located in Downtown Yonge at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets ‘Music-lovers live here too‘. ‘Some 175,000 people ivewithina 10-minute walk of Downtown Yonge’ ive ‘music enues and that population is growing rapidly - forecast at 43% over the decade 02024 ferhaps ere mpotay residents ar young —20h between 2a 35 yas Deena nda household icone of almost 1000002 peor Ove ae empojed inars culture, sport and exreation—double the City average They also spend 4 aceonana se STE. OWATOWNONEE BL | NEIS Page 3018 pownrown, 2 0200 |. considerably more on ants and culture entertainment than residents elsewhere in n “Teronto: 43% more on ive performing arts and 32% more on museum and sila = activites ‘Another $80,000 people are based in the area during the day, creating a ‘market for lunchtime andater-work music programming, ‘The BIA surveys local office employees and residents annually as part of ‘program planning nial sults for 2015 suggest 8795 of respondents want to '2e live music a5 part ofthe summer’ plan Preferred music genres indicated ate: pop racl/indlejaz and blues, ‘There ae still more visitors who gather in Downtown Yonge for musical ‘events and festivals every year, Attendance at events in Downtown Yonge can be in the hundeeds of thousands CRA a TORONTO'S MUSIC LEGACY? [ARDBIA, were working tovardsan integrated urban music experience that allows visitors to follow in re fotsteps of Yonge Streets music legends + Take our walking tou ard listen to musidans stories about Yonge Steet using ‘ur downloadable Walking Tour App, which is currently in development, + Follow the heritage plaques that show the way into, and between, significant spaces and bulings that hosted Toronto's music scene in years ‘gone by. These are being rolled out in 2015 + Spot the iconic neon sign installations that it up Yonge Street's famous ‘music venues, now displayed as neon museum in Downtown Yonge’s laneways and public spaces, an initiative currently inthe planning stages. WE ALREADY OFFER Guided walking tours focused on music history in Downtown Yonge during the summer as wellas byrequest throughout the year, in partnership with Heritage Teronto and Music Canad. mse SHUTS. oOWNTOWH YORE BIL IE HIS Pagesor8 powntown, 002060 COLOR aa Leo SMe US Tea ‘Music cant be captured orld ina stati space It moves, travels and expands ‘through thesretslanevays and buildings in Downtown Yonge. We see our performance venues asincing our parks squares and public spaces so musics Sinoysin the ac ‘Apivotal location for live music in Downtown Yonge is of course Yonge- ‘Dundas Square and every year Downtown Yonge BIA works to bring music ‘prograrnming and eventsto the space. During the summer months, Downtown Yonge activates local parks and squares with music programming - with a program that expands every year. [At the core as always is commitment to artist engagement and support, {and providing opportunites for young and emerging musicians. WE ALREADY OFFER i + Ply the Paks series of lunchtime concerts and exercise programs held during the summer. The2014 line-up featured special performancesin celebration of Word Prie, and the 2015 program ville presented in partnership with 479, Nusic Canada music ct inttive, focusing on artist ‘support and development. + In2015, Downtown Yonge will launch Monster Rock Orchestra forthe fist time at Yonge Dundas Square in May fora ight and sound spectacular SDRC tia aa ae STS aU ad ‘Our vision i to create a music incubator for emerging artists that focuses on artist suppor. Utimately, we envision a stanc-alone, mult-evel music incubator at the heart ofthe district, with sufficient floor space to accommodate acaféand performance space on the ground studio and recording space: as well as ‘administrative offices forthe music incubator and other related tenants se SMMTEE.DeMMTOWNYONEE BLL | so 2015 rage 08 powntown 0@2G0 Asa starting pint, we areaiming to bring several key incubator programs into Downtown Yonge and are currently collaborating with Canadas Music Incubator (CMI) at Coaltien Music, based in Scarborough. Forallthe reasons outlined inthis strategy, we belleve Downtown Yonge represents the optimal location for an urban music incubator and were already taking te fist steps towards making it happen, ‘Our goalisto plot wth CML the fist Artist Management Program offered in Canada, tobe launched in Novernber 2015. [Ant managers are entrepreneurs and the primary business partner fr recording ass They invest in an arists creative development, business and personal ‘growth by collaborating, guiding and advising on dayto-day career matters. We are already working with Coalition Music andthe Citys Economic Development & Culture Division to bring the fst Artist Management Program cofferedin Canada to Dowrtown Yonge in Fal 2015. SO aR a ee We're proud to be working witha great team of music professionals and experts across the sector including Music Canada and 4479 ‘Music Canada isa non-profit trade organization founded in 1964 that promotes the interests oflts members as well as their partners, the artists. 44479 Toronto, Music Canadas music city inate, s providing programming ‘and production suppor for Play the Parks as well as connections tothe broader music communi, in Toronto. Canadia's Music Incubator at Coalition Music ‘There no questioning the recent growth trend in busines incubators and sccelerators Toronto home toa number of such ergaizations that areal doing great workin their spective industries: Ryerson’ Digital Media Zone, Toronto's Fashion Incubator MaRS, and Toronto’ Food Business Incubator Immediately ome to min. ‘When Coalition Music created CM in 2011, it was motivated by a larly Identified industry need. Feal commitment to lang term artist development was something that had become watered down and essentially only pad lip-service. use STAEY- DOWNTOWN OREEBMA. se 201 Page of Downtown, 062060 Based on their experiencein developing the careers of globally successful artists Coalition Music knew that areal and effective music incubator had to stand side-by-side withnew and emerging atts in the trenches of the Independent music community t meant not only investing in arts and their creative development, bu ao in thee business, entrepreneurial and personal ‘growth, Cash awards, stclo time, performance opportunities and workshops ‘are all amazing things, bu they are arguably wasted on new artists that lack the foundation of creative and business tos, know-how and self awareness ‘needed to fully capitalize an those and other opportunities. (Ola not for profit corperation, has evolved into a creative ecosystem built ‘on the pillars of hands-on mentoring, collaboration and networking. In CMS ‘mind, anything ess wil simply not serve the long-term interests of artists oF ‘the musi industry. CMI starts with a 1O-week incubation period (the Artist, EntepenetTour& Tech and soon tobe launched Artist Management professional developmen: programs) followed by extended incubation and ongoing coaching Through effective incubation and acceleration, artists, techs and managers can confidently and knowingly choose the professional partners they fe! willbe the strongest representatives and ambassadors oftheir brands and businesses, Developed, confident, and seit aware artists and industry entrepreneurs with business acumen are good for everyones business especially thelr own. City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture Division The Economic Development & Culture Division EDC) a the Cty of Toronto is ‘committed to making Toronto place where business and culture thrive. The ‘objective isto advance Taranto’ prosperity, opportunity and liveabilty by + Contributing to the gronth of Toronto's economy by fostering employment {and investment opportunities: Encouraging Toronto cultural vibrancy through more and enhanced cultural expressions and experiences; and Engaging partners in the planning and development of the Citys economic and cultural resources. {hirepreneurship Services within EDC provides a range of asistance for those looking to establish or grow a smal business and supports the startup ‘eco-system in Toronto thiough the business incubation program. Through its programming delivery technical expertise, network, tools and support ‘of incubator infrastructure, Entrepreneurship Services helps dramatically ‘enhance the success of entrepreneurs as they work to mave thei ideas Into viable, successful new businesses that create jobs and commercialize new products, services and technologies that grow Toronto's economy. mse STATES. DOWNTOWNYORGE BIR K215 Pager 8 c DOWNTOWN r 00260 | ‘The City of Toronto Music strategy i part of ts overarching Film & t Entertainment Industries eam, comprising Fim Music Tourism & Vitor Services, and Event Supper. The tami therefore iealy positioned to work ‘wth DYBI in elevating and animating the areas ambtious music goals ‘Key roles for Musi Sector Development atthe City include creating more ‘opportunities for live musi to flourish increasing te presence of music Jn Toronto's tourism messaging and overall civic identity; and providing ‘businere-to-businers connections within the sector - «9 DYBIAS projecte tohonour Downtown Yooges musical heritage, to encourage future lve performances, and to develop a music incubator align closely with the City’s ‘own music objectives, Heritage Toronto Heritage Toronto isa chartable arms tength agency ofthe City of Toronto established in 1949 t promote a greater appreciation forthe citys ich architectural cultural archaeological and natural heritage. Through partnerships with loal community groups and volunteers, Heritage Toronto provides city-wide programs and services From Oscar Peterson at the Town Tavern to\Glenn Gould at the Eaton ‘Ausitorium, Yonge Street shome to many venues and important events in Toronto's music history. Heritage Toronto is excited to partner with DYBIA to recognize ths history thrcugh its Tours and Plaques and Markers Program. Inadaition, discussions have been initlated wih arange of stakeholders from Ryerson University to indegendent property ownersin the Downtown Yonge are, For more information please contact: Mark Garner Executive Director & CSO /Powntownvonge Downtown Yonge BIA re MGameradowntownyongecom ve % 16597-0285 et. 225, ® vnvedowntownyongecom mse SAE: DOMMTONN ONE BAL | su 2015 Page bot