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Final Exam: HSCI 120, E100

! Wednesday December 10th 7pm-10pm

! Location: C9001
! 150 questions
! Multiple choice
! True/false
! Matching (given a word-bank)
! 2 short answer questions (given 3 options)

Material Covered
! All material from the beginning of the course is
! However I will not test you on material that was
not at least mentioned in lecture

Exam Review
! Do not have to study Lecture 1
! Lecture 2: Sexual development
! Sexual hormones (testosterone, progesterone,
! Differentiation in utero (mullerian ducts/wolfian
ducts; role of hormones)
! Sexual anatomy
! Female and male external and internal genitalia

Exam Review
! Lecture 3: Sexuality across the lifecycle
! Gender development (gender schema theory)
! Puberty
! Sexual behaviour of adolescents
! Menstrual cycle
! Conception
! Pregnancy and labour

Exam Review
! Lecture 4: Sexual relationships & behaviour
! Traditional markers of attractiveness
! Biological and sociological perspectives of human
! Major research on patterns of attraction
! Relationship styles
! Sexual response cycle (Masters and Johnson, Walen
& Roth, Kaplan models)
! Mechanism for erection and ejaculation
! Types of sexual behaviours

Exam Review
! Lecture 5: Sex, gender and sexuality (Ashleigh)
! Difference between sex and gender
! Heteronormativity
! Measurement of sexual orientation
! Major markers for LGBT health in Canada

Exam Review
! Lecture 6: Contraceptives
! Modern vs traditional methods
! Hormonal methods (how they are used/taken and
how they work to prevent pregnancy)
! Barrier methods (how they are used and how they
prevent pregnant and reduce STI transmission)

Exam Review
! Lecture 7: Sexually transmitted infections
! Bacterial vs viral infections (which ones are which,
how are they acquired/transmitted and how are
they cured/treated)
! Reportable STIs in Canada and recent trends
! HPV & Cervical Cancer

Exam Review
! Lecture 8: 50 Shades of Normal
! DSM (What is it? What does it do?)
! Sexual variation
! Sexual disorders
! Definition of abnormal
! Paraphilias
! Classification for sexual compulsion

Exam Review
! Lecture 9: Sex Work (Dr. Putu Duff)
! Commercial sex work
! DTES context
! Sex work & the laws in Canada

Exam Review
! Lecture 10: Sexuality and chronic disease
! Mikes talk (major points and objective of the talk)
! Asexualization and desexualization
! Sex and SCI

Exam Review
! Lecture 11: Sexual education & sexual violence,
! Effective sexual health education
! Types of sexual education (comprehensive,
! Defining sexual assault (legal issues in Canada)
! Rape culture

Exam Review
! Lecture 12: Contemporary issues in sexuality
(todays lecture)