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Issue No 744

24 - 30 May, 2015

Established 1996

250 Fils

Complaints against securitymen on the rise

Staff Report

round 100 complaints

have been filed against
first four months of the year,
according to security sources
at the General Department for
Supervision and Inspection.
This figure represents almost a
11 percent increase compared
to the same period last year
added the source.
sentenced to jail terms for
abusing their authority and that
disciplinary action had been
taken against 125 others, the
sources pointed out that most
of the complaints were filed
against securitymen, traffic
police, investigators and police
officers manning police stations.
expatriates about the recent

intensified in many areas with
large expatriate population, The
Times Kuwait found that many
expatriates were concerned and

felt helpless at the almost regular

police harassments. While most
agree that the check points have
resulted in a reduction in crime,
the over enthusiasm of some
officers, particularly at traffic

check points invariably means

an undeserved fine.
has stated that the security

successful and officers from
the Special Task Force units
in different governorates have
conducted security campaigns
in compliance with the directive

of Deputy Premier and Minister

of Interior Sheikh Mohammad
Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah
and under the supervision of
General Sulaiman Al-Fahad.
The Ministry of Interior further
disclosed that the officers
arrested 13 persons wanted
by law for various offenses,
including those who violated the
Residency Law and fugitives
in Hawally Governorate. In
Farwaniya, 131 people were
arrested for violating the
Residency Law, holding expired
visa and those wanted by law
for involvement in different
cases. In Ahmadi, 84 people
were arrested for Residency
Law violation and four involved
in drug-related cases while 34
vehicles were impounded. In
Mubarak Al- Kabeer, 34 people
were arrested for violating the
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No Child Left Out

Moza bint Nasser

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson

of Education Above All, is UNESCO
Special Envoy for Basic and Higher
Education, and a member of the UN
MDG Advocacy Group.

n a recent visit to a camp for Syrian refugees in Turkey, I

witnessed some of the most powerful displays of human
endurance that anyone can imagine. And yet, amid all the
stories of trauma and loss, what affected me the most was
these refugee families unquenchable thirst for education.
The children I spoke to told me of their continued desire
to learn in the camps makeshift schools, crammed into
classes and taught in shifts running from before dawn until
after dark. Their parents spoke of the hope they place in the
transformative power of education.
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VIVA Kuwait


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

South African embassy celebrates

Freedom Day with reception

n celebration of South
Africas Freedom Day, the
Ambassador of the Republic
of South Africa to Kuwait H.E.
Mzolisa Bona held a reception
on 20 May at the Abdul Hussein
Marafie Grand Ballroom of the
Radisson Blu Hotel. A large
number of Kuwaiti officials,
members of diplomatic corps
and South African nationals
attended the reception.

early a month after a massive

earthquake struck Nepal, the
situation remains severe. More than
8,000 people are confirmed dead,
more than 14,000 are injured and
another 8 million are affected across
The quake-torn country needs
not only prayers, but also help
in cash and kind. Having been
driven by unalloyed compassion
for the neighboring country, the
students, staff and parents of Indian
Educational School, Bhavans Kuwait
raised an amount of KD 6,000. The
relief fund was formally handed over
to Honbl Ambassador of Nepal to
Kuwait H.E. Yagya Bahadur Hamal,
in a simple yet a formal function held
in the school auditorium last week.
It is indeed a great matter of pride
for the school as the lions share
of the relief fund was raised when
the young minds decided to take
selfless action for this philanthropic
endeavour. An amount of KD 4563
was raised within no time by the
Bhavanites. The generous parent
community of Bhavan extended all

possible support to the Members of

the Supreme Council who worked
tirelessly, voluntarily and altruistically
for the noble cause. The students
also collected a load of new and
used clothes and blankets for the
victims of the quake. The tagline of
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - Let noble
thoughts come to us from every side
was emphasized by the students in
their mission to help the unfortunate

victims in Nepal. A member of

Bhavans parent community, Radha
Ramaswamy, Dar SSH International
Engineering Consultants, added KD
1100 to the childrens contribution.
The amount was contributed by her
along with her charitable colleagues.
The Bhavans Kuwait management
remainder. The check for KD 6,000
was formally presented to the


Bhavanites express their solidarity with the Nepal victims

ambassador of Nepal to Kuwait by the

members of the Supreme Council in
the presence of N. K. Ramachandran
Menon, chairman, Bhavans Middle
East, and T. Premkumar, principal,
Bhavans Kuwait.
addressed the gathering with an
emotional speech; he mentioned the
miseries that had befallen Nepal and
its people. He profusely thanked the

students for their kind gesture, and

extolled the Bhavans culture with
admiration for its students for their
initiative. He also thanked the school
management for their thoughtful
initiative, and for creating an
atmosphere conducive for instilling
noble human virtues. The chairman,
Bhavans Middle East presented the
ambassador a memento as a token
of Bhavans reverence.


Our branches







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SINCE 1985

Salmiya 1

Marina Mall

Sharm El-Sheikh

Everyones First Choice -


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

African Diplomats hold

joint celebration to mark

'Africa Day'

arious African embassies

in Kuwait organized a joint
celebration in honour of Africa
Day, on 18 May at the Regency
Hotel, Kuwait.
Director of African Desk at
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hamad
AI-Meshan emphasized Kuwaits
interest in the African continent due
to its vast natural resources and
geographically strategic location.
He said, Due to its strategic
location, Africa can be considered
as a bridge between the East and
West. Therefore, Kuwait recently
opened an embassy in Republic of
Tanzania and Ghana and is exerting
great efforts to strengthen its
relations with the African

various commercial and investment

Several African ambassadors
to Kuwait attended the celebration,
noticeably the Acting Dean of
Diplomatic Corp and Ambassador of
the Republic of Somalia Abdulqadir
Amin Sheikh Abubakar. Many
official guests and African residents
in Kuwait participated in the
Africa Day acknowledges the
diverse beauty of the African
continent, and emphasizes its
growing cultural and economic
potential. To showcase Africas
culture and heritage, many small
presentations took place; there was
a bazaar of African cultural objects,

free gifts, traditional dance shows

and a sampling of African meals.
Africa Day is observed annually
on May 25 as a celebration of African
unity and is also known as African
Freedom or Liberation Day. On May
25, 1963, African leaders decided
to come together to form a union
called Organization of African Unity
(OAU). The 53-member strong
African Union, since its creation has
encouraged the collective pursuit
towards favourable answers for many
challenges the continent has faced,
such as armed conflicts, climate and
poverty to help the progress of the
African continent.

Bangladesh Naval Ship

'Somudra Joy' docks in Kuwait

Make this summer a 'mango summer'

with Lu&Lu Hypermarket.

kicked off its annual
mango festival, Mango
Mania with an inauguration
ceremony last week at its
Al Qurain branch. Special
Hamad Fahad Al-Sabah
inaugurated the festival
as the Hypermarkets top
management, staff, wellwishers and customers
applauded. All present
were eager about the
launch of the promotion
that will last till 30 May.
More than 120 varieties

of mangoes from different

countries are on display
allowing customers a wide

choice of delectable fruit

to enjoy in the summer

should not miss out on

the opportunity to sample
Lu&Lus amazing offerings
at all the branches of the
A mini mango forest
mangoes will appeal to all
foodies and fruit lovers,
eager to savour the fruits
sweet taste.
For Lu&Lu Hypermarket,
this event is another way
to show its commitment
towards building a diverse

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

Tareq Yousuf Al-Shumaimry

angladesh Navy Ship Somudra

Joy arrived in Kuwait on 23
March for a goodwill visit after
participating in a multi-national
exercise Ferocious Falcon 2015 in
Qatar. It will stay till 27 May 2015.
Somudra Joy (F-28) is the
largest Frigate of Bangladesh
Navy with a length of 115.2 meter
and displacement of 3399 tons.
This ship was obtained from the
US Coast Guard in 2013 and was
commissioned into the Bangladesh
Navy on 23 December 2013.
The Bangladesh Navy Ship

Managing Editor

Reaven DSouza

Somudra Joy will cross around

8000 nautical miles. While coming
to Doha this ship visited Colombo
port and on returning, she will visit
Kuwait, Bahrain and India. After
55 days of voyage, Somudra Joy
will return to Bangladesh on 16
June 2015. By participating in the
Exercise Ferocious Falcon 2015
and a friendly visit to the Middle
East and neighbouring countries,
Bangladesh aims to improve
bilateral relation and strengthen
maritime cooperation with friendly

P O Box 5141, Safat 13052, Kuwait

Tel : 24814404, 24810109
Fax : 24834815
Email :
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The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

ONE WORLD goes to the UK

In the largest arts festival in the world, Fringe, this August, Kuwait's One World Actors
Center CIC flies to Edinburg's capital city, Scotland, with its international debut performance
of an adaptation of Antigone- An Arabian Tragedy.
By Shanece- Ann Dmello

Staff Writer

fter several years of staging productions

in Kuwait, One World Actors Center
CIC (OWAC) is finally participating in
Edinburghs internationally renowned festivalFringe. It is the largest arts festival in the
world and takes place every August for three
weeks in Scotlands capital city. For the first
time in recent history, OWAC, sponsored by Al
Ghanim Industries and Crowne Plaza, will be
representing Kuwait with its international debut
performance of an adaptation of Antigone- An
Arabian Tragedy.

In a press conference, at the Crowne Plaza,

on 18 May, with Alison Shan Price, CEO and
Founder of OWAC and members of the cast,
when asked what it feels like to be able to
showcase OWACs talent on an international
stage, being the first question to kick start
the evening, Alison responded, to The Times
Kuwait, with much gusto and enthusiasm.
She said that she is very excited to show
the world what Kuwait is capable of after
the overwhelming success Antigone had
achieved in the country. The combination
of nationalities is a renaissance. I want to
showcase Kuwaits talent said Price.
She believes that through her adaptation
of the play, she can spread awareness in the
world, erasing the notion that Kuwait is just a
mere speck of dust, in the field of theatre, in
the Gulf. The country has a past. Her aim is to
help people relate to the struggles in Kuwaits
Price said that in her version of the play,
which is a blend of two performances a
Celtic English recount and a modern Arabic
adaptation of the same play from earlier this
year both languages will fall in sync. Actors of
both, Arabic and English casts will harmonize
and merge the roles of their doppelgnger
character to bring out the intensity of the play.
This according to Brian McLaughlin,
English King Creon, is a cultural influence
and an interesting production. When they
first started out, he could not imagine that a
combination of English and Arabic was even
possible. Now however, with focused, intense
training, it has become a reality. McLaughlin

Welcome to
Dawat Mango

says, It is difficult, but we manage to fit

perfectly. The same characters are different.
Hamad Al Jenaie, who plays the modern
day Arabic King Creon, agrees delightedly.
This is how Eleni Rebecca, Managing
Director and daughter of Price, envisioned a
link between centuries and awareness in the
world, as McLaughlin said one actor cannot
over shine the other it is the emotion that is
As to why they chose to produce Antigone,
Price says, Just like the guard Jonas from the

play, Antigone is universal and timeless. It is

happening over and over again in different
parts of the world. It links for support, to draw
attention to hardship and strife.
Dr. Frank Cannizzo, who plays the role of
Captain Jonas, is the only actor to cross sides
in the production. He says that his character
represents the pivotal role of the military and
it is the link of Antigone which Price refers to.
The two realms of the play are staged because
Price wanted to use what is familiar to help

connect with the modern world, especially

Kuwaiti locals. For example, the costumes
of both the casts are entirely different. The
English members are clad in rustic designs,
whereas the modern Arabic cast don leathers
and furs, costumes similar to those in the
Game of Thrones, styles the 21st century can
relate to.
Around August, last year, Eleni Rebecca
was in the UK and that is when the idea struck
her. Ever since then, the yearlong process
of production and publicity has been an

enthralling experience for her and the team.

Michael Coppard, the media reporter,
stresses not only the importance of media the
chorus, in the play but also, in todays world.
He said, the reason for the chorus is to create
a link, stir up the audience. New media, in his
opinion brings news to the world, 300 years
of Antigone. He also says that Antigone is a
very emotional story, once the media takes
over, its perception of the intended message
changes your views.

Price said that in her

version of the play,
which is a blend of two
performances a Celtic
English recount and a
modern Arabic adaptation
of the same play from
earlier this year both
languages will fall in sync.
Alison Price also spoke of her plans for the
production after the Edinburgh festival. She
mentioned that China is very interested in the
companys work.
With passion and talents as great as this,
she wants to take Antigones feeling, beliefs of
dignity and family honor all around the world.
Impressed that Sophocles is not a stranger in
the desert sands, Price believes that she can
change the worlds view of Kuwait.
Through different plotting, merging of lights
and expression of different emotions with
the assistance of stage manager Simon Abi
Faisal, Price honors not only the women of the
past, but also martyrdom in general.
The cast is a delight and wonderful to
talk to. They are all extremely united in their
enthusiasm and are very supportive of each
other. The production, in the words of actor
Yousef Al Nasser, is like putting together
pieces of music to form one score. We look
forward to the day the curtains rise on this
outstanding production, truly a wonderful,
touching work of art.

Dawat Mango Festival

"Indulge in our
delicious mango desserts"
Starting 15th may

Farwaniya: 24716000 / 24714000

Abu Halifa: 23724251 / 23724254
Bneid Al- Gar: 22411685 / 22411728
Al-Jahra: 24554642 / 24584642


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

Indonesian Ambassador Spouse hosts luncheon

the Indo
of the
use of
he spo
at her
heoan lunc
ene in Hateen recently.
exclusive event was atte
e repr
the erepr
rd and
International Womens
bersnal ofWom
of wom
theA role
a live
ted of
sts to
a live display of Indonesi

RSK opens 10th Tourney

HPI Millionaires Cup
Ricky Laxa

Staff Writer

ising temperatures in
Kuwait as a sign of the fast
approaching summer season
seem to have no impact on
members of Republika ng
Sports sa Kuwait or RSK,
as they swarm the courts of
Kazma Sports Club in Adailiya
to smash it all out as they
start on another badminton
tournament, its 10th and
entitled HPI Millionaires Cup.
games categories are all team
event with two categories,
and novice level, in which the
latter categorys participants
were excited as it was the
first for the club to introduce a
team event for level C and D
players. The afternoon games
on the other hand are still all
doubles categories in all levels
A, B, C, and D players.
Aside from the above
categories, RSK also has a
enthusiasts (from 8 years old
and above) who are new to
the game of badminton, and

for those who want to improve

their skills of the game.
Learners Category aims to
equip badminton enthusiasts
the necessary know-how
and skills prior to joining a
With its mission of helping
OFWs and Expats attain
physical fitness while having
sporty fun, this 4-week
tournament with almost 200
participants, promises to be
yet another exciting and fun
tourney as revealed by RSKs
Chairman Felix Besanez.
He added that RSK has just
successfully concluded a very
thrilling one-day tournament
the other week which made
all players still hyped up as
they start on another full
RSKs 10th tournament
is sponsored by Hyper
Program International (HPI),
a Direct Selling and Trading
Company that specializes in
the marketing and distribution
of modern beauty products
based on quality imported
collagen ingredient. It is
a company based in the
Philippines and will have an
office in Kuwait very soon.

VIVA inaugurates six new branches across Kuwait

IVA, Kuwaits fastest-growing and

most developed telecom operator,
announced last week that it has added six
new branches to its network amounting
to a total of 69 branches across Kuwait,
reinforcing its presence and growing
closer to its customers. VIVAs new
branches are located in Al Salam Mall
(Salmiya, Block 9, Salem Al Mubarak
Street), Aswaq Al Qurain (Sabhan), Cube
Mall (Salmiya, Block 9, Salem Al Mubarak
Street), Mubarak Al Kabeer (Block 4,
Coop 4), Marina Mall (Ground floor), and
Fahaheel (Block 2, Main Fahaheel Coop).
The opening of these new branches
comes in line with the companys
expansion strategy to serve a wider
audience across Kuwait by offering
convenience in location, and in turn
the provision of excellence in customer

service, and unique and exclusive

packages for its customers.
VIVAs network expansion with an
additional six new branches is an

achievement the company is proud to

announce as it affirms its commitment
to being as accessible as possible to its

Complaints against securitymen on the rise

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Residency Law and those who
committed various crimes; in addition to
three people suspected of possessing
drugs. In the Capital Governorate, 22
people were arrested for involvement in
various offenses and those who violated
the Residency Law.
Moreover, public security officers
campaigns, resulting in the arrest of
eight people found to have violated
the Residency Law and five others for
consuming drugs. The campaign has
been successful as crime rates have
dropped as a result in areas prone to
high crime.
In yet another clampdown, DirectorGeneral of Residence Affairs MajorGeneral Talal Maarafi has introduced a
plan to pursue expatriates who entered
the country on visit visas and violated
the residence law, the authorities plan
to contact persons Kuwaitis and
expatriates under whose sponsorship
the expatriate entered the country on visit
visa. According to the plan the sponsors
will be given a three-day grace period to

help the violators of the law to leave the

country and if they fail to get the violator
leave the country their transactions at all
government departments immigration,
traffic, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of
Social Affairs will be suspended.
The source pointed a team has
already been formed to contact the
sponsors and notifying them about the
existence of violators and give them the
grace period.
The team will also compile a list of
sponsors after the end of the grace
period and send it to the concerned
government departments.

The source added the

number of expatriates violating
the visit visa law is increasing
and it appears there are 65
Yemenis who entered on visit
visas and have not left the
country. The source revealed
that most violators of this law
are Syrians, Egyptians and

In another move to evict bachelors

from residential areas Deputy Director
General for Structural and Town
Planning Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi has
announced that the special task force
in charge of evicting will take legal
procedures against those found to have
violated regulations in this regard.
In a press statement after the
meeting of the team in Ahmadi
Governorate with the attendance of
Assistant Undersecretary for Public
Security Major General Abdul Fattah
Al-Ali, deputy directors general
of Kuwait Municipality branches
in all governorates and leaders of
emergency teams.
He hinted a recommendation
will be presented soon not to issue
civil ID cards to bachelors who live
in such areas in coordination with
officials of the Public Authority for
Civil Information (PACI). He declared
the legal procedures against violators
will include administrative eviction
and disconnection of electricity. He
added the authority will not hesitate in
implementing law number 125/1992 to
eliminate such violations.



The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015


For a complete list of featured restaurants, visit In Kuwait


Avanti Palace
Simply Superb



Every week, our Dining in Kuwait

section features selected restaurants
in the country that provide sumptuous
cuisines from around the world. Want
to feature your restaurant in our
Dining in Kuwait section and reach
out to our wide reader base?
Email us at
with a brief about your restaurant
along with images in high resolution.

vanti Palace has earned quite a name

for itself as one of the trendiest spot for
the hottest sizzlers on the food scene.
This restaurant is kept busy with diners either
gathering for a small get-together or for family
occasions be it a birthday or an anniversary
A variety of mouthwatering cuisines Chinese, International, Continental and
Arabic provide attractive options for patrons
to enjoy at reasonable prices. Still, the
highlight of the menu is the aromatic and
deliciously tantalizing sizzler of chicken,
steak or seafood variety, namely the Chicken
Steak, Steak Diana and Seafood sizzler. The
sizzlers had hearty sized servings easily
shared between two persons.
With growing popularity, particularly
the chicken and seafood, the sizzler has
reached specialty status. The Mix Sizzlers
had a delectable arrangement of the finest

choice of chicken and prawns.

While enjoying a refreshing drink,
savor the exciting S-54 platter that has
steak, chicken and prawns coupled with
vegetables sitting well-done in harmony and
smothered in a delicious mushroom sauce.
The distinct flavors are in every aspect of
the dish, and were drawn out to tantalize the
taste buds.
Another favorite is the Steak with Garlic
Sauce a well-done, juicy steak drizzled in a
creamy garlic sauce. The texture of the sauce
and vegetables and the mixture of flavors
blended wonderfully. Which can also be said
about the Sea Food Delight, a dense, well
balanced combination of fish and prawns
that was admirably cooked to perfection.
Diners also raved about the other
sizzler dishes that met their preference
for tasty chicken. Of the Chicken Sizzler
with Garlic Sauce, every ingredient is



wonderfully flavorsome to satisfaction. The
well-seasoned exuberant Garlic gravy is
deserving of its place on the most delectable
of meat pieces.
Also worth mentioning, the chicken
sizzlers should not be overlooked,
particularly the one served with thick, meltin- your- mouth chicken pieces sidled by
roasted vegetables and french fries with a
shower of piquant pepper sauce.
In contrast to the chicken sizzler which
was slightly tangy from the pepper sauce,
the Chicken Shaslik had rice as a wellmatched accompaniment. There was a
great balance of flavors coming from the
ingredients, though the arrangement was
simple, the dish was delicious.
The news is spreading fast that Avanti
Palace hosts the best mouth-watering
sizzlers and promises an edible sizzling
medley that is unforgettable.

Avanti Palace
Faize Commercial Complex, Hamad Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait | Telephone: 2575 1081, 2575 1082
Tunisia St, Hawally, Kuwait | Telephone: 2264 1678


What is the best way

to store half an


n those rare occasions, when half of an avocado

survives voracious appetites for avocados, curiosity
bubbles up to the question about the most economical
way to store the other non-eaten half of an avocado?
Especially, when you are the only person who eats it, you
never really want to eat a whole one by itself in one day,
but all of the tried and true methods of preserving it have
failed, except freezing it as a puree immediately after a
Is there a great way to preserve half an avocado, or
even slices of avocado, for a day or so? Here are some
solutions to save the costly half of the fruit ending up in
a dustbin:
If only storing it in for a day, just put half in a sandwich
bag, still in the skin. It might brown just a little bit on top,
but that does not make it inedible or taste off at all.
Leave the skin on when sliced. Leave the pit in one
halfthis will be the half you save. Supposedly the pit
helps keep it fresh. Wrap it tightly in foil and refrigerate.

Lime juice apparently, too, works for a very short

time. Squirt it with lemon or lime juice.
Place it in an airtight container with a piece of cut up
onion. Cover it with a lid and refrigerate. A cut avocado
stays fresh for several days this way because of the
sulfur compounds that the onion releases.
Pour a little olive oil on a plate, place the unused half
of the avocado (without the pit) face down and set it in
the fridge. This saves it for a few days.

n the hustle and bustle of life, we

tend to avoid maintaining healthy
eating habits let alone lifestyles.
Why risk your life when you can
easily introduce super-foods into
your diet.
Super-foods contain high levels
of much-needed vitamins and
minerals. They can also be a
source of antioxidants; substances
that shield our bodies from cell
damage and help prevent disease.
There are many ways you can
incorporate these powerhouses
into your daily diet, take for
example the sumptuous yet light
avocado fruit which is highly
nutritious and contains hearthealthy monounsaturated fatty
acids. Bon apptit!


(Makes 4 cups)
2 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed

4 tbsp sliced ripe olives, drained

1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
5 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup olive oil
cup lemon juice
3 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tsp dried oregano
tsp salt
tsp ground black pepper
4 avocados peeled, pitted and
In a large bowl, mix corn, olives,
red bell pepper and onion.
In a small bowl, mix garlic, olive
oil, lemon juice, cider vinegar,
oregano, salt and pepper. Pour into
the corn mixture and toss to coat.
Cover and chill in the refrigerator
for eight hours, or overnight.
Stir avocados into the mixture
before serving.


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

In Memoriam

Jassem Al Kharafi leaves

behind a remarkable legacy

Veteran statesman and former Speaker of the National Assembly, Jassem Al-Kharafi, who passed away on Thursday, at the
age of 75, was laid to rest at the Sulaibikhat graveyard on Friday. A dynamic personality deeply involved in the political and
economic development of Kuwait, Al-Kharafi suffered a heart attack on a flight home from a private visit to Turkey.

eteran polititian Jassem AlKharafi was born in 1940, in

the neighborhood of the Qiblah
district of Kuwait City, to an eminent
family of businessmen and politicians.
His father, Mohammad Abdulmohsin

Kuwaiti figures who loved their

country and served it sincerely. The
minister went on to emphasize AlKharafis unforgettable services
for Kuwait.
H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-

Al-Kharafi, was the founder of

the Al-Kharafi Group. The family
business developed in the financial,
telecommunications and industrial
sectors, and is now estimated to be
worth more than $10 billion.
Elected to the National Assembly
as MP nine times from 1975 till
2009, Al-Kharafi was a renowned
politician who had a distinguished
political career. He was appointed
as Minister of Finance and Economy
in 1985 and served in that post until
1999, while he was a chairman on
the boards of many companies,
after which he became the National
Assembly Speaker from 1999 to
Well-known as a philanthropist
and bearing a strong personality, he
leaves behind a loving family of six
sons and a daughter.
Minister of Information and
Minister of State for Youth Affairs
Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem
Al-Humoud Al- Sabah, on Friday,
expressed deep sorrow and grief
over the death of former Kuwaiti
deceased was one of the prominent

Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a

cable of condolences to the family
on Friday. His Highness the Amir
emphasized how Al-Kharafi served
Kuwait and his large record of

great service is testament to his

success in the many positions he
held. His Highness stressed the
achievements of the deceased,
saying that Kuwait has lost one of

the countries dear sons and loyal

His Highness the Crown Prince
Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber
Al-Sabah echoed the sentiments
with a similar cable to the Al-Kharafi
Al-Kharafis expended great
efforts and worked hard for his
progress. He had comprehensive
expertise in national and political
dealings, and accrued many
remarkable economic achievements
as MP, as Minister of Finance,
and later as a National Assembly
Speaker. Al-Kharafi was committed
to serving the country and made
various attempts to preserve public
funds, rationalize spending and
upgrade performance of state
bodies. He was also a leading
specialist and business figure who
participated in many fruitful projects
at home and abroad.
Al-Kharafi was known to be
humble, dignified and generous,
and cultivated many positive
relationships with his colleagues
and Kuwaitis at various levels
through a display of professionalism,
confidence and mutual respect.
He was witness to several major
events that transpired in Kuwait
during his political career and
consistently worked to uphold
public interest in difficult times.
Moreover, the renowned politician
utilized his experience and wisdom
for bolstering relations between the
legislative and executive powers for
the good of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti
He will be forever remembered
in Kuwaits history as a remarkable
force for the positive upliftment of
Kuwait and its citizens.



The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015




International Association of Currency
Affairs (IACA) announced that the sixth
issue of KWD banknotes was awarded
the 2015 International Award for Best
Banknote Issue, during the Annual
Currency Conference, held in Vancouver,
Canada, during the period from 10 to
13 May. The award, considered most
prestigious within the industry, is based
on votes cast by central banks and
international companies specialized
in the production of banknotes, in a
competition between currencies issued
by eighteen countries around the world.



Kuwait divers lift abandoned

fishing nets in Kuwait bay
Kuwait Dive Team, affiliated with the
Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF),
has lifted disposed fishing nets dumped
close to Umm Al-Namel island, in Kuwait
Bay. The nets, weighing a ton, were afloat
with hundreds of trapped alive or dead fishes
and other sea creatures. The team used a
boat, provided by the islands monitoring
department of Kuwait Municipality, to remove
the huge nets. The divers and the municipal

personnel examined the island, located and

removed bird traps. They also addressed
the last warning to campers to evacuate
the island because it is one of the national
reserves, where camping and hunting are
banned. The chief of the divers, Walid AlFadhel called on boaters and fishermen to
absatin from dumping nets and other items
into the bay waters, noting that it is a main
habitat for various marine creatures.


'1,000 Projects' for SMEs

The third edition of the 1,000 Projects
youth exhibition, open Tuesday onwards, will
support young people and urge them into
the field of small and medium six enterprises
(SMEs), to have their own private businesses,
as part of national goals the Manpower and
Government Restructuring Program (MGRP)
is working on to achieve. The exhibition is
sponsored by H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al
Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Kuwait receives $2.97billion

war damages from Iraq
In compensation for environmental damage,
caused by the Iraqi invasion of the country in
1990, Kuwait has received $2.97 billion from
Iraq. The transaction took place on 21 May,
after the United Nations, which was brokering
the compensation program, transferred the
funds to the countrys central bank. Kuwaiti
Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair said that the sum has
been deposited into the Kuwait Fund to be
used for environmental work and may not be

2,000 Weapons
The Ministry of Interior said the team tasked
with collecting arms and ammunition, after
the issuance of a decision in the official
gazette, 2,000 illegal guns and four tons
of ammunition have been collected over
a three-month period. The weapons
collected include guns, Kalashnikov
rifles, missile and RPGs (rocket propelled

Chairperson of Kuwaiti Foodstuff

warned about the hike in prices of
foodstuffs during Ramadan due to
delay in the release of test results for
thousands of imported food items.
The increase in prices of some
commodities is around 20 to 30
percent. The cooperative societies will
bear extra burden of relieving Kuwaiti
and expatriate consumers, in case
the concerned companies raise the
prices of their products. Prices of food
products have been rapidly increasing,
for example, Apricots, that cost 350
fils, in 2003, rose to 900 fils, in 2014,
while the current price is KD1.350 with
possibility of increasing to KD1.500.
The price of rice has increased by five
percent since the companies stopped
receiving subsidy. The price of fresh
meat is about 10 percent higher now
and it could increase further.

Kuwaiti play wins gold at
Free Theatre Festival
The Kuwaiti play Hawel Marrah Okhra
(Try Again) won the golden award of
the 10th Free Theatre Festival on Harim
Adam (Adam women) of Jordan,
and Tunisias Marra Marra (Woman
Woman) respectively. Dr. Mubarak
Al-Mezel. Director of the winning try
again, dedicated the prize to Kuwaiti
leadership, government and people.
UAE playwright Saleh Al-Ameri Try
again, starring Faisal Al-Omeiri and
Samah Warzeh, won after fierce
competition against the prestigious
Spanish and Lebanese theatres.

National Guards on
cooperation protocol
Acting Undersecretary of Kuwait National
Guard (KNG) major General Hashem
National Guards leadership ways of
joint cooperation and coordination, as
well as enhancing cooperation levels in
training, military expertise exchange, and
administrative fields for both sides.

Kuwaiti-Peru eyeing
closer ties
In a visit to the Peruvian capital, Kuwait and
Peru discussed ways to enhance bilateral
cooperation, a number of parliamentary
diplomacy, ways to open a Kuwaiti
embassy in Peru to enhance and boost
Kuwaiti-Peruvian ties. The two sides also
addressed supporting Kuwaiti investment
in Peru, since Peru has laws that protect
foreign investments and provides
several investments, infrastructure, and
commercial projects that Kuwait could
take part in following an approval by
President Solorzano. A number of MoU
signing sessions, between the two sides,
are to be seen.

aviation agreement
Kuwait and Azerbaijan have signed
an agreement and a memorandum
of understanding (MoU), to organize
aviation services between the two
countries. The civil aviation authorities
of both the countries held a number
of bilateral negotiations, on 20 May in
Baku. The talks aimed at organizing
air operations between both nations,
besides boosting cooperation in
civil aviation field to reach maximum
flexibility in the air services. It envisaged
a number of commercial cooperation
between a number of aviation
companies in both countries, to facilitate
passengers transport. It also included
exchange of transport rights, along with
a number of privileges and facilities to
enhance coordination in the field of civil
aviations safety and security.
The agreement is the first step towards
operating the commercial cargo and
cargo aviation companies in both the
countries, besides connecting Kuwait
International Airport with the largest
possible number of international
airports, to boost air transport,
between Kuwait and other countries.


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015


Saulat Ali Khan felicitated for services to IBC

ndian Business Council- Kuwait

held their Annual General Meeting
recently to elect its new E xecutive
Council under the chairmanship of
former vice chairman, Tony Jashanmal.
In his welcoming speech, IBCs outgoing

chairman and newly inducted Sr. Advisor

in the Council of Elders, S.K. Wadhawan
felicitated IBC Advisor Saulat Ali Khan
for being instrumental in coordinating
meetings for IBC delegations with
highest level decision makers in India

including Union Ministers, Chief Ministers,

Parliamentarians and industr y leaders to
take up issues of wider concern of the
Indian Communit y in Kuwait. S. A . Khan
was presented with a memento as a token
of appreciation.



No Child Left Out

Continued from Page 1

Syria once boasted universal education. Now, with more than four million
people forced to flee their homes because of the violence wracking the country,
it has become one of the worlds many places suffering from what can only be
described as a global education crisis. There are an estimated 58 million primaryschool-aged children out of school worldwide, and those affected by conflict and
natural disasters are among the hardest to reach.
Worse, the number of child refugees cut off from school in places like Nepal,
Myanmar, and Yemen is increasing at an alarming rate. If the international
community does not act to nurture and educate these children, the cycle of
poverty and conflict will be reproduced for generations to come.
The fact that so many children are cut off from education constitutes a clear
failure on the part of the worlds governments, which promised in 2000, when
the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted, to ensure primary
schooling for all children by 2015.
To achieve this, it is not enough to enroll children in school; they must be kept
there and provided a quality education. UNESCO estimates that at least 250
million of the worlds children of primary-school age are unable to read, write, or
do basic arithmetic.This week, the international community will have a chance to
do something about this scandalous state of affairs. Policymakers from around
the world will meet in South Korea at the World Education Forum to agree on the
global education targets that are set to replace the MDGs.
It is truly fitting that South Korea is hosting this forum, because it is so often
seen as a model of what investment in education can deliver. Some 8% of South
Koreas GDP is spent on education, and UNESCO estimates that every dollar
invested in primary schools generates $10-$15 in economic returns. South Korea,
which has lifted itself up from the ranks of the worlds poorest countries to among
its richest in just two generations, is living proof that education pays off.
The new Sustainable Development Goals that are to be agreed this year
underscore the challenges that world governments must address by 2030. I insist
that quality universal primary education must be one of the SDGs top priorities.
The emphasis here is on quality.
Success is measured not only by the number of children we enroll, nor by
their achievements on standardized tests; the most important outcomes are the
tangible and intangible impacts of education on the quality of students lives. This
is the unfinished business of the MDGs.
Wherever I travel with the Education Above All foundation, I encounter bright,
motivated children who have been denied the chance to learn. As the world
moves on to new priorities, we cannot forget our responsibility to those who have
been failed by our complacency. The job is not done. We must remain committed
to achieving the goal of quality primary education for all children not some, and
not even most wherever they live.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2015.

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The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

30 MAY

Tour one of the most beautiful examples

of modern Islamic architecture in the
world, with The TIES Center. Master
craftsmen and artists, from all over
the Arab world, were commissioned to
decorate and furnish the building. From
the cool tranquility of the Moroccan
water wall, to the intricate woodwork
of the majestic Egyptian mashrabiya,
the building is a celebration of cultural
Arab Organization Headquarters |
10am | Seats are limited, to register, call
25231015 | Visit |
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Out & About

Things To Do This Week



After five years of its launch, in 2010, the Red
Bull Car Park Drift Championship, organized
by the Basel Salem Al Sabah Motorsport Club
and sponsored by Ford Middle East and Road
Emergency Association in Kuwait, returns

to Kuwait. The event is also supervised by

Lebanese drifting legend, holding the longest
drift record and the Middle East Hill Climbing
champion, Abdo Feghali. The championship
will have the contestants go through the final


2729 May

race, on the last day, in competitive rounds,

where a winner will be picked to compete
against other winners from the Middle-East
in the regional championship, held in Kuwait
in November.

Engage children in Fatema

Al Qadfans 3-week creative
workshop, Creative Drama for Kids,
that enhances communication skills,
builds confidence, brings better
social skills through imaginative role
play, drama therapy techniques,
problem solving and expressing
feelings. The workshop, for ages 7
to 12, delivered in English, is open to
everyone, regardless of disability.
Till 11 June
To register, call on 97239420 or direct
mail to

Sami Mohammad: A Retrospective,

the first in-depth survey of over fifty
years of work by the pioneering
Kuwaiti sculptor, brings the largest
ever presentation of his work. Curator,
Abed Al Kadiri, presents more than
120 pieces
many of which
been exhibited

drawings, prints
and documents
from the artists archive. This
retrospective, held in the country of
the artists birth, pays homage to his
long and influential artistic journey.
Till 14 June
Contemporary Art Platform Exhibition Space, 2nd floor, Life
Center (same building as Eureka and
Midas), Shuwaikh Industrial Area,
Block 2, St. 28 | 24925636

Basel Salem Al Sabah arena at the 7th ring road | Final race at 5pm | Instagram @redbullkuwait

The international driving license

is issued by Kuwait International
Automobile Club but ask for KT Club,
as this is the name by which it is
more commonly known. The KT Club
has the authority to issue both the
international driving license and the
international travel permit (which you
need for your car) if you are driving
out of Kuwait.


29 MAY

The Jivamukti Yoga Kuwait collective

presents Living Yoga Festival 2015 with
Chris Johns (AUS - Advanced Certified.)
Join him for a vigorously physical and
intellectually stimulating yoga to an
eclectic, uplifting soundtrack plus live
nada (sound) yoga session. KD10 first
release, KD12 second release, KD15
third release.
MASAHA 13, St. 5, Shuwaikh
Industrial | 5pm | Register at www. | To join direct email

The following are all that you will

1.One photograph
2. A copy of your Kuwait driving
3. An application form will be
provided to you by the KT Club
4. Copy of your Civil ID card.
The following is the fees: KD 10 (for
one year) KD 18 (for two years) KD 24
(for three years.)
Payment must be made in cash.
You can go to any of the KT Club
branches and apply for the license.
The whole procedure should not
take more than 10-15 minutes. The
KT Club branches can be found in
Shuwaikh, Sulaibikhat, Fahaheel,
and Jahra.
The KT Club branches Shuwaikh
24832406 / Sulaibikhat 24832388/
Fahaheel 23916249, 23923869
/ Jahra 24841433 | Sunday
Thursday, 8am1pm, 4:30pm7pm |


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015


From steady to escalating up the graph

Indian real estate trend

or the Indian real estate market, 2014

was an action-packed year. The overall
economy represented a tale of two halves.
The first half witnessed an uneventful economy
coupled with political ambiguity resulted in
poorer business confidence, while the second
half saw overall sentiment rehabilitated explicitly
with the formation of new stable Government.
As for the current year 2015, overall
property markets continue to edge further
into recovery.The Indian market is vigilantly
enthusiastic with the new government proactive
approach and business confidence has already
started picking up.There are several factors that
can be considered as key drivers for the sector in
2015, such as easing pressure of downside risks
for rupee and current account deficit, improving
export. In commercial real estate, REITs will
remain the hottest topic.
Builders are seeing an increase in the
number of enquiries and expect the industry to
see recovery in the months ahead. Given the
property prices,
many home buyers
are speculating if a correction will take place.
However, if you are one of those buyers, who are
not in a hurry to move into a new house, you could
book in the pre-launch stage of a project and
get very competitive prices. Projects with basic
amenities are what youre looking for. Overall,
capital values are expected to remain stable in
most of the market in short to medium term due
to ample stock availability in both primary and
secondary markets.
Prospective buyers should consider investing
in real estate pre- launch projects in peripheral
areas as these could see moderate growth
in the near future. The reason for a moderate
appreciation is because these locations have
already seen a good growth rate in the past.
The mismatch between demand and supply
has for long been a significant factor contributing
to price movements in the realty market. While
homebuyers will be best-served to buy at a time
when the demand-supply position is skewed
towards supply that is when prices are attractive
there are other factors today that homebuyers

Right time for the investors to take

advantage of the slack prices in real
estate pre- launch projects

need to consider too. At this point in time, with

no supply constraints, the prices are good.
There are indications of an uptrend with the citys
commercial development set to gather pace. The
emerging locations around the city are acquiring
strong physical and social infrastructure, and the
commercial development is set to fuel growth in
the residential property market. Have a little faith
in the Indian economy and seize this opportunity
to make a good investment.

Big real estate player, Lodha Group, sizing up prime deals

he 1980 established Indian real estate

developer, Lodha Group, one of the
countrys most profitable players, has
made history by achieving the worlds first
billion dollar pre-launch, for a prime South
Mumbai project, and has recorded the
biggest land deal in India till date, which
will feature Mumbais new city centre, the
new Cuffe Parade. One of the Groups
several landmark developments is Lodha
Bellissimo- the only Indian residential
development to feature amongst the top
1,000 landscapes in the world.
In addition to bringing some of the top
Global names in real estate, to India, the
Group has set its international footprint
with the acquisition of the landmark

MacDonald House, in Prime Central

London, from the Canadian Government.
The Group, currently, is developing
in excess of 53 million sq. ft. of prime
real estate, with over 30 projects in and
around Mumbai Metropolitan Region,
from Nepean Sea Road to Dombivali and
select projects in Hyderabad and Pune,
and across London.
Pioneering new trends in the market,
the Group offers luxury homes within easy
reach. It has also introduced the concept
of branded office spaces, with offerings
at every level.
The Groups tremendous success and
international presence has been marked
by financial investments from the finest

global investors, including JP Morgan,

Deutsche Bank, HDFC Ventures and
ICICI Ventures.
In addition to its many laurels, the
Lodha Group has recently won the Global
Leadership in Real Estate Award at the
NDTV Property Awards 2014, the title of
The most trusted real estate brand in the
country, Brand Trust Report 2014 and is
ranked as one of Indias Best Companies
to Work For 2014 by Great Places to
Work for the fourth consecutive year.
Going beyond its role as a real estate
developer, the Lodha Group has been a
socially responsible corporate, focusing
on education as the best medium to
enrich society.



The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015



The Health Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

Patricia Garcia and Peter van den Hazel

overnments often see climate change

as too costly to address. In fact, it is too
costly to ignore. That is why the World
Health Organization (WHO), for example, has
linked the prevention of disastrous climate
change to immediate health benefits and
health cost savings from the reduction of air
The statistics are grim. Air pollution caused
more than seven million premature deaths one
in eight globally in 2012, compared to nearly
six million premature deaths from tobacco.

One of the biggest causes of

harm are the fine particles called
PM2.5, with a diameter of less
than 2.5 micrometers. They wreak
havoc by traveling deep into the
lungs, contributing to inflammation,
cancer, and respiratory infection,
or by passing into the bloodstream,
where they can trigger changes
in blood vessels that cause heart
attacks and strokes.

The combustion of diesel and coal are

among the main causes of air pollution, with
3.7 million deaths attributed to outdoor fumes
and 4.3 million resulting from poorly ventilated
homes. Motorized transport now accounts
for half of premature deaths from ambient

particulate matter in the 34 OECD countries.

Coal-fired power is also the main source of
carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas
responsible for climate change, which causes
about 150,000 premature deaths annually
and threatens pervasive risks this century and
To be sure, the coal industry has helped
billions of people escape poverty, not least in
China, where coal-fired power has underpinned
the nearly 700% growth in per capita income
since 1990. But human health is at greater risk
in countries that burn more coal. Research for
the Global Commission on the Economy and
Climate last year calculated that particulate
matter alone caused 1.23 million premature
deaths in China the worlds top coalconsuming economy in 2010.
Estimates for 2012 suggest that 88% of
air-pollution-related deaths occur in low- to
middle-income countries, representing 82% of
the worlds population. The Western Pacific and
Southeast Asian regions bear the burden of
1.67 million and 936,000 deaths, respectively.
But pollution is worsening and taking lives
in high-income countries as well. For example,
PM2.5 reduces life expectancy across the
European Union by eight months and, together
with ozone, was responsible for 430,000
premature deaths in the EUs 28 member states
in 2011. In Britain, more than six decades after
the Great Smog of 1952, PM2.5 pollution levels
still persistently exceed WHO guidelines. The
health costs of air pollution in the EU are up to
940 billion annually.
The WHO recently carried out a review of the
evidence on the health effects of air pollution,
and found that the range of such effects is
broader and occur at lower concentrations than
previously thought. In addition to the well-known
effects of air pollution on the lungs and heart,
new evidence points to its detrimental impact
on childrens development, including in utero.

the top of Chinas domestic agenda, following

the choking smog dubbed airpocalypse that
engulfed its major cities in January 2013 and
Chai Jings recent documentary (and socialmedia phenomenon) Under the Dome, which
exposed the catastrophic health impacts of
air pollution. Indeed, Chinas government has
closed some of the countrys dirtiest power
plants, resulting in a drop in coal consumption
last year for the first time since 1998.

Some studies even link air pollution to diabetes,

a major chronic disease and health challenge
in Indonesia, China, and Western countries.
Despite the overwhelming evidence of health
risks, many countries routinely ignore air-quality
standards as well as the emissions monitoring
needed for effective regional cooperation
mainly owing to governments fear of their
economic impact. Economic models used
by advisers to shape development strategy
and touted by lobbyists to influence decisions
on major infrastructure projects exclude the
human cost of air pollution and the long-term
benefits of measures to reduce it.
Any solutions to the problems posed by air
pollution will require not only new economic
models, but also integrated measures by local,
national, and international governments. Cutting
emissions from urban transport, for example,
will involve city mayors, local planners, and
national policymakers working together to
induce compact development.
Fortunately, government support for
effective action is growing. Air pollution is at

A recent draft resolution on air

pollution and health for the World
Health Assembly (the WHOs
governing body) suggests that
countries should underscore a link
between air pollution and climate
change. Countries should adopt
the WHO air-quality guidelines and
highlight additional opportunities
for greener urban planning, cleaner
energy, more efficient buildings, and
safer walking and cycling.

A formal acknowledgement by governments

of the immediate health-related benefits of
cutting carbon-dioxide emissions can tip the
scales toward greater progress on climate
change, air pollution, and human health
simultaneously. Policymakers everywhere
should recognize the economic opportunities
and the political benefits that such an
outcome promises to deliver.
Patricia Garcia is Dean of the School
of Public Health at Universidad Peruana
Cayetano Heredia, Peru. Peter van den Hazel
is International Coordinator of the International
Network on Childrens Health, Environment, and
Safety (INCHES), the Netherlands.
Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2015.

Global Finance and Global Warming

Naina Lal Kidwai and Nick Robins

ince 2008, when the global financial crisis

nearly brought down the world economy,
financial reform has been among the top items
on policymakers agendas. But, as leaders
move from fixing the problems of the past to
positioning the financial system for the future,
they must also grapple with new threats to
its stability, particularly those stemming from
climate change.
That is why a growing number of governments,
regulators, standard-setters, and market actors
are starting to incorporate rules concerning
sustainability into the financial system. In
Brazil, the central bank views the integration
of environmental and social factors into risk
management as a way to strengthen resilience.
And in countries like Singapore and South
Africa, companies listed on the stock market are
obligated to disclose their environmental and
social performance, a requirement that investors
and regulators increasingly view as essential to
the efficient functioning of financial markets.
Initiatives like these might once have been
regarded as part of a peripheral green niche.
Today, they are considered central to the
operation of the financial system. In Bangladesh,
the central banks efforts to support economic
development include low-cost refinancing
for banks lending to projects that meet goals

for renewables, energy efficiency, or waste

management. In the United Kingdom, the
Bank of England is currently evaluating the
implications of climate change for the insurance
sector as part of its core mandate to oversee the
safety and soundness of financial institutions.
In China, annual investment in green industry
could reach $320 billion in the next five years,
with the government able to provide only 1015% of the total. In order to prevent a funding
shortfall, the Peoples Bank of China has recently
produced a report with the United Nations
Environment Programme (UNEP) setting out
a comprehensive set of recommendations for
establishing Chinas green financial system.
In India, the Federation of Indian Chambers
of Commerce and Industry has established a
new green bond working group to explore how
the countrys debt markets can respond to the
challenge of financing smart infrastructure. And
recent regulatory changes hold out considerable
potential for listed investment trusts to deploy
capital for clean energy.
So far, such measures affect only a small
fraction of the $305 trillion in assets held by
banks, investors, financial institutions, and
individuals in the global financial system. But
they are set to be applied more broadly as
financiers and regulators alike recognize the full
consequences of environmental dislocation.
Those consequences already are severe. In
116 of 140 countries assessed by UNEP, the
stock of natural capital that underpins value
creation is in decline. The human and economic
costs of continued high-carbon growth include
severe health impacts, growing disruption to
infrastructure, and water and food security, as
well as increasing market volatility, most notably in
developing countries. This damage will become

worse, with risks becoming unmanageable if

emissions of greenhouse gases are not reduced
to net zero levels between 2055 and 2070.
As the threat from climate change becomes
more evident, financing the response to its
impact will become increasingly important.
Developed countries have committed to
mobilize $100 billion in annual financial flows to
developing countries by 2020, but much more
is needed.

Above all, it is essential to place the financing

challenge posed by climate change within the
broader context of the green economy and
sustainable development. The task for those
charged with governing the financial system
is to enable the orderly transition from high- to
low-carbon investments and from vulnerable to
resilient assets. According to the New Climate
Economy initiative, $89 trillion will be spent on
global infrastructure investment by 2030 with
an additional $4.1 trillion needed to make it lowcarbon and resilient.

To mobilize the required capital, policymakers

will need to harness the power of the financial
system. The scope of risk management will need
to be expanded, so that long-term sustainability
and risks from climate change are included in
prudential rules for banking, insurance, and
investment. New green banks can help to
bring in funding from debt and equity markets.
Transparency will have to be improved, through
better corporate reporting and enhanced
disclosure from financial institutions. And
financial professionals skills and incentives will
have to be retooled and revised to reflect these
new priorities.
cooperation are now opening up. For example,
the G-20 finance ministers and central bank
governors have just asked the Financial Stability
Board to explore how the financial sector could
address climate issues. Actions such as these
will not only strengthen climate security; they will
also contribute to a more efficient, effective, and
resilient financial system.
Naina Lal Kidwai, Chairwoman of HSBC India
and Director of HSBC Asia-Pacific, is a member
of the international advisory council of the UNEP
Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial
System. Nick Robins is Co-Director of the UNEP
Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial
Naina Lal Kidwai, Chairwoman of HSBC
India and Director of HSBC Asia-Pacific, is a
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The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015


Digital detox

Bike tours

Nomadic hospitality

Rugged Mongolia is an adventure

destination where travelers can
see the traditions of the past, still
practiced today by hardy nomads
dwelling on the countrys vast
steppes and deserts.

ongolians are fully aware of the unique

beauty of their country. Ask locals and
they will probably start gushing about
the spectacular countryside, vast steppes,
rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant
wildlife and livestock. It is this true wilderness
experience that many people find so appealing.
There are few countries in the world with
such a stark difference between the rural and
urban populations. While nomadic Mongols live
the simple life, their cousins inUlaanbaatarare
lurching headlong into the future. Urban hipster
or nomadic shepherd, however, both share a
love of democracy.

fossilized bones and eggs.

Mongolia-based tour operator, Nomadic
Expeditions, lets you scratch the surface of
the mighty Gobi desert and meet some of its
extraordinary locals.
A 14-day trek, on foot and camel, through


Travel to Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia, a
country whose name is a byword for notions
of the faraway, and you have already made
a significant mental leap. You are certainly
not in Kansas anymore here the nearest
wifi is hundreds of miles away in the capital,
Ulaanbaatar. The lodge lets you sample the
nomadic lifestyle, except with all the hard bits
removed and felt slippers thrown in.


this mysterious landscape will bring you to

the deserts hidden mountain springs to
Kharakhorum, the 13th century capital of the
Mongol Empire, and the Gorkhi-Terelj National
Park, where ibex roam among prehistoric rock
Grab the rare opportunity to experience
traditional nomadic hospitality: Witnessing
firsthand the nomads tenacity and personal
warmth, take milk tea and cheese with a
Mongolian family.

is known as the
For ongolian
a more cashmere
rugged experience,
in the world. Garments and blankets
can offind
lots of
who bemoanYou
the lack
stores that sells
not been products.
to Mongolias Gobi
is expanse
famous of
for desert
its copper
This vast
locals and
is one and
of the
snow leopards,
you ofcan
easily find
The site
it was
land of dinosaurs, as
You canthrough
a treasurePOKERtrove of
WORK in Erdenet.
(NOTE: It is illegal
to take ANTIQUES
out of the country
without a special
open-air market,
U l a a n b a a t a r,
offers the lowest prices on just about anything
you could want, besides being a great place
to get a good pair of RIDING BOOTS. You
can opt for a variety of Mongolian styles, from
fancy to the more practical, or even get a
good set of Russian style boots.

Live with nomads

A hundred or so goats head off bleating

their complaints in one direction, while a herd
of cows tramps off in another. A boy, of perhaps

ten years, rides by on his horse, with no saddle.

All around smoke rises from the fifteen or so
gers spread across this high plain, surrounded
by a ring of forested hills.
Here, in the Terelj National Park, fewer than
100km from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar,
the only signs of industrialization are the
occasional solar panel or motorbike.
A typical day, on a trip with Ger to Ger a
non-profit organization that promotes grassroots
tourism development starts with a journey on
horse or oxcart from the ger where you spent
the night onto your next resting post.
The rest of the day is spent doing what your
new hosts do. That could mean helping them
collect the sheep at dusk, milking horses (the
local tipple is Airag, fermented mares milk,
only slightly less alcoholic than vodka) or being
taught how to use a bow and arrow.
It is highly rewarding but can be pretty
exhausting. With no translator you have to
communicate with a Mongolian phrasebook
and any props such as family photographs you
might have with you. But for anyone keen to get
a taste of what travel was like, before everyone
spoke English and booked online, a few days
riding across Mongolia should suffice.

By motorbike

Touring the country by motorcycle would

one of the best motorbike touring in the world
because of its open steppes, freedom and a
culture of hospitality.
TIP: Arrange buy-sell back agreements with
motorbike sellers of Chinese motorbikes, at
motorbike markets like the Black Market, that will
often end up being cheaper than renting, when
planning on biking for two weeks or more. Plus,
ride a brand new bike, as opposed to the often
quite run-down rental bikes.
New Chinese Mustang bikes sell for 725 USD
and can be sold back for about 2/3 the original
price, depending on your negotiating skills.
Registration of the motorbike is a must and must
be done by a Mongolian or a person holding a
visa of 90 days or longer.

Mongolia is the world's second largest

cashmere producer after China.


If Mongolias yin is its pristine countryside,

then Ulaanbaatar (UB) conforms nicely to its
yang. An enormous city of pulsating commerce,
wild traffic, sinful nightlife and bohemian
counter-culture, the Mongolian capital elicits as
much shock as it does excitement.
One minute youre dodging the path of a
Hummer H2 and the next youre mystified by
groaning Buddhist monks atGandan Khiid.
Watch traditional theatre, sample international
cuisine and party till three in the morning. This
ever-changing city may be the biggest surprise
of your Mongolian adventure.


ravel to the Atlai Mountains in western

Mongolia, in October, to experience the
Eagle Festival in Bayan-Olgiy, an annual
event where Kazakh hunters, from across
Mongolia, demonstrate the dramatic
traditions of hunting small prey on horseback with eagles. The trained Eagles swoop
down from the peak of a 1,000 foot-high
(305m) mountain to land on the arms of the
galloping hunters or on fox skins dragged
behind the hunters horses.
While these displays are the highlight
of the event, there are also horse races,
archery, music, dance, a parade, and a play
in honor of the hunters and their eagles.



The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

Cystic fibrosis drug

offers hope to patients

An internet diagnosis
might be

bad for your health

earch engines such as Google provide irrelevant

information that could lead to incorrect selfdiagnosis and treatment, and delay people suffering
dangerous illnesses from visiting their doctor,
according to a new study. The researchers also
suggested the internet was helping to create a new
condition, cyberchondria the baseless fuelling of
fears and anxiety about common health symptoms.
Google says an extraordinary half a billion searches
each month are for health-related information, meaning
that millions of Britons could be putting their health at
In the first research of its kind, Dr Guido Zuccon,
of the University of Queensland in Australia, assessed
the effectiveness of search engines Google and Bing
in response to medically focused searches. He said:
People commonly turn to Dr Google to self-diagnose
illnesses or ailments. But our results revealed only
about three of the first 10 results were highly useful
for self-diagnosis, and only half of the top 10 were
somewhat relevant to the self-diagnosis of the medical
condition. If you had searched for the symptoms of
something like a bad head cold, you could end up
thinking you had something far more serious, like an
issue with the brain
Dr Guido Zuccon, University of Queensland, said,
Because on average only three of the first 10 results
were highly useful, people either keep searching or
they get the wrong advice, which can be potentially
harmful. If you do not get a clear diagnosis after one
search you would likely be tempted to keep searching.
So if you had searched for the symptoms of something
like a bad head cold, you could end up thinking you
had something far more serious, like an issue with the
Dr Zuccon said search engines performed
effectively if the name of the illness was already
known. He added: So if you search for something like
jaundice you will have a lot of useful results. But our
findings suggest it is not the best option for trying to
find out whats wrong with you.

A groundbreaking cystic
fibrosis therapy could profoundly
improve patients quality of life,
say doctors. Patients often die
before their 40s as mucus clogs
and damages their lungs and
leaves them prone to infection.

major trial on 1,108 patients, in the

New England Journal of Medicine,
showed a combination of drugs could
bypass the genetic errors that cause the
disease and may increase life expectancy.
The Cystic Fibrosis Trust said it could
improve the lives of many.
One in every 2,500 babies in the UK has
cystic fibrosis.
Errors in sufferers DNA - inherited from
their parents - damage the microscopic
machinery that controls salt and water levels
in the linings of the lungs.

The result is a thick mucus that inexorably

damages the lungs. Antibiotics help prevent
infection and drugs can loosen the mucus,
but nothing deals with the fundamental
problem for most patients.
The combination of drugs- lumacaftor
and ivacaftor- were designed to repair that
microscopic machinery.
The trial showed that those patients
given the cocktail for 24 weeks had better
lung function. Cystic fibrosis also affects the
mucus lining in the gut so the doctors were
pleased to see the patients also gained
weight in the trial.
Prof Stuart Elborn, who led the European
part of the trial from Queens University
Belfast, said: This is very exciting and it
really demonstrates that we can correct the
basic defects in cystic fibrosis. This is likely
to become a fundamental treatment for
cystic fibrosis.
Starting in children may prevent the
disease process developing if we correct
the basic defect early in life.
Will this improve survival for people with

cystic fibrosis? We would anticipate it would

have a really good chance of doing that,
but we dont know for sure yet. There are
however, many types of error in the DNA
that can culminate in cystic fibrosis.
This treatment combination should work
on around half of patients, while one of the
drugs on its own corrects a small proportion
of errors. New treatments are still required
for the remaining patients.
Susanna McColley, professor of
paediatrics at Northwestern University, said
these were groundbreaking findings that
showed the future of treating cystic fibrosis.
She said: For subjects Ive cared
for, they felt better in ways that are not
necessarily measurable. One young woman
said, and this is a direct quote, her CF is not
a problem.
Janet Allen, the director of research
at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity, said:
These results open up a new front in
the fight against cystic fibrosis and this
combination therapy looks set to be an
important additional treatment option that
could improve the lives of many.
As this leading edge of science continues
to be explored and better understood, we
are hopeful that a future of personalised
medicines is increasingly within reach. The
therapy is being examined by regulators
around the world.

Studying the

Yoga Sadhanas

oga is viewed around the world as the

best way to achieve enlightenment and
improve your health. One who experiences
this oneness of existence is said to be in
Yoga and is termed as a yogi who has
attained a state of freedom.
Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient
Indian tradition to the human kind. It
embodies unity of mind and body; thought
and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony
between man and nature and a holistic
approach to health and well-being. Yoga
is not about exercise but to discover the
sense of oneness with ourselves, the
world and nature. The widely practiced
Yoga sadhanas are: Yama, Niyama,
Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,
Dhyana, Samadhi, Bandhas and Mudras,
Shatkarmas, Yuktahara, etc.
Yamas are restraints and Niyamas are
observances. These are considered to be
pre-requisites for further Yogic practices.
Niyama are the rules of conduct that
apply to individual discipline, while yama
are universal in their application. The five
niyama listed by Sage Patanjali are: saucha
(purity), santosha (contentment), tapas
(ardour or austerity), svadhyaya (study of
the Self) and Svara pranidhana (dedication
to the Lord).
Asanas, capable of bringing about
stability of body and mind, involve adopting
various psycho-physical body patterns

and giving one an ability to maintain a

body position (a stable awareness of ones
structural existence) for a considerable
length of time.
Pranayama: Pranayama cleanses and
aerates the lungs, oxygenates the blood and
purifies the nerves. But more important than
the physical cleansing of the body is the
cleansing of the mind of its disturbing emotions
like hatred, passion, anger, lust, greed,
delusion and pride. It consists of developing
awareness of ones breathing followed by willful
regulation of respiration as the functional or vital
basis of ones existence. It helps in developing
awareness of ones mind and helps to establish
control over the mind.

Pratyahara indicates dissociation of

ones consciousness (withdrawal) from
the sense organs, which connect with the
external objects. Dharana indicates broadbased field of attention (inside the body
and mind) which is usually understood as
Dhyana (meditation) is contemplation
(focussed attention inside the body and
mind) and Samadhi (integration).
Bandhas and Mudras are practices
associated with Pranayama. They are
viewed as the higher yogic practices that
mainly adopt certain physical gestures
along with control over breathing. This
further facilitates control over mind and
paves way for higher Yogic attainment.
However, practice of dhyana, which moves
one towards self-realisation and leads
one to transcendence, is considered the
essence of Yoga Sadhana.
Sakarmasare detoxification procedures
that are clinical in nature and help to
remove the toxins accumulated in the body.
Yuktahara advocates appropriate food and
food habits for healthy living.


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015


Yemeni women
turning to bikes to counter

fuel shortages

Two ambitious women

with a cause-driven company


ate Clopeck and Vanessa

Green, co-founders of Saha
Global, are prime examples of
women who have successfully pursued
their passion to work toward solving a
problem. That problem is the global
water crisis. When Clopeck first learned
of it, she was shocked to discover
how easy it is to purify contaminated
water. She had fallen into the common

Saha Global began with

purifying water in Ghana,
but it soon expanded
to solar power and
female entrepreneurship.
Because of Clopeck
and Greens efforts,
the company has been
able to empower 178
women entrepreneurs
to start their own clean
water or solar electricity
trap of assuming that the hard part
of solving a problem is inventing the
solution. In reality, however, Clopeck
came to understand that simple, cheap
water treatment technologies had been
around for years. The problem was
Saha Global was born out of
Clopeck and Greens shared passion.
Saha Globals mission is to empower

women and bring more clean water to

Ghana, which works hand in hand with
the organizations business model.
Saha Global enables Ghanas women,
traditionally the ones in charge of water
in the home, to become entrepreneurs.
Through a training and monitoring
program the women learn to collect
and treat water by hand, then sell it
at an affordable price. Saha Global
found success because its locally
available treatment methods produced
sustainable clean water solutions that
villagers could afford while stimulating
the local economy.
Clopecks inspirational story serves
as a remarkable example for all women
interested in social entrepreneurship.
The most important lesson: Solve
a problem that you can get excited
about. Follow Clopecks example with
these four tips for finding success with
a cause-driven company:
Widen your social lens: Social
entrepreneurship isnt just about being
your own boss and making more
money. Give yourself the freedom to
be driven by a problem, and constantly
challenge yourself to think bigger.
purifying water in Ghana, but it soon
expanded to solar power and female
entrepreneurship. Because of Clopeck
and Greens efforts, the company has
been able to empower 178 women
entrepreneurs to start their own clean
water or solar electricity businesses.
Assemble your team with care:
Cause-driven companies are a lot of
work for the whole team, so it is critical
that everyone care about your cause.
As a leader, you should recognize that
your job is to motivate and engage
your team members, regardless of
their roles or talents.
In Clopecks words, the Saha Global
team is small but mighty because its
made up of people who care deeply
about the companys mission.

fundraising: Fundraising is one of
your jobs, and it may be harder than
you think. Theres often a lot of red
tape, and you have to be willing to
put in the time and effort to convince
people that your cause is the one they
should support.
Because Saha Global is a
nonprofit that launches for-profit social
businesses, it was difficult to find the
appropriate fundraising avenues when
it came time to scale up. Neither venture
capital nor traditional philanthropy
really fit. Although it was frustrating at
the beginning, this challenge forced
the team to get creative and eventually
launch its Global Leadership Program.
This program not only gives young
leaders the opportunity to learn about
social entrepreneurship while having
a lasting impact on the ground, but
also provides Saha Global with the
resources it needs to grow.
Uncover the simplest solution:
It is easy to get caught up in the
newest, most innovative tech, but the
most basic solution is often the most
Saha Global uses aluminum sulfate
and chlorine to treat drinking water.
No pipes, pumps or mechanics are
involved-- just two products and a safe
storage container. Innovation wasnt
needed, because the simple solution
was effective and sustainable. As a
result, Clopeck and Green can spend
all their innovation energy on their
business model.
In this highly connected world,
the motto in order to be a billionaire,
help a billion people is actually
possible. However, the inspiration for
entrepreneurship shouldnt come from
the question of how to make money
but rather how to solve a problem.
The world has a lot of crises waiting
for solutions. So find something that
makes you feel alive, and pursue it like
a woman on a mission.

ith a Saudi-led bombing campaign leading to severe fuel shortages

in Yemens capital, men in Sanaa have been forced to innovate.
Some have run motorbikes on paint-thinner, others have hooked
their car engines up to cooking-gas canisters to avoid the extortionate price
of petrol. But women in the capital, also trying to adapt to the turmoil, face
an obstacle men do not: tradition.
Last week, when freelance photographer Bushra al-Fusail told her friends
that she was considering riding a bike to work, they warned her against
it. Female bike riding is almost unheard of in Yemen - many conservative
Yemenis believe its immodest or reveals too much of a womans body.
But after creating a Facebook group, Lets ride a bike on Friday, Fusail
convinced some of friends to join her on a women-only bike ride across the
city, the first of its kind in Yemen.
It is totally unfair that men can move easily by using their bicycles when
women are expected to stay home. No more fuel means that we cant go to
work, that we are unable to provide and help our families. Join us! Fusail
posted on the group. At noon on Saturday, 20 young women converged on
al-Sabeen, a busy highway that runs past the presidential palace
Most wore veils and didnt themselves own bicycles but the few who
did cycled for an hour and a half, looping around the mosque as Fusail
snapped photos on her camera. The pictures of the ride, which spread like
wildfire online, were met with dozens of furious comments.
This cant be real, these images were photoshopped, commented one
Yemeni man under a picture. Those are not women, they are men dressed
as women, said another.
Fusail, though, said that many of the Yemenis who saw the bike ride on
the day reacted positively.
I thought that people would come and laugh at us or try to prevent us
from cycling, but this did not happen at all, instead there were some people
who tried to encourage us, and this motivated us to continue.
Biking was our way of showing that nothing can stop us - not bombing
not cultural taboos, this is our right; we have a right to live and the right to
Basem al-Qubati, a 35-year-old car mechanic who saw the women
biking on Saturday, told MEE he was glad they were using the bicycles as a
mean of transport, but that he worried men would harass them.
Marwa Qaed, a 23-year-old accounting student, said she would love to
ride a bike if she could and that some of her friends had started learning in
their back gardens. Ten years ago it was considered shameful for a women
to drive a car now you can see women driving everywhere, she said.
I do not have a bicycle, but I will try to get one from my friend to teach
me how to bike and I will join the women to do a revolution against the
society, she added.

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The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015

Tips to wear

Nude colored

Smokey eyes

ummer is wonderful for those who love it, but how do you
look amazing and skip the sweaty part. The answer is with
a sensual, smokey eye that is warm-weather appropriate. Here
are some tips to get the covetable and effortless smokey eye
with ease.
Make it wet: In order to achieve a look that doesnt melt down
your face, start off by using a shadow primer. Then, layer both
your shimmering and smokey shadows. Use just the tiniest
amount of Vaseline or clear lip gloss to highlight just the center
ball of the eyelid.
Do a double: Cream and powder eye shadow combos always
give the best eye shadow results. A cream shadow is not only
a great base that creates additional dimension but locks down
powder shadow when it is layered on top.
Start with the basics: Start by using a
matte flesh or bone-toned shade from
lash to brow. Next, in a windshield wiper
motion, define the crease and blend a
medium-to-dark smokey shadow from
crease down toward the lash, keeping
the inner third of the eyeball clean.
Then, take a deeper shade and create
the V from the outer eye line to the
outer crease and smoke toward the
center of the eyelid. Finish by applying
a creamy gel black eyeliner along lash
line and smudge.
Fix smudged shadow: Salvage smudged eye make-up with
concealer and a Q-tip. You would think that the best bet is to
use an eye make-up remover and clean up the smudge but it
will dissolve remaining eye make-up and leave a residue. Try a
little concealer on a Q-tip to clean up and do damage control.
Then, reapply eye make-up.
Lean towards a liquid: A liquid eyeshadow is the easiest
kind of product to apply. Liquids can easily be applied with
your fingers, a sponge, a brush, etc. Another fun benefit of
liquid formulas is that they can be applied sheerer or heavier
depending on the kind of smokey eye you want and the
statement you want to make with your eyes.
Find the right hue: Pale-to-fair skin tones look best in bronzes
and golden browns while medium skin tones look best in gray
and charcoal tones. Deeper skin tones always look best in
jewel and black skin tones.


The color nude has

always been a fashion
favorite, and is now
set to become a
worldwide staple to
rival the little black

ts minimalist look and

clean character leaves
room for the imagination
to grow, making it one of
the most versatile color
foundations around to create
an individualistic look. From
deep camel to a light hint of
beige, nude can be worn in a
wide spectrum of tones that
bring to mind natures softest
Whether you wear it from
head to toe, or broken up with
your favorite black statement
piece, nude never fails to go
a long way, and can be just
as statement-making as the
seasons most color saturated
pieces. To get some tips on
styling pieces in this au natural
color, follow these tips.
Wearing nude from head
to toe: If you are going to go
nude all over, wear separates
in slightly different textures
and complementary tones
of nude so as not to look too
monochromatic or washed
out. Lighter and medium tones
of nude together create an
interesting color progression
that keeps a look fresh and

Or if you decide to go with

a plain fabric, wear a loose
silhouette because a tight one
will show off too much. Your
best option for a nude dress
is one which features textured
ruffles or an interesting print to
give you a fashionable allure.
Break up nude with black or
gray: Black and gray are two
basic colors that are capable
of adding contrast to any outfit,
and are especially important
when working with a color

palate of nudes. For example,

you can make a nude colored
skirt edgier by pairing it with
black tights and a black top, to
break up a light wash of color.
Pairing nudes with leopard
print: Because leopard print
is brown, it complements any
nude color with ease. You
can show a peek of leopard

Easy styling
tricks for thicker hair
the illusion that your hair has

any women love the

fullness of model hair,
but for some, thick hair is
something you are born
with. While some reach for
supplements to boost the
thickness of their tresses, it
doesnt have to be all that
serious of a process. You
might not be able to alter the
thickness level of your hair, but
there are styling tricks and cuts
that can help you appear to
have thick hair. Here are a few
tricks below.
Thickening sprays:
Thickening sprays help
increase volume of hair, making
it appear like you have more
on your head. Thin hair often
falls flat to the head, so these
products, which are usually
sprays that you apply to damp
hair before blow-drying, give

Lift at the roots: Hair falling

flat affects the entire look, but it
is most noticeable at the roots.
A solution is to get a volumizing
spray in your collection. Spritz
a small amount about three
inches away from your roots
and blow-dry those sections,
lifting the hair off the scalp
while blow-drying. Look for
a product that
combines a
light hold
with a

protection quality. You can also

buy specific products that just
cater to increasing height and
volume at the roots.
Teasing: There is a fine line
between teasing and excess
teasing. When done correctly
on thin hair, it mimics a full,
voluminous look. Stick to the
hair around the crown of your
head, about one inch down
from the roots. After blowdrying, tease two to three
inches of the strands you pick
up. Using a comb is your
best bet. This will give
you the temporary
appearance of
full hair, but
remember to
be gentle

print amongst a sea of nudes

with striking tights, flashy
ankle socks, sunglasses, or a
lightweight scarf in the exotic
and fun print. The unexpected
burst of pattern is eye-catching
and fashion-forward.
Denim with nudes: Denim
is a summer staple, and
adds a subtle flash of color to
the seasons beloved nudecolored pieces, and it does so
without being too outrageously
colorful. Just one denim piece
is all you need: a pair of
high-waisted jeans, distressed
denim boyfriend shorts, or a
blue denim blouse. Denim and
nude can look so amazingly
good combined.
Accessories: The colour
nude can be very girly and
to balance it out, you have to
don accessories with a tough
edge; a few good choices
are gladiator sandals, chunky
gold accessories, brown
leather belts or silvery textured
necklaces. To up the ante
on your style, select a bright
colored accessory that adds
just the right pop of color to
your dress.
taking it out. Dont plow a brush
through the teasing. You will
risk damaging your hair with
breakage, thus producing an
even thinner head of hair you
had to begin with.
The hair flip: Throughout
the day, that is the area that
is going to look particularly
flat, especially if you are not
regularly blow-drying to lift your
roots. A quick fix is to flip your
hair run your hands through a
top section of hair and flip it so
it is laying on the other side. It is
a trending look, and it solves the
problem in less than a minute.
Blunt ends: While you totally
can play with layers, asking for
a cut with blunt ends with make
your hair look fuller, especially if
you are getting a lob-length or
Dont curl your ends: Curls
may help bring your hair some
body, but remember to undo
the ringlets. A few tightly-wound
tendrils will give your hair the
opposite effect you are going
for. Keep your ends out of the
curling iron to further create
fullness. After you have curled
all the hair around your head,
undo the ringlets gently with
your fingers. Flip your head
over, flip back, and spritz on a
setting spray.


The Times Kuwait 24 - 30 May, 2015



All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat - so much that it usually costs
a fortune to cool them down. So why is not this heat used, instead, to keep homes or offices warm?
Actually, nerd power is already being tried out.

sleek white box, which can easily hug

a wall, looks nice enough as radiators
go. But what is really exciting about it is
what is going on inside.
Instead of hot water, it contains a computer
connected to the internet, doing big sums and
kicking out heat in the process. It was created
by a Dutch start-up called Nerdalize, and
could be part of a solution to a big problem
for the tech industry.
Those clouds, that store virtual data,
take the form of very large, noisy data centers
containing tens of thousands of servers.To
prevent the server stacks overheating, tech
companies spend vast sums on cooling
technology - more than a third of a data
centres hefty energy bill may go on air
conditioning. With data centers estimated to
account for 1.5 percent of global electricity
consumption (in 2010), this wastage is costly
to businesses and to the environment too.
Nerdalizes solution is, effectively, to spread
their data centre across domestic homes
linked by fiber-optic cable. The excess heat
can then be used instead of going to waste.

Size:122cm x 70cm x 17cm - slightly fatter

than a normal double radiator

idea, they came across a paper published

by Microsoft Research and the University
of Virginia in 2011 on the potential for data
furnaces to heat domestic and office
properties. The energy savings were so
significant, the paper said, that the IT industry
could theoretically double in size without
increasing its carbon footprint.
In fact, the initial impetus for that research
was a slightly different problem. Microsoft was
wondering what to do with all its old servers,
which were less efficient and gave off more
heat. Nerdalize is one of a number of small
companies to have taken these ideas forward,
but Microsoft itself has so far put data furnaces
on hold.
It, very well, might beabig thing but it does
not look like it is going to be thebig thing in
the short term. Part of the reason is that the
big tech companies are currently focused on
making billions from the explosion in cloud
computing, not saving millions by reselling the
waste heat the sector produces.
There are also practical obstacles such
as the cost of maintaining remote servers,
and the issue of data security. Nerdalizes
radiators are in a tamper-proof case, and
use encrypted data but even so, there are
probably a fair number of computing jobs that
companies would not push out into peoples
Leaving that aside, it seems clear that data
centers are not about to disappear. As more
businesses move their storage to the cloud,
their total number may decrease, but the
number of very large centers is predicted to
increase. The way in which these centers are
cooled has become a central aspect of their

Nerd power

The memories, friends, likes and dislikes of
all Europe are stored in a vast Facebook data
centre in Lulea, Sweden, close to the Arctic
Circle. Facebook is very proud of the green
credentials of this 2013 plant, which is fed
by renewable energy and employs passive
cooling. The idea is that instead of using
air conditioning - active cooling - to keep
servers cool, you locate the factory in a cold
place, and design it so that the outside air can
penetrate and circulate past the server stacks.
But one Swedish data services company
argues that the Lulea plant is equivalent to
leaving a heater on outside. If you live in a

cold climate, what do you do with heat? Do you

ventilate it out in the winter? asks Bahnhofs
CEO Jon Karlung. No, you do not. You use it
to warm up houses.
Bahnhofs three data centers in central
Stockholm do exactly that. Hot air circulates
up through their buildings and is put through
a heat exchanger, where it heats water pipes
that connect up with a communal heating

Output:1000W - about half the peak

output of a conventional double radiator,
but eRadiators can be left on all day
Cost:400-500 euros (290-360) to set
up, then free of charge to use
Requirements:A fiber optic connection
and an external wall

The radiators take a little longer than

average to heat up - about an hour, and a
single unit would not be enough to heat a
room in mid-winter. But, after a small setup fee, the heat is completely free to users.
Nerdalize gets its money for providing data
services - its current clients include Leiden
University Medical Centre, which uses the
radiators to crunch through lengthy protein
and gene analysis.
As Nerdalize started to look into the

The waste heat from one of Bahnhof's data

centres meeting the municipal heating

A server room in
Facebook's plant near Lulea
(Getty Images)

system. The company is one of a number of

tech firms in the city that sell heat to a local
energy company.
Bahnhofs data centres help to heat about
1,000 apartments and they have plans to build
a new, larger data centre in the city, which
could heat about 50,000. In a shift that no-one
could have predicted five years ago, Karlung
says their new centre will not be designed to
stay cool, but to get as hot as possible.

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