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June 5/ 2015.

Webs. "Web hosting"

Haroon Mokhtarzada. CEO.
FBI Washington-field:
FBI Miami-field:
This is a Second Legal Warning. My answer to you is high and clear; NEVER!!!
The USA Constitution protect my right to speak. If you "WEBS" or ANYBODY else is not agree
with what I state there. Only compete to a USA Federal court to over rule my First Amendment.
NOBODY else can deprive my right of FREE SPEECH under any circumstances.
Since according you statement I have to guess what the complain is all about:
Also it is my RIGHT, to know exactly what you "WEBS" are complaining about and what you want
me to remove. So, I will NOT consider to remove anything until you specify WHAT has been
reported and by WHOM. Both included.
I can only try to guess what YOU are complaining about. I have not been using my website form
almost two years. A couple weeks ago, I posted pictures with my statement against Florida Senator
MARCO RUBIO. As a USA citizen my 14Th amendment of the USA Constitution has been
violated by this Florida Senator MARCO RUBIO granting privileges to a citizen not from Florida
State (Alan P. Gross, from Maryland State) and this one of Jewish background. I am a Christian
Depriving me as a USA citizen from the State of Florida. I got accusation in front Department of
Justice (DOJ) sent both to Eric Holder and Florida AG Bill McCollom and Pam Bondi against
Florida Senator Marco Rubio since 2010 and the USA government officials, DOJ are obstructing
justice as the FBI knows very well.
See link below:
This is the SECOND TIME; you "WEBS" that I report both you and to the FBI for similar attempt
to deprive my First Amendment. I am legally warning you again "WEBS" to stay away and refrain
from violating my right of FREE SPEECH. Only a USA Supreme Court could over rule my First
Amendment and need to justify high and clear.
Around four years ago I posted in the top of my website ( this text you
see below, as a legal warning addressed straight to you "WEBS":
"WEBS.COM the hosted of this website. You got a legal warning with the FBI in case you try to
sabotage, obstruct justice, or deprive my right of Freedom of Expression under First Amendment
of The United States of America Constitution."
I want to restate, that I will make you "Webs" to be called anyway in front a Federal Court at the
time to clarify this case of torture in Denmark. Because I got also the right to know WHO is or are
the persons that according to you I am making "potential defamation". And you hold this
information and I want it transparent in front a USA court and according 6th Amendment that also

June 5/ 2015.
protect me.
My website which I have been paying to you for more than 8 years now. It is a court evidence. You
shot it down; I will make you be called immediately for violations of my First Amendment and
Obstruction of Justice. And I want full back up of my website.
Conclusion: My answer is NO!!!... I will stand with my statement against Florida Senator Marco
Rubio in front the Supreme Court. PERIOD!!!
I will not remove one word. No even dream about it.
If ANYBODY else that is not Marco Rubio, do not like what I say there in my website, that person have all the freedom in the world to move on and keep
"walking" or surfing in the wide world of the web.
I suggest you contact your lawyers before to violate my First Amendment.
You have been legally warned.
Mario Herrera.
(My USA passport picture, number and name are in my website open and public).
Ps.- Attached to this email are copies of previews emails (letters) sent both to you "WEBS" Mr.
Haroon and the FBI.
This emails are open and public. I am posting it on my twitter account: @norightsforyou
both for you and my legal protection.
On 05/06/15 21:37, wrote:
Dear Webs User,
We have received complaints that your site is in violation of our
Terms-of-Service, containing both inappropriate content and
potentially defamation. Both violations may be on your site in the
form of text or images. Please remove this content to prevent site
suspension, or possible deletion. Should you find that your site is
frozen due to these violations, removing the content and contacting us
for review may activate your site.
We understand that not all complaints are valid, and are simply
informing you of our investigation of your site. Please take proper
actions to maintain a clean and positive online experience for
yourself and the rest of the Webs community.
Best Regards,