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University of Connecticut professor of physics Dr. Ronald Mallett has developed and received a
patent on his blueprint for a Time Travel Machine. This is not a hoax or a joke. Dr. Mallett is a
well published and highly respected theoretical physicist. And while there are some physicists
who have disputed certain aspects of his work, there is little dispute that Dr. Mallett’s work
brings us very close to the possibility of time travel in the near future.

The following article summarizes Dr. Mallett’s work and discusses the implications of time
travel technology for people of African decent.

Time Travel is Likely to Happen in Our

By Jomo W. Mutegi, Ph.D.
April 2008

I know it sounds fantastic. Not fantastic as in good, but fantastic as in “Jomo, you ain’t gotta lie
to kick it!” Well, I’m not lying, I still kick it, and it’s absolutely true: Time travel is likely to
happen in our lifetime. Perhaps I should be more specific. Time travel into the past is likely to
happen in our lifetime. Time travel into the future has already taken place. Experimentation with
time travel into the future was conducted successfully in the 1970’s1.
In 1971 Joe Hafele and Richard Keating conducting an experiment using atomic clocks to empirically demonstrate Einstein’s Special
Theory of Relativity. What they found was that time was lost for a clock traveling at a high rate of speed. The results of this
experiment were published in the 1972 volume of the journal Science [Hafele, J.C. & Keating, R. E. (1972). Around-the-world atomic
clocks: predicted relativistic time gains. Science, 177, 166-168; and Hafele, J.C. & Keating, R. E. (1972). Around-the-world atomic
clocks: observed relativistic time gains. Science, 177, 168-170.] For more information visit
STEM 2058 “Time Travel is Likely to Happen in Our Lifetime!” 2

Now if this news has you reeling from the effects of shock and awe, try to gain your composure,
because I’ve got more shocking news. The person taking the lead on time travel research is an
African American physicist on faculty at the University of Connecticut by the name of Dr.
Ronald Mallet. I know it sounds fantastic, but let me reiterate, “Yes there are a few Black
physicists and we have found one. Yes he is a tenured, full professor at a research I university.
And yes, he has developed and patented a blueprint for a time travel machine.

How does it Work?

I knew you would ask that. Well basically, the time machine uses a ring laser to “stir” space and
time. By so doing the ring laser creates closed time-like curves. “What is a closed time-like
curve?” I knew you would ask that too. The best way I know to explain it is to say that a closed
time-like curve is a worldline that is closed. And, before you ask, a worldline is the path that an
object takes through four dimensions of spacetime. We can visualize the path that an object (say
a baseball) travels through three dimensions. To understand a worldline try to imagine that
baseball traveling through three dimensional space and the fourth dimension that is time. If my
explanation of the physics is poor, Dr. Mallett gives a great explanation complete with visuals at and

What is more important for us is not the physics of how it works, but the practical aspects of its
operation. Can we travel back to junior high school and live that period of our lives with more
dignity? Can we travel back to senior high school and make better college choices? Can we
travel back to our college days and make better relationship choices? “No, no, no.” The answer
to these questions is, “No!” Dr. Mallett’s time machine only enables travel back to the point in
time wherein the machine is turned on. In addition, Dr. Mallett’s time machine will not be
transporting people anytime soon. Among other problems with transporting people are the
energy demands that would be required. What is more likely is that Dr. Mallett’s machine will be
used to transmit subatomic particles and… information.

How will it be used?

Well first let me give you the good. Imagine this; the CIA obtains an operative version of Dr.
Mallett’s time machine on April 4, 2010. Assume they turn it on this date as well so that it can
begin creating closed time-like curves. On September 11, 2010, terrorists fly commercial
airplanes into the World Trade Center. On September 12, 2010, government officials send a
message back in time to August 11, 2010, with instructions that will allow the terror attack to be
averted. That sounds good. Doesn’t it? Think of all the catastrophes that could be prevented.
Think of all the “lives that could be saved.” Doesn’t that sound terribly cliché? Anyway…

How might it be abused?

Now I’ve got to give you the bad. Imagine this; it’s July 5, 2010, and an upper level CIA
operative sees a wonderful villa in Spokane that he and his wife would like to purchase. (Do they
have villas in Spokane)? At any rate, his CIA salary won’t cut it. So he sends a message back to
June 5, 2010, with instructions on which lottery numbers to play in 7 states for the next 30 days.
What harm could come from taking this small liberty? Does this sound unlikely? Well then,
imagine a CEO of a major company who sends a message back to himself with instructions of

A publication of Sankoré Institute
STEM 2058 “Time Travel is Likely to Happen in Our Lifetime!” 3

exactly when to sell stock in his company, so that he could avert the disaster that will fall on the
company’s employees and stockholders. Now that should sound likely. Hold tight because it
could get worse.

How might people of African descent be abused?

Alas, let us examine the ugly. Imagine this; some African giant comes to prominence August 5,
2020 and begins mobilizing people of African descent to change their condition. Following this
charismatic leader, African people all over the world stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes,
which wreaks financial havoc on these industries and lowers the sin tax income of hundreds of
local municipalities. They stop committing drug-related crimes, which causes a near collapse of
the prison-industrial complex. They begin building and supporting their own schools, retail
outlets, transportation companies, and entertainment industries. Needless to say this African
giant has caught the attention of quite a few people. Needless to say while life is better for large
numbers of people (African and otherwise), there are also large numbers of other people who
would rather continue building wealth on the substance abuse, crime and lack of self-
determination of African people. Well by July 2024, the “powers that be” have seen enough.
They send a message back to 2015 with instructions for neutralizing the African giant to prevent
him from upsetting the nation’s “domestic tranquility.” Does this sound conspiratorial? You
don’t think that J. Edgar Hoover would have traded in his pumps and purse for Dr. Mallet’s Time
Machine? The interested reader should visit our friends at The Talking Drum
( They have a very nice summary of the FBI’s
counter intelligence program. The reader who is tired of reading can check it out on YouTube

What does this mean for African people?

When I talk about the importance of African people doing science that is in their own best
interest, I am often asked, “What does science have to do with race?” There is a widespread
notion that true science is objective and that it transcends race and culture. The reality however,
is that science is as culturally embedded as any another activity engaged in by humans. All races
and cultures of people engage in some activity that helps them to learn about nature. In modern
western society that activity is called “science.” The process that modern western Europeans use
to learn about nature is different from the process used by other races of people because the
culture which supports it is different.

The application of Dr. Mallett’s technology (in fact the application of any technology) is
important to African people because they largely need to secure their future in a world that is
hostile to their success and at times their existence. Ignorance of STEM (science, technology,
engineering and mathematics) puts African people in a position of being subject to the whim of
those Europeans who develop, promote and use STEM advances to their own benefit, which may
or may not benefit African people.

Imagine the rewards that were realized for those who were involved with cell phone technology
at the time it was just being developed. Imagine the same with heavier than air flight, or the
development of the internet, or the automobile. Dr. Mallett’s technology is exciting beyond
mention. What’s more exciting is that we have the opportunity to be a part of its development.
And in all this excitement we should not miss the sobering responsibility that is before us. We

A publication of Sankoré Institute
STEM 2058 “Time Travel is Likely to Happen in Our Lifetime!” 4

owe it to our ancestors, ourselves and future generations to be involved with this coming
technology not as consumers but as producers and decision-makers. Dr. Mallett’s work promises
to revolutionize the way that humans live, work, and play. It’s difficult to find words that
adequately capture the magnitude of his work. So for now, perhaps we should simply say to him,
“Thanks! Keep up the good work.” For the rest of us, remember that the future belongs to those
who prepare for it.

STEM 2058 subscribers and other readers are encouraged to get a copy of Time Traveler by Dr.
Ronald Mallett. It is an excellent, informative, and inspiring read for both children and adults.
We also have an audio-documentary available on the Sankoré Institute website. We encourage
readers to listen to the documentary and provide feedback. We hope the documentary can be
developed into a tool to increase the interest of African American junior and senior high school
students in STEM.

A publication of Sankoré Institute

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