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Five must knows about the 2015 assessment
2015 will bring changes to the syllabus and the way that you are assessed. Let us help you
understand the changes with these five important facts:

1. All of the 2015 syllabus assessments will be computer

There will be three levels (operational, management and strategic) and at each level you will
need to take three objective tests and an integrated case study exam. All of these assessments will
be taken on computer.
The objective tests are 90 minutes long and the integrated case study exams are three hours long.

2: You can choose when you take your next assessment

The objective tests are available on demand. This means that you can enter for an objective test
at any time of the year. You will be able to enter for an objective test assessment from January
You must complete all of your objective tests at each level before you can attempt the integrated
case study exam.
The integrated case study exams will be available four times a year. The first operational level
case study exams will be available at the end of February and the management and strategic case
study exams will be available in March 2015.

3: You will take your assessments at a Pearson Vue Exam

Pearson VUE has over 5,000 test centres in 178 countries. We are working with Pearson VUE to
continue to increase the number of exam centres globally, to ensure greater convenience for you.

4: You wont have long to wait for your assessment results

For the objective tests, you will get your results and feedback shortly after the exam.
The case studies are human marked and you will receive your results four weeks after the exam.

5: The pass mark is changing

The pass mark for the objective tests is 70%, and for the integrated case study exams it is
60%. The pass marks are set to reflect the standard that is required of a minimally competent
We are not expecting you to work harder to pass an exam than you do now. The higher pass mark
does not suggest that you will need a higher degree of competence to pass than that required for
the current exams.

Pearson VUE has entered into a 10-year partnership with the Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants (CIMA) to transform their portfolio of professional-level exams from pen and paper
to computer-based testing (CBT) with a January 2015 launch.
The new agreement heralds an updated syllabus and a major change in the way CIMAs
professional-level exams are delivered globally, incorporating the full range of services CBTleaders Pearson VUE provides to help develop, manage, deliver and grow test programmes.
Over a year of work will have been spent on new test development by the time it is launched
next year (2015), with experts from Pearson VUEs psychometric and content development
teams leading the transition.
Charles Tilley FCMA CGMA, chief executive, CIMA, says: CIMA is committed to supporting
the next generation of global finance leaders and ensuring that our members stay at the forefront
of developments in the business world throughout their careers.
When designing the 2015 syllabus, we set out to enhance its relevance to employers, to ensure
the rigour of the related examinations and to align the learning experience of candidates to the
real world of business. I feel we have succeeded in this.
The fact that the 2015 syllabus is totally research-lead and informed by those on the front line
of business, makes it a real piece of best practice for addressing the employability needs of both
employers and students. With Pearson VUE and the revised syllabus, we are delivering a truly
exceptional qualification to a global audience.
The length of the contract CIMA has signed with us underlines the confidence the CIMA team
has in Pearson VUE to take their programmes forward and improve the experience and outcomes
for accountancy candidates,
The updated tests are more sophisticated, simulating the application of skills and competencies in
real-world scenario case studies. They are split into operational, managerial and strategic levels,

with three selective-answer tests at each level and a final case study exam with detailed longanswer responses to relevant working-life situations.
All tests will be available at over 5 100 global test centres. The selective-answer tests will be
available on demand and the case studies available during quarterly three-week testing windows.
Pearson VUE will help design CIMAs exams and will deliver the tests globally, along with
providing an online solution for human marking, psychometric analysis of the assessment
programme responses and providing a solution for managing question creation and banking.
Bob adds: One of the advantages of computer-based testing is the ability to create new and
different question types to test the learning outcomes. Learning outcomes themselves and sound
test design are at the heart of this project.
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