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“Get off of the Crazy Cycle…
and onto a Path of Peace”

“Get off of the Crazy Cycle… and onto a Path of Peace”

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Womb – Infancy
Toddler – Preschooler
Early School Years

Helping kids fall in love with God is obviously a lifetime pursuit.
There is no ”formula” that guarantees success in 30days or your money back.
While we as parents model Christianity to become an
example and train them as best as we possibly can...
Our efforts are wee little comparatively to God’s.
But our God, in His mercy gently leads us parents in
the path we should take to encourage our children to
live a fulfilled life with Jesus.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should
go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

II Timothy 3:15
“And how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures,
which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in
Christ Jesus.”

Parenting Science from an Amazing God:
A baby’s brain begins to form just three weeks after conception.
During this time, trillions of neurons are produced, reaching a lifetime high
before birth.
Synapses—connections between cells in the brain—are rapidly developed,
with memory beginning at only four months in utero!
These beginning years of life prove scientifically to be the foundational
launching point for a human being’s entire life.”
– Dr Melodye Hilton

Memory Development In Utero = God’s Design for Us

Relaxing worship music to loud fast music
Christian, Classical and Factual
#3 PRAY for baby….

Pure Joy!
Crystal Wade and Arthur Burke
Includes scripted prayers and declarations to help you
pray for baby

In the early years I recommend material closely tied to the
bible to lay a groundwork for all learning:

The reality of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for their sins…
The concept of praying and talking to God
Their identity as a child of God
Learn Bible verses
Heroes of Faith as role models and gatekeepers (David and
Goliath to Esther)

This fundamental time is an amazing opportunity for us to
be builders of healthy minds.
Every word that we speak is an electromagnetic light
impulse that develops neural pathways or connections in
the brain establishing memory.
This forms an automatic habit of thinking that will stay with
a child for the rest of their life.
-Dr Melodye Hinton

They can memorize verses as soon as they can speak:

In addition, 75% of a child’s personality is recognized by the
time they reach three years old.

During this precious time of life, trust is established, identity
is shaped, and the mind is developed—at the very same
time the spirit is alive and receptive to the Word of God,
which knows no age, height, or stature.

The human brain thrives when words and actions of
validation, love, nurture, and truth are freely expressed.
-Dr. Melodye Hilton

Train and discipline with scripture to solidify understanding
Kids learn how the Bible can help them in everyday life

I personally like a tight correlation
between what they EAT SPIRITUALLY
and WHAT they know foundationally.
The goal is to get those bible stories
down, memory verses, a few truths
for a firmer foundation before
digesting a wider variety of materials.

Christian Light Publications

BJU Press


Light of Life
Visual Bibles and storybooks, Sunday School workbooks, Discount Stores/Clearance

Audio CDs and DVDs with
simple straight-forward Bible
Stories, scriptures & songs

Printouts & CDs and Curriculum

 Helpful
activity ideas

Full verses – Memorized over time

Free TBN ONLINE– Smile of A Child

Hands-On Curriculum –
Homeschooler discount

Impressionable ages
Fun season - they still like playing
Can still listen to music / DVDs even if not “cool”
They learn more self-awareness in this phase
Scripture is laid intentionally on the heart to help them feel
happier about themselves and life.
They understand the reality of an adversary (bad guy) and
a battle that they are in helps….especially the boys.

1. POST picture Verses on the Walls, Doors &
Fridge (verses can help in times of need):
“ And you shall write them upon the
doorposts of your house, and on your gates.”
Deut. 6:9

Its critical at this stage to teach them to communicate with God (both talking to and
hearing direction and encouragement from Him) before potential teen resistance:
“Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you
know not.” Jer. 33
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” John 10:27

• They learn to manage self-control = more
• Closely tie discipline and character training to
Mary Rice Hopkins has curriculum to
accompany DVDs - can purchase & on TBN
Application of scripture - kids are taught to
“check their hearts” based on Heb. 10:16 “I
will put My laws upon their hearts and will
write them on their minds“
Digital Devotions samples are online –
Inexpensive curriculum multi-lesson DVD set

Weekly local - AWANAS,
Pioneers, Power Clubs and
other Bible Clubs
Local Vacation Bible Schools
(consider attending a variety)
Kids Conferences

Bible time together and instill quiet devotion time practices
May not be so quiet together – teens and tots
Prayer time stillness vs. wiggles =)
Can be fun… yet frustrating
Good bonding memories
Can include curriculum and lessons
Idea: Create a memorial to God Scrapbook or poster
Idea: Draw pictures of scriptures from the bible. Consider choosing challenging ones
from Daniel or Revelations
o Idea: Worship instruments ( scarves, spoons, tambourines, harmonica, pots,
recorders, anything)

Teaching Fridge Charts from

“Stay off of the Crazy Cycle… and onto a Path of Peace”

I became “that” kid in high school years:

My parents prayed, stuck with me and disciplined me.
They trusted God and pushed me to Him as much as they knew how=)

Opening strategy = prayer
First line of defense = prayer
Back up plan = prayer and fasting

Parent Strategy = The bathroom floor

 God’s higher moral standards are often counter-culture
 Relationship
 Room for them to struggle and fall but hold your ground – trust
God to work in their hearts ( be unpopular at times)
 Emotional intelligence - fruits of the Spirit

Daily Disciplines:
 Prayer time
 Journal, write what you learn, verses, what’s on your heart
and hear from God and “Letters to God”
 Fun prayer lists…can cross off items as God answers
o for family,
o personal issues on the spot,

o for others

Guided practice seeking God for life answers
Service – Raise money for causes, physically help others

Christian Music – Needs a balance, its tough when it gets
Christian Concerts – Winter Jam $10, Acquire the Fire,
Creation, Choirs and Church Concerts

Missions trips – can change lives & perspective

New Hope Children’s Foundation – Homeschool friendly

Youth groups can be tremendous
Caution: according to Barna research studies… many youth
groups do not teach kids how to integrate scripture for a
successful life = Stay involved

Surround them with Contagious Christians
Expose them to leaders of faith they can relate to –
Groups that give life, camps (World View Academy – Dom),
conferences especially with music

Verses about the Tough Subjects

Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum or
Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum with DVD: 10 Lessons to
Nurture Faith Beyond High School
By Dr. Kara Powell

GOD WILL HELP US wherever we are at….
Even if we missed the mark before and are playing catchup.
If God brings things to your attention, He obviously will help
you. Just ask.
God promises to teach our children:

“And all your children shall be taught of the LORD;
and great shall be the peace of your children.
Isaiah 54:13