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Save A Life Foundation

Annual Report

-^ Board of Directors j -

E\ecutive B*Kird Advisory Bd«rd

ken Alderson Jinr. Ex Director, Illinois Municipal League
President Derek L. Crawford, Regional Director Ivrofl - IL
Kdward Crew* FF7EMT*P Vice PraidenL
i'.uH J Spi^mL.
Associated Fiie Fighters of Illinois
President and FLUtnder
JohnDreikavy, President and CEO VELCQ- VT
Tivasurtr Mark Friedman, MD, FACEP FACP ■ JL
Dowlas ft. Browne K i n d I l'.iriL-1-.^n ^:11-: KuLvi ^■! - ||.

Ttasn Boh Rynn Vice President Gov'lAffiurs Comcast- IL

J-_-I 11-_-:-- schorl/. IX' ■ u.
Secretary Dick Stipher Retired Assistant St hoot SiqiLmiiieiHtjiu - IL
Honorable Rite MiiHinv
Secreiiiry Vint Rcspoiuler t'omilttw
Sergeant \L-.i 1--1 L hennas
John Ail en
Mfilit;ilAd\isur> Board
I MM.I KiMjtui:
MLtrfc MitcheEL D.O, FACOED
Sid !' m-i.r n
Medical Director, Einergency Consultant*, Inc Mike Crorrtis
Steven Orebuiif!h,M-D-T Col. Russell A. Gallagher
AnesthcsiotogV Director South Side HatpilaL PA M K ll.l .1 \ :■ ■! : |;,!i I
Ernesto A. Pretto, MD, MPH. -FL \ \ ill Mill IlLSlL/
Professor of Clinical Anesthesia Bob Kenny
Jackson Memorial Hoepilal - U of Miami Chief McHenry
Gary Taylor
Robert W Amler. MD Dean-
Rite HernngtoiL RN, UMTP
Schwl of Public Health NX Medical College
Anne Johnson. M.D.
sluHiLi AniJrf, vts FAAP. FtAUh C a n o M o n ; David Jones
I'lllruni' ■mini'- - NY fr Mart Mitchell
Col Jtli Morgerttlialer
[> Chris Nollette
Dr. limcslo Pictlo
S.11 M.-nin SaudmJ
Greg Scott
Mayor Sieve Slocklon
Katonia K. Webb
v<. Sponsors
Abbott Laboratories * Adolph Kiefer and Assoc "AhlbeckcV Company" Air Quality Maintenance* Alan and Sourixat
Thavisouk * Albert Fernando Contemporary Marketing " Albrecht Enterprises " Alexian Brothers Hearth System, Inc
* Allstate Foundation * Aftria Corporate Services. Inc. *Anrerican College of Osteopatnic Emergency Physicians*
Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois* Bank One " Blue Cross Blue Shield " Brrskman & Briskman ■ Browning Ferris
Industries ' Bulklift" Cambridge Homes " Caraher Management" Charlotte-Mecltlenberg Police " Chicago Cubs"
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Save A Life Foundation Annual Report

Table of Contents
History of Save A Life Foundation ...ii
Message from Our Founder/President iii
SALF Affiliations v
Mission, Vision and Map 1
Fast Facts 2
Program Overview 4
Program Achievement Percentage Rates 6
Annual Performance Measurements 7
SALF Programs: A State View 8
Youth ChalleNGe Partnership 9
Girl Uses SALF Lesson to Save Friend 11
Highlights & Accomplishments 13
Carpentersville Unanimously Passes Save A Life Resolution 14
Save A Life Foundation Coalition.... 15
Cost-Benefit Analysis 16
In Memory of Jan Kelley 18

Save A Life Foundation Annual Report jv

SALF Affiliations
These partners have proven valuable in our efforts to train America's

Security Wcorps


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V Save A Life Foundation Annual Report

SALF Statistics to Date
•1,647,385 children trained
• 9 Branches/Satellites in four states
• 34 Youth ChalleWGe sites in 29 states and Puerto Rico
- Average number of students 25 per class
• Controlled testing shows 97% percent retention and
57% percent attitude change as of 2008
•Average EMS credit hours 12,800
• Average school teacher credit hours 6,800
• Federal and state funds contributes 77% of training
costs, while hosting sites provide a minimum of 23% of the
base cost
• 91 % of funds are used for training, while 9% is used
for operating expenses

SALF officialy opened it's first state office

in Springfield IL in 2005.

Save A Life Foundation Annual Report 3

SALF Youth ChalleNGe Partnership

Throughout the past year National Guard Youth ChalleA/Ge Academy

Cadre (staff) have worked diligently with Save A Life Foundation
(SALF) to train thousands of Youth ChalleA/Ge cadets in basic life
supporting first aid (LSFA) skills. Cadet training continues at sites
across the country, with the expectation of thousands more being
trained in the coming year. Funded by the Department of Defense,
SALF coordinated the training of 140 Youth ChalleA/Ge Cadre, with
medical backgrounds as instructors, provided training materials and
equipment to train their cadets at Youth ChalleA/Ge Academies in
more than 30 sites nationwide.

In 1993, the Youth ChalleA/Ge program, opened in Rantoul, Illinois

(at the former Chanute Air Force Base) by the National Guard
Bureau in an effort to provide alternative education for high school
"at risk" students ages 16-18 who were in danger of dropping out of
traditional school environments. The success of Lincoln's ChalleA/Ge
lead to the opening of Youth ChalleA/Ge sites, most at military bases,
across the country.

In 2005 Lincoln's ChalleA/Ge Academy's Director, Sergeant Major

Peter Thomas initiated a partnership with SALF to empower
cadets with life supporting first aid skills as part of a well balanced
education, creating a network of spontaneous volunteers ready to
lend aid in an emergency prior to emergency medical service arrival.
Mentored by their instructor the cadets also come to value the role of
emergency medical service (EMS) as a possible career choice.

Save A Life Foundation Annual Report 9

Led by National Guard professionals, SALF's Bystander Basics©
course became so well accepted by the cadets that in 2006 the
Guard's Independent Inspection Team observed and evaluated
the training for themselves, reporting to National Guard Bureau
Headquarters in Washington, DC their extreme satisfaction with the
program. Alimentally this stimulated Youth Challe/VGe Academies at
30 sites to incorporate SALF's course for nearly 7,000 cadets.

Over the course of one year SALF monitored, evaluated and

reported the results of each trained Cadet, revealing 97% retention
of skills learned. Thus, proving cadets now have the knowledge
and willingness to lend aid in an emergency. This was further
demonstrated at Florida's Youth Challe/VGe, Camp Blanding, Starke,
Florida, with a cadet's life being saved shortly afterthe course. "By
empowering our youth with life saving skills they become a more
responsible citizen," stated Carol Spizzirri, SALF Founder.

Save A Life Foundation continues to work with Youth ChalleA/Ge

Academies, to expand its focus on our youth, by providing
classroom and practical training with it's First Responder - Careers
in Healthcare (FR-CIH) course to willing cadets. FR-CIH is geared
toward high school aged youth. The cadet can receive National
Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) First
Responder, Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident
Management System {NIMS) certifications upon completion. FR-
CIH compliments the Youth Challe/VGe program perfectly, preparing
young men and women to enter advanced training for a career in
emergency medical services, law enforcement, fire service, nursing,
emergency management or public service, and could earn cadet's an
additional stripe should they enter the military service.

10 Save A Life Foundation Annual Report