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index MAR/APR 2007

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 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I NAVIGATION


QUICK look

A small word from the editor ...

All about Lamborghini you just need to know ...

PHOTO album

Our cover car seen from every angle ...



LAMBO power




TUNING corner










A look at what the future could bring ...

Once you have it, you love it ...

Some very interesting Lamborghini Cars ...

Taking the Bull one step further ...

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Creating the legend ...

Lamborghini style ...

From scale cars to books ...



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Quick LOOK

A small word from the author ...

All about Lamborghini you just need to know ...


Text Mark Smeyers - Photos : Hamann Motorsport

Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine has

reached its third issue, again filled
with amazing news, articles and photographs on some of the most impressive Raging Bulls.
Talking about an impressive Raging
Bull, Ive been invited by Reiter Engineering to attend their test session on
the Salzburg Ring of their new 2007
Murcilago R-GT Le Mans edition.
Also I was able to visit IMSA GmbH in
Germany, the people that created the
awesome Gallardo GTV and recently
an equally amazing Gallardo Spyder
version, read all about this experience
from page 28.
Do you know Allan Fiedler ? Well I do,
and he actually owned some very nice
Lamborghinis in the past, most of
them highly tuned, and today he owns
a great looking Gallardo SE.

 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I EDITORIAL issue 2

Naturally the other items are back in

this third issue, like a really nice scale
model, a new selection of lifestyle material ... and much, much more, so lets
start reading all about these amazing
cars and enjoy this new March-April
2007 issue.
Happy reading
Mark Smeyers
2007 Lamborghini Cars
Neither this magazine nor the website Lamborghini
Cars is associated with the Automobili Lamborghini Holding SpA.
Lamborghini Cars is a non-commercial enthusiast
website, we do not sell cars or parts, the Lamborghini name, all model names and the Raging Bull
logo are registered trademarks of Automobili Lamborghini SpA

It was only a matter of time before the well

known tuning specialist Hamann Motorsport
GmbH would turn to the Lamborghini flagship, after taking the Gallardo one step further with their Ventus S1 Evo model featuring
in house developed gullwing doors.
Naturally the Murcilago didnt need these
door modifications, why tamper with a typical
trademark like those upwards opening doors,
so Hamann worked their magic on the bodywork, the engine remained standard despite
matching it to a new exhaust. Hamann made
this exhaust from high end V2A stainless
steel with a dual tip measuring a whopping
120 mm each, giving a massive impression

of power, not to mention the amazing sound

this new exhaust emits ...
On the outside only a trained eye would note
the additional front spoiler, it is so nicely integrated into the overall design of this Lamborghini one could be forgiven to think it
was mounted at the factory, however that
impressive rear wing wouldnt fool anyone,
we all know that Automobili Lamborghini SpA
doesnt offer a rear wing mainly because the
Murcilago doesnt need it, the design of
the bodywork creates enough down force at
speed with that small adjustable spoiler at the

Quick LOOK I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 

Quick LOOK

Quick LOOK

All about Lamborghini you just need to know ...

But you must admit it does look nice anyway,

so adding a rear wing by Hamann isnt such a
bad idea after all, looks are important too you
know, if only to impress your neighbor who
happens to be driving a normal Murcilago.
To complete the outside looks of the Hamann
Motorsport GmbH Murcilago there are massive 20-inch wheels mounted, black crossspoke center with a high gloss polished outer
rim and titanium bolts are what is contained

All about Lamborghini you just need to know ...

in the Race edition wheels by Hamann,

8.5x20 inch at the front axle and a wide 13
x 20 inch at the back, wearing 235/30 ZR20
and 325/25 ZR20 respectively.
Add a few Carbon Fiber touches in the interior, like the vents, shift gate cover and a little
trim around the instruments and youve got a
personalized car, and it happens to be a Lamborghini Murcilago Roadster in this case ...
what more could you want ?

Perhaps the same tuning on the latest LP640

model ? That is also possible, Hamann will
treat this new car in the same way ... when
you take delivery of it that is, with a waiting list
reaching 12 months you could be in for a long
wait ... after that the possibilities are endless
... albeit limited by your cash flow ...

For more information and prices, please feel

free to contact the friendly sales staff at Hamann Motorsport GmbH via their official web
site youll also be also to find a local dealer
which is authorized to distribute these magnificent parts for your Murcilago.

 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I Quick LOOK

Quick LOOK I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 

PHOTO album

PHOTO album

Our cover car seen from every angle ...

Our cover car seen from every angle ...

The Lamborghini Murcilago
Photos Mark - SP Engineering

 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I PHOTO album

PHOTO album I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 

PHOTO album

Our cover car seen from every angle ...

10 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I PHOTO album

PHOTO album

Our cover car seen from every angle ...

PHOTO album I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 11



A look at what the future could bring ...

A look at what the future could bring ...

Whatever the management at Automobili

Lamborghini SpA decides, Im sure we will
be pleasantly surprised when Geneva opens
its doors for the 77th Salon International de
lAuto et Accessoires on March 8th.
My friend Gabesz made a few rendering
that could give us a look at the future, like
the wild yellow Murcilago with Carbon Fiber
air intakes and wide bodywork at the bottom of page 14, or perhaps a mild re-style
of the Gallardo featuring a more aggressive
front spoiler in line with the Murcilago LP640
model. And if you really want to take a look at
a possible Murcilago successor that could
be introduced in a few years, why not go for
the amazing rendering on the previous page,
also done by Gabesz.
The rendering at the bottom of this page was
done by another artist, Jakusa designed the
next generation SUV in full Lamborghini style,
named LM003, this massive off-roader sits
on large wheels and shows a long wheelbase
together with an impressive wide track.


Text Mark Smeyers - Renderings : Various artists

The world famous Geneva Auto Show opens

its doors in a few days, and it will surely be
showing us the latest and bravest from Automobili Lamborghini SpA, but lets already
dream about what could possibly be on the
Raging Bull stand this year.

Combine this with a broad shoulder bodywork, a high waist line, a rather low roof and
you end up with one very special looking car.
Whatever it will be is still unknown at the time
of publishing, but rest assured that well bring
you all the news from Geneva on the Lamborghini Cars website as soon as it becomes
Many thanks to Gabesz and Jakusa

the pipeline, only further development of the

current models, while on the other hand they
keep talking about an SUV using the massive Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne chassis ...
some rumors even state that a diesel powered SUV could be possible.

It could very well be a prototype of the long

awaited Espada successor weve been hearing about for several years, you could admire
a rendering of such a new front engine GT in
our previous issue, and the idea still remains,
it would be a nice expansion of the line up at
SantAgata to introduce a new 2+2 seater in
style with the classic GTs from the Sixties.
However some contradicting rumors have
been emitting from Italy, on one hand they insist that an expansion of the line up is not in

12 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I Sneak PREVIEW

Sneak PREVIEW I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 13

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

Once you have it, you love it ...

And on the eighth day, Allan bought a Lamborghini ...
Text Mark Smeyers Photos Allan Fiedler

Many people dream about it, Allan fulfilled his dream when he
bought a Lamborghini Countach, which he later replaced with a
Diablo, then a Diablo SV, a stunning Murcilago and recently a
Gallardo ... all personalized by the way ...

Many people fell in love with the Lamborghini

Countach back in the late Seventies or early
Eighties, especially when the S-models appeared, Allan was no exception.

A stunning white Lamborghini

Countach was Allans first
experience with a Bull ...
He was only 13 years old when he saw his
first article on this amazing exotic in the Car
and Driver magazine, and he couldnt get this
car out of his mind for many years to come.
Allan Fiedler is a self made man, so he had
to work to be able to afford his first Lamborghini, hence it took him several years before
he could fulfil his childhood dream ... a 1987
Countach Quattrovalvole finished in flawless
Note that, even today, he still owns the very
Car and Driver issue that ignited his love for
the Raging Bull. The Countach was acquired
with great trepidation actually, Allan had several friends owning Ferraris and other exotic
cars, and they all advised him not to buy a
They all judged the Lamborghini as being
a money pit, and pure hell when it came to
maintenance, but Allan pursued his childhood
dream and bought his very first Lamborghini
anyway, and even today he calls it his greatest achievement.
He actually owned some Ferraris beforehand, but was rather disappointed by the
reliability and build quality of these Prancing
Horses. Maintenance was a nightmare on
them, and even after making sure the engine
was tuned as it should be, performance was
a let down for Allan, so he turned to the Bull
instead ... and never looked back, nothing
compared to the moment of purchasing my
first Lamborghini, the Countach.

14 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Allan later discovered that the sheer enthusiasm among fellow Lamborghini owners
was something he never could imagine, most
people he met that owned a Bull too were
down to earth people, real car enthusiasts
that were generally self made like himself,

1987 Countach QuattroValvole

Removed black front and rear bumpers.
Euro style Anniversary front bumper.
Custom hand made exhaust and cat bypass
Bosch CIS fuel injection removed, replaced by
Electromotive Tec II electronic fuel injection and
ignition without distributor.
All smog equipment removed.
K+N air filters installed.
Keith Collins Custom floor mats
Custom Alpine stereo
Momo shift knob

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 15

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

Once you have it, you love it ...

and very interested in the performance of the

car instead of how it looked on them.
He just loved his Countach, but Allan wanted
more, so he started looking around for ways
to personalize his Lamborghini, and one of
the most popular ways to do this in the US
was by removing the rather ugly black front
and rear bumpers, so Allan installed a front
bumper taken from a Euro specs 25th Anniversary edition. But he didnt stop there, getting rid of the original Bosch injection and replacing it with an Electromotive TecII system
improved fuel economy and cold start, but
more importantly it also boost performance
of this V12, Allan even claims this was the
strongest running Countach he ever rode till
this day.

the yellow Diablo was fitted

with an SV style engine cover
and a custom exhaust
The custom made exhaust and cat bypass
pipes surely helped here too, and the total
power increase was no less than 100 Hp on
this QV engine.
By now Allan was hooked to the brutal attraction of the Raging Bull, and after owning the
Countach for some time he found a nice yellow Diablo for sale, so he upgraded his car to
this more recent model.
1992 Diablo
Cams advanced about 5 degrees
Custom hand fabricated exhaust and test pipes
In-dash switch installed to shut off power robbing
a/c compressor
K+N air filters
Custom cinder dash carbon fiber panel
Custom hand fabricated SV style engine cover
Custom Alpine stereo
Keith Collins floor mats
Momo Shift knob
Momo Steering wheel
Momo foot pedals

16 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Naturally he couldnt resist putting his trademark on this new Lamborghini, so he started
modifying it again, similar custom exhaust,
K&N Air filters, advanced cams and a very
impressive SV-style engine cover, really love
those dual air intakes actually.

A rare white Diablo SV would

be heavily tuned by Allen who
even installed NOS in it ...

ment and regular oil changes, which proves

that a Countach is not a unreliable as some
people state (driving other makes naturally),
all it takes is the correct maintenance and
driving the car regularly, they dont get better
by sitting in the garage.
But Allan wouldnt be the man he is today if
he didnt always want more, so when the Diablo SV appeared he was hooked again, he
went out and bought a white 1998 SV.

Driving the Diablo was big fun for Allan, and

he found that he liked this newer model more
and more compared to his first Countach,
so much that he actually stopped driving the
Countach after a while, so he subsequently
sold it to its next happy owner.
Talking about maintenance, when Allan sold
the Countach it had no less than 76,000 Miles
on the clock, and the only maintenance ever
performed on this exotic was a valve adjust-

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 17

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

Once you have it, you love it ...

Probably one of the last before the fixed

headlights were installed on the 1999 model
year cars.
A white Diablo with massive black SV scripting on the side and multi-piece chromed
wheels can hardly be unnoticed on the open
road, and thats why Allan doesnt drive his
Bulls on a daily basis.
Lamborghinis just attract way too much attention, and people always ask the same
questions over and over again ... How fast
does it go ? How did you make that much
money ? Are you a drug dealer ?

a 150 shot of Nitrous ! Thats

right, NOS in a Diablo, hows
that for pure power ?
Allan got so tired of all these ignorant questions he also bought a few other cars for his
daily commutes, so he could drive along without having to answer the same questions every single day.
But lets get back to this amazing white Diablo SV, you wouldnt think Allan could leave it
alone now would you, one of the first things
he installed on his new toy was a 150 shot of
Nitrous !

1998 Diablo SV
Custom hand fabricated exhaust and test pipes
Sp Engineering Custom headers
Dry nitrous system
K+N air filters
O.S. Gilken Race Clutch
18+19 Inch Lowenhart Wheels
Red brake calipers
SP Engineering custom stainless brake lines
Custom carbon fiber rear taillight surrounds
6.0 brake lights
SVR style front lip
Momo Shift Knob
Keith Collins floor mats

18 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Thats right, NOS in a Diablo, hows that for pure

power, talk about stock
not being good enough !
This time Allan went all
the way and installed
custom wheels on his
Diablo, amazing Lowenhart wheels with a black
To complete the modifications Allan mounted an
SVR style front spoiler,
red brake calipers with
SP Engineering stainless
steel brake lines, a race
clutch and those nice
looking Diablo 6.0 taillights complete with Carbon Fiber surrounds.

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 19

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

After six years of owning this SV, maintenance

comprised only of the regular oil changes and
necessary tire changes, the legendary V12
engine didnt hesitate once. After five years
of NOS this engine was taken apart just to
be sure, and the internals were still in perfect
shape, even the clutch wasnt worn out, so
the joy of owning a Diablo is feasible after all
without having to re-mortgage the house.
After owning the Diablo SV for six years Allan
felt it was time to upgrade again, and by that
time the brand new Murcilago was available,
so his choice fell on a bright red over light tan
leather model.

20 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

This new Lamborghini was again a big leap

forward, the animal attraction of the Murcilago made Allan almost forget about his amazing Diablo SV, he hardly ever drove it after
taking delivery of his Murcilago.

even an Affolter rear wing,

the only one in the United
States mind you !
Naturally this new Bull underwent similar
modifications as his previous cars, stunning
Maya wheels, custom parts, tinted taillights,
lowered suspension and even an Affolter rear
wing, the only one in the US mind you !

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 21

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

The Lamborghini Murcilago is real automotive artwork, surely after Allan worked his
magic in it, so why would he change it again
after a short period of owning it ?
Easy, Allan likes to enjoy life to the fullest, so
why deny yourself a toy now and again ?
When the Gallardo was unveiled this car
was considered as the small Bull, somehow
the Murcilagos little brother, but what you
have to remember is the fact that the 2006
Gallardo and the SE model are among the
best built Lamborghinis ever.
These small Bulls accelerate faster than the
original Murcilago, offer better brakes and
simply drive easier than the large V12 flagship, but unfortunately they lack those dramatic upwards opening doors and the Gallardo will always be considered as the smaller
Lamborghini, no matter how mature it will

22 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

2002 Murcilago
Sp Engineering Carbon-Tec carbon fiber Headlight surrounds, exhaust shroud, and headlight
washer surrounds.
Custom painted brake vents
19-20inch Maya wheels
Sp Engineering Custom brake rotors
Custom painted brake calipers
Vehicle lowered by SP Engineering
All lights smoked by SP Engineering
Affolter rear wing ( only one in the U.S.)
Keith Collins Floor mats
K+N air filters

2006 Gallardo SE
Vehicle lowered by SP Engineering
Calipers painted to match body color
All Lights smoked
Custom exhaust and cat bypass pipes
Gruppe M Carbon Fiber intake
Custom I Forged 18+19 Inch wheels
Front and Rear remote Radar units
Keith Collins custom floor mats

Thats why Allan just had to buy a 2006 Galalrdo SE model, these limited editions models
are very rare and really amazing to drive.

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 23

LAMBO power

LAMBO power

Once you have it, you love it ...

He only took delivery of this car very recently,

but that hasnt stopped him from adding his
personal touch all over the car again ... dark
tinted side windows, lowered suspension,
brake calipers color coded to the bright Arancio bodywork, custom exhaust and cat bypass pipes, Gruppe M Carbon Fiber intake,
custom forged 18 and 19 inch wheels, again
with black centers, front and back radar detectors and special Keith Collins floor mats.
And that is only the start for this new Lamborghini by Allan Fiedler, prepare yourself for
much more tuning on this latest Bull in Allans
Started by Allan and SP Engineering
about two years ago, this automotive
forum quickly became the largest Lamborghini forum on the internet.

Once you have it, you love it ...

Nothing compares to the

moment of buying my first
Lamborghini ...
After owning several Lamborghinis over the
years I thought Allan was well placed to judge
which model was his all time favorite, which
one brought the biggest smile on his face
while driving it ?
Nothing compared to the moment of buying
my first Lamborghini. he responded, For me
buying the Lamborghini Countach was the
realization of a childhood dream, it was my
greatest achievement, even though I dont
consider it to be my favorite car, as each of
them Ive considered to be my favorite at time
of ownership, but then the replacement as always much better

So whats next ? At the moment Allan is reluctant to buy the LP640 Murcilago, after
owning an earlier model already he feels the
price increase on the new LP640 is just too
high, and the Gallardo SE he owns is real fun
to drive, it will not be for sale, not before Allan
buys another Lamborghini that is.
But he is waiting for the next move from Lamborghini, hoping for an aluminum frame for
the flagship V12, like the Gallardo today, and
a diet for the Murcilago, it could easily shed
some weight making it an even better performing car, perhaps an SV model for both
the V12 and the V10, the latter is already so
well balanced that without any real changes it
could handle another 200 hp with ease.
Currently Allan is looking forward to buying
an amazing McLaren SLR, which hell modify naturally as he so aptly stated himself : I
always tune my cars, just to give them that
something that sets them apart from others,

24 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LAMBO power

Im never satisfied with stock, I always want


Allans dream car ?

The Bugatti Veyron ...
And we can rest assure Allan wants more,
when asking about his dream car his response
was clear and simple : The Bugatti Veyron
He had the pleasure of driving this amazing
exotic on the streets of LA and called it love
at first drive, the Veyron is just amazing, and
Im sure that one day Allan will put it into his
garage, but will it still have only 1001 hp ?
I dont think so ! Im sure that Alex Shen at SP
Engineering will again put a lot of hard work
into Allans new car, just like he did on most
of Allans earlier Bulls
Many thanks to Allan Fiedler, Alissa Fiedler,
Jennifer Groh and Cara Chilson for the great
photographs and the awesome interview.

LAMBO power I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 25



Some very interesting Lamborghini Cars ...

Some very interesting Lamborghini Cars ...


should theoretically be able to reach 325 Km/

h ... so what speed did it reach on Nardo ?

Text Mark Smeyers - Photo : Edo Competition GmbH

A top speed of 321 Km/h was measured on

the famous Italian circuit, which not only met
the expectations but even surpassed them.
Do note that we are talking about a street car
here, so fully drive able on the open road, not
a race car or a modified car without exterior
rear view mirrors, windscreen wipers, custom wheel covers or smooth bodywork.
No this was the basic Lamborghini Gallardo
Spyder tuned by Edo Competition which can
be driven just like any other automobile.

Ever wondered just how fast your Lamborghini would go on an enclosed circuit with a professional driver behind the steering wheel ?
So did the people at Edo Competition, who
built some amazing Gallardos like the black
Spyder weve covered in our Issue 1 last
Probably one of the best locations to test the
actual top speed of a car in Europe would be
the Nardo circuit in Italy, even Lamborghini
tests their cars on this circuit, so it was decided that Edo would take two of their masterpieces to Italy to settle this score once and
for all.
They took the stunning black Lamborghini
Spyder and an amazing Porsche Cayenne
Turbo to Nardo for some serious top speed
driving, and the results were extremely positive.

26 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I SpotLIGHT

Do note that the Porsche also took first place

in the SUV class during the Tuner Grand Prix
2006 while on the Nardo track a measured
top speed of no less than 287 Km/h was
achieved, very impressive for such a large

So lets take a look at their Gallardo Spyder

now, with modified exhaust catalyst, Carbon
Fiber Airbox and re-programmed engine management the famous V10 engine was able to
unleash 550 Bhp on the test bank. With a
torque figure of 540 Nm this black Gallardo

Naturally the custom, lowered suspension

improved road holding capabilities and the
special exhaust emits a thundering sound,
but other than that this black Gallardo Spyder
sure looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing, just
the way I like them.


SpotLIGHT I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 27

TUNING corner

TUNING corner

Taking the Bull one step further ...

Lamborghini Gallardo by IMSA GmbH
Text Mark Smeyers Photos IMSA and Mark Smeyers

Located in Germany, IMSA is quickly becoming one of the major

tuning companies for Lamborghini, their amazing Gallardo GTV
was warmly welcomed around the world and there is still much
more to come from this amazing company ...

28 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I TUNING corner

Taking the Bull one step further ...

The Lamborghini Gallardo is without a doubt

one of the most successful models ever built
at SantAgata, just look at the numbers, after a little over two years of production the
5000th Gallardo left the factory doors, it took
the Diablo over 10 years to reach a total production figure of only 2903 units, the Gallardo
shattered that record a mere 24 months.
So it was no surprise that several tuners
started noticing this new V10 Bull, and many
have presented their interpretation of the
Baby Lamborghini over the past few years,
but none as dramatic as the IMSA Gallardo
GTV model.
This stunning grey metallic wide body Gallardo clearly showed what German based IMSA
GmbH was able to do with this Lamborghini.
But Mr Mohr didnt just mount some body appendages to the Bull to make it look more aggressive ... he went a lot further, first of all the
14 body parts in total that make up the GTV
kit are all made in lightweight Carbon Fiber
and Kevlar.

TUNING corner I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 29

TUNING corner

TUNING corner

Taking the Bull one step further ...

Taking the Bull one step further ...

Gallardo, just a lot wider and more intimidating, without making the mistake of completely
ruining the already great looking design of
this V10 Lamborghini.

IMSA decided to have an

exclusive exhaust system
built for their Gallardo ...
The entire GTV kit consist of a new front
spoiler including an extra Carbon Fiber lip,
wide front fenders that connect to some very
wide rear wheel arches by two new side sills
and ending in a stunning rear bumper, again
with a Carbon Fiber lower insert.
But when you take a first glance at the IMSA
GTV youll be wondering what is so special
looking about this car, apart from the wheels
perhaps, that is because Mr Mohr went that
extra mile and actually designed the entire
wide body conversion along the lines of the
original Gallardo, the GTV looks like a normal

30 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I TUNING corner

Do note that Mr Mohr initially bought the silver metallic Gallardo as his personal car and
took two weeks of clay modeling on the actual car to create this awesome kit.
After numerous little modifications and fine
tuning he had molds made for all 14 parts
and therefore hes now able to offer this one
of a kind package to customers worldwide,
in very limited, hence highly exclusive numbers since only one kit per week can be fabricated from these unique molds, expect no
more than about 40 IMSA GTV Gallardos to
be built per year.

all of these body parts are made

in lightweight Carbon Fiber

Naturally a new rear wing hasnt been forgotten and a stunning new exhaust system is
also available with two extremely nice tips in
a totally innovative design.
Talking about that amazing exhaust, it is built
by Mamo, a company that is already building exhausts for the most prestigious tuning
companies around the globe, so when Mr
Mohr decided to have an exclusive exhaust

sytem built for his Gallardo tuning package,

Mamo was an obvious choice.
Mamo was able to take the already very well
designed exhaust system from the Gallardo
one step further, thus increasing power output by a healthy 30 hp in mid range torque,
where it matters the most.
When designing a new exhaust system, function is mostly more important than looks, but
Mamo created a stunning, highly polished
system that looked like no other system on
the market today, and it is an IMSA exclusive,
so dont expect to see a similar exhaust anywhere else.

TUNING corner I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 31

TUNING corner

TUNING corner

Taking the Bull one step further ...

But the bodywork and exhaust are only part

of the visual package, an impressive car like
the Gallardo GTV needed some very special
wheels, so IMSA created their own rim with
equally high specifications as the rest of their
tuning package.
The IMSA Challenge, central locking, multipiece wheel is available in various sizes.
When installing them on a standard Gallardo
you can opt for 9x19 inch and 11.5x20 inch
on respectively the front and the rear axles.
But by adding the stunning GTV bodywork
you can go for 9.5x19 inch up front and 12x20
inch at the rear with 265-30ZR19 and 30525ZR20 rubber respectively. Prefer similar
sizes for both axles and you can also install
9x20 inch wheels up front with 245-30ZR20
tyres. It is however still possible to use the
standard Gallardo wheels after installing the
GTV kit.

Taking the Bull one step further ...

When taking a look through these wheels

youll be able to see the completely new
brakes IMSA can install, massive 380x36mm
up front with 8 pistons and 360x32mm at the
back with 6 piston calipers that will make sure
you are able to really decelerate when needed, also note that IMSA uses steel braided
lines for this high performance brake system,
that outperforms the original brakes easily.

a high gloss, Carbon Fiber

rear bumper insert
Naturally a fully adjustable suspension can
be mounted too, electrically adjustable with 5
different damping settings and even able to
lower the vehicle another 40mm when driving
on the Autobahn ...

And this is what the Gallardo GTV was made

for, high speed driving, this Bull is a complex
piece of mid-engine engineering but it is still
highly suitable for everyday use, even after
installing their engine tuning.

already custom exhaust system and naturally

altered the ECU programming on the original
V10 engine.

IMSA was able to modify the engine to reach

a power output of no less than 610 Hp at
7900 rpm, while a torque of 655 Nm at 5300
rpm was achieved by modifying the cylinder
heads and both intake and outlet manifolds
using high precision CNC equipment normally used for Formula One engines.
Imsa didnt stop here, they also replaced the
standard airbox on the engine, installed custom cam shafts, new sport catalysts on their

32 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I TUNING corner

TUNING corner I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 33

TUNING corner

TUNING corner

Taking the Bull one step further ...

Taking the Bull one step further ...

With all that extra power on tap it was a wise

choice to take a closer look at the 4WD system and modify it to be able to cope with this
increased power.
An option could be to turn to RWD only, but
that would require a certain amount of self
control when driving this rare exotic with that
much power on the rear wheels only, today in
its 4WD shape the Gallardo GTV (both the
Coup and the Spyder) offer unparalleled
stability and driving control.

creating a high quality unity

of Italian temperament and
German engineering
All this is seen or heard from on the outside,
but lets not forget the interior of the IMSA Gallardo either, finished in the finest leather or
alcantara the driving position of these amazing automobiles can further be individualized
by mounting Carbon Fiber or aluminum parts
inside the cockpit in perfect harmony, and after numerous meetings with the final owner
of the car Mr Mohr and his team at IMSA will
be able to create a personal expression like
no other.
A few of the possibilities are color coded dials inside the dashboard, so on a pearl white

So now you can head to IMSA GmbH to have

both the Gallardo Coup and the Spyder
turned into a one of a kind GTV edition, thus
creating a high quality unity of Italian temperament and German engineering. And many
owners of the successful Gallardo are doing
just that, the orders are flowing in, and currently there is a waiting list to have your own
Lamborghini converted into an IMSA GTV.

metallic bodywork you could be faced with

white dials, while a red car will receive red
dials. Also the door handles and other parts
inside the Gallardo can be finished in color
coded Carbon Fiber, much like the Carbon kit
from the factory, but now completely complementary to the bodywork of your car, imagine
white Carbon Fiber in a Balloon White car !
Most cars in the highly professional workshop
in Brggen are actually Gallardo Coup versions, but recently IMSA installed the GTV kit
on a Gallardo Spyder, the magnificent white
car seen here was ordered by a customer
outside of Europe, which clearly shows that
IMSA is fast becoming a household name in
Lamborghini tuning all over the world, cars
are arriving from either local dealerships or
from the other side of the world.

When I visited Mr Mohr a few weeks ago

there were five GTVs in their workshop, two
completely finished cars, and three more in
various states of completion, there was even
a custom ordered red car being worked on,
this Middle Eastern customer requested a
bright red bodywork, but that shade isnt offered from Lamborghini on the Gallardo, so
he received a totally unique mixture on his car,
which he then
shipped to IMSA
to be turned into
the wonderful GTV
Because of the rather long waiting list
these days at IMSA,
Mr Mohr even sold his
original car, the silver
metallic Gallardo GTV
that started it all, a customer just wasnt willing to
wait for his own Gallardo
to be delivered, and afterwards have to wait again to
have it converted by IMSA,
so he made Mr Mohr an offer
he couldnt refuse, and with
only a few thousand Kilometer
on the counter, this Gallardo is
nearly brand new anyway.
You might ask yourself what IMSA is currently
working on for the future ?
A special Gallardo GTV Club Sport version
for one, featuring lightweight Carbon Fiber

34 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I TUNING corner

doors, hood and engine cover, special lightweight IMSA sport seats and an aluminum
roll-over cage for the Gallardo.
But IMSA is also
looking into tuning the flagship
Murcilago, only
problem is getting
an LP640 in their
workshop, Mr Mohr
has been looking
around to buy one for
months because he
would like a very specific color, but the waiting list is getting very
long these days on this
stunning supercar, however it is obvious IMSA
GmbH is taking their tuning programme seriously,
I cant wait to see more of
their creations in the near
Many thanks to Mr Lohrbach
(PR representative) and Mr Mohr, for taking
the time to respond to all my questions and
allowing me to take photographs inside the
IMSA workshop during a very busy business

TUNING corner I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 35



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

The Lamborghini Murcilago R-GT 2007 Le Mans Edition
Text Mark Smeyers Photos Mark Smeyers

36 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 37



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

The Lamborghini Murcilago R-GT was introduced back in 2003 during the IAA in Frankfurt, but as with all racing cars, there was still
some evolution to follow ... Reiter Engineering who actually builds
these R-GT models constantly is looking to improve their Murcilago
race car, and the latest evolution is aptly called the Le Mans Edition.

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

When Audi AG took over the factory back

in 1998, things were going to change in
SantAgata, Lamborghini started to show an
interest in racing, admittedly there had been
the Diablo SVR that was used in a mono
marque championship back in 1996, and they
even took this concept one step further with
the 1999 Diablo GTR Supertrophy series.

Peter Kox getting ready to

take the Le Mans out on the
track for further testing ...
When the Diablo was replaced by the Murcilago in 2001 it looked like the racing program
was put on hold, but within two years the very
extreme Murcilago R-GT was shown to the
public during the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show.
We have to admit that this time Automobili
Lamborghini SpA went looking for help in the
best places, the Murcilago R-GT was built by
well known Reiter Engineering from Germany
with additional technical input from none oth-

38 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

er than Audi Sport to ensure this new racing

Lamborghini would have a great pedigree.

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 39



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

But the Murcilago was still a new car, hence

the R-GT lacked some valuable experience
that could only be gathered on the circuit in
the heat of the race, so the car was prepared
to comply with the FIA GT Championship and
the American Le Mans regulations.

Torque output from this

new engine was a healthy
443 Lb Ft at 5000 rpm
This meant that the 4WD had to replaced by
a RWD configuration, the gearbox that was
now a little out of place ahead of the legendary V12 was replaced by a totally new sequential unit, and the engine displacement
was decreased to 6 Liter instead of 6.2 Liter
on the Murcilago road car.

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

This was done by applying a bore and stroke

similar to the earlier Diablo 6.0 model, however power output was still in the same region as the original engine but now available
over a much wider range.
Torque output from this new engine was a
healthy 443 Lb Ft. at 5000 rpm, taking into
account that the Murcilago R-GT went on a
diet to shed its weight to a mere 1098 Kg,
this new Italian Bull looked like a potential
But as with many race cars performing at
this high level, the Murcilago R-GT needed
a constant development and follow up to be
able to keep up with the competition, and that
was exactly what Reiter Engineering was doing when the black Carbon Fiber finished RGT was returned to their workshop after the
IAA, so it could be prepared for the final races
of the 2003 FIA GT at Estoril and Monza.

The Le Mans edition during

testing on the Salzburg Ring
During the 2004 season the R-GT was entered into several races, but sadly the car
couldnt reach many finishes, however in
2005 Reiter Engineering took over the entire
Murcilago Racing program from the Lamborghini Customer Sports Programme.
So they were on their own now, taking further
development of the Murcilago R-GT to the

40 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

next level, because Hans Reiter and his team

of highly skilled engineers were convinced of
the potential this amazing car showed over
the previous seasons.
Reiter Engineering unveiled the real potential
of the R-GT during the 1000 Km at Monza
in 2005, with less than an hour to race the
Murcilago R-GT driven by Peter Kox and
Norman Simon was leading a pack of Le
Mans winning Ferraris, in the final straight an
unfortunate oil fire put an end to what would
have been a magnificent victory.

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 41



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Reiter Engineering was asked to built a special R-GT for the Japanese Super GT series,
this car was subsequently re-badged as the
RG-1 when the JLOC entered it as number
88 in the 300 Km Super GTs opening race
at Suzuka, which it subsequently won, a well
deserved first race victory for this revised
Murcilago R-GT.

R-GT. So when the 2006 season came to an

end things finally started to look very promising for the intimidating Murcilago R-GT.

This very RG-1 again managed a pole position in Round 5 of the Super GT while back in
Europe the 2006 FIA GT championship would
finally show several top 10 finishes for the

Now it was time to show the competition exactly what the Murcilago R-GT could do,
hence Reiter Engineering started working on
a brand new 2007 edition.

a new dashboard and a tall lever for the sequential gearbox

Towards the end of November 2006 Reiter

Engineering booked the nice Salzburg Ring in
Austria to test their new Murcilago R-GT Le
Mans Edition, a totally different car compared
to the original R-GT from previous years.

constantly fine tuning the

2007 R-GT Le Mans Edition
during the test sessions

Located in a narrow Alpine valley, the 4.2 Km

Ring circuit is just east of Salzburg and well
known by Reiter Engineering since they use
this extremely fast track regularly for testing purposes, the circuit combines very fast
straight sections and slow bends that require
really skillful driving when sitting in a car with
a massive V12 just behind your back.

42 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 43



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

The Lamborghini Murcilago R-GT by Reiter Engineering

Take a closer look at this impressive looking orange and
black Lamborghini Murcilago R-GT, this very car was
entered by DAMS in the four final races of the 2004 FIA
GT Championship.
It made its series debut at Imola in September 2004
when it was driven by Jean-Denis Deletraz and Andrea
Piccini, unfortunately this amazing R-GT wasnt able to
reach any victories during the 2004 season.

Right from the start it was obvious the Murcilago R-GT

had racing potential, so Hans Reiter and his team never
ceased to continue their search at perfecting these Super Lamborghinis during the 2005 and 2006 FIA GT1
Championship by entering their test car in as many sessions as possible, thus gaining valuable experience that
would allow them to create the ultimate R-GT ... the 2007
Le Mans Edition that was tested on the Salzburg Ring in
late November 2006.

Finished in dark grey, the 2007 Le Mans edition would be driven by Peter Kox who has
acquired an unparalleled experience with the
earlier R-GT models and the Gallardo GT3

The car is extremely fast and

still comparatively easy to drive
I was invited by Hans Reiter to attend this test
session in Salzburg so i was able to see the
amazing power of this new race car in action,
naturally I talked to Peter Kox after his initial
testing rounds and asked him what his impressions on the Le Mans edition were.
The car is extremely fast and still comparatively easy to drive, it was quite a surprise the
car handled so good during these first tests
according to Peter, he also added the chassis and suspension only needs a little more
fine tuning to find the exact setting, it is still
rather brutal to drive.

44 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 45


Lamborghinis on the race track ...


Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Dark grey bodywork with old-school

gold painted wheels, an amazing combination on the 2007 R-GT Le Mans
46 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 47



Lamborghinis on the race track ...

Lamborghinis on the race track ...

One of the first differences youll immediately

notice is the totally new front spoiler with different air intakes and built in spotlights behind
Plexiglas covers to improve aerodynamics,
and to supply the much needed vision during
night time racing, naturally the big central air
intake feeds fresh air into a massive radiator.

But Reiter Engineering constantly tuned the

car over the next few days, and at the end
the car performed at the level expected by
both Peter Kox and Hans Reiter, who stated
that the R-GT was ready to take on the battle
during the 2007 racing season.
To really be able to compare this new model
against the earlier R-GT, Reiter Engineering
had two Murcilagos in Salzburg, the 2007
Le Mans Edition and the orange and black
Scream R-GT (more on this car in our insert
on page 44).

A less well visible modification is a totally flat

bottom ... the entire chassis of the 2007 Le
Mans Edition is completely flattened out, not
a single interference with the airflow can be
detected underneath this amazing Bull, and it
only sits about 8 cm above the tarmac, by adjusting the suspension it can even be lowered
to a staggering 4 cm !
A wider front track is also obvious when looking at the fenders, which again feature air outlets just in front of the new lightweight doors ,
these doors again use plastic windows to further lower their weight, they still open upward,
however do note that there are no sliding windows here like on the earlier race cars.

the Reiter Engineering team

with two of their masterpieces
As a result of Reiters constant search for the
delicate balance between aerodynamics and
down force, the lower air intakes in front of
the rear wheels have been removed to offer a
better air flow around the car.
Swinging around to the rear youll notice a
slightly different rear diffuser but your glance
will immediately be drawn to that massive rear
wing, again completely reworked and now offering a lower drag coefficient but still doing
a great job at keeping the rear firmly planted
on the tarmac at high speeds, which are no
problem for this new model when it will race
down the straight on some of the race tracks
that will see this new car during 2007.
Different rear view mirrors, a roof mounted air
intake and additional air vents on top of the
front fenders complete the exterior modifications on the 2007 R-GT Le Mans Edition.
When taking a look inside the 2007 R-GT
youll be greeted by a new dashboard covered in dark colored cloth instead of clear
Carbon Fiber, a flat steering wheel and a tall
lever that controls the sequential gear box
dominate the interior together with a special
race type seat with multi-point seat belts.

48 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I the PIT LANE

Talking about the sequential gearbox, Reiter

Engineering managed to modify this gearbox
in such a manner that the shift sequence is
actually too fast for the engine management
system to follow, hence they are now also reprogramming the entire system to allow the
engine to respond quickly enough to a gear
The 2007 Le Mans Edition uses a similar
5998cc V12 engine from the original R-GT,
again with an air flow restriction system to
comply with FIA regulations, hence the shoulder mounted air intakes are now fixed, no
need to increase the air flow into the engine
compartment anymore, by the way, in the
new 2007 edition the engine pumps out 520
hp to the rear wheels.
I am really looking forward to seeing this new
Murcilago R-GT in action on the various
circuits worldwide since two cars have been
entered into the FIA GT Championship by All Racing, one of these will be driven
by Peter Kox and Jos Menten, while the other
car will be piloted by triple FIA GT Champion,
Christophe Bouchut and Stefan Mcke.


the PIT LANE I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 49



A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...


It all started with this prototype back in 1963
Text Mark Smeyers Photos Mark Smeyers

Recently one of the rarest Lamborghinis was sold, the Miura

Roadster, the price for that car could be an indication of how
much the one of a kind 350 GTV could be valued at, but it is safe
to say this unique legend is nothing less than a work of art ...

Ferruccios own signature

was featured on the amazing
350 GTV prototype ...

Legends are built by legendary men, and you

surely cant argue with the fact that the late
Ferruccio Lamborghini was a legendary man,
judge for yourself by the much told story on
how he actually started building high performance Gran Turismo automobiles.
According to this story Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was already very wealthy in the late
Fifties, owned several exotic cars from various makes, but he encountered some problems with the gearbox in his personal Ferrari.
So he decided to drive to Maranello and demanded to see Enzo Ferrari himself, but the
people who surrounded Enzo Ferrari at that
time didnt pay any attention to this farmer
and kept him waiting for hours at the Ferrari

50 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I The 350 GTV

Ferruccio was so angry, he decided to build

his own car, and it would be more refined than
any Ferrari or any other high performance
car of that period, just to show the world he
could do a better job. He did however start
by replacing the original clutch from his Ferrari, which was causing the trouble in the first
place, by a standard unit from one of his own
tractor models, after this simple modification
his car ran without any trouble.
Ferruccio started investing in a brand new
factory, just to create his ideal GT, but the
very first Lamborghini car ever, the 350 GTV
was actually designed and built in a small,
secluded part of the tractor factory at Cento,
because his SantAgata factory wasnt completed yet and he didnt want to waste any
time to show the world what he could do.
The engine just had to be a V-12 of course,
Ferruccio contracted Giotto Bizzarrini, who
recently had left Ferrari after working on the
legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, to design the
Lamborghini V12, a base that would actually
be used right up to the Murcilago.

The 350 GTV I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 51



A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

Ferruccio insisted that his new car couldnt

borrow its heart from any other manufacturer, it had to be an engine especially built for
the car he was going to create. This beautiful
engine first roared into life on Lamborghinis
new Schenk Dynamometer on May 15, 1963,
the power output on these first tests was as
high as 350 DIN (374 SAE) horsepower at
8000 rpm.

a nice detail were the six

exhaust pipes at the rear,
three at each corner

However, Ferruccio didnt want a highly tuned

racing engine, but a smooth running GT car,
so he insisted on lowering the output to only

A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

270 bhp at 6500 rpm for the 350 GT production car. Rumor stated however that the engine was later even pushed further and delivered a higher hp value, mainly because it was
said the exact payment to Bizzarrini would be
based on the final output of his engine.
This wasnt the performance Bizzarrini had in
mind when he started working for Lamborghini, he was convinced he could take this new
V12 engine over 400 hp at 11,000 rpm, but
Ferruccio had no intention of building a race
car, he couldnt come to terms with Bizzarrini and the latter left the company to pursue
his own ideas, however years later a Lamborghini Miura engine would be used in the race
inspired P538 model.
The departure of Giotto left Dallara and Stanzani in charge of de-tuning the engine to the
specifications Ferruccio wanted for his first
Grand Turismo Veloce model.

Some early publications from Lamborghini

stated the new GT would be the car sold to
the public, and a special GT Veloce model
would be available on special demand only.

Franco Scaglioni designed

the Lamborghini 350 GTV
with Ferrucios input ...

Ferruccio also requested his new engine

to be able to run at least 70,000 Km before
major overhaul work had to be performed on
it, this was another reason the power output
was lowered to a more normal value, which
didnt stress the engine components as much

52 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I The 350 GTV

Many parts manufactured by ATS Microfusioni at Sasso Marconi were used on the
new V12, the rough castings from ATS were
shipped to Cento to be machined and assembled, but since there wasnt enough time
left before the official presentation only one
engine would be completely finished.
The gearbox was bought directly from ZF using a Fichtel & Sachs clutch, mounted to a
differential from Salisburry, just because Ferruccio didnt have time to design and built his
own gearbox yet, he would do so later on actually.
Naturally, the engine was the most important
part in this new car, but it still needed some
other components too, like a chassis and a
beautiful bodywork, Ferruccio wanted to impress people with his first car, so he had to
get it right from the start.

The 350 GTV I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 53



A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

The dark blue leather upholstery found inside

the prototype was created by an external upholsterer, again because Ferruccios factory
just wasnt ready to do the job yet, other than
some careful assembling of the different components, not much was really build by Automobili Lamborghini SpA, not yet anyway.
The prototype was finished in a bright metallic blue shade and was presented to the gathered press at SantAgata on October 29th
1963. During this preview Ferruccio proudly
showed his first attempt at the automotive
market. The factory still wasnt completely
finished but this didnt bother Ferruccio right
now, he had another problem at hand, his
awesome engine didnt fit into the finished

The complicated square steel tube chassis

used for the prototype was also designed
by Bizzarrini and built by Neri & Bonacini of
Modena, who actually made two slightly different chassis, one using box shaped tubes,
while another one used light weight round
tubes, Ferruccio proudly proclaimed this
would become the one used for the Veloce
version of his new car, a version that would
never be built as we would discover later on,
but still he made an everlasting impression
with this statement.
Franco Scaglione designed the 350 GTV under close supervision of Ferruccio himself,
who nearly directed Franco towards the final
design, Franco was a well known designer in
the early Sixties and he was responsible for
the styling of the famous Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint from 1954 and the wild Bertone Bat
Alfa prototypes from the Fifties.
The reason why Ferruccio selected Scaglione was another of those special stories from
the early Sixties, Lamborghini explained his
choice with this answer : Well, in the early

54 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I The 350 GTV

The car itself featured a lot of chrome, neatly

integrated into the overall design, even Ferruccios own signature was bolted onto the
front and rear hood, combined with a stunning, chrome surrounded curved windshield
and a very angular rear section, the 350 GTV
looked refreshingly new when compared to
other cars during the Sixties, a nice detail
were the six exhaust pipes at the rear, three
at each corner, which were even retained on
some very early 350 GT production models.
The large rear window allowed a very good
rearward vision, while the thin pillars didnt
really got in the way when seated behind the
slim wooden steering wheel, outward visibility was extremely good, only the driving position was a little strange, the seats were rather
hard and too close to the steering wheel to
find a comfortable position, but these minor
problems would be resolved before the first
Lamborghini 350 GT was to be delivered to
his lucky owner.

Sixties there was quite a number of designers and stylists to choose from. But Scaglione
arrived at my place in a big shiny Mercedes,
immaculately dressed and accompanied by
a breathtakingly beautiful secretary. Your car
will be ready in a week he told me. So I gave
him the job.
This is just another indication of the kind of
personality Ferruccio had, he was a very
charismatic man who knew exactly what he
wanted and how he could make people perform up to their limits when working for him.
Scaglione didnt have much to work on, he
only received some vague chassis dimensions and various ideas from Ferruccio, but
he never even got detailed engine measurements for this new car, so when the small
Sargiotto Bodyworks of Turin actually built
the car from nothing more than some profile
drawings you have to give them credit for the
difficult task they managed to perform, the
special, rotating headlight treatment wasnt
even on the original design, they built it from

to get the car level while being displayed to

the critical journalists surrounding it on this
first presentation. It is however very strange
to find a photo of the car during the presentation at the factory, with the engine cover open
and an engine in place I wonder how they
pulled that one off. Probably it was just another nice legend that surrounded Lamborghini
in those days.

The brand new 3.5 Liter engine was a real

work of art, showing six dual throat Webers
in a central position, truly a magnificent sight,
but as usual this engine was surrounded by
its own legend which stated that these extremely expensive carburetors used vertical
air intakes, and after the engine was ready to
be fitted into the finished car, they noticed it
just wouldnt fit underneath the sleek bonnet.
A solution was found by displaying the engine next to the car and putting some boxes
of heavy ceramic tiles underneath the hood

Ferruccio Lamborghini himself answered the

many, sometimes difficult, questions from
the members of the press, note that this very
first prototype didnt even have pedals or a
windshield wiper installed, it was a true prototype.
In fact the first chassis didnt even have any
mounts welded onto it to bolt the engine on
when it would be installed, also the brakes
werent connected and the impressive revolving headlights wouldnt work either, but still,
a few days after this initial presentation, the
car was shipped to the 1963 Turin Auto Show
were it attracted a lot of attention ... both
good and bad reactions were received from
the stunned public.

The 350 GTV I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 55



A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

A fabulous looking engine was put next to the

car on its own display and Ferruccio used a
neat trick to create the impression of having
a much larger stand; he mounted mirrors on
the wall to create the illusion of having more
than one car on display.
Some people just didnt like the styling, while
others really loved it, it was even rumored
that Ferruccio Lamborghini actually sold an
example of this new car during the show.
But the first Lamborghini model still needed a
lot of work before it could be sold to the public, and Ferruccio decided his rather extreme
design wasnt right yet, he contacted Touring
to redesign the Lamborghini and turn this one
of a kind prototype into a true production car.
The unique Lamborghini with chassis number 3500GTV 0001 would later be restored
by Romano Bernardoni, owner of EmilianAuto in Bologna, one of the major dealers for
Automobili Lamborghini SpA in Italy, after the
prototype had been stored for over 20 years
inside, and outside the factory.

56 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I The 350 GTV

A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

During this time the unique GTV had to be

pushed around, and when space ran out inside the factory, they actually left the car subject to the weather for several years, on an
uncovered section behind the factory next to
several other forgotten Lamborghini prototypes and test cars.
The original V12 engine was stored in a corner of the factory, where it later became hidden away from view by a large stock of automatic transmissions for the Espada model.
The factory never had the budget nor the time
to restore the car but still they didnt want to
sell it either, finally in 1985, during the Mimran
reign, Romano and his cousin Stefano Pasini
could convince Patrick Mimran to sell some
of the older cars standing around, but Bernardoni had to assure Patrick he would restore
the car to its original state. None other than
Stefano himself searched after the engine
inside the factory, when he finally located it,
both the car and the V12 were shipped to

It soon became clear that the remains werent

in the greatest shape, it took a lot of time and
money to restore this one of a kind Lamborghini back to its original glory. Restoration
of the bodywork was trusted to Dino and Giuliano Torelli, who were really lucky the curved
front windshield and the large rear window
were still intact, imagine the work needed to
create this front windshield from scratch, they
did have to rebuilt the side windows which
would be made of Plexiglas, just like they
were back in 1963.
Because the engine was forgotten for over
20 years, the outside didnt look great, but
when Ezio Ambrosini disassembled it, he was
impressed by the state of the interior parts,
the cylinders were still as shiny as when they
were installed over a quarter of a century ago,
and after careful inspection it could be rebuilt
again, together with the transmission and differential, Gino Bernardoni was in charge of
installing it into the chassis for the very first
time after all those years.
Mounting the engine into the car required
modifying the chassis and welding up some
supports, the vertical Webers would even be
used, which needed some modifications to
the front air funnels on them, they were slightly shortened to be able to fit underneath the
hood, the engine was also lowered a little further into the chassis and moved backward.
The entire exhaust system had to be built
from scratch, apparently it was never finished

back in 1963, specialist Ansa Marmitte of Finale Emilia created the custom mufflers, the
pipes ran underneath the door section of the
car into the three small exhaust pipes at each
side of the rear.
The complete array of dials was lost over the
years, so these too had to be rebuilt from
parts taken from a 350 GT production model,
the only dial that couldnt be rebuilt was an
alarm clock that was mounted on the central console, other than that they managed
to built all the units back into the dashboard
and have them completely wired. Bernardoni
even had a windshield wiper system from a
350 GT installed on the GTV, just to show his
attention to detail.
It took four long years to rebuild the 350 GTV
but on January 26. 1990, over 26 years after the very first public appearance and just a
few days after the Diablo made its debut, the
very first Lamborghini was started and was
able to drive on its own power.
The finished car was shown to Ferruccio himself, who appreciated the massive work that
must have gone into restoring this unique
piece of history, he even noticed his very own
signature was back on the car, a feature that
would never appear on any of the production
cars built afterwards, note however that the
original signature as seen on the 1963 photos was sadly lost over the years, so during
the restoration they used a new, current signature from Ferruccio himself to recreate it.

The 350 GTV I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 57



A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

A closer look at a specific Lamborghini ...

Specifications sheet

built because some photos of the green car

were made, also a rumor of a 400 GTV was
created, we now know that there was only
one real 350GTV built and a wooden mock
up of this prototype, the latter is currently
shown in the Centro Studi e Ricerche Ferruccio Lamborghini in Cento, maintained by
Tonino Lamborghini himself.

The classic 350 GTV was now finished in a

dark metallic green and received a new lighttoned leather upholstery, one of the very few
things not original about the interior was the
steering wheel, a classic Lamborghini unit
from a Jarama was used, the original threespoke unit with the downward bend top
spokes was lost during the long stay on the
factory grounds. Note that this very rare prototype was now fully drivable and was even
road tested by a car magazine in 1990, the
test driver was rather impressed by the handling and performance of this very early Lamborghini, which was nearly 35 years old when
it was road tested for the first time.
It is very interesting to note that this dark
green color was actually tested on the car
back in 1963, but Ferruccio didnt like it and
had the car repainted in the known blue metallic, some sources stated that two cars were

This first actual road test unveiled the special character of this Lamborghini, especially
the engine was a surprise, it became obvious
that this was still a prototype engine, mainly
because of the vertical carburetors, very high
revs were needed to drive away with the car,
anything below 2000 rpm would kill the engine
and a fast depressing of the clutch would be
needed to keep it running, any early attempts
from the driver would result in several jerks of
the car, only about 4000 rpm or more would
pull the car from a standstill, subsequently
making a lot of noise, the 350 GTV couldnt
be called silent in any aspect.
From the inside, the very nice leather seats
and black upholstered dashboard looked
ready to go into production, you wouldnt
say this was still an early prototype that really needed the skills from people like Bob
Wallace to sort out the details like the hard
rear suspension, the heavy clutch and gear
change. Being able to drive the 350 GTV on
the open road after nearly 30 years made
clear that the general idea and setup of this
car was right from the start, only some fine
tuning would be needed to create a production car from this prototype.
This priceless piece of Automobili Lamborghini SpA history was later acquired by Isao
Noritake, president of the Japanese Lamborghini Owners Club, the car resided in the
Noritake Collection until the renovation of the
factory was finished, and this one of a kind
Lamborghini was placed in the official factory
museum, next to other cars like the Diablo
Roadster prototype and the very last Countach made, also note that today the original
steering wheel was installed, or at least a
replica of it ... making the legend complete

General information


Type of car

Lamborghini 350 GTV

Years built

March 1963


1 prototype and one wooden mock up


V12, 60 degree, cast aluminium block with

pressed-in cast iron cylinder liners, forged
aluminum 3-ring pistons, front mounted,
rear wheel drive

Chassis numbers 0100

Cylinder heads

aluminum with bronze valve guides and seats


October 26. 1963 Turin Auto Show


Dual overhead camshafts, chain drive,

two valves/cyl.

Type of car

Two door coupe, two seater

Designed by

Franco Scaglione

Main bearings

7, supported by forged aluminium caps,

4 studs each

Built by

Sargiotto Bodyworks of Turin

Bearing diameter 2.48 in.

Cylinder capacity 3464 cc (211.4 cu in.)


Bore and stroke

77 x 62 mm


2450 mm (96.6 in)

Compr. ratio

9.5:1 (11:0 on first testing)

Overall length

4500 mm (177 in)

Maximum power 360 bhp at 8000 rpm

Overall width

1730 mm (68.1 in)

Maximum torque 326 Nm (240 lbs.ft) at 6000 rpm

Overall height

1220 mm (48 in)

Cooling system

Water colling

Front track

1380 mm (54.3 in)

Rear track

1380 mm (54.3 in)


Two coils and two Marelli distributors driven

from front of each exhaust camshaft


Bosch 125 Platinum Points

Ground clearance n.a.

Front overhang


Rear overhang



1050 kg (2314 Lbs)


n.a. Front / Rear


400 Watt Bosch

Fuel system

Dual electric Bendix fuel pumps,

6 twin-barrel Weber 36 IDL 1 racing
carburetors in downdraft position

Fuel type

100 Octane

Fuel consumption 16 Lit./100 Km


Square steel tube chassis


Steel and aluminium panelling


All-independent coil springs, telescopic shock

absorbers and tubular wishbones and anti-roll


All-wheel Girling disc brakes,

assisted by a weak booster


292 mm


274 mm

Steering type

ZF Worm & roller (power assistance was to

be optionally available)


Dry sump


ZF all synchromesh five-speed + reverse

manual with Salisburry limited slip differential


dry-single plate, hydraulically operated

Disc diameter

266.7 mm (10.5 in)

1st gear ratio


2nd gear ratio

1.705:1 Max. speed 119 Km/h (74 Mph)

3rd gear ratio

1.240:1 Max. speed 163 Km/h (101 Mph)

Max. speed 69 Km/h (43 Mph)

Turning circle

13 m

4th gear ratio

1.000:1 Max. speed 209 Km/h (130 Mph)

Front tyre size

HS 205/15

5th gear ratio

0.850:1 Max. speed 280 Km/h (174 Mph)

Rear tyre size

HS 205/15

Reverse gear ratio 2.66:1


Pirelli Cinturato Belted

Final drive ratio

Front rim size

6.5x15 inch

Rear rim size

6.5x15 inch



72 spokes Borrani wheels

Top speed


80 Lt in two tanks

Engine oil

14 Lt

Cooling system 9 Lt

58 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I The 350 GTV

Electrical system 12 V

n.a. Lt

Max. speed n.a.

3.31:1, 3.53:1 or 3.77:1 would be available

280 Km/h (174 Mph)

0-100 Km/h


Standing Km


Price in 1963

not listed

Current value

Priceless, a conservative estimate would be

at least $1,000,000

The 350 GTV I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 59



Lamborghini style ...

Lamborghini style

Automobili Lamborghini Large Crest White Shirt

Automobili Lamborghini Sparco Vintage Driving Shoes

Text - Photos :

Text - Photos :

The Automobili Lamborghini Large Crest

White Shirt is 100% cotton and is adorned
with a screening of the famous Automobili
Lamborghini crest.
Available in both long and short sleeve,
each shirt features the crest on the front
and the Automobili Lamborghini script on
the back just below the neck line.

These Automobili Lamborghini Sparco

Vintage Shoes are an essential item for
driving your Lamborghini on the street.
They were designed to be less extreme
than our Racing Shoes so they could be
worn every day, whether youre driving
your Lamborghini or not! They are made
from extremely comfortable soft, black
leather in a high-rise fashion.
The first comfort driving shoe offered by
Lamborghini makes a serious statement
by incorporating the Sparco name and design traits while discreetly sporting the
de-bossed Automobili Lamborghini stylized script on the side of each shoe, making them perfect for casual dress events.

Made in Italy from a very high quality cotton - not your average T-Shirt!

Womens Jacket
Text - Photos :

The Womens Automobili Lamborghini Jacket is made of waterproof fabric outside giving it an outstanding degree of water resistance.
The inside features a quilted padded lining with padding.
The front of the jacket sports the trademark Diablo mirror replica
zipper pull and the side outer pockets are zippered as well.
The Automobili Lamborghini shield is embroidered on the lower
front. The first jacket by Lamborghini made exclusively for women.
The composition 66% polyester and 34% polyamide.

Gallardo Spyder T-Shirt

Text - Photos :

Long sleeve 100% cotton T-Shirt dedicated to the new Gallardo

Spyder with an original silhouette sketch of the car by Luc Donkerwolke, the designer.
The Automobili Lamborghini stylized script is screened in black
on the right sleeve.
Available in white only.
Made in Italy.

60 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I LIFEstyle

Automobili Lamborghini Sparco Racing Gloves

Text - Photos :

These Automobili Lamborghini Sparco

Racing Gloves are an essential item for
driving your Lamborghini on the track. So
comfortable and effective, however, youll
want to wear them even when driving on
the street!
The first real racing glove offered by Lamborghini makes a serious statement by incorporating the Sparco name and design
traits while sporting the stylized Automobili Lamborghini script on the top of each
glove. Extremely rare

These original Automobili Lamborghini items can be ordered directly from the largest distributor of
official Lamborghini merchandise in the world : the Lamborghini Collection.
Phone : 949-715-0542 P.S.T. (Pacific Standard Time)

LIFEstyle I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 61



From scale models to books ...

From scale models to books ...

This is unclear, certain sources state the engine was bored out to nearly 5-Liter, others
state it remained a 4-Liter.
To create a personal Countach, the owner requested a special repaint, a black base with
white stripes running over the car, including a
large Raging Bull emblem on the front hood.
The original car is currently still located in
Japan, and acquiring it could be next to impossible, but luckily Kyosho recently created
a stunning 1/18th scale model of this car, so
adding this latter one to your collection is a lot
easier, and wont cost as much.


Text Mark Smeyers - Photo : Mark Smeyers

The black Lamborghini Countach LP500 R

was a very special car back in the mid Seventies, this car started life as a 1975 LP400
bearing chassis number 1120144.
When its Japanese owner took delivery of
the car in 1977 he started modifying it, he
installed a front spoiler and wheel arch extensions over the rear wheels, these wheels

62 I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I AUTOmobilia

This new Kyosho scale model is a great addition to a Lamborghini collection, finished
to the highest levels ready to park between
your other Lamborghini models ... it is different from your everyday Countach model, but
put this one next to the amazing Miura SVR
from the same manufacturer and youve got
two stunning models that will surely draw attention to your display, especially when you
opt for the black Miura they made.

This latter might not be original (the Miura

SVR in Japan is finished in red), but the black
one looks so intimidating that Ive actually
bought both, the red one for authenticity and
the black one for sheer looks ...

became massive BBS racing wheels. He also

installed a big rear wing on his car, which was
rather strange since it was a straight wing, not
angled like those seen on the later Countach
S-models or on the Wolf models.
Interior was kept standard LP400 as was the
engine, so where did the LP500 R designation came from ?

AUTOmobilia I Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine I 63


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