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1) The Filipino term for collar plate is
A. Hardinera
B. Guililan
C. Sinturon (Your Answer)
D. Soliya
Q.2) Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a
hand operated machine is
A. Tryolean finish (Your Answer)
B. Trowel finish
C. Broom stripped finish
D. Smooth finish
Q.3) A wall (bearing or non-bearing) designed to resist lateral forces
parallel to the wall
A. Non-bearing
B. Prefabricated
C. Shear (Your Answer)
D. Grade wall
Q.4) The boxing in of covering a joist, beam or girder to give the
appearance of a larger beam is known as
A. Beam formworks
B. Beam blocking (Your Answer)
C. Grade beam
D. Girder beam
Q.5) A system of framing a building on which floor joists of each storey
rest on the top plates of the storey below and the bearing walls and
partitions rest on the subfloor of each storey is known as
A. Balloon framing
B. Flank framing (Your Answer)
C. Western framing (Correct Answer)
D. Floor framing

10) Identify which letter in the target is a valley jack rafter? .9) Identify which figure is flemish (double stretcher) brickwork. Foundation wall (Your Answer) D. D (Correct Answer) Correct Q. A B. None of the above Correct Q.8) The dimension of commercial acoustic boards for aluminum Trunners used for dropped-ceiling in offices is A. A.6) A roofing tile which has the shape of an “S” laid on its side is a A. Grade beam C. Shear wall Incorrect Q. French tile (Your Answer) D.7) That part of the building foundation which forms the permanent retaining wall of the structure below grade is a A. 30” x 60” x 1” B. Mission tile B. 24” x 48” x ½” (Correct Answer) D.Q. B C. Foundation course B. 24" x 60" x 1/2" (Your Answer) Incorrect Q. C (Your Answer) D. 24” x 50” x 7/8” C. Pantile (Correct Answer) C.

A B. King post Incorrect Q. Plastering Incorrect .12) A principal member of the truss which extends from one end to the other primarily to resist bending is a A. Chord (Your Answer) D. C D. Plywood on studs (Your Answer) C. Grade wall C. Foundation wall D. Lath and plaster (Correct Answer) D. Foundation course B.13) Dry walls do not require appreciable amount of moisture and they are customarily finished with A. Girt C. Web member B. B (Your Answer) C.A. D Correct Q. Mortar and cement B. Grade beam (Your Answer) Correct Q.11) The part of a foundation system which supports the exterior walls of a superstructure and bears directly on the column footing is a A.

17) Identify which figure is a dado wood joint.Q. Fillet B. D Correct Q. A. Covering material Incorrect Q. Batten (Correct Answer) D. None of the above Correct Q.16) A narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along the edges of two parallel boards in the same plane is a A. B (Your Answer) C. A B. A. Counter flushing D. A.18) The stressing of unbounded tendons after concrete has cured is . Binding material C. A (Correct Answer) B. Cant strip (Your Answer) C. C D.15) It is necessary to provide _______ to turn back water whenever joints occur in which dissimilar materials come together.14) Identify the miter joint from the following. C D. Flashing material (Your Answer) B. B (Your Answer) C. D Correct Q.

5” .098 bf (Correct Answer) C. Takip silipan (Correct Answer) C. Baytang Incorrect Q. Assuming that the available T & G is 1” x 4” x 16” and the effective width is 3. Concrete C.A.330 bf D. Lift slab D.20) The total floor area 16 feet wide by 60 feet deep needs one inch (1”) x 4”(commercial size) T & G flooring. Steel D. Pre-casting C.22) The Filipino term for temper (metal work) A. 1. Planehuelda D. Espolon C. 1. Subhan/Subo (Your Answer) B. the total board feet needed is A.298 bf Correct Q.280 bf (Your Answer) B. Muldura (Your Answer) B. 1. 1. Post-tensioning (Your Answer) Incorrect Q. Poleva D.19) The Filipino term for riser A.21) Heat gain through the structure of a habitable room occur in tropical regions at walls and roofs by conduction. Wood (Your Answer) B. Plastic Correct Q. Pre-tensioning B. This can be minimized by the use of A. None of the above Correct .

. Backfill C. Gluing/pasting (Your Answer) B. Drilling Correct Q. Backset (Your Answer) B. None of the above Incorrect Q. Western framing C.26) A modern method of installing wood parquet flooring on wooden boards sub-flooring is by A. Providing building paper sheathing and space filled(Your Answer) D. Nailing into battens C. Providing building paper sheathing C. Post and lintel Correct Q. Providing stud space between exterior finish and interior finish B. Wainscoting D. Post and beam (Your Answer) B.24) A system of framing a building in which the studs are continuous to roof supporting second floor joints is known as A.27) Identify which figure is a dado wood joint.Q.23) Humidification and condensation in exterior walls can be minimized by A. Built-up D. Lockset Correct Q. Balloon framing (Correct Answer) D.25) The horizontal distance from the face of a lock or latch to the center of the knob or lock cylinder A.

Plumbo D. intervals of columns can be wider than the ordinary by adopting a structural method of construction called A.31) Using stair tread-riser proportion formula RT = 75. C D. Pre-tensioning Incorrect Q. Pantilya B. Asintada (Your Answer) C. B (Your Answer) C. given riser equals 6 ¼ “ how many risers will there be between two floors having floor line to floor line distance of 7. Compressioning B. Alloy (Your Answer) C. A B.28) a composition of two or more metals fused together usually to obtain a desired property A.29) The Filipino term for plumb line is A. Hulog (Correct Answer) Correct Q.A. Post-tensioning (Your Answer) C.8125 feet? . Annealing B. D Correct Q. Built-up D.30) In the design of a large shopping centers where space is required. Pre-casting D. None of the above Incorrect Q.

0. Expansion joints (Your Answer) Incorrect Q. Tahilan (Your Answer) C. Projecting beam Incorrect Q.60 meters (Your Answer) C.33) A beam that projects beyond one or both its support A. Cold joints B.32) The standard height of window sills for office rooms in upper floors is A.35) Joint employed to reduce restraint by accommodating movement of masonry walls are known as A.34) The Filipino term for horizontal stud is A.36) Wallboards or plywood maybe applied over studs. Block outs D. 19 D.90 meters (Correct Answer) Correct Q.00 meters D. 1. 0. Continuous B. They can also be applied over CHB masonry wall by using . Cantiliver (Your Answer) C. 1. Pamakuan Incorrect Q. 15 (Correct Answer) B.2 meters B. Pabalagbag (Correct Answer) B. Control joints (Correct Answer) C. Tie D.A. 17 (Your Answer) C. 20 Incorrect Q. Pilareta D.

Sheathing D. C (Your Answer) D.39) A protein: the chief nitrogenous ingredient in milk is A. Black iron C. Tempera C. Alabaster D. Studs (Your Answer) C. A. Casein (Your Answer) Correct Q. 50 lbs or more(Your Answer) B. Lactose B. A B. Wall paper C. Heavy iron Correct Q. Asbestos cement board . D Correct Q.37) A commercially pure iron of fibrous nature. Furring (Correct Answer) Correct Q. valued for its corrosion resistance and ductility is A. Glossy surfaced asphalt saturated paper.38) Identify which figure is a blind and sub-mortise and tenon joint. Cast iron B. Wood battens B. Wrought iron (Your Answer) D. B C.40) A material used to remedy vapor flow A.A.

D. Cement plaster .