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वैमािनकीयय िवकास सं थापन

Aeeronauticall Developm
ment Establlishment
Goovt. of Indiaa, Ministry of
o Defence,,
Neew Thippasaandra, Bang
galore - 5600 075.
Phhone: (080) 25057841/440/35
Faax: (080) 25
505 7843
mail :

भारत सरकारर, रक्षा मंत्रालय
यू ित पसंद्राा, बगलूर - 560
0 075
¤æü¸ü³ÖÖÂÖ: 0880-2505 78
±îúŒÃÖ: 0800-2505 78443,oiccpurgp1mmdd@ade.drdo.iin
Tender Notice No.
Open Tendeer
The Dirrector, Aeron
nautical Devellopment Estab
blishment (ADE), New Th
hippasandra, Bangalore - 560075, on
behalf of thee President of India, invites sealed tenderr for the follow


Tender Filee No.


Single Bid


F Rs.

Due date and
Time for
Opening of



@ 14:00hrs

Descrription of Item

Tesst Bench

2. Detaileed Tender doccuments with specificationss for the abovve can be obttained from Director,
E against a wrritten
requestt quoting (Tender Notice No
N and Tend
der File No) accompanied
by a crossed a/c payee dem
mand draft foor the
value m
mentioned abo
ove in favour of Director, ADE
payable in Bangalore towards tendeer fee. Other than
tender feee, an
amounnt of Rs. 50/- extra has to be paid sepaarately, if reqquired by posst. Tender feee is not appliicable for venndors
registered with any
y DRDO Labb/ DGS&D/ any
other Goovt. Dept. Suuch vendors must
enclosee a copy of valid
Thhe Tender documents are noot transferablee
registraation certificaate with requesst for tender documents.
3. Offers bby fax / E-mail will be sum
mmarily ignoreed.
Tender forrms are availa
able in / ww
4. Availabbility of Tendeer Forms
and CPP Portal
or by post
p from AD
DE on requestt.
5. Last daate for Issue/D
Downloading of
: 29/05/20133 @ 13:30 Hrrs
Tenderss Forms
6. Last daate for Submission of Tendeers
: 31/05/20133 @ 13:30 Hrrs
7. Due datte and time off opening the tenders


31/05/20133 @ 14:00 Hrrs

8. Requesst for extensionn of due date will not be enntertained under any circum
9. This Addvertisement & Tender doccuments are also available inn DRDO website (www.drd / www
[Click Active Tend
der, Select - Aeronauticaal Developmeent Establishm
ment] If you
u are downlooading the teender
ments from thee website, pleaase enclose th
he cost of Tender Documennts in the form
m of a DD in favour
of Direector,
Payable at Baangalore alongg with your quuotation.
10. For deetailed descriiption and qu
uantity refer tender docum
11. The D
Director, ADE reserves the right
to acceptt/reject any orr all tenders without
assigning any reasonn and also willl not
be respponsible for poostal delays.
(1) Firmss should quote only in Indiian Currencyy
(2) You are requesteed to mentioon. Tender Notice
No, Tender
File No and Desscription of items on alll the
a on the Teender Coverss. For eg.
correespondence and
Tender nootice No. ADE/MMD/12A
Tender File No.: ADE
E/ 120643/B/S
Single Bid
nic Test Bencch.
Descriptiion: Electron

For Director

.560 0 075 ¤æü¸ü³ÖÖÂÖ: 0880-2505 78 841/40/35 ±îúŒÃÖ: 0800-2505 78443 heaadmmd@adee. No. o d by ADE forr this procurrement. On behalf of o President o of India invites sealed tender under Single bid sy ystem in Indiian Rupees for supply off the followin ng Items SI.iin ADE Ref.1/5 5 Tender En nq. No. रक्षा मंत्रालय यू ित पसंद्राा. Date : 26 6/03/2013 Ten nder Due Da ate & Time: 31/05/2013 3 13:30 Hrs Dear Sir.560 075. you may please p contacct Ms. Bangalore e .5600 075.Gurubasavaraj M.drdo. Ministry of o Defence. before subm mitting the offe er. Yamun na S V . Sc ‘E E’ 2. Sc ‘G’ (Pho one: 2505812 22 / 25058139 9).: ADE/120643/B/Single Bid q. बगलूर . Phhone: (080) 25057841/440/35 Faax: (080) 25 505 7843 Em mail : भारत सरकारर. Prices should s be qu uoted in Indian Rupees only.oiccpurgp1mmdd@ade. D Description o Item of Electronic Test T Bench (A As per speciifications in Appendix-A A) A/U Neew Thippasaandra. Required Nos 2. Bang galore . Sub: Invvitation for Te ender / Quota ation The Directo or Aeronautic cal Developm ment Establish hment. No. New Thippasandrra.00 Note:u and forwa ard the Comm mercial Term ms & Conditions compila ation chart en nclosed in Annexure A -A Kindly fill up along with your Quotattion. CDE Certifiicate will nott be provided hnical clarifica ations if any.drdo. 1. . For tech / Shri.: Tender Enq D Date : 26/03/2 2013 ADE/12064 43/B/Single Bid B ening Date & Time: 31/05 5/2013 14:00 0 Hrs Tender Ope Page No.वैमािनकीयय िवकास सं थापन थ Aeeronauticall Developm ment Establlishment Goovt. of Indiaa.

ADE. before issue of formal contract order valid through the Contract period. If agreed. 5. Payment : 90% payment will be released within 30 to 45 days after receipt. (if you are downloading from the DRDO. inspection. ADE. Bangalore along with your proposals. Liquidated Damages : Delayed Delivery. excluding PSU or SSI certificate (if you are actual manufacturer of the item). Balance 10% will be paid against submission of Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) for 10% of the order value valid through the Warranty period or on completion of the warranty period. if EMD / valid registration certificate is not attached. prices should be quoted indicating clearly Percentage of Excise be submitted in the form of a crossed a/c payee demand draft drawn in favour of Director. However. If no service tax is payable please show service tax Nil. confirm this clause in your quotation. In lieu of demand draft registered vendors may enclose a copy of valid vendor registration certificate. 12. 8. For registered vendors please enclose a valid registration certificate in lieu of DD. 5.5 % per week subject to a maximum of 5 percent will be levied. This exemption is for the final product only. Warranty : Warranty is required for One Year. (your offer should be inclusive of customs duty if any) 6. EDEC : This organization is exempted from excise duty under notification No. New Thippasandra. on behalf of President of India invites sealed tenders in Indian Rupees for supply of the Items as per the tender enquiry 2. Whichever is earlier. Quotations indicating “taxes inclusive” are liable to be rejected 4. 13. and acceptance of the items. if accepted will be subject to standard LD clause at the rate of 0. may be shown separately in terms of percentage. Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) : Performance Bank Guarantee for 10% of the order value towards warranty to be submitted at the time of submission of 100% bills. No. 3.WEBSITE). Delivery schedule will commence from the date of issue of tender acceptance letter. Pricing : This is a local purchase order. Director ADE also reserves the right to cancel the supply order allowing two weeks notice in case of delay in supply beyond the originally accepted date of delivery.2/5 General Terms and Conditions 1. EMD is not applicable for registered vendors with any DRDO lab/Govt organization. 7. Prices must be quoted on FOR ADE basis in Indian Rupees only including handling. 11. Sales Tax : Sales Tax is payable extra may be shown separately in terms of percentage. 10/97. the necessary exemption certificate may be provided.ADE Tender document fee drawn in favour of Director.: ADE/120643/B/Single Bid Date : 26/03/2013 Page No. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) : EMD of Rs. . 9.100/. Bangalore – 560 075. Your offer will be rejected. Service Tax : Service tax if applicable extra. IMPORTANT : Please enclose a DD for Rs. No exceptions will be made in this regard. 10. Taxes must be shown separately which will be paid extra against declaration as above. packing forwarding and all other charges. valid for a period of six months.000/. CDEC : Customs Duty Exemption Certificate (CDEC) will not be issued by ADE. Quotations indicating "Sales tax inclusive" are liable to rejected. This aspect may please be noted very carefully for compliance. otherwise your offer will not be considered. Security deposit : Successful vendor must furnish security deposit @ 10% of the order value including Tax within 10 working days after issue of tender acceptance letter. payable in Bangalore. The Director Aeronautical Development Establishment. Quotations indicating "Service tax inclusive" are liable to rejected. If no sales tax is payable please show sales tax Nil.

ADE. 18. Quotations in sealed cover as above should reach ADE by 13:30 Hrs. if any to be mentioned on the quotation. A definite assured delivery schedule should be quoted. Purchase order will be placed on the vendor offering the lowest quote and meets all the technical & commercial requirements as per the RFQ. Registration number allotted by this laboratory or any other DRDO Lab / Estt or proof of registration with another Govt. ADE will not be responsible for postal delay. . on 31/05/2013 will be considered. Registration : If the tendering firm is not registered with this Lab / Estt. they are required to seek registration. 21.ADE Ref. Validity of Quote : The quotation must be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of tenders. 23. Drawings / specifications sent along with this letter should be returned along with the firm’s quotation or regret letter 22. 19. 17. Copy of valid Registration Certificate to be furnished along with the Quotation. 24. Submission of offers : Quotation should be submitted in sealed cover super scribing the reference number and showing due date as 31/05/2013. 15. The company should depute competent representative for such discussion / negotiations whenever called for and he / she shall be competent to take on the spot decisions. 26. Dept. Period for which the offer will remain open : a) Firms tendering should note the period for which it is desired that their offers should remain open for acceptance.. Director reserves the right to call for techno-commercial / price negotiations. Latest Hour for Receipt of Tender : Your Tender must reach this office (including those sent by hand which shall be put in the Tender Box) strictly on the due date / time as mentioned. on 31/05/2013 and the quotations will be opened on the same day. ADE reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers in part or in full without assigning any reasons and also will not be responsible for postal delays. offices. No extra time will be given for this purpose. In case equipment offered requires maintenance after the expiry of the warranty. or any other DRDO Lab / Estt. if any. ‘Subject to prior sale’ will not be considered and the offers may be rejected. the offer shall remain open for acceptance till the next working day.3/5 14. 20. please indicate approximate cost of comprehensive and on call basis maintenance and also availability of local support or otherwise. For details please write to Director. Only those quotations received before 13:30 Hrs. ADE. Delivery Schedule : Delivery is required within about 01 Month from the date of issue of tender acceptance letter. Installation & Commissioning : Required. 25. 16.: ADE/120643/B/Single Bid Date : 26/03/2013 Page No. Quotations may also be deposited in the quotations box placed at Security office. Invalid Quotations : Quotations received late or improperly sealed or with incomplete marking or with unattested overwriting/corrections in quotation documents are liable to be rejected. b) Quotations qualified by such vague and indefinite expressions such as ‘Subject to immediate acceptance’. No. Confirm this clause in your quotation. The Director. If the day up to which the offer is to remain open being declared closed holiday for Govt. Director.

3.) Annexure-A Commercial Terms & Conditions compilation chart SI.4/5 Instruction to Vendors: 1.: ADE/120643/B/Single Bid Date : 26/03/2013 Page No. Vendor has to apply for registration. packing forwarding and all other charges. service tax. if not registered with ADE. (Kindly fill up and forward the below mentioned Commercial Terms & Conditions along with your TechnoCommercial Offer without fail. inspection. Balance 10% will be paid against submission of Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) for 10% of the order value valid through the Warranty period or on completion of the warranty period. Yes / No 04 Packing & Forwarding charges (if any) Price inclusive of handling. if applicable are to be mentioned. works contract tax. whichever is earlier. Yes / No 05 Freight Quoted cost to be inclusive of Freight Yes / No 06 Delivery schedule As mentioned in Tender documents (or indicate your Delivery Schedule) Yes / No 07 Validity of quote 90 days from the date of opening of the tender Yes / No 08 Sales Tax Cess/VAT if any & Indicate percentage of Tax Yes / No 09 Service Tax & Cess if any Indicate percentage of Tax Yes / No 10 Customs Duty Exemption Certificate (CDEC) Customs Duty Certificate (CDEC) issued by ADE.ADE Ref. Vendor is requested to ensure that Annexure-A is by filling up the necessary details. No. freight charges. 2. excise duty.No. Commercial terms ADE Terms Confirmation of Vendors to ADE Terms 01 Currency In Indian Rupees Only Yes / No 02 Warranty 1 Year Yes / No 03 Payment 90% payment will be released within 30 to 45 days after receipt. Agreed / Not Agreed Exemption will not be . Percentage of sales tax. and acceptance of the items.

ADE Ref. with other DRDO Lab/s / other Govt. Bangalore Yes / No 17. 10/97 Not Required / Required (If required indicate Manufacturer’s Name & Address) 12 Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) EMD for Rs. Non submission of this format may lead to rejection of your offer.a Page No. . & Date. No. By the Firm at ADE.c Copy of Registration Certificate Furnished / Not Furnished Note: Vendors are requested to submit this format duly completed with their seal and signature along with their quotation.b Registration No.5% per week subject to maximum of 5% will be levied Agreed / Not Agreed 16 Installation & Commissioning Registration with ADE & Regd. if applicable. organisation.5/5 Yes / No 17. Yes / No 17.: ADE/120643/B/Single Bid 11 Excise Exemption Duty Date : 26/03/2013 Excise Duty Exemption Certificate can be provided to the manufacturers. No.5. against Notification be furnished Furnished / Not furnished 13 Security (SD) Deposit Security Deposit in the form of Bank guarantee for 10% of the order value will be submitted before release of order Agreed / Not Agreed 14 Bank Guarantee for performance towards warranty (PBG) Performance Bank guarantee for 10% of the order value towards warranty to be submitted at the time of submission of 100% bills.000/. Yes / No 15 Liquidated Damage (LD) LD @ 0.

ESD Aprons . 3.Appendix-A Specifications for Test Bench Test Bench consists of the following: 1.1). 8. Extruded Aluminium frame with 90mm x48mm vertical sections and 65mm x 23mm horizontal sections having thickness 2mm (with 10% tolerance) the frame sections are coated with static dissipative powder coating having surface resistance in the range of 1 kilo ohms to less than 1000 mega ohms. The supplier should be aware of the ESD standards mentioned above and should be able to demonstrate the same if required. Specification of ESD Table: 1. 5.2 nos. 2. The color of ESD post formed laminated tops can be silver grey. 9. The table top and all overhead shelves to be made up of marine water proof MDF. The supplier to demonstrate a sample for evaluation if required. 5. 10. ESD post formed laminated table top of sizes as mentioned in the diagram at 750mm height from ground. ISO certified manufacturers are preferred. 6. Qty 1no.2 nos. 2nos of common point ground and 1 no grounding cords. ESD Flooring 3. surface Resistance should be greater than 100 kilo ohms and less than 50mega ohms. .2 nos. MS Levelers 4 or 5 nos. For dimensional details refer the respective diagram.It should have proper grounding provision. The measurements of surface resistance and surface to ground resistance should be carried out (as per ANSI / ESD 4. Those registered as Small Scale Industries medium or large scale industries are preferred. ESD Table (with ESD magnifier). the table top thickness should be 25mm approx. The resistance between two button fasteners should not exceed 10 mega ohms. Electrical power panel static dissipative powder should be coated on the exterior and normal powder should be coated on the interior which is as shown and described in the diagram. 7.2 nos. ESD Chairs . ESD Slipons . All the other accessories as described in the diagram/drawing. “C” type MS section below the table for routing wires etc. Copper bus of 10mm width and 2 mm thickness to be fixed at back for the entire length of table. 4. 2. 4. The surface to ground resistance of the ESD post formed table tops should be greater than 100 kilo ohms and less than 25 mega ohms. or as required.

The perfo ormance of this solid vinyl tile is not n depende ent on wearr layers. throug gh-tile-to-grround charg ge decay. Illu umination 2. Fie eld of View : : : : 4X 170X105mm 250mm m 350mm m : 2 X 7W W Compact Fluorescen nt Lamps Electrica al Specifications: 1. dime ensionally stable. Electrica al Resistan nce Values s: 1. Fle exible Stand d : Internal Spring S balanced Arms. Re each : 900m mm of center of Lens fro om the base 2. Surface layerss. Are ea Magnificcation 2. Sizze of Lens 3. internal intestattes. Surface to Gro ound Resistance 3. or hum midity and features a permanent electrical conductivitty. s extrremely harrd wearring with co ompletely no on-direction nal pattern conductive elements throughout t thickness of o 2mm m. . Ele ectronic Ballasts Mechanic cal Speciffications: 1. electrically consisstent. Sta atic Generation (byy friction witth Thermo cool) c : : : 10E6-10E11Ohm ms/sq 10E5-10E9 Ohmss NIL Mounting g Options: 1. Miccro Lens 16 6X ation of ES SD Floorin ng: Specifica 1.. Surface Resisstivity 2. Wo orking Dista ance 4.ESD Mag gnifier: Specificatiions: Optical S 1. The tile es shou uld contain encapsulatted conduc ctive eleme ents distribu uted evenlyy throughou ut the tile to t provide exceptio onal. The tile should be homog geneously constructed c d product sliced s from pressed viinyl block to t assu ure a highly y flexible tile t of dense construction. Mo oveable Hea avy Base Accesso ories: 1.

13w/cm^2) ASTM 3662/NFPA 258 <450 6. Reparability: The deep scratches.01 Sec 4.5X104 <R<106 (as per ANSI/ESD standard) (Permanent ESD properties which are independent of relative temp humidity).005inch at 1500 lbs (Residual compression) Static Load limit : 1500 Pounds/sq inch. Burning Behavior: Difficult to ignite / low smoke development EN 13501-1 Bf1.0mm EN 433-Lengthwise/Crosswise 0. Mechanical properties: Residual indentation : EN 433 (0. 8. Warranty: 1 year from the date of installation against any Manufacturing defects. Should be bacteriostatic and fungi static in nature. holes etc should be repairable using homogenous welding technique. Physical characteristics: Tile size Thickness Dimensional stability 3.035mm) ASTM F 0. (As per ASTM F 970 standard) Shore D Hardness : 70 5. 14. : : : 615mm X 615mm 2. And the whole surface would be renewed and restored using abrasive techniques and uet maintain all original features of the product.05% ESD Properties: Electrical resistance : 2. Clean Room parameter: Outgasing VOC Emissions : : CVCM : IDEMA M11-99 TD-GC-MS EM 13419 1-3 SVOC < 100micro gms /m3 After 28 days not exceeding 1. Body voltage generation : EC 61340-4-5 < 25V (as per ANSI/ESD Std.No effect 13.66 % ( as per standard ASTM –E 595) 7. 15.) Static decay : FTMS 4046(101C) 5000V to 50V<0. Castor chair resistance : EN425 :. Chemical resistance : EN 423 excellent 11. .6 DIN 51131-wet surfaces: R9 9.Dry surface u: 0. Slip resistance : EN 13893.s1 ASTM E648/NFPA 253 CLASS 1 (1. The vendor must have all the tools and machinery as per the specifications. Wear resistance : EN 660-1 Group M 10.2. Color fastness : 7-8 as per ISO 105 BO2 Met-3DIN53389 12.

ESD Aprons do no ot generate e charges and at the e same tim me dissipatte the charrges present on the normal n clothing throu ugh the human bod dy. In ad ddition the aprons are also clean ro oom compatible. The chairr should alsso revolving type and height h adju ustable thro ough a gass lift. he garments should be made with plasttic buttons.  Se eat size : 19”×18”  Bla ack rest sizze : 22” 19”×2  He eight adjustable foot ring r : 21”  Se eat height from f the flo oor : Minimum) 19” (M  Se eat height from f the flo oor : 24” (M Maximum)  Ca astors : 5 nos. . The sea at should be b wide and back rest shoulld be medium High Back B variety which prrovides lum mber suppo ort and hence the e chair is comfortable c e for extended period ds of work. zippers or o Velcro for ease of o Th wearing. of conduc ctive casto or wheel Option nal:  Arm m Rests ad djustable (Non ( ESD))  Arm m Rests Fixed (Non ESD)  He eight adjustable Foot ring Specifica ation of Ap prons: ES SD Aprons/Coats are e specially designed for use in n electronicc assemblyy or testing zone forr operatorss. The T specia al ESD Fabric he elps the skin of persons sitting on o the chair to breath he.ation of ES SD Chair: Specifica b made e to incorpo orate the Electrical E prroperties of o the ESD Chairs ESD cchair has been with the a aesthetics and a comfo ort of fabricc upholsterry of an offiice chair.

The Sandal sole specially should be designed for Anti Skid & Anti Slip property to ensure operator safety. 2. Documents one set (soft copy + hard copy) i. 4. Upper part of the sandal should be made from P. ESD Slipons : 02 Nos.20) List of Deliverables: 1. Providing grounding path for dissipation of static from the body.V.Specification of Slipons: Sole should be made up of Polyurethane (PU) – long lasting and non-contaminating material Designed for use in electronic shop floor with conductive flooring. 3. 5. Should have air events that helps skin breath easily. Mechanical Drawing . ESD Table (with ESD Magnifier): 02 Nos. ESD Flooring ( as per specification) 6. leather – fully recyclable. ESD Sandal should be with Velcro fastener with popular unisex design.C. ESD Chairs : 02 Nos. ESD Aprons : 02 Nos. Person to ground resistance : < 35 Meg ohms (As per the standard ANSI/ESD-S 20.