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FRIDAY 15 MAY 2015

Today I am making a claim in this disputes tribunal that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (on
behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand) has failed to provide a service as to fit of a
particular purpose [Section 8 of the act] as well as to a Guarantee as to Delivery [Section 5A of the
In December 2014, I purchased BattleField 4 [The Game] by using the PlayStation Store on my
PlayStation 4. This game failed to download after 3 days, at which time I no longer wanted to play
this game. This game was not delivered in a timely fashion. I realise with a big game, it can take a
while to download.
On 10 December 2014, I applied for a refund stating if It was not granted I would seek a reversal
from my bank, to which I was given a reply asking to trouble shoot. I advised that I had already
done this, and I never had a reply back.
I had applied with The Bank of New Zealand [The Bank] on the 24 December 2014 for a Reversal
Charge. I had been dealing with an agent from The Bank by the name of Liza who agreed that a
reversal can be made as I’ve supplied evidence that I have tried to settle with Sony. The charge
was deemed to be “goods/services not received.” by The Bank.
In February, I was hosting a dinner event where my co workers would join me and par take in an
online game, where I found out that my account had been banned. Angered I called Sony
Playstation Support and was told my account was banned due to a Charge Back. I do note this
was a whole month and a half after the charge had been charged back. I was informed that the
issue would be escalated. I had called many days after this asking to speak with a supervisor,
being given failed promises, I asked for this to be escalated to a team leader, I was refused, and
hung up on. Later in the process, a manger Scott confirmed to me that this is absolutely
inappropriate. As I work in a call centre, I am aware how the environment works and procedures in
place. Sony has told me that a refund was sent to a team leader, but was never approved, or
denied. Thus it sat pending. It wasn’t until I made Sony aware I had filed proceedings in the
Disputes Tribunal that my account was finally unbanned, more than a month after first filing for it to
be unbanned.
Sony have told me that the banning of my account, and my console is an automatic process, How
ever I can say confidently that it was a manual process, as a friend of mine (Joshua Sherborne, the
gamer tag nintendo core) was refused a refund because Sony failed to process an in game
transaction. Sony quoted Josh; “Unfortunately purchases are non-refundable and customers are
responsible for purchasing the correct content.” Josh went to his bank to initiate a charge back
request. His Bank, ASB, granted the charge back.
I refer to (Playstation Community 2014) as where a user called BeaverGear comments that as to
having a similar download speed as to me, and experiencing similar issues where their downloads
are slower than other devices, even when hard wired into an internet connection. It appears that
users from around the world joined in on this conversation netting 259 replies and well over 18810
views. Further more, by preforming a simple Google Search, I can find may other examples of
users having slow download speeds, from now only New Zealand, but from a round the world;
(Short Pause 2014), ( 2014) and more recently ( 2015).
It appears that users around the world are having an issue with Sony’s download timeframes. An
issue you think that their public relation teams should be aware of and a fix to sort the issue.
Instead Sony intend to make revenue with out fixing their services.
During the account my time was banned, I had an active membership to Sony’s PlayStation Plus

and none of their online services seem to be charged GST (as the invoices I get state it’s not a GST invoice). to which Sony will accept taking back of the console. It is for this reason I am asking for full cost of the console plus shipping. 
 . I have made attempts to contact Sony to arrange compensation.It should be noted that PlayStation Consoles are disturbed widely in New Zealand. namely the court filing fee and the PlayStation Plus membership. emotional compensation of $1000. To this extent Sony has been unwilling. unaware of what exactly I’m trying to do. or rather. the cost of Playstation Plus.

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