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JUDGE: Case number 163, today November 30, 2014, 9:00 am.

first degree murder, with the plaintiff ULLOA NATALY against the
defendant ESPINOSA TATIANA. The Defense lawyer Vasquez Luis; the
plaintiff's lawyer, CHAPCHA PAULO. The session started.

Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: Good morning your honor,
my goal in this trial is to defend the innocence of my client,
DAUGHTER, accused of crimes of first degree murder against
the father of the applicant, FATHER.
PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY ATTORNEY 1: Good morning your honor, the jurors,
honorable court judgment, colleagues and those who accompany us in this
room, this time I am acting as counsel for the plaintiff in the case against
DAUGHTER, who is credited with the crimes of murder in the first degree and
temptation against property.
At the appropriate time and representing the interests of the state; I request
your esteemed authority civil and criminal conviction against DAUGHTER
I call my client to testify, A STEPMOTHER applicant.
JUDGE: Count his version of the facts
THE STEP-MOTHER: Well as above declare all spent the night of Saturday 19,
I was in a meeting when I receive a call from my neighbor telling me that my
house was on fire (begins to mourn) "and my husband into the house on
fire ..." because of her (pointing to the daughter)
JUDGE: Order! The defense lawyer can proceed with the questions.
The plaintiff's lawyer, ADVOCATE 1: STEP MOTHER Why blames her
daughter's death her husband?
THE STEP-MOTHER: Because a few days before she learned that her father
had left a lot of money to his name in case of his death, because he loved her.
The plaintiff's lawyer, ADVOCATE 1: In case of death, you explain that?
THE STEP-MOTHER: Yeah well, in the days before the fire my husband had
received a strange call, he felt nervous and worried that's why I prepare a will.
The plaintiff's lawyer, ADVOCATE 1: then believe that the calls were death
THE STEP-MOTHER: that is, as previously stated her friend (daughter) she
heard a conversation in which she repudiated her father even spoke of death.
The plaintiff's lawyer, ADVOCATE 1: Your Honor that is irrelevant since
previously that testimony was discredited for lack of evidence

taking statements from witnesses corroborated that version also security cameras have recorded the victim with his daughter in his car heading home. These are all questions thanks. further adding that he could never prove that you were not at the scene as stated in the beginning. if your lordship would like to request permits me to pass to the stand detective in charge of the investigation JUDGE: This stage called to testify to the detective handling the case. the defendant's participation is unclear. she and my husband were seen entering the house minutes before the fire which coincidentally just before she left. jurors. ADVOCATE 1: good detective tell this jury if it is true that the accused was seen minutes before you have started the fire Detective: so. tell this jury if there is any physical proof of the implication of my defended in this crime Detective: fact or fingerprints or other evidence that the accused physically flirting with other crime scene witnesses was not found Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: Your Honor. The plaintiff's lawyer. it is clear that you cannot link to my defended the cause of the accident. The plaintiff's lawyer. which demonstrated that if he was at the scene before the incident. ADVOCATE 1: Why accuse the hija¿Tiene some evidence against it? THE STEP-MOTHER: there is. but it could have been a trap. ADVOCATE 1: this is your honor. as she was the last to whom he was my husband before igniting the house. JUDGE: the defense lawyer has the word Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: detective. ADVOCATE 1: the testimony to which my client alludes were corroborated by researchers and submitted before this jury. the plaintiff lawyer has the first turn The plaintiff's lawyer. perhaps planted evidence to involve it . Detective: (interrupts) although there is no physical evidence of the murder weapon belonged to the accused and was found in his car Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: if it be true.JUDGE: sustained (stepmother) refrain from using that statement in his testimony The plaintiff's lawyer.

but did not know it was there.. apparently had had a seizure or . although sometimes discussed but were regular discussions between father and daughter (starts to cry) would never think of killing Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: Do you know about calls that your father received? DAUGHTER: If several times I found it concerned only managed to tell me it was nothing. also I knew my car was not. I found out hours after the accident occurred. I went out as usual to work in the way I met a girl next to a requesting help in street person then get off and take it to my house. minutes after detectives searched him and found the murder weapon. as I explained. it all started that day. I'm alive JUDGE: Who are you? FATHER: (surprised) who else. the day before I left the house and went to the beach. this can not continue . (Stands up) I did not kill my father I loved him! JUDGE: order in the room (using his gavel) Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: that's all his lordship JUDGE: While having heard the final arguments of the parties shall discuss the jury verdict… FATHER: wait !. Mr. she is innocent..THE STEP-MOTHER: but she could never prove that a JUDGE: ok order in the room (using his gavel) Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: to end his lordship would like to call to testify for the last time my defended JUDGE: the accused can take the stand Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: did you have problems with your father? DAUGHTER: I wanted my father. how you survived? FATHER: Long story. it was just a problem with people from your past that was not to worry Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: What was at home with his father a few minutes before the fire starts as the applicant maintains? DAUGHTER: I was never ever in the house that day. I am your father (draws the daughter) Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: Sir. after two days I found parked outside the apartment where I stayed.

I know who you are .something. so I followed her and was looking so far. -----. another thing is the mysterious woman who happened to be much like her daughter. by lowering the guy was killed by a blow.. I heard a noise outside someone launched by the window a flare. then she went looking for help. knows the characteristics of the incident matches one years what happened elsewhere. did you not find the woman? FATHER: not when I returned to the city I found out all this and came here today to clarify any Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: and that's the whole story FATHER: so. you're safe. but good luck with your research Detective: Do not worry. that's the truth FATHER: If detective.leave every room unless the parent and the detective ---Detective: Cute very emotional story.¿y those calls you received? FATHER: were just problems at work do not matter. for the situation occurred.comes out DAUGHTER ---THE STEP-MOTHER: (approaching her husband) are a fool FATHER: it is quiet then talk JUDGE: well. in the end I catch you. the process is canceled until further notice. because .. but you know nothing.. and if you'll excuse me I have to go now. I could run in and out of the house by the back door just before the start of the fire. DAUGHTER: papa (runs and hugs his father) -Pause . that's for sure. the funny esque never any trace of the flare that mentions or indications of broken windows found FATHER: I may not investigated well Detective: could be. I went to get some clothes for the subject .. Defense attorney ADVOCATE 2: so.. really FATHER: No. started to smell gas. go home then we'll talk -----. in the distance I saw my daughter's car with the woman inside. that's the truth of what happened Detective: these safe. that's the truth .

that's what you're hiding "Jack" FATHER: (laughs) So .. why this so sure she made it? Detective: because I know you did. and I know .FATHER: (laughs) is sure... good luck detective (you leave the room) . other detectives tried for years but could not..