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Production Unit Tracking System

The Production Unit Tracking System (PUTS) is an accumulator, aggregator and disseminator of the
various components of production information – process, product and resources, which are received from
the individual plant units of the Steel Melt Shop, the Caster and the JSW HTS during production. The
main functionalities include the following:

Collecting extensive event based and cyclic process information from individual plant units during
production and the JSW HTS.

 Processing (validating, storing, relating, aggregating) of the process information collected thus
 Hot metal tracking
 Heat tracking
 Disseminating this information, real-time and on-line, to all plant units and JSW HTS, thus enabling
heat pacing at the individual plant units
 Generation (both, time-based automatic and user-requested) of reports
 User authorized access to the data entry/modification windows

Information Collection
The backbone of the functioning of the PUTS is the receipt of timely and correct process information from
the corresponding Level 2 systems of the individual plant units. This information includes not only cyclic
and event-based data, but also the specific manual information entered into the Level 2 system by the
operator. PUTS also communicates with the JSW HTS to receive schedule information as well as the
analysis data from laboratory.
The information collected include among others:

Schedule and analysis information from JSW HTS

Actual heat start / end and other process event times from individual plant units

Detailed batch-wise material, energy and other utilities consumption and their actualization time

Process measurements and their actualization time

Delay information

Equipment renewal information

Information Archival
All information received from the various partners are validated, co-related and archived in a logical
format in the PUTS relational database.
For faster retrieval purposes some commonly accessed aggregate data are already processed and
stored accordingly.



Heat tracking starts from BOF charging and continues till finish of cutting of last slab of a heat at the CCM. the relevant portions of all data which have been collected from various plant units and the JSW HTS are transmitted to all the relevant plant units (a PUTS HMI terminal is located in each of the plant unit control room to display this information). Current 272783875. Current  Operations Performance Report – Retrospective vs. plant unit-wise : shift-wise. Heat Tracking Each heat is tracked in the steel melt shop and caster.  The history and progress details of sequential processing of a heat at the various plant units  Real-time and on-line heat-wise progressive analysis information  A Gantt chart showing the planned vs. As such. The tracking starts when a ladle with hot metal arrives at the HMPTS or HMDS for treatment and continues till the ladle is charged into the BOF. plant unit-wise : shift-wise. monthly)  Delay Reports (heat-wise. daily.Hot Metal Tracking The hot metal is tracked by the hot metal ladle. monthly)  Productivity Reports  Quality Deviation Reports  Equipment Availability Reports  Energy and Utilities Usage Reports  Operations Visibility Report – Retrospective vs. individual heat overall history-wise)  Production Summary Reports (shift-wise. daily. The information displayed includes: Process information  An overview of the current state of production at each plant unit in the entire shop  A detailed information about the current state of production at any individual plant unit Product information  Expected heat arrival time at the next planned processing unit.doc Page . daily. weekly. This helps the Level 2 system for the individual plant units to pace the current heat under production at its unit. weekly. actual progress of heats at the various plant units Resources information  Providing real-time and on-line equipment life information Reports The following category of reports will be provided:  Heat Reports (individual heat plant-wise. monthly)  Analysis Reports (heat-wise)  Consumption Reports (heat-wise. weekly. Information Dissemination Proper and timely distribution of process and control information is the foremost responsibility of the PUTS.

weekly. These reports are available on a crew-wise. shift-wise. 272783875.The reports are also reported as trends. daily. monthly basis or over any selectable period of time (< last 90 days). generated from the above information. These reports may be viewed on-line as well.doc Page .