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Informative Grassroots Campaign


During an election cycle, regular citizens may be










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potential voters how incompetent their opponent is in

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decades, this type of campaign has evolved.


Once this has been established. originating. listen to others. the visionary. As an author of a cause or vision. Once the trust and support has been contained in the local neighborhoods. will find the Although growth this of is the the movement basic would expectation be of exponential. there are requirements which must be met to ensure a successful result for the candidate. a grassroots campaign. it is the candidate’s responsibility to develop an image or persona in which supporters can believe in. a grassroots campaign is being. and move to A political candidate cannot take time away from their formal campaign . evaluate. understand strategy. “In the basic start of a community organization the following principles must be implemented: start with yourself. In Layman terms. 2006). action. bring together a core group. outcome which requires the This type of campaign strategy must formulate a strong foundation within the community and grow out. there are some fundamental steps that must take place to rally support. identify goals. or candidate. and reflect” (Brown. or operating in a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result.Informative Grassroots Campaign According to Merriam-Webster. a grassroots campaign is a creation of events to create awareness or an participation of the people.

us. Vulnerability organizer should is needed. But when we know what really matter to us. This holds The organizer should take a long hard look and conclude their reason for supporting their candidate. the candidate must examine themselves and determine their why.” (Smith. our Knowing passions our ‘why’ are. Once an organizer is selected. 2009).Informative Grassroots Campaign trail to make certain these tasks take place. what what drives decisions. necessity a flourishing of the act. helps we us make better understand and navigate our own self-interest. Therefore. “Our ‘whys’ are usually complicated and deeply personal. understand the however. a community organizer is imperative. This form of vulnerability will create strong associations with potential volunteers. In every crusade for a political seat. Exposure of oneself cannot be used to manipulate. true to the community organizer. develop the basic principles to a community organization are set in motion. but to truly comprehend its importance to the campaign and the development of the team. “Knowing our ‘why’ informs how we . The best policy cause is developing a to breaking enticing down relationship the of others walls intimacy to believe in fear and of with your strangers.

We have to share it too. “The lines of communication should be open and inclusive. This potent little act of vulnerability fuels organizing” (Smith. The organizer cannot expect others to get outside themselves without setting the example.Informative Grassroots Campaign relate to people within and outside our own communities. the second of Active listening is pertinent. Good leaders surround themselves with others who are stronger in areas in which the leader is weak. others. on their turf” (Brown. It takes a courageous person to look within their self to take an honest assessment of their personal views. 2004). to be real. “A characteristic of an effective leader is to have enough confidence or security not to need . 2009). This act of humility would force the leader to listen and be willing to follow. have good or better ideas of their own. part They might The listening has You have to be willing and able to meet people on their terms. 2006). “Listen to what people think about your vision. flowing in a two-way fashion rather than top-down from the leadership” (Staples. As the reality of one’s vision takes hold and the organizer reaches out to recruit communication is required. But it’s not enough to know it. The ideal organizer will accept the responsibility of their role and reach within their self to achieve the goal.

the volunteer has an opportunity to support their candidate and improve their perspective of their life. of training 2006). cannot grow. The next “The individual transformation to individual empowerment is primarily the change-oriented service. the campaign “An initial core group is needed to provide and direction (Staples. or to command power” (Chetkovish and When a leader follows the suggestions of the people who are there for the support of the leader. an atmosphere of respect and loyalty is created. leadership A team is a vital tool to Without a team. (Chetkovich The organizer must help in this and the conditions through Kunreuther. . After the organizer has consciously listened to the potential volunteers.Informative Grassroots Campaign to be in control Kunreuther. greater reshape Individual constituents are able to achieve control over communities. personal transformation must take place. they can identify the volunteers in which a team can be developed. 2004). conversion. the purpose of the campaign. this process began the individual transformation. for the organizing effort” As the organizer spoke with each potential team member and listened to the volunteer’s story. 2006). The their and team lives and support” member is offered multiple benefits by joining a grassroots campaign team.

Objectives are specific outcomes that contribute to the achievement of goals and are time sensitive. not ratification organizers. The members of the team are more informed of how to infiltrate their community. “It is important to start by finding out which options community members really want. 2004). goals and objectives politicians. would have leadership volunteers with would benefit not no results. Without goals. the set An organizer This candidate. an organizer has to present the goals to the team. merely a leaders. type and of the organizer’s leadership would be a direct reflection of the candidate’s image. or of various By implementing this . interested parties” (Staples. There should be a true bottom-up process. a great team does not have purpose. early stages of the team creation. It is advantageous for the organizer by having a team which consists of community members. be clear and The goals of a successful campaign have to compelling” (Staples. want done to make a the developmental “The goals are what people change. The community members know the norms of the neighborhoods and are aware of the needs of the people. The organizer must be specific in and set boundaries. 2004). of the planners.Informative Grassroots Campaign After a core group has been formulated.

“A political grassroots campaign is an equivalent of a formidable army. how these goals are to be accomplished are implemented bottomup. and why you do your work” (Brown. they are less likely to abandon the campaign. 2006). it allows the volunteers to personally buy into the process and become committed to the movement. the organizer has to help the team to understand the strategy of the campaign. Although the vision is given top-down. “Strategy is the overall plan or path. When the constituents are committed. The organizer is given direction by their leaders to disseminate the information to the team of the campaign’s ultimate goal. to respond to a friend’s ‘Get and Out on PACs: the Vote’ behalf A of Winning “Voters are more likely political urgings than to a . Now the goals are established. It defines how The basic premise of a campaign is to reach potential voters to convince these constituents to vote for the candidate. they are able to tap into their vast resources by undertaking campaigns and voter endorsed candidates” numerous phone-bank promotions (Grassroots Combination on Election Day. The team members are personally vested. The planners had to decipher what would be the best strategy to achieve this goal.Informative Grassroots Campaign campaign tactic. 2000).

The team will now begin to infiltrate their community. to transition into action. 2004). “An Action Plan outlines a step-by-step campaign to implement a strategy to achieve organizational goals and objectives. After the calls are made from the core team members and the team has begun to grow. the first journey into unknown waters. the community team is the vehicle which executes the vision. plans. The team’s purpose is convert potential voters into supporters of the team’s candidate. it is time to move forward. This is a step is not for the weary at heart. help to counter the flood of negative advertising” grassroots. decisions. phone calls and appeals from friends or neighbors. The Action Plan outlines a series of steps in order to convince or coerce targets to change attitudes. The Obama campaign. Personalized e-mails. 2012). It is very imperative for a team to be properly trained. personal relationships within the team are strengthen. giving the campaign direction of (Growing the As the experts are what it wants. This is The organizer of the team would benefit if they bring the team back to debrief . and activities” (Staples. Throughout the entire process. behaviors.Informative Grassroots Campaign television advertisement or a flyer. The team has ventured out in their territory.

the relationships which between the team members are needed to sustain and encourage each other to continue the movement. high points. and the reaction they get. The evaluation includes an assessment of goals. The leader’s responsibility of evaluating the event is necessary for growth. ways. the organizer’s responsibility is to instill in the team member . Once the team look at what they could have done differently. No matter how challenging the event went. low points. not identified until they are made. The organizer’s job is to help people see any action they take.Informative Grassroots Campaign the group. best opportunities of growth come from mistakes. The organizer must remind the team not to up beat “People themselves experience with action a in bat. but with different a feather. 2006). were developed At this time. This is where lessons are really learned” (Smith. and a brief discussion of what happens next. 2009). The Errors are The organizer will need to motivate and support the team during these situations. “A good evaluation is an honest assessment of how an action or meeting went. The team members may feel a sense of inadequacy or rejection from their community. as confirmation that they have the potential to make a difference in the world” (Brown. the pick yourself up and brush yourself off attitude is needed.

walks away from an election with the attributes of empowerment and purpose. . a grassroots campaign is seen as a form of a political campaign. there are more benefits then a candidacy. or volunteer. The actual grunt worker. The volunteer must understand their presence and participation in the movement is needed.Informative Grassroots Campaign they matter. On the surface. Although the primary purpose of the grassroots campaign is to ensure the candidate’s win.

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