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The chapters in the Terrestrial Manual are prepared by invited contributors (OIE Reference Experts

where possible). In accordance with OIE standard procedure, all chapters are circulated to OIE
Member Countries and to other experts in the disease for comment. The OIE Biological Standards
Commission and the Consultant Editor then modify the text to take account of comments received,
and the text is circulated a second time as the final version that will be presented for adoption by
the World Assembly of Delegates to the OIE at the General Session in May of each year. The
Terrestrial Manual is thus deemed to be an OIE Standard Text that has come into being by
international agreement. For this reason, the names of the contributors are not shown on individual
chapters but are listed below. The Biological Standards Commission greatly appreciates the work of
the following contributors (address at the time of writing):
1.1.1. Collection, submission and storage of diagnostic

OIE ad hoc Group on Biosafety and Biosecurity in
Veterinary Laboratories

1.1.2. Transport of specimens of animal origin
1.1.3. Biosafety and biosecurity in the veterinary
microbiology laboratory and animal facilities
1.1.3a. Standard for managing biorisk in the veterinary
laboratory and animal facilities
1.1.4. Quality management in veterinary testing

Dr R.A. Williams,
AHVLA-Penrith, Merrythought, Calthwaite,
Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9RR, UK.

1.1.5. Principles of validation of diagnostic assays for
infectious diseases1

Dr R.H. Jacobson (retired)
27801 Skyridge Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97405,
Dr P. Wright (retired)
Aquatic Animal Health, Fisheries and Oceans
Canada, 343 University Avenue, Moncton,
New Brunswick, E1C 9B6, Canada.

1.1.6. Principles of veterinary vaccine production

Dr B. Rippke
Center for Veterinary Biologics, USDA, Animal
and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary
Services, Suite 104, 510 South 17th Street, Ames,
IA 50010, USA.
Dr D.J.K. Mackay
European Medicines Agency, Veterinary
Medicines and Inspections, 7 Westferry Circus,
Canary Wharf, London E14 4HB, UK.
Dr M. Lombard
International Association for Biologicals (IABs),
22 Rue Crillon, 69006 Lyon, France.


This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Validation of Diagnostic Assays.

Prof. Japan.1. Crimean–Congo haemorrhagic fever Prof.Insel Riems.3. Midori-machi 582. 2. Alberta T1J 3Z4.1. Iowa 50010. Iowa 50010. USA. This chapter was updated by consensus of all the OIE Reference Laboratories for Bluetongue. Kamiya Laboratory of Environmental Zoology. 25 rue du Dr Roux. Caporale. Südufer 10. 75724 Paris cedex 15 France. Hokkaido. USA. Paweska National Institute for Communicable Diseases. APHIS. Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis 2 Dr M. M. Dr M. Germany.1. Suite 104. P.T. Gauteng. 2131.2. Minimum requirements for vaccine production facilities Chapter under study 1. Township Road 9-1 Lethbridge. International standards for vaccine banks OIE ad hoc Group on Antigen and Vaccine Banks for Foot and Mouth Disease 2. Tests for sterility and freedom from contamination of biological materials Dr L.Ebetsu 0698501.O.1. Savini2 Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell Abruzzo e del Molise G.1.7. Elsken USDA.1. Department of Biosphere and Environmental Sciences.3b. Box 640. Italy. Zoopôle des Côtes d’Armor-Les Croix. Via Campo Boario. Golsteyn-Thomas Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Anthrax Dr E. 22440 Ploufragan. Ames. Schmidt Head of Institute for Novel and Emerging Infectious Diseases.H. Dr M. Aujeszky’s disease Dr A. Groschup. P.4. France.O. J. Jestin & Dr M. Laboratoire d’études et de recherches avicoles et porcines. Rakuno Gakuen University. at the Friedrich-LoefflerInstitut. . Mertens & Dr K. A Division of the National Health Laboratory Service.F. Institut Pasteur. Center for Veterinary Biologics. Ames.1. Harvey USDA. 2. Quality control of vaccines Chapter under study 1. 17493 Greifswald . National Veterinary Services Laboratories. APHIS. 2.1. BP 53. Faculty of Environmental Systems. Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. Box 844. 64100 Teramo.9. Dr G. South Africa. 510 South 17th Street. Private Bag X4. Bouloy Unité de génétique moléculaire des Bunyavirus Département de Virologie. Canada. 2. Lethbridge Laboratory. Le Potier ANSES Ploufragan.1. SandringhamJohannesburg.1. Bluetongue Dr G. Modderfontein Road 1.

9.7. Pirbright Laboratory. Caporale.2.1. Tochigi 329-0412. Guadeloupe. Ash Road.10. Via Campo Boario. 79012 Niort Cedex. Barnett & Dr N. This chapter was updated by consensus of all OIE Reference Laboratories for Paratuberculosis. Onderstepoort 0110. Surrey GU24 0NF. UK. Utrecht University. Campus International de Baillarguet .P.1. Gramiccia Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive. Dr M.1. Apartado Postal 0816-07636. UK. University of Pretoria. Northern Ireland. Panama.6.1.O. Hall Department of Entomology. 3508 TD Utrecht. Martinez CIRAD-EMVT.1. Japan. Italy. Domaine de Duclos. Prof.V. Viale Regina Elena 299. Ferris Institute for Animal Health. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Vaccine Quality related to Foot and Mouth Disease. 60 rue de Pied-de-Fond B.1. 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. Ellis Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute. Paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease)6 3 4 5 6 Dr P. France. South Africa.TA30/G. 2. 2.5. . P.R. 64100 Teramo. Epizootic haemorrhagic disease Dr G. Heartwater Dr D. Belfast BT4 3SD.11. Parassitarie ed Immunomediate. Gradoni & Dr M. Prise d’Eau. Department of Agriculture. The Netherlands AND Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases. Shimotsuke. Paton.P. 2.165.1. 3081. Leptospirosis5 Dr W. de l’environnement et du travail Laboratoire de Niort. F. London SW7 5BD. France. Faculty of Veterinary Science. Panama. Savini3 Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell Abruzzo e del Molise G. Veterinary Sciences Division. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Cromwell Road.4b. 2. Pirbright. This chapter was updated by consensus of all OIE Reference Laboratories for Leptospirosis. Mercier Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l'alimentation. 2. Istituto Superiore di Sanità. The Natural History Museum. 97170 Petit-Bourg. 1400-4 Shiba. Stoney Road. Dr P. Japan Racing Association. This chapter was updated by consensus of all the OIE Reference Laboratories for Bluetongue and the OIE Reference Laboratory for EHD. Box 80.8. Vachiéry CIRAD-EMVT. 2. UK. Jongejan Department of Parasitology & Tropical Veterinary Medicine. I-00161 Rome. New World screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) and Old World screwworm (Chrysomya bezziana) Dr John Welch COPEG (Panama–US Commission for the Eradication and Prevention of NWS). Italy.1. Foot and mouth disease4 Dr D. Japanese encephalitis Dr T. Kondo Epizootic Research Center.A.J. Stormont.J. Dr N. Leishmaniosis Dr L. 2. Equine Research Institute.

Hampshire GU35 8SY. Agricultural Research Council. Trypanosoma evansi infection (surra)9 Dr M. Dr P. Rousset. Bouloy Unité de génétique moléculaire des Bunyavirus Département de Virologie. Lubisi Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. France. Headley Down. USA. Private Bag X05. Seestr. Swedish National Veterinary Institute. Taylor 16 Mill Road. Gajadhar & Dr L. New Haw. 55.2. Saskatoon. Angmering. Les Templiers. UK. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Vaccine Quality related to Rabies. 2. Addlestone.1. 2. 1600 Clifton Rd. Saskatchewan S7N 2R3 Canada. Sidi-Boumedine & Dr R. D-16868 Wusterhausen/Dosse Germany. GA. Dr Charles Rupprecht Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Trichinellosis Dr A. 7 8 9 2. Rinderpest Dr W. Müller & Dr C.1. Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. MS G33 Atlanta. . 30333.18.1.14. Rabies7 Dr A. South Africa.A. Surrey KT15 3NB.1. CIRAD-bios. Spats Lane. Q fever Dr E. Campus international de Baillarguet.P. Poxvirus and Rabies Branch. 105 route des Chappes. 2. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Diagnostic Tests for Trypanosomoses. Onderstepoort 0110. 2. Littlehampton. Dr T. 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. Bordon. Sweden. 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex. 75724 Paris cedex 15. Tularemia Dr T.1. National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases. Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherches sur les Petits Ruminants et les Abeilles (LERPRA). Roeder Hollyhedge Cottage. West Sussex BN16 4HT. Dr B. France.12.15.17. France. Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology. Horton AHVLA Weybridge. UK. Freuling Institute for Epidemiology. Rift Valley fever8 Dr M. 116 Veterinary Road. TA A-17 / G. Mörner (retired) Department of Pathology and Wildlife Diseases. Desquesnes UMR177-Intertryp (CIRAD-IRD). Dr K. Fooks & Dr D.16. Friedrich-Loeffler Institut. BP 111.1.. Thiery Anses Sophia Antipolis.13. 2.1. Forbes Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Rift Valley Fever. UK. Centre for Foodborne & Animal Parasitology. Institut Pasteur 25 rue du Dr Roux.

calle 60 y 119 s/n c. APHIS. Small hive beetle infestation (Aethina tumida) Dr J. Ames. P. 2. Department of Entomology and Nematology. FB: Bienen (bee team). B. Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis.1.P.2.6. Am Moosweiher 2. Monaco Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “G. 2.) 2. Ostlund USDA. 2.4. 64100 Teramo.N.c. Swenson USDA. 2. Ritter CVUA-Freiberg. Chauzat Anses Sophia Antipolis. Via Campo Boario. 2. Sweden. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. 31. K. Unidad de Bacteriología del Centro de Investigaciones en Fitopatología (UB-CIDEFI).1.2.2. 2. Sachse Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut.19. APHIS. Naumburger Str. Varroosis of honey bees Dr W. Germany.2.20. Introductory note on bee diseases Dr M.2. Belgium. Vesicular stomatitis Dr S.3. Fries Honey Bee Research Group.D. D79018 Freiberg. P. Italy. Box 844.C. West Nile fever Dr E. Ritter CVUA-Freiberg. Germany. Dr F. Caporale”. 2. USA. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. United States of America. Iowa 50010. 96a. 1900 La Plata. France. Ellis Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory. Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. USA. Box 7044. Acarapisosis of honey bees Dr W. de Graaf Laboratory of Zoophysiology.2. 75007 Uppsala. Ledeganckstraat 35.1.3. Tropilaelaps infestation of honey bees (Tropilaelaps spp. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. European foulbrood of honey bees Dr D.O. Gainesville. 111. Alippi Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Department of Ecology. University of Ghent. . Avian chlamydiosis Dr K.7. Ames.L. Box 844.1. 06902 Sophia Antipolis. 07743 Jena.L. FL 32611-0620. 2.2. Iowa 50010.5. B-9000 Ghent.2. P. FB: Bienen (bee team). University of Florida.-P. Germany. Nosemosis of honey bees Dr I. Am Moosweiher 2.O. Box 110620.O. Laboratoire d’études et de recherches sur les ruminants et les abeilles 105 route des Chappes. Argentina. Bldg 970 Natural Area Drive.2. D79018 Freiberg. American foulbrood of honey bees Dr A.

Noormohammadi & Dr J. Fowl pox Dr D. College of Veterinary Medicine.2.P.3.N.3.3.10. Neston H64 7TE. Woolcock California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System. Kleven University of Georgia. Avian influenza Dr D.O. Avian infectious laryngotracheitis Dr A. Wilson National Animal Disease Center.11. Weybridge. Brown Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency.H. Duck virus enteritis 2.H.9. USA. Victoria. Duck virus hepatitis Dr P. 250 Princes Highway.M. 953 College Stantion Road.R. UK. Ames. Czech Republic. Avian tuberculosis Dr I. Georgia 30602-4875. 2. Addlestone. Georgia 30605. Ames. USA. B. Dr J. 53. New Haw.3. 2. UK. California 95617. P. Laboratoire d'études et de recherches avicoles. UK. Department of Veterinary Pathology. M.8. Urbana. 22440 PloufraganPlouzané. Berkshire RG20 7NN. Surrey KT15 3NB.5. Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center. Avian infectious bronchitis Dr N. 62132 Brno. Swayne Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory.3. Australia. UK. 2. Britton Institute for Animal Health. University of California. 2. Iowa 50010. porcines et piscicoles. 3030.3.2. 934 College Station Road. Iowa 50010.4. Department of Veterinary Pathbiology.A. Leahurst. 2. Eterradossi Anses. . USA. synoviae) Dr S. Illinois 61802. USA. France. Tripathy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Compton Laboratory. 2. Fowl typhoid and Pullorum disease Dr R. I. Addlestone. Box 1770. Devlin Faculty of Veterinary Science. Prof. Davies AHVLA Weybridge. Fowl cholera Dr R.3. Bradbury University of Liverpool.3. Athens. Athens. 2001 South Lincoln Avenue. 2.O. Werribee.6. Surrey KT15 3NB. Newbury. Avian mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Davis. Laboratoire de Ploufragan-Plouzané. P. Pavlik (formerly) & Dr I. Box 70.7. 1800 N. Hudcova 70. Dr M.3. Davis West Health Sciences Drive. USA.3.3. USA. Veterinary Teaching Hospital. New Haw. 2. Slaná Veterinary Research Institute. Kunkle National Animal Disease Center. Dr P. Dayton Avenue. The University of Melbourne.

Parrodi López Centro Nacional de Servicios de Constatación en Salud Animal (CENAPA).4. USDA. Jiutepec. 2. Laboratoire d'études et de recherches avicoles.15. porcines et piscicoles. Nishi 2-13. Obihiro. Bovine babesiosis Prof. SAA. Dr N. Morelos. Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL). Germany. P. Infectious bursal disease (Gumboro disease) Dr N. Eterradossi Anses.13. 155N Bustad Hall. College of Veterinary Medicine. 2. 53. NL-8200 AB Lelystad. Dr F. Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. Compton. P. Grund Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute. Igarashi National Research Center for Protozoan Disease Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.O. Laboratoire de Ploufragan-Plouzané. Afonso & Dr P. Geelong 3220. D-17493 Greifswald. Turkey rhinotracheitis (avian metapneumovirus) Dr J. 2. and Licensing. Athens.3. McElwain Animal Health Research Center.P. Box 65. 934 College Station Road. Iowa 50010. Hokkaido 080-8555. 2. B.J. Dr G. CB 62550. Evaluation. Box 647034. GA 30605.12. The Netherlands. Pedersen Avian Section. Selleck CSIRO. 22440 PloufraganPlouzané. Victoria. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. 2.O. Colonia Progreso. Pullman.B. 1920 Dayton Avenue.3. Dr G.O. Koch & Dr B. Newcastle disease Dr C. 5 Portarlington Road. Dr Ch. Institute of Diagnostic Virology. USA. Private Bag 24. . Dr P. Laboratoire d'études et de recherches avicoles. Department of Virology.2. Berkshire RG20 7NN. Carretera Cuernavaca Cuautla #8534.P. Insel Riems. P. UK. I. USA.F. T.L. 22440 PloufraganPlouzané. Srinivas Bacteriology Policy. Bovine anaplasmosis Prof. Miller SEPRL. México. Japan. Australia.W. porcines et piscicoles.2. France.14. Südufer 10.4. USA. 1920 Dayton Avenue. WA 99164-7034. Diagnostic Virology Laboratory. 53. Inada-cho. IA 50010. Ames. Laboratoire de Ploufragan-Plouzané. France.3. Eterradossi Anses. ARS. USDA/APHIS/VS/CVB. Marek’s disease Dr Venugopal Nair Institute for Animal Health.1. USA.3. B. Peeters Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen University and Research Centre. Box 844 Ames.

P. Simmons.4. Drew AHVLA Weybridge.4. 2. Surrey KT15 3NB. New Haw. Campus International de Baillarguet – TAA15 / G.P. UK. New Haw. 1800 Dayton Road. Bovine tuberculosis Dr D. 2. 2. Konold & Dr K. Beer Institute of Diagnostic Virology. Singh Indian Veterinary Research Institute. Stack.12.7. J. . Izatnagar 243122 U.R. Addlestone. The Netherlands.10.A. 2. Iowa 50010. Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia11 Dr F.13. P. Western Australia Dept of Agriculture and Food. Thiaucourt CIRAD-EMVT.4. Animal Diseases Research Institute.4. Haemorrhagic septicaemia Dr V. 2. Canada.M. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy Dr M. France. Centre for Infectious Diseases. National Veterinary Services Laboratories.P. Surrey KT15 3NB.4.6. Box 11300. Martinez CIRAD. 04103 Leipzig.W. 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1. Australia. 2.O. Ames. Nepean. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Ewalt Pathobiology Laboratory.4.A. 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. Leipzig University. Box 80. 2.8. The Netherlands.4.3. Südufer 10. UK. Wagenaar Utrecht University. Germany.4. This chapter was updated by consensus of all the OIE Reference Laboratories for Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia.V. Germany. Cousins (formerly) Australian Reference Laboratory for Bovine Tuberculosis. Bentley Delivery Centre.4. Station H. B. Webster AHVLA Weybridge.O. Bovine genital campylobacteriosis Prof.9. Friedrich-LoefflerInstitut. Campus international de Baillarguet. Nielsen (retired) Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 8200 AB Lelystad. Bovine brucellosis10 Dr K. Bovine cysticercosis See chapter 2. Addlestone. 5035.4. USA. Locked Bag N° 4. Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis/ infectious pustular vulvovaginitis Dr M.5. Bovine viral diarrhoea Dr T. 2. India. 2. 10 11 All four brucellosis chapters were updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Brucellosis. Dr D.5.4.165. Mr M. Vahlenkamp Institute of Virology.P. Bentley WA 6983.. Van Bergen Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen UR.9. P. Dr M. Box 65. D-17493 Greifswald-Insel Riems. 3508 TD Utrecht.O. Enzootic bovine leukosis Dr T. Dr T. Dermatophilosis Dr D.2. Ontario K2H 8P9.P.4. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 2.J. Montferriez-sur-Lez. France. An den Tierkliniken 29.11.

USA. APHIS. Gómez-Tejedor Ortiz Ministerio de Agricultura. Roest Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen UR. 2. Saskatchewan S7N 2R3. 2. Dr C. 2.52 Campus Drive. Inoue National Research Center for Protozoan Diseases Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. 28110 Algete (Madrid). Trichomonosis Dr A. 2. 2RX. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Non-Tsetse Transmitted Animal Trypanosomoses. Scotland.16.15. Campus international de Baillarguet. CIRAD-bios. Pesca y Alimentación Laboratorio Central de Veterinaria. Iowa 50010. France. UK Dr M. African horse sickness Prof. Box 844. Tuppurainen Institute for Animal Health.O. International Research Centre. Surrey GU24 0NF. LCV-Algete. Todd AHVLA Bury St Edmunds.O. Saskatoon. N. Erdman USDA. Sánchez-Vizcaíno Centro de Vigilancia Sanitaria Veterinaria (VISAVET). Department of Bacteriology.M.J. Pentlands Science Park. Lumpy skin disease Dr E. Canada. Bush Loan. Desquesnes UMR177-Intertryp (CIRAD-IRD). Box 65. 2.4. Spain. Bury St Edmunds. Pirbright Laboratory. J.2. Inada-cho Nishi 2-13. Penicuik EH26 0PZ.4. Theileriosis Dr D. H. Contagious equine metritis Mr P. Suffolk IP44. Ash Road. Avda Puerta de Hierro s/n. Facultad de Veterinaria. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Diagnostic Tests for Trypanosomoses. Geysen Institute of Tropical Medicine.4. Western College of Veterinary Medicine. P. 28040 Madrid Spain. Nationalestraat 155. Canada. Dourine13 12 13 Prof. HCV Planta sótano. Hokkaido 080-8555. TA A-17 / G. Dr S. Obihiro.5. Belgium. Department of Animal Health.4. UK. Ames. 116 Veterinary Road. Malignant catarrhal fever Dr G. Gajadhar Centre for Food-borne and Animal Parasitology. Saskatchewan S7N 5B4. UK. Ctra. 8200 AB Lelystad. . Woking. Parker Large Animal Clinical Sciences.18. 2.A. The Netherlands.5. Russell Moredun Research Institute. Canadian Food Inspection Agency. National Veterinary Services Laboratories.14.17. Trypanosomosis (Tsetse-transmitted)12 Dr M. Saskatoon.5.1.4. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. P. Pirbright.M. 2. Japan. Algete Km 8. Rougham Hill.3. 2000 Antwerpen.2.

4. 2. Iowa 50010.O. P. Equine viral arteritis Dr P. Equine influenza Prof.2. Department of Veterinary Science. Animal Disease Research Unit. Ulrich Wernery Central Veterinary Research Laboratory. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. Lexington. Dr T. Hokkaido 080-8555. Glanders Dr H. Equine infectious anaemia Dr E. Pullman. Gluck Equine Research Center. University of Pretoria. Ostlund USDA. Washington 99164-6630.9. Addlestone. Dubai. Institut für Bakterielle Infektionen und Zoonosen. Co.10. I. Kildare. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. Elschner & Dr L. of) Dr Kenji Murakami National Institute of Animal Health. P. APHIS. 108 Gluck Equine Research Center. Dr M. 2.11. Ibaraki 305-0856. Ostlund USDA. Picard Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases. 2. F. Lexington.5. USA. 108 M. USA.12. 07743 Jena. Timoney University of Kentucky. Surrey KT15 3NB.8. South Africa.J. Prof. Ireland.ARS. Sprague Friedrich-Loeffler Institut. Inada-cho. Japan. Epizootic lymphangitis Dr J.5. UK 2.O. Faculty of Veterinary Science. Horse mange See chapter 2. Private Bag X04. 427 Maduan Street. University of Kentucky. College of Agriculture.N. Kentucky 40546-0099.5. USA.8. Equine piroplasmosis Prof. .7. Equine rhinopneumonitis Dr G. Ames.5. Knowles USDA. USA. Obihiro. Nishi 2-13. Ames.H. 2. 3-1-5 Kannondai. Naas. Box 844.O.P. Steinbach AHVLA Weybridge. Germany. Dr Jianhua Zhou Laboratory of Equine Infectious Anemia Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Box 597. Viral Disease Section.5. Japan 2. P. Washington State University. Ann Cullinane Irish Equine Centre. Harbin 150001. Tsukuba.5. USA.5.N. Drew & Prof. Dr D. New Haw. Naumburger Strasse 96a. Box 844.6. 3003 ADBF. Equine encephalomyelitis (Eastern and Western) Dr E.5. APHIS. Allen (deceased) Department of Veterinary Science. Kentucky 40546-0099. Onderstepoort 0110. 2. Igarashi National Research Center for Protozoan Disease Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.9.5.5. United Arab Emirates 2. Neubauer. Johnstown. China (People’s Rep. Iowa 50010.

Nettleton & Dr K.7. 2. Pentlands Science Park. Via Bianchi 7/9. 50080 Zaragoza. 07743 Jena.7.7. 94706 Maisons-Alfort Cedex.5.2. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease Dr A. France. Italy. Bush Loan. 50080 Zaragoza. 2. Blasco Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITAA). Sachse Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut. 2.7.M. France. Washington State University. Longbottom Moredun Research Institute. USA.ARS. Federal Research Institute for Animal Health.7. Dr J. P.7. Apartado 727. Germany. 2.9.O. Garin-Bastuji EU Community/OIE & FAO Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis. Thiaucourt CIRAD-EMVT. Naumburger Str. 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1. Ostlund USDA. UK. Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis. 5035. Knowles & Dr L. Dr D. Border disease Dr P.5.1. Pullman. Nicholas AHVLA Weybridge. USA. France. Unité Zoonoses Bactériennes. Capucci Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna. New Haw. B. APHIS. Apartado 727. 96a. Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia Dr F. 3003 ADBF. Enzootic abortion of ewes (ovine chlamydiosis) Dr K. International Research Centre. Blasco Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITAA). Iowa 50010.P. Penicuik EH26 0PZ. Dr J. 2. Scotland.13.6.M. 94706 Maisons-Alfort Cedex.N.1.8. UK. Ovine epididymitis (Brucella ovis)15 Dr B. 14 15 All four brucellosis chapters were updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Brucellosis. Unité Zoonoses Bactériennes. Spain.7. Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis Dr E. Pentlands Science Park Bush Loan. Montferriez-sur-Lez. International Research Centre.3/4. Animal Disease Research Unit.6. Surrey KT15 3NB. 2. Anses. Washington 99164-6630. All four brucellosis chapters were updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Brucellosis. Addlestone. Willoughby Moredun Research Institute.2. . Garin-Bastuji EU Community/OIE & FAO Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis. Box 844. Nairobi sheep disease See chapter 2.6. Lavazza & Dr L. Campus international de Baillarguet. 2. Penicuik EH26 0PZ. Herrmann USDA.F. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. 2. Caprine and ovine brucellosis (excluding Brucella ovis)14 Dr B.M. UK. Spain. Anses. Contagious agalactia Dr R.9. Myxomatosis 2. Caprine arthritis/encephalitis & Maedi-visna Dr D.2. Ames. 25124 Brescia.

Arias Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (CISA-INIA). Konold & Dr D. Porcine brucellosis18 Dr S.8. UK. Pentlands Science Park. Dr M.5. France. Woking. All four brucellosis chapters were updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Brucellosis.8. Mr M.3. Ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (adenomatosis) Dr M.L. Ash Road. Stack.8. Manitoba R3E 3M4. USA. National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease. USDA. Ames. Iowa 50010. 2. 2. GU24 0NF. Surrey KT15 3NB. 2. Ames. National Animal Disease Center. Classical swine fever (hog cholera)17 Dr T.1. 28130 Madrid. National Animal Disease Center. 2. Tuppurainen Institute for Animal Health. 2300 Dayton Avenue. 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5. 2.9. Lasswade Laboratory. Scotland. ARS. Simmons. Penicuik EH26 0PZ. Surrey GU24 0NF. Canada. Register USDA. Libeau CIRAD-BIOS. Matthews AHVLA Weybridge. Oura (formerly) Institute for Animal Health. Pirbright.7. Scrapie Dr M.8. Dr John Pasick Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Atrophic rhinitis of swine Dr K.9. USA. Sheep pox and goat pox Dr E. Dr T. Bush Loan.9. Surrey KT15 3NB. New Haw. Addlestone.8. Drew AHVLA Weybridge. Sharp (formerly) AHVLA. New Haw. Valdeolmos. 2300 Dayton Avenue. Pirbright Laboratory. 1015 Arlington Street. Winnipeg.7.B. Baron Institute for Animal Health. . abortusovis) See chapter 2. UK. Salmonellosis (S. African swine fever Dr C. ARS. 16 17 18 This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Peste des Petits Ruminants. Iowa 50010.2. 2. Nipah virus encephalitis See chapter 2. Pirbright Laboratory. Porcine cysticercosis See chapter 2.14. Programme Santé Animale Campus International de Baillarguet TA A-15/G. Pirbright Woking.A.13. Addlestone. UK 2. 2. UK. Pirbright. 2. Spain.12.5.M.6.6. Control of Exotic and Emerging Animal Diseases. Olsen. Dr M.8. Surrey GU24 0NF. Ash Road. UK.4. This chapter was updated by consensus of the OIE ad hoc Group on Classical Swine Fever (vaccine section) and of all the OIE Reference Laboratories for Classical swine fever (diagnostic section).J. Peste des petits ruminants16 Dr G. UK. Surrey. Ash Road.

Bunyaviral diseases of animals (excluding Rift Valley fever and Crimean–Congo haemorrhagic fever) Dr M. Box 597. Mrs S. Pirbright.O. France.8. Ash Road. Italy. Wooster.9. USA. Ames.10. APHIS. Lager Virus and Prion Diseases of Livestock Research Unit. Center for Veterinary Biologics. P. Box 844. Saif The Ohio State Universtiy. Bianchi No. Riya Thomas Central Veterinary Research Laboratory. Wagenaar Utrecht University. Dr M. Jacobs-Reitsma RIKILT Institute of Food Safety. Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della e dell'Emilia Romagna (IZSLER). Bouloy Unité de génétique moléculaire des Bunyavirus. 25124 Brescia. . 1680 Madison Avenue. Kamal-Aldin. Pirbright Laboratory.O. USA. Swine vesicular disease Dr J. P. UK. Germany. Dr W. Iowa 50010.O.A.9. Campylobacter jejuni and C. Iowa 50010. Wernery. 2. Lubisi Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. Camelpox Dr U. United Arab Emirates. coli Prof.M. Teschovirus encephalomyelitis (previously enterovirus encephalomyelitis or Teschen/Talfan Institute for Animal Health. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.9. 9. Hammond Institute for Animal Health. 25 rue du Dr Roux. Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.8. Dr K. Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome Dr L. Surrey GU24 0NF. 2.O. Brocchi. Pirbright. 75724 Paris cedex 15. Wageningen-UR P. Transmissible gastroenteritis Dr L.3. Private Bag X05. Beer Institute of Diagnostic Virology. USDAARS. P.2. Mr N. Laboratory.7.O.9.F. USA.11.165. Box 844. 2. Swine influenza Dr S.A. Ames. Ludemann USDA. Dr E. Woking. Onderstepoort 0110.1. 2. Dubai. D-17493 Greifswald-Insel Riems. The Netherlands. disease) Ash Road.L. Agricultural Research Council. Institut Pasteur. Friedrich-LoefflerInstitut. J. USA. Dr K. UK. 2. Pirbright Laboratory. 3508 TD Utrecht. South Africa. Iowa 50010. Knowles 2. Swenson National Veterinary Services Laboratories. Joseph & Mrs A. Südufer 10. The Netherlands.8. Département de Virologie.R.J. Food Animal Health Research Program.8. 6700 AE Wageningen. Ames. National Animal Disease Center. Surrey GU24 0NF. Via A. Dr B. Box 80. Ohio 44691-4096. P. Box 230.

A. USA. Chen (FDA.9. UK. 25 rue du Docteur Roux. Dr C. Dr K. Malaysia. Perak.11. Addlestone. Winnipeg. Mange Dr J.2. Leclercq19 Institut Pasteur. Geelong.A. UK. 2.6. National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease. USA). Addlestone. 31400 Ipoh. Dr H. National Veterinary Services Laboratories. MB. Dr Y. Schlater & Dr J. Box 844. Cambridge CB3 0ES. Clifton-Hadley AHVLA Weybridge. and Economics. Pathobiology Laboratory. Cryptosporidiosis Dr R. 2. Cysticercosis Dr S.. Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. 5 Portarlington Road. 2. Dr R. Scotland.5. Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics. CNR & CCOMS Listeria. UK. Surrey KT15 3NB. France). Education. Gay ARS. Singleton Hospital.9. Narasiman Veterinary Research Institute. Canadian Food Inspection Agency.9. Maley Moredun Research Institute.7. APHIS. Unité de Biologie des Infections. USA). Davies AHVLA Weybridge.9. Dr S.8. 59. USA). France. France).W. Pentlands Science Park. USA). Iowa State University. Canada. Lloyd Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine. Riegler (AOAC.4. Dr J. UK. VS. USDA. Swansea SA2 8QA.G.9. 75724 Paris cedex 15. Surrey KT15 3NB. Dr A. . Beltsville. Dr M. 2. by Edinburgh EH26 0PZ.L.W.10.9. Listeria monocytogenes Dr A. 2. Granier (Anses Maisons-Alfort. Salmonellosis Dr R.9. Weingartl Special Pathogens Unit. New Haw. Ames. Jinneman (FDA. Madingley Road. College of Veterinary Medicine. Iowa 50011. Dr T. 1015 Arlington St. Daniels Australian Animal Health Laboratory. Ames. New Haw. Hendra and Nipah virus diseases Dr P. Victoria 3220. Maryland 20705-5148. 2. Australia. CSIRO Livestock Industries. Hammack (FDA.O. Research.9. USDA. Oevermann (University of Bern. Switzerland). 5601 Sunnyside Avenue. P. Chalmers Cryptosporidium Reference Unit. Dr G. Buxton & Dr S.9. UK. Mertins Parasitology and Clinical Pathology Section. Public Health Wales Microbiology. 19 This chapter was updated with help from: Dr R. Bush Loan. 2. Iowa 50010. USA). Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli Dr F. Rathbone (AOAC. Danguy-des-Deserts (Laboratoire départementale de développement et d’analyses. USA. R3E 3M4. University of Cambridge. USA. Roth Center for Food Security and Public Health. Toxoplasmosis Dr D.M.

Selection and use of reference samples and panels Guideline 3. J. Finch. 22440 Ploufragan. Dr C. F. France. 1-15-1 Tokura.9. Statistical approaches to validation Guideline 3. Diallo Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. Box 844.6. 8401 Muirkirk Road. International Atomic Energy Agency. Wolfensohn FELASA. Development and optimisation of Assays antibody detection assays Guideline 3. Guideline 3. Gerdts. P. MD 20708. Measurement uncertainty Guideline 3.1. A-2444 Seibersdorf. Dr R. Biotechnology in the diagnosis of infectious diseases Dr G. Vannier (retired) Anses Ploufragan. B.5. Saskatoon S7N 5E3. BCM Box 2989. .5. Mutwiri.6. 203. UK. E. Guideline 3.6.Verschuere & S. JMAFF. Zoopôle des Côtes d’Armor-Les Croix. Dr I. Austria. Naletoski & Dr A. The Application of Biotechnology to the Development of Veterinary Vaccines Dr A. White US Food and Drug Administration. Tikoo & De S.P. Canada. Guideline 3. France. APHIS. Tokyo 185-8511.6. Managing biorisk: examples of aligning risk management strategies with assessed biorisks OIE ad hoc Group on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Veterinary Laboratories Validation Guidelines: OIE ad hoc Group on Validation of Diagnostic Guideline 3.7*. Viljoen. 35302 Fougères Cedex.6. Laboratory methodologies for bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility testing Dr D. Principles and methods for the validation of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases applicable to wildlife . B.-J. Dr V.Development and optimisation of nucleic acid detection assays Guideline 3. Guideline 3.A. 120 Veterinary Road. Office of Research. Dr S.2. Perretta. USA. London WC1N 3XX. BP 53. Dr G. The role of official bodies in the international regulation of veterinary biologicals Dr Ph. Laurel.12. Laboratoire d’études et de recherches avicoles et porcines.6. USDA. van Drunen Littelvan den Hurk Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization. Veterinary Services. Dr O. Hill Center for Veterinary Biologics. Kokubunji.6. Weber (Convenor). Japan.3. P. Center for Veterinary Medicine. Itoh National Veterinary Assay Laboratory. Development and optimisation of *OIE ad hoc Group on Validation of Diagnostic antigen detection assays Tests for Wildlife Guideline 3.2. Kaup. Zoonoses transmissible from non-human primates FELASA Working Group on Non-Human Primate Health: H. Heidt.3. Guideline 3. G. Berge. Ames Iowa 50010.4. Lambert Anses Fougères. Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications.O.2. USA.4. Agence nationale du médicament vétérinaire.6.1. Potter.