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BACKGROUND: SAP eAcademy has made learning accessible and flexible. The concept of online learning has been
refined with eAcademy (Supported learning). eAcademy is not just another online learning but is supported by
DEMOS, TRY ME and SHOW ME which are the USP of this format of training. These basically give the user a
hands-on experience on the system and help them comprehend the subject better. However, being delivered off
the internet, the investment in infrastructure has been a limiting factor for individuals and small groups who are
interested in the solution. Also, the user experience tends to vary depending on the infrastructure and internet

OFFERING: STUDENT KIT provides eAcademy as an offering independent of the infrastructure and internet
bandwidth. It provides the users with a flexibility of learning at their own pace at their own premises. The
user experience is also at its best as the vagaries of internet bandwidth are eliminated.

SOLUTION : The Demos, Try Me and Show Me of courses will be put on a secured dongle and this will form
part of a Student Kit that will be delivered to the end customers. The Student Kit will contain the Printed Course
Materials, Writing Pads, Pen and the Dongle in a Bag. KIT provides a robust and secure way of delivering these
USPs to the customers without having to invest on the infrastructure.

SECURITY : A license key will be required to access the content on the dongle which will be provided to the user.
The dongle has a clock which will track the usage and on completion of the duration, the user cannot access the
content anymore. This ensures user accessibility to content for a limited period. The content cannot be extracted
from the device ensuring the security and preventing misuse.

TARGET AUDIENCE: University students, Consultants working with smaller partners and customers, Consultants on
projects who have no time to attend classroom trainings

DURATION: Limited to a designated period based on the course duration.

KIT CONTENT: Printed Course Materials, Writing Pads, Pen and the Dongle in a Bag.
1. Printed Material Course Material printed as books
2. Dongle USB containing Demos and Try Me & Show Me of exercises from the
training material. Valid for the period of the course duration (as per Appendix 2)
from the first day of access by End Customer after accepting the Terms &
Conditions by clicking the I agree button. The Dongle will be de-activated
automatically after the validity period of the course.
3. Bag
4. Writing Pad
5. Pen

DELIVERY MODEL: The dongle will be available to the user for a stipulated time frame along with hard copy of the
course material. The user can refer to the course material and go through the demos and practice via the try me
and show me available on the dongle. This way the user will get a complete learning experience. .

Kits Available
SAP01 R3500 ( Classroom price R9000)
* TERP10 R8500 (Classroom price R44000)
* B1 R7000

(Classroom price R35500) inclusive of implementation,,software development , accounting and logistics

TZASE Database Administration Sybase ASE R5000 (Classroom price R15400)

*academy courses

Volume discounts available on bulk orders

10 % discount on orders of over 50kits (these can consist of mixed kits)
15% discount on orders of over 100 kits (these can consist of mixed kits)