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Historical back ground of Islam in India.

Mohds life in brief


Islam after Mohd's death


Causes of Islam's fast growth


Islam's spread in India

Views of National Leaders on Islam


Islamic Jehad or Terrorism


Islam is Arab Nationalism


Muslim problem in India.

Old Muslim problem in India, resurfacing-Caution to India
Islamic plan of India's conquest
Time for decision


Need of awareness amongst the Indian youth


Muslim problem in India and the world


Islam, India and Bangladesh

Provocative Ayats in Quaran
Quaran and The Non-Muslims



Are there solutions to Muslim problem?

Dr B. R. Ambedkar had visualized Muslim problem
Buddhist frescos at Bamiyan in Afghanistan
Immediate need of Hindus Revival of Jansangh


Message for the Muslims in India


Islam in politics of 21stcentury.


The Dilemma of Vajpayee as Muslims-see it?


Indian Muslim's call for Mughalastan from out of India


Kashmir Problem from Islamic angle


Belief in Fundamental Islamization


Pseudo Secularists in India



humiliating the Mahatma and saying



even better than Mahatma Gandhi".
a book with its Title "Rangeela Rasul"










2] Were not the two young sons of Guru Govind Singh cast alive in a
wall at SIRHIND in Punjab for their refusal to embrace Islam?
3] Was not young HAQIQAT RAI a Hindu 'Balak' (a child of 12 years of
age ) from SIALKOT sentenced to death by Islamic QAZI of LAHORE ON
Islamic Juris Prudence
1] Evidentiary value of one man equals the evidence of two women.
2] A Muslim can divorce his wife through TALAQ - E BIDDAT by
pronouncing three times, even when joking or in a state of
intoxication, TALAQ, TALAQ, TALAQ. A man can have four wifes but a
women can have only one husband. This is the law of SHARIAT.
3] A female can inherit only half of what a male can inherit.
4] A divorced wife cannot remarry her divorced husband unless she
marries some one else and proves cohabitation before being allowed to
remarry her former divorced husband.
THE WORLD HAS MOVED INTO 21ST Century with superior
civilization in the hope of creating one peaceful world for all world
citizens to live in peace & dignity with assured human rights.
I have been chosen to write a foreword to the above book
written by Supreme Court Advocate Mr. .R.V. Bhasin who in the year

1947 left Lahore then in India and now in Pakistan along with his
other members of the family Even at Lahore in his very young age, Mr.
Bhasin entered the RSS Shakha displaying his love & respect for his
Hindu faith At young age, The children are usually influenced by their
parents, elders and other friends Mr. R V Bhasin the author of the
book shows his good reason and strong conviction in the Hinduism or
the Hindu way of life Leaving behind everything earned and collected
by his ancestors, Mr. Bhasin with his other family members chose to
leave behind in Pakistan, all that really matters to most human
beings, the material aspects of this world. Similarly, we the people
who always lived in India, do indeed owe, to such like persons 3
families that gratitude for which we the Hindus in particular, earned
country's freedom.
This book with Mr.Bhasin's analytical Lawyer's
mind does
convincingly bring out the details of Muslims faith in Islam, a
semetic religion That was born in Saudi Arabia in the year 632 AD 16
almost 1400 yrs ago and The book specially places truthful realities
with historical citations and pertinent information about The contents
of Muslim's holy book Quaran'. Islam after Christianity is the widely
spread theocratic faith about which if not all the world inhabitants
should know at least this much as is contained in this book 'ISLAM - A
I am happy to observe the collosal research carried out by the author
of the book that shall pass any unbiased scrutiny by any cross section
of the world society, with compliments and credit.
Freedom of speech & expression as guaranteed To the citizens of India
have been intelligently used by the author to furnish well researched
information about Islam & the Muslims in India that must help every
sort of books readership, anywhere in the world. I am of the firm view
that due to our own history and future national planning, the
information and Knowledge as revealed in this book with conviction and
authenticity can be effectively used by one & all in India 10 serve
the cause of humanity through Hinduism, that rejects dogmatism &
allows untold freedom to its followers
I have also had the honour of releasing Mr. R.V. Bhasin 5 earlier
book. 'ESSENCE OF HINDUISM1 that too provides to the readers, a grand
vision of India's past heritage and explanation of Hinduisms grand
Vedic Philosophy. Neither of these two books should enter into any

controversy and the worldwide readership shall be better illuminated

by going through this book written for the benefit of one and all in
simple English language That has become the LINGUIA FRANCA of the most
young educated urban children and not so old young parents, now living
all over the world The book in its short form does reveal even to the
learned specialists, some very purposeful facts about Islam and its
true pursuit to convert the entire world into DARUL ISLAM & ARAB
Having carefully looked at the contents of the book with fearless
narration by its author. I wish him success and congratulate him for
his appreciable efforts in writing this admirable short treatise in
the form of a book May be, even The present BJP Govt. led by Shri,
Vajpayee & Shri L.K Advani discover something Re-evaluated by book s
author who has recorded also Parliament views of Dr. B R Ambedkar.
The book has correctly analyzed the meaning and necessity of amending
India's Constitution and calling India i.e.. Bharat also as Hindustan
'A HINDU RASHTRA1. IT has really no political overtones but a strong
factor of uplifting the morale of India's majority population of
almost 80 core Hindus in the population of over 100 crore total
Our present world with this book for its own necessity based on
history S literature is bound to become richer m its overall
perspective. I recommend every Indian or at least every Hindu family
to look into this book and to authentically discover, the realities of
Islam which although means PEACE, yet is not pursued with this clear
aim to help the entire world society The clear statement of QURAN in
its unarnendibility & rigidity sanctioning violence is what requires
the present day world leaders first To know & then to plan the welfare
of the entire human society by taking into account the sordid
realities and facts contained in the holy Quran Unfortunately, it is
ironical culture that the recommended conduct on the part of the
believers i e the Muslims provides for disturbance of world peace and
giving birth To Terrorism in its wake.
Many more Islamic O5AMA- BIN- LADENS are said shall be born which
statement is recently made by the Muslim President of Egypt Mr. Hosani
Mubarak. The book shall definitely serve the world and the people
believing in different faiths living happily on the surface of the
Indian sub-continent. The concept of Hindu Rashtra is no devaluation
of Hindu's firm's belief in VASUDEVAM KUTUMBKAM & SARVE

SUKHINAM The world is one family and the welfare of each of its
inhabitants must be its sole concern Myself and my Hindu brethren will
like to serve mankind through our unshakable faith in the real
philosophy of Hinduism whose vernacular translation is HINDUTVA S
which by its fundamental belief is the honest SECULARISM
It is time that the Hindus stood up for their rights in their own
country S. Took special note of country's own history particularly
taking note of Muslims continuous & sustained hatred towards them &
their religious beliefs in Idol worship With such un-comprisable,
stiff & unbridgeable gap between The beliefs of the two communities,
Hindus in India cannot afford to neglect, building themselves m
strength to protect Their ancient social S cultural values Even in The
present India, I for one strongly apprehend that at least if not 100%,
a great percentage of Muslims continue To owe extra territorial
loyalties to Arab land than to India In the event of any military
conflict between India and Pakistan, a large number of Indian Muslims
may be expected to aid Pakistan than India
This is clearly established from the going on terrorism caused by
Muslims backed by ISI. This has to be our concern to tackle ISI agents
in India.
Every Indian, particularly the Hindus in India, must unite to fully
assert their political strength in favour of that Govt. which should
openly work to support & advance the truly Hindu Social & cultural
values of India's past grandeur. No comprise be allowed to be made in
the fallacious projection of pseudo secularism as is being demanded by
the leftists in India.
Hindutva is itself secular and all those born in India ought to be the
honest & true Indians. Our written Constitution guarantees to every
Indian citizen, a right to live in peace with freedom in a Hindu
This is the truthful statement, This is what, I as an Indian born of
Hindu parents, dream of:
Let this book be blessed to educate one and all about the revealition
[a International Genl. Secy. Vishwa Hindu Panshad]





With the dawn of 21 sl century mankind moves forward with some hope to
evolve a better and more peaceful world for the humans living on
earth. It has behind it, sufficient amount of ancient and medieval
historical records. The world experience of the past cannot ignore
social, cultural, economic and poloitcal upliftment of man. The world
holds a colossal store house of man's accomplishment in growing
towards maturity of human mind. Hence, none can escape taking into
account human's belief in theology or religion or faith while
attempting to shape man's own future to ensure moving as one human
family inhabiting the planet earth.. Indeed, man's continuing
evolution has also found a common basis of trying to shape his future
on the pedestal of science and the great progress made by it in the
last 3 to 400 years. Man's continuing belief in his faith or religion
has undisputedly cast its effect on his own maturity in social,
cultural, economic and political necessities.
Human problems when collectively taken finally focus on one common
point i.e. the humans need to establish a firm political centre. By
this, it is meant to control human actions on theological beliefs. In
the case of Islamic faith, one cannot fail to notice that the Islamic
doctrine has remained totally stagnant. It is for the reason that the
holy book of Quaran itself forbids any one to dare alter anything in
it since it is a dogmatic assertion what is contained in it, is the
last word of God Almighty, the Allaha. The world of today is pushed to
take a special notice of Muslim world's Pan Islamic vision.
Islamic theology is strongly tied to its root of converting the entire
world into one Islamic society and according to it, this alone is the
correct road to final world peaceAt does not accept any other road
thought by man equally good to emancipate hinself. Islam is therefore
totally opposed to any other theological idea. In this context, it not
only challenges the world society by being intolerant but it sanctions
violence as an accepted notion to wage wars that are called Jehads
against the non-believers. Islam divides the human society into two
clear halves. Those who believe in the basic tenets of Islam and those
who do not. The Islamic faith begins with Muslims accepting the only
declaration which is

(There is only one God and Mohammed is his Prophet)


This is known as Kalma by the recitation of which when done three

times, the recitor stands converted into a Muslim. To convert into
Islam for anyone from any faith, all that is needed is to recite the
above Kalma three times and nothing further is needed by way of any
ritual or any social, cultural or religious ceremony. It is really so
The five pillars of Islamic faith as set out in-the holy book called
The Quaran are:

Recitation of the above Kalma.

Offering of Namaaz as per Quaranic Ayats (couplets contained for the purpose in the text of Quaran), five times a day. A
special community gathering of reading of Namaez on each Friday of the
week is a special religious ordainment for-the Muslims.
Zakat (giving of charity). 20% of any Muslims own earnings
are ordained to be given as Zakat to the poor.
Roza (keeping of the fast) Muslims are ordained to keep
fasts on each day in the holy month of Ramadhan. The Muslims follow
the lunar calendar.
Haj (visit to Mecca in Saudi Arabia). Muslims are ordained
to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their life time to
perform special rituals as per theological clictations.
Islam and Mohd in reality are one and the same thing. Mohd who
was the founder of Islam was born in Saudi Arabia in a tribe with its
name as 'Quereshi'. The concept of Islam grew in him when he was 52
years old. He died at the age of 62. It is only in the last 10 years
of his life that he often retired in a cave near Mecca where he
claimed to have recieved odrainments from the God Almighty. The
messages so recieved by him came to be later complied by his
successors in the holy book of the Muslim's called the Quaran. He
claims what is contained there-in is the last message given to the
mankind through him by God Almighty called Allah. How he himself
followed and carried out several deeds as the messenger of the God as
his chosen Prophet are further recorded as his Hadhits. A Muslim is
ordained to follow both the dictations of Quaran and the declarations

made as the Hadbits. Theologically, any differnce in opinion while

interpreting the texts of Quaran or Hadhits is left to the religious
leader called the Mullahs, who are the heads of Mosque where the
Muslims meet to offer Namaaz.
It is unmistakably stated in Quaran that the entire world is to
be comsidered divided in two camps, 1. Those who belive and owe their
allegiance to Islam. They are the Muslims or the believers 2. Those
who do not owe the allegiance to Islam and who do not accept Mohd as
the Prophet sent by Allaha with his message as contained in Quaran and
Hadiths. Once a Muslim by faith or choice the is not thereafter ever
permitted any freedom to walk out of it. Those who do not believe as
above are the non-believers. They are termed as the Kafirs. What is
not in accordance with the dictations in Quaran and Hadiths is called
Kufr A true Muslim is ordained to convert the entire world society
into the society of the believers and to encleavour to totally
exterminate the society of the non-believers termed as Kafirs. What is
not in accordance with the clictations in Quaran is termed as Kufr.
The Muslims believe and are ordained by their holy religious texts to
eliminate Kufl- and the Kafirs from the surface of the earth. Any
bloody war that is fought by the believers against the non-believers
carries the religious sanction of Islam, the literal meaning of which
is peace, it 6-penly 'directs the Muslims to behead the Kafirs and to
lay their lives to exterminate Kufr even at the cost of their own
lives. It is one of the three Semetic faiths that supports violence to
spread the message of God amongst the humans. The other two religions
are Christianity and Judaism.
The Geo/Political states not managed or controlled by the above named
Islamic believers are termed as Darul-Herb and those Geo/Political
states that are under the political control of the Islamic believers
are called as Darul-lslam. The entire Muslim society of believers is
ordained by the Islamic theology as contained in the holy book of
Quaran to convert the non-believers into believers and Islamic
religious sanction is openly accorded for waging if necessary, any
number of bloody wars. These wars are termed as Jel7ads. A Muslim is
further ordained to wage a Jehad against the non-believers even at the
cost of his life. In fact, this is his first and foremost religious
duty. Should he die in this ursuit, the God assumed Almighty as per
Quaranic statements assures to such pursuero ait an assured life of
joy and pleasure in the heavens where he is promised to be served by
72 beautiful maidens and 72 young male children to beget pleasure.
Such a persom is called as Shaheed. Shoul he survive while pursuing

this aim and live on the earth, Quaran promises on behalf of the God
Almighty Allaha to enjoy the life on earth by using all that he gets
by way of victory over the Kafirs. Of the wealth, that the Islamic
victor begets as the pursuer of this aim, a Muslim is to part with
1/5th of such capture that includes number of females and children, to
the king and to enjoy the remainder 4/5th of the captured wealth as
his own personal property. No believer is answerable ever thereafter
to, anyone. Such capture of worldly possessions gained whilet pursuing
this holy aim of Mulsims is called as 'Male Ganimat'. Mohd. the
Prophet himself took two out of his eleven wives as, 'Male Ganimat'
after converting them into Islamic faith and marrying them as,per his
own sanctioned religious beliefs. He got the political 'Male Ganimat'
after scoring some military victories over his rivals liberalism that
Islam allows to his followers over the non-believers.
The present day world is now suurounded by this ideology
that challenges the existence of human freedom which is allowed only
to the believers as per Islamic faith. This began some 1400 years
before and has become a serious world problem today. Islam declares to
its followers where political governance is in the hands of the
believers, they are to act and crush any counter idea and where it
still lacks political control then to lie on wait for the moment when
through all other means, Darul-Herb gets coverted into Darul-Islam.
Indians have experienced both lives while living under Islamic
political domination and when not under Islamic domination. When the
British control ended over India in 1947, )ndian sub- contient was
divided into India and Pakistan. Our leaders expected that by agreeing
to such divisions, the country will get rid of Islamic desire to
convert India as a part of Pan Isallnic territory. However, as can be
seen and it cannot be differed that our experience since Independence
has been totally different. Although Muslims left in India were in
miniority and by comparison of figures, although they are still in
minority yet a similar scenario that existed and caused the division
of the country in 1947, has started reappearing before the present day
India, once again.
One needs to look at certain published literature from England under
the authorship of a Muslim settler there to discover the real
intentions of the true Islamic believes. An author by the name of
Anwar Sheikh has published the following books that shall startle any
reader since the author reveals the underlying volcanic Islamic
intentions. The books now available in the world market are:

1. Islam - Arab National Movement

2. Islam -Arab Imperialism
3. Islam - Sex and Violence
Religion of Islam was started by Mohd. said to the Prophet
sent to earth by the God Almighty in about the middle of the 711
century AD. The followers of this religion are called the Muslims.
Mohd.was born in Saudi Arabia in a tribe by the name of Queresh. This
is one of the three Semetic faiths that grew up finally into a very
strong belief under the name of Islam. The word Islam in Arabic
language means Peace. The other Semeitc faiths are Judaism followed by
Jews and the third is Christianity that came into being with the birth
and death of Jesus Christ. In the above three faiths, there are some
similarties. All the three faiths accept their initiators as the
messengers or sons of God. They also similarly place their
unquestioned trust in their respective holy books called as 1. OLD
TESTAMENT (Judaism started by Moses) 2. NEW TESTAMENT or Bible
(Christianity started by Lord Jesus) and 3. ISALM (started by Mohd.
with its holy book called QUARAN). All the three faiths thus draw
their inspirations from their respective books and the initiators of
the same. While the Old Testament and the Bible were first written in
the Hebrew language, Quaran the holy book of Islam came to be written
in the Arabic. The followers of all the three religions thus owe their
allegiance to their respective books and to their initiators.
Naturally, the followers of each Sect restrict themselves within the
close circle of their holy book's contents and develop a special
fraternal relationship between themselves as the respective followers
of their faiths. The human society as such is therefore divided on the
basis of the following of what is said in their respective holy
books,. Beyond the following, the rest of the humanity is not accorded
any special or otherwise fraternal sort of relationship.
All the three faiths do not bring within its embrace, all
humans tied together as the fellow humans. Therefore, these sects
create within the society special and narrow circles of brotherhood
based on the fellowship of the followers only. Whereas, religion as
followed by the humans should have a tendency of uniting the entire
human society under some special social code, the above named Semetic

faiths divide the society into narrow sects. This is very much unlike
the ancient Aryan's Sanatan Dharma about which India's every sacred
religious scriptures speak in terms of 1. Vasudevam Kutumbkam 2. Sarva
Dharma Sambhava means that the whole world is one family. Sarva Dharma
Sambhava means it is possible to accomodate all faiths and religions
at the same time.
The followers of Judaism called the Jews have their holy
city in Jerusalem. Christianity came out of Judaism. Lord Jesus was
its cause. Its holy place of birth is at Bethlehem presently in
Israel. Somehow, there were some differences in the contents of the
Old Testament and the propogatory statements of Lord Jesus.1-Some Jews
were opposed to the same. A Governer appointed on behalf of the ruler
of Rome in Bethlehem was led to prosecute and hang Lord. Jesus on the
Cross. However, a few followers of Lord Jesus contniued to spread his
message. Three hundred years later came King Constantine who accepted
Christianity that grew into a forceful and strong faith that soon
spread around Rome & in other parts of Europe.
In the 11th century, the Roman Empire stood split in two partsinto west and east. The Western Roman Empire and the Western Church
accepted Rome as their guiding light of faith and politics. The
Eastern Roman Empire was guided from Constantinople now called
Istanbul. The Western Roman Church accepted its leader at Rome and
called him the Pope who ruled over the entire Western Europe and
Western Church. The followers of Pope are called the Catholics. The
Eastern Church that split up did not accept Rome and Pope as their
leader. Hence, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Syria and some none Eastern
European coutnries followed their own revised religious ideas.
tendency within humans. This brings about a sense of commonness among
groups of humans when it is based upon some common gains to be made by
the huamns inhabiting some territory that is politically governed for
them. It is not only but natural that a homogeneous society comes into
being. A feeling of Nationalism is in fact an emotional upsurge that
unites all people into one society when the emotions involved work to
uplift the humans inhabiting a territory governed in their intrests.
Indian society by virtue of sub-continent's a large mass
provides such basis. This singular geographical entity
responsible for unifying all its inhabitants to adopt and
some common kind of social and cultural upliftment. On top

of land
itself is
work for
of it, the

great land mass with flowing rivers of water further provides such a
National cohesion. Such factors are divinely given to the people of
India. A great stretch of plains with one commonness provides to
Indian people, not only a sense of unity but it delivers to one and,
all, a sense of fraternity. This is because of society's common
concern. This has over the centuries of time ripened into a common
cultural, social, economical and spiritual faith. The most important
singular factor that binds a nation is the faith of the people in
their ancestry and religion. Put together, it is termed as
Ancient Indian sages, their spirituals pursuits and messages of one
world family (Vasu-devam Kutummbkam) have greatly contributed to the
very thought process of one India. Max Muller, Dr.Annie Beasant and
several other world leaders of the past have openly declared, India
without Hindusim is unthinkable. An independent India and her people
are thus divinely ordained to protect their spiritual chord of
National unity in which social and cultural emotions in commonness can
be seen. We have therefore to take particular care of Hindutva
philosophy that provides such a strong force of one commonness. This
in turn does have its roots in India's ancient religion. The religion
has its roots in the minds of every Indian. Any attack on this
activity and faith shall therefore need a very strong fencing around
the philosophical principles of the Vedas. It is from there that such
feelings of Indian Nationalism and Hinduism have grown. The latter is
not merely a faith or belief in any sort of Gospel's spread and
introduced by its thinker, but Hinduism is in fact a way of life lived
by the Indian people since time immemorial. Indianism and Hinduism
have thus to be unabashedly declared as synonymous. It is this
singular factor that provides to India its real inherent strength of
every sort. This is regardless of the method chosen for its political
Any idea contrary to this is suicidal and hence must be opposed with
all the strength that the people of.1ndia can muster. Unlike original
Indian political thinkers like Tilak, Lajpat Rai, Vipin Chander Paul
and other such like political Leaders of the generations, the recent
political Leaders like Gandhi and Nehru in fact came under the
influence of the British system of education. A clear change towards
Westernism became noticeable in the Indian history. This began with
Gandhi and Nehru both diluting their inner feelings towards Hinduism
and in its place, they substituted prematurely a sort of secularism.
Indeed, this affected the minds of the people of India. Nothing more

could please the British Imperialists who desired Indian society to

split into groups based on anything other than one religion. Hindus
being in majority were to be taken special care of. India came to be
finally balkanized into two separate independent nations of India and
Pakistan. The latter stood further divided into Pakistan and
Bangladesh. The dawning of the date of freedom from the British yoke
was delayed only because of the success of Mr. Jinnha of the Muslim
league who openly declared that Hindus and Mulims in India were two
separate nations. This came to be called to be a Two Nations Theory.
This was supported by the British. Those Hindus and Muslims who had
lived together for past centuries suddenly mistrusted each other on
religious grounds till an open demand of the Muslims to convert
Hindu India (Darul Herb) into (Darul Islam) a State governed totally
by the Muslims. It is thus, a clear defeat of the Congress Leaders
that was responsible for the geographical division of the subcontinent into two different sovereign countries. Hence, with such a
historical past, reemergence of the political situation this time
created by the left over Muslims in India after the partition of the
country, does definitely arouse the legitimate concern to the majority
population of the Hindus in India. Indeed, Hindus are rightly
apprehensive to ensure what is left of the sub-continent is not
allowed to drift into Darul Islam once aagain. To wipe off any Darul
Herb, is the declared policy of the Millat (Pan Islamic fraternity).
This sort of gradual maturity can be seen in the Indian State of J&K.
Hence, unless Hindus ancientism acting as one common Nation unite
themselves into a strong Nation with it as its sole aim , the country
does run a great risk in times to come to convert the whole of India
into Darul Islam. Muslims do not and cannot accept any non-believer as
equal to them and hence Modi of Gujarat is too right when he cautions
Indian people UNITE to safeguard themselves from the Muslim invasion
who are waiting only to convert India from Darul Herb to Darul Islam
and now openly say and believe in HAM PAANCH - HAMARRE PACCHIS.
The founder of Islamic religion, Mohd. was born near Mecca in Saudi
Arabia in a local tribe of the Pagans called Queresh on 20th April in
570 AD. The Pagans of those days were believers in idol worship. In a
temple at Kaba, near Mecca, was a place were people gathered every
year to worship several idols of their deities. Mohd.'s mother's name

was Amina who was the wife of a Quereshi Pagan by the name of
Abdullah. Before the birth of Mohd., Abdullah died and hence Mohd. was
a posthumous child who was brought up on the milk of a hired nurse by
the name of Halima since Amina the mother of Mohd. had become so weak
that.she could not provide to the child her motherly milk. As per the
customs of the Pagans who followed several rituals started by the
Jews, Mohd.'s penis was circumcised. This practice was in vogue with
the Jews of Saudi Arabia and was also followed by the local tribes
composed of the Pagans. Hence, circumcising the penis is not the
original Islamic ritual. It is an ancient Jewish custom, which began
in the deserts probaly because of shortage of water. Mohd. was thus
brought up by Halima for 6 years and was later delivered back to his
mother Amina. Soon thereafter, she died and further bringing up was
done by the Grandmother of Mohd. who too died at the age of 80. Mohd.
thereafter was brought up by his uncle Abu Taliib. This took place
near Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
As he grew up, the uncle of Mohd. had him employed with one rich widow
by the name of Khadija. She carried out trade with territories around
by exchanging merchandize moved from one place to the other on Camel
backs. These were called Kafilas. Mohd as an employee of Khadija at
the age of 25 took care of Khadija's Kafilas and hence gave aid to
Khadija in her trade. She was herself 15 years older than Mohd. She
was a widow after the death of her two former husbands. Both decided
to get married and from this wedlock, six children are said to have
been born, out of which five children died attheir young ages. Only
one child survived as the daughter of Mohd. by the name of Fatima who
later married Ali.
During this period, it is said that Mohd. used to have strange attacks
of some disease for which he uused to retire to a cave near Mecca. He
anounced to the world that in the cave he used to meet God's messenger
Gabriel who gave to Mohd. God's own messages which he called as
11hams. He therefore, delivered to himself a title of God's Prophet,
which later came to be termed as RasuleAllahe. His wife Khadija was
the first to become his follower who later came to be termed as the
believers, Muslims or Musalmans. it is at about this time Mohd.
announced amongst his followers the first message of God i.e. an
Ilharn which is LA ILLAHA, MOHD. RASUL ILLAHA (there is only one God
and Mohd. is his Prophet). New Para Khadija was followed by Abu Bakr
(father of Ayesha who later married Mohd) and Ali (who later became
the son-in-law of Mohd). His old uncle inspite of persuasion did not
accept Mohd.'s demand. Thereafter, the old uncle also died at his ripe

age of 80. On his death, Mohd is said to have followed the custom of
his tribe to seek peace for the departed soul at his grave but
immediately thereafter he stopped himself going to the grave of his
own mother and also prevented his followers never to attach themselves
with the dead and the buried people. He declared it as contrary to his
belief calling it as Kufr and the one who disobeyed such direction was
to the termed as Kafir
Mohd at about this time had reached the age of 52 and many locals had
joined him accepting his aforesaid Kalma. The Pagans because of their
ancient beliefs were themselves idol worshippers and amongst their
accepted dieties were prominently known names of Ilia, Laat, Milat and
Ujja. These idols with many more idols were kept in the holy place or
in a temple of the Pagans near Mecca. Every year, thousands of people
used to visit this place and such a visit for religious belief was
called the Haj. The idols in this temple were later destroyed except
for one round black stone which is still retained in this very temple.
This temple was called by the name of Kaba. Later in time, Mohd.
himself invaded this temple at Mecca from Medina where he had migrated
in order to spread his new message of Islam. With him went from Mecca
to Medina, his followers that included Abu Bakr, Osman and Ali. The
date of Mohd.'s move from Mecca to Medina has come to be called as
Hijrat. This took place in the year 622 AD and is reckoned as the
starting date of Muslim calendar. In this period of 10 years from his
age of 52 to 62, Mohd succeeded in converting many Pagans to his
belief. Amongst those who opposed him were also some important local
tribal leaders. One SAIDE, a follower of Mohd assassinated an opposing
Queresh for which conduct the aforesaid SAIDE earned special praise
from Mohd and his conduct is recorded as the first death given by a
believer to a non-believer.
praised the believe4 for his murderous conduct of killing a nonbeliever but finding that there will be many more important tribal
leaders including within the tribe of the Queresh who shall not
approve of such despicable conduct of releigous oppostion. He is said
to have recorded himself issuing a Fatwa calling upon his followers
not to resort to murders for forcing anyone to convert from his faith
professed by Mohd. As can also be seen, this Ayat (included in the
holy book of Quaran) is the only single Ayat that is quoted by the
Muslims as their faith in peace and tolerance of other religions. This
was forced on account of importa ' nt political reasons because there
is no other Ayat in any Sura of Quaran ever said later in time

repeating the spirit of this Ayat. On the other hand, there are a
nunber of opposing Ayats contained in the holy Quaran that go clearly
contrary to the above. At the end of this book, the original text
translated from Arabic into English with the number of Suras and Ayats
are recorded for easy reference to enable readers to understand and
decide for themselves the real truth.
At Medina, Mohd. became a great success and soon earned for himself
the tittle of Khalifa and Imam both. By this, Mohd. became both the
religious and the political head of his followers and formed a force
of his followers that undertook almost 82 military adventures, out of
which 26 military marches were led by Mohd. himself.
Khadija his wife and his old uncle are both said to have
died when Mohd was about 50 years of age. Earlier on, Mohd. was ably
guided both by his wife Khadija and his old uncle but on their death,
he himself started his political life of military adventures while
acting as the Khalifa and Imam both. It was he who laid the foundation
of Islamic theocracy solely and exclusively on the basis of his
accepted religion. He got great military successes including winning
the town of Mecca and the temple at Kaba. He directed the destruction
of over 300 idols earlier worshiped by the Pagans including by his own
Quereshi tribesmen. He allowed only one installation of the black
round meteoric stone to be installed in that temple which to date
continues to be revered by the Muslims, all over the world. Muslims
during HAJ are believed to kiss this stone as a religious rule with
utmost reverence.
were killed and Mohd laid some firm rules of victory amongst which
are, that a victor who is a believer in the faith of Islam is allowed
by the God Almighty himself to enjoy 4/5th of his loot of capture in
any military victory over the non-believers and to offer the remaining
1/5th to the Khalifa or to his appointed representative. This is
called Male Ganimat and is given as God's own gift to the believer.
This includes women and children of the opponents as well. The widows
of the dead are religiously allowed to be enjoyed by the victor
believers. Where the opponent husband is alive with his wife, the
victor believer can take away the wife of the opponent soliders as the
religion of Islam declares canceling of the husband/wife relationship
of the vanquished opponents, unless the opponents prayed to be
pardoned by embracing the religion of Islam by giving up their former

In course of 10 years of Mohd.'s life from the age of 52

to 62, Mohd as a widower after the death of his first wife Khadija is
said to have taken 11 more wives during this period. At the age of
about 52, he married a Jew widow who was converted to Islam. After
moving to Medina, he directed his friend and comrade Abu Bakr to marry
his seven years old daughter Ayesha to him when he himself was about
52 years of age. It is said that Abu Bakr declined to do so saying
that his daughter by the name of Ayesha was too young and was also
engaged to some one else. This being a promise could not be broken. In
relationship Ayesha was the niece of Mohd. who put aside the objection
of Abu Bakr saying that he had an Ilham from Allah that he had given
birth to Ayesha to, become his wife. This could not be altered. He is
said to have cohabited with her when she became of suitable age
perhaps when she was only 9 to 10 years old. He also later married the
widow daughter of his another comrade Oomer whose name was Hapsa. This
was his fourth marriage. The name of his fifth wife was Jinab who too
was a widow of his another comrade by the name of Abdullah. The sixth
wife of Mohd. was said to be the mother of four children and was a
Hindu who was converted for this purpose to accept Islam. The seventh
wife was one Zarnab. She was the Zainab wife of a slave by the name of
Jaid whom Mohd. took as his adopted son and made him divorce his wife
so that she could marry Mohd. She is said to have been a very
beautiful woman who took the fancy of Mohd, who had seen her naked
when she was once bathing? Here too, Mohd. is said to have stated that
he had another Ilharn from Allah that he should marry her and that she
was given birth on the earth for this purpose. Mohd.'s eighth wife was
Zoria. The ninth wife went under the name of Umda Habiba. The name of
Mohd.s tenth wife was Sophia. The eleventh wife of Mohd. was 26 years
of age and was the widow of his own uncle Usman, Her name was
Mairmuna. Many writers have stated.that besides the above, Mohd. also
had more than 11 wives both religiously married and otherwise.
He also had two famous further wives from out of the
slaves whose names were Moria and Hindan. They became available to him
as Male Ganimat after scoring his military victories over his
political opponents. Moria gave birth to one son of Mohd who was named
as lbhrahim. He is said to have died at young age itself.
Mohd is also said to have sanctioned marriage by the custom of
'Mittah' by which it is meant that a believer Muslim can marry a woman
for a contracted period of time and can so enjoy his life with his
female partner without incurring life time burden of her. lit is a
Mohd.'s most loved wife Aayesha became a widow at the age

of 18 years only. She is said to have recorded in Islamic history some

facts known to her as the wife of Mohd. who according to her was very
greatly fond of women and good perfumes. At the age of 62, Mohd. died
with his head in the lap of his most loved wife Ayesha. Abu Bakr,
Oomer and Usman were accorded Khalifaship after the death of Mohd.
They were his fathers-in-law because he had married their daughters.
He is also said to have made one of his followers divorce his wife so
that he could marry her since he said, he had an alham from the God
Almighty that she was born on the earth for him only. While the Sunnis
accept three named persons as above, succeeding Mohd as Khalifas after
his death, Shea Muslims do not & regard 2 nd Khalifa, Ali only as the
One may really have to look in the Islamic hisotry for
discovering more important social and other suchlike human beliefs in
the days of Mohd in the area of Saudi Arabia. Mohd was born in the
year 570 AD. He grew up in his early childhood under queer
circumstances as he was born as a posthumous child. He indeed must
have been brought up under very strenuous circumstances. He began his
divine thought when he was about 52 years of age. He established Islam
and preached it including by waging wars for a period of only 10
years, Much about his beliefs came to be written later in time when he
was followed by the selected/elected or appointed Khaifas being Abu
Bakr, Oomer and Usman who are really responsible for compiling booth
the book of the holy Quaran and also for collecting most of his Hadits
which too are also followed by all Muslims.
population of mostly war like but illiterate people divided in small
tribes. Mohd.'s own tribe was called, a tribe of the Quereshis. The
Jews and the Christians following Moses and Jesus Christ had already
been born and during this total period of almost 1000 years or so,
these Semetic religions had already cast their shadows of influence
over the entire period of time on almost the entire geographical area
extending also in the west. Because of acceptance by Rome of
its control over this period of time, the successors of Mohd.
undertook spreading the influence of Islam into Europe itself. It also
extended its influence towards the east upto Persia and in the next
about 150 years the Islamic crusaders totally overtook the whole of
Persia and the area around Mesopotamia now called Iraq plus Turkey.
The earlier Civilization in Egypt was dominated by the Pharisaic
beliefs and later it was dominated by Moses and Jesus. With the entry

of Islam, whole of Egypt stood converted to Islam. Similarly, in east,

the entire area of Persia and Mesopotamia took to Islam. Islam spread
upto Spain in Europe till the Christian crusaders won over once again
the area dominated by Islam. Catholic Romans were led into such kind
of battles by the holy Pope at Rome. The battles fought by the
Christians have been named as the CRUSADES & the soldiers fighting as
Christians were called as CRUSADERS.
With the above history, one can note that there really did
not exist a well explained and simple philosophy of religion and for
this reason, it was perhaps easier for the Islamic followers to
swiftly win over the political dominance with the name of simple
theology that was called as Islam. The support of arms was its moving
crutch. Although, Mohd. himself lived for a short period of only 10
years which marks the beginning of the era of Hijra for the Muslims
but its continued expansion and retention is explainable mostly on
account of its severe rigidity that had in fact less to do with humans
or humanity on earth but had divine promises kept for the humans to
await the day of judgement when the Lord i.e. the Allaha shall himself
deliver to the dead souls, rewards on the day of Quamat. It was an
easy to understand religious gospel that had the intrinsic quality of
pulling towards it, mass of illiterate humanity. None can however
doubt or deny the real strength and cause of its fast spread all
around, owes to its severe rigidity enforced on the point of sword.
This is one religion that supports its spread by waging Jehads
including justifying conducts of terrorism when it says " show no
mercy to the non-believers (Kafirs) or the idol worshippers and lie in
wait for them to behead them when they appear before you. (the
believers i.e. the Muslims)". This quotation is taken from the book of
With the success of wars begun by Mohd, himself who
rewarded his followers even when they took to cruelty against the nonbelievers. This policy continues till to date because a Muslim can
rely upon hs own divine ordainments contained in their holy book of
Quaran that openly justifies violence in the cause of the spread of
Islam. It is ordained upon them i.e. the believers or the Muslims to
lay their lives and fear not for the consequences because if one dies
while waging a Jehad, Allaha the Almighty awaits his arrival in the
heavens with the promises to provide to him all the earthly pleasures
of life that includes young lads, beautiful women, special heavenly
wine in the beautiful surroundings and environments with rivers full
of water flowing to deliver to such a person called as Shaheed all
that he might have missed for his death while fighting the holy Jehad.

Should he survive, he is decorated with a title of Ghazi and is

entitled to retain 4/5th of all that he has gained from the wealth of
his opponent as his legitimately sanctioned religious earnings and
leaving the balance l/5th of such element of plunder to the Khalifa or
his war commander. Mohd himself has unambiguously stated that he lived
and led his life only from the earnings of such successful Jehads.
Saudi Arabia being a sandy soil lacking- water must have
made its inhabitants fighting each other perhaps for earning the bare
needs to exist. Mohd. was born during this period when the world
around that area had not been sufficiently aroused and educated in
spiritualism. From his beliefs in divinity and to pursue divine
blessings through recitation of prayers, 5 times a day, observing fast
during the holy month of Ramadhan and offering Zakt to the poor must
have worked as items of humans faith in divinity i.e. the God who is
Allaha for the Muslims.
It is however strange that with the faith in noble ideals
as above, how could cruelty through killings and waging wars as
Jehads, even by adopting tactics of terrorism can ever be made to go
hand in hand.
who are rigidity controlled fully understood the importance of
religious faith taking political control of geographical areas.
Without this, no peace can be guaranteed. He clearly understood that
in his days, perhaps Jews and Christians fought for the only reason
for not following the same religious gospel. He intrdouced yet another
third Semitic religion by directing his followers to fight till the
entire territory of the world is politically brought under the control
of the Muslims. It is only then that they crush every kind of
religious opposition and a true Muslim must work towards it, even if
it means for him to die in this cause.
Hence, although the word Islam literally means in Arabic
language Peace yet for all purpose. Islam is only a concept of
poltitical world invasion by the Muslims. Terrorism as is being seen
in present times and as is being caused by Islam's followers like
Osama-Bin-Laden is nothing but an effort and pursuit in the direction
of world conquest by the Muslims. This has been so dectared by
fundamental Muslims.

One may note the peculiar characteristic of Islamic faith

when its holy book permits into it any one without any restriction by
reciting just 3 times LA ILLAHA, MOHID. RASUL ILLAHA but not
permitting any one who has once entered into it, any freedom to walk
out. Should any one endeavour to walk out of Islamic faith, the
believers are allowed to behead such walkers. For doing so, they shall
be serving the honest and the best cause of Islam.
At the age of 62, Mohd. died with his head in the lap of
his favourite and youngestwife Ayesha daughter of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr,
later came to be elected as the next Khalifa. He was already an old
man and hence nothing significant really happened during his period of
Khilafat. The next to succeed as Khalifas after Abu Bakr's death, were
Oomer and Usman. It is stated by the historians as both of them could
not really match the calibre of Mohd., they really did not succeed in
particular against the loyalists of Ali who was the son-in -law of
Mohd. Oomer and Usman were either killed or died. the Khifafat moved
from Mecca to Baghdad, Damascus, CaWo and finally to Istanbul in
Turkey. In 1925 after the Ottoman Empire stood liquidated with British
victory in Europe, Kamal Bin Pasha introduced radical changes and
abolished the Khilafat finally. Some agitations on this account also
took place even in India, a littler before this time. The Muslims in
India were even backed in this cause by no less a person than Mahatma
Gandhi yet the Khilafat stood finally dissolved and remians so to
date. Islam thus has no Khalifa appointed any more. Imams in the
Mosques only interpret the Quaran. The Shea sect have different rules.
The Bohri Sheas treat their head as Dahia & hold no one after Ali as
any Imam.
It was during the period of Oomer and Usman that Quaran as
revealed to Mofid. by Gabriel was actually written down as the holy
book of the Muslims. The Hadiths also came to be recorded as the
declared conduct needed of the Muslims. The Sunni sect of the Muslims
consider only Mohd. as the direct prophet of Allaha. They also
consider Oomer as the NAYABE RASUL (After Mohd). The other important
sect of Islam which came into being as the party of Ali are called the
Shias. Ali was the Son-in-law of Mohd married to his daughter Fatima.

Ali came to be accepted as the next Khalifa after Mohd. It

is from him that Islamic religion gets clevided in two main divisions.
Shias are those Muslims who do not approve Abu Bakr, Oomer and Usman
as the Khalifa after Mohd. They connect Khalifat directly to Ali who
was the son-in-law of Mohd. and who married his daughter Fatima. Shia
sect consider Ali the next Khalifa after Mohd. After Ali, his son
Hasan became the 5 th Khalifa of the Isamic world. The rivalry for the
succession took one Muavia and his son Yazid in Syria to claim
Khilafat by displacing Hasan. They also had his son Hussain killed
through a pre-planned conspiracy treacherously carried out. In the
sandy desert, Ali's son and his accompanying guards were killed for
want of water to quench their thirsts. The water containers were
punctured and destroyed by the supporters of Yazid son of Muavaia. For
this reason the Shias do not consider Muavia and his son Yazid as the
successor Khalifas. This treacherous plan and drama of batle took
place at a place called Karbala in Iraq. For the Sheas, it has become
a holy place and every year as a ritual when the Sunnis mourm the
event for learning about the death of Hussain whose horse returned
without his master on its back. The Shias too mourn the event which is
repeated every year on the day of Moharram. In most places, a white
horse with blood stains carried on white sheets is taken in a public
procession and the Shea people refrain from looking at this annually
celebrated public occasion of Moharram. On this day, we in India have
repeatedly seen Sunni/Shia riots and clashes. Even today, Sunnis beat
their chests and bleed themselves by beating their chests with iron
chains etc and walk over the burning charcoals. They express their
cleep-rooted faith in their religious belief. Islam thus gets divided
in two sets of Sunnis and Sheas. Iraq, Pakistan and India have most of
their Muslim population of the Sunnis while Iran is mostly composed of
the Shia Muslim majority. Both Sunnis & Shias continue to rever both
Mohd. & their holy book called the Quaran. Shias do not accept Abu
Bakr, Oomer and Usman as succesor Khalifas after Mohd, but the Sunnis
In the valley of Kashmir, there are mixed Muslims with
Sunnis generally over numbering the Shias. The Bohri Muslim community
in and around Mumbai are mostly the Shias who are just about 3/400
years old coverts from Hindus. Much similarities of social customs can
be clearly seen in the practices of the Bohri community and the Hindu
religious practices which are clearly noticeable amongst these people.
Even the social customs in particular of the Momens in Gujarat are
similar to the Hindu system of inheritance of property. In times to
follow, there came into existence Aga Khani Muslims who are called the

Khojas and the Ahmediyas etc. Some Muslim scholars now declare that
there may be as many as 42 different sects of Indians Muslims. All of
them however accept both Mohd. and the holy Quaran without question.
This singular factor serves as a great unifying reason to include all
Muslims in a separate fraternity that has come to be called
universally as the 'Millat' ( PAN ISLAMIC UNITY).
Pan Islamic concept of Muslim brotherhood is followed the
world over, uniting Muslims of every sect on the basis of Quranic
dictations and what is recoded in the Hadits. It is the Allaha who
speaks his words as. recorded in Quaran and what he desires to do is
provided in the Hadiths.
Quaran is the last and final world of Allaha and is beyond
amendment. The declarations contained in it are conveyed through Mohd.
who was the last of Allaha's messengers. After him, no other prophet
will ever be born. Nothing more need be said than what is already said
in the Quaran. Unless all the believers owe their allegiance to
Allaha, Quaran and Mohd. as Allaha's last messenger, no Islamic
fraternal concept is to ever advance. This is final and beyond any
consideration of any amendment.
practices. It provides definite directions for the Muslims to follow.
It is fairly exhaustive but not fully and is called as the SHARIAT.
This is unambiguously stated that all the believers must follo\N their
social dictations without entering into any kind of debate or
argument. What is said therein is by the sanction of Allaha told by
him through the mouth of his messenger i.e. Prophet Mohd. He is the
last and final messenger sent to the world by Allah and after him,
none shall ever follow for any purpose whatsoever.
This is called as 'Khatme Nawabac'. None must think or do
to amend, add or delete anything contained in the holy Quaran which is
the last and final message of Allaha, that must bind all messages
including the gospels of the earlier accepted Prophets like Moses and
Jesus and many more. After Mohd. there is nothing more left for Allaha
to tell. With the kind of history after Mohd.'s death, one will
notice, the great mixing up of religion with politics which is
promoted even at the cost of peace and open murders. The examples set
up are thus adequate in shaping Islam's future that advocates
unabashedly Muslims belief in violence to spread itself over the whole

world. Nothing short of it has been the aim of any Musalman, a true
believer of Islam.
Most non-Muslims particularly the young Hindus know very
little about Islam. How such a faith jrew out of sandy deserts of
Saudi Arabia, spread so fast in the world? This is a logical question?
A look at the history of the world shall convince anyone
that the people leading nomadic, tough life of illiteracy with sword
as their companion have generally been successful in supressing even
those nations that enjoyed superior culture and followed better styles
of civilization. The great Roman Empire was won over by the Nordic
German barbarous people. Similarly, much of Central Asian territories
were invaded by the tribes of Huns, Mongols and Kushans. They
succeeded to over power the peaceful Chinese, Russians and the Indian
people. This is an undisputed fact of history.
In the middle of 7th century, the area of desert around
Saudi Arabia lay divided in many tribes, none of whom had any idea of
civilized governance. Mohd. was successful from Madina to organize a
superior force to bring under his control many of the small tribes of
the Pagans who lived near or close to Mecca. In comparison to them,
people living in Palestine, Egypt and Iran had developed superior
civilizations and better code of human conduct. One can look at the
depature of the Parsis from Iran and moving to Western Coast of India
seeking refuge against the forces of Islam who invaded and pushed the
Parsis out of Persia or Iran. This happened about 1000 years ago.
shadow of sword". The religion of Islam promises heavens to those who
die in its cause and allows open use of the vanquished's possessions.
The main cause of spread of Islarn has been to save one's life.
All medieval periods invaders to India used their superior
power to not only loot the richness of India but their main aim had
always been to spread religion of Islam in India. They also brought
about social, cultural, economic and political changes including
governance of the captured terrritories on the basis of the rules of
Islamic Jurisprudence. Even a murderer could be pardoned if he chose o
embrace Islam and gave up his earlier faith or belief. As for example

a son of one Hindu King by the name of Vikram Singh in U.P. had
murdered another person and was allowed pardon by the Moghul King in
Delhi on his giving up his faith in Hindu religion and becoming a
Muslim. He came to be renamed as Azam Khan on whose name the city of
Azamgarh was later created.
The important reason of Islams spread in India is for its
belief in rejecting humaneness andaccpeting and enforcing cruelty in
its place. Unlike, human values of sacrifice and truthfulness followed
in Hinduism, Islam sacrifices and disregards all such human values and
proceeds to enforce at all costs, the message of Islam as set OLItin
Quaran by Mohd. The Hindu ideals of living in spiritual upliftment by
regarding human values as the divinely ordained are easily negatived
by Islam. Hindus believe in sacrificing their present, to pursue for
Moksha and accept tough conduct like Tapas. While Hinduism believes in
the rebirth of soul, abandons the worldly comforts, Islam on the other
hand sanctions to its believers, divine orclainments to use all that
the Muslims may loot in course of their victories over the nonMuslims. This singular reason has been a very convenient weapon in the
hands of the Muslims to win over other humans. For the reason of
promise of heaven even by restoring to foul conducts like enjoying the
loots from the materials of the vanquished, the MuslimS do not mind
participating in a war called Jehad so that they either relish the
present life as victors or go to heaven and enjoy there as the
Shaheeds. What they get by way of loot over the vanquished is called
A4ale Ganimat This includes women and children of the vanquished and
are allowed to be used as slaves or be used to satisfy the lustful
conducts of the victorious Muslims. The Quaran declares nullity of
marriages of the defeated opponents in a Jehad and it is religiously
permitted for the victor Muslims to take even the women of the
opponent losers including the married women on the opposite side,
1/5th of the loot is to be delivered to the Khalifa and the balance
4/5th can be used as the personal property of the Jehadis. The Quaran
directs its followers to wage wars to destroy temples and the idols
which conduct of worshiping idols is termed as Kufr. Those who are
guilty of Kufr are called Kafirs. The Quaran ordains the believers to
behead the Kafirswho indulge in worshiping idols, wherever they may be
found. It also directs a cruel treatment towards the Kafirs who must
be subjected to pay special tax called the Jazia for living in Darul
lslam. Only then can such non-believers be allowed to survive as third
rate citizens called the 'Zimmis'.

Sheikh Hamdani while writing his book under the name of Jasirate-a-ulmulk has stated the following conditions to be abided by the Zimmis
when living in an Islamic state which according to him were directed
to be enforced by the third Khalifa namely Oomer
The Zimmis shall not erect or create any more of their own
worshiping temples.
Any old temple destroyed or demolished is not permitted to
be repaired or recreated.
Muslim travellers are permitted to use the religious
temples of the Zimmis as their temporary abodes.
Any Muslim can live in the house of any Zimmi for 3 days
without any objection taken by the Zimmi.

No misconduct of such a Muslim traveller shall be any


None may prevent any Zimmi from converting himself into a


All Zimmis must respect all Muslims.

No Zimmi shall prevent any Muslim from entering any Zimmi
organized conference of any nature.
No Zimmi shall keep his name that can confuse others as if
the Zimmi was a Muslim follower.
No Zimmi shall use an attire used by the Muslims and no
Zimmi shall be entitled to ride a horse with saddle and reins.

No Zimmi shall ever prossess any sword or carry any bow and

No Zimmi shall wear on his fingers any sort of ring, which
fashion is reserved solely for the Muslims.

No Zimmi shall consume any liquor or sell the same.

Zimmis must ensure that they continue to wear only that
attire by which they can be distinguished as non-Muslims.

The Zimmis must not spread or follow any customs that are
not followd by the Muslims.

No Zimmi must live close to the houses of Muslims.

No Zimmi may dispose off their dead bodies close to the
graveyards of the Muslims.

No Zimmi may cry loud to mourn his dead ancestors.

No Zimmi may ever employ any Muslim as his servant under
any circumstance.
No Zimmi may help any-spy against the state of the Muslims
and if caught he will be liable to death and afl his assets shall be
condiscated as Male Ganimat.
The above restrictions are said to be the holy ordainments sanctioned
byAllaha who is Almighty, all powerfull and merciful. It is said in



Men all over the world since time immemorial have been
lustful for the reason of their very creation. World religions created
by men have attempted to keep under control many of man's natural
desires that particularly included his hunger for sex. In order to
spread Islam, its teachings have exploited this weakness of man. While
a wild man moved higher in civilization to bring about law of monogamy
as his acceptable conduct in the ever changing society, Islam on the
other hand, religiously sanctioned to its followers four wives instead
of one. A close reading of Islam does unmistakably point out fully
making use of man's nature. The lowly and debased sort of human nature
is fully exploited to spead Islam. Its use of sword, Jehad and promise
of earthly pleasures in heavens does go a long way for humans to
accept Islam as their faith. Islamic fraternity and its interse
support also went a long way-to increase the followers of Islam.

On the basis of Prophet Mohd.'s own saying, Maulana Mohd.

Ali, a celebrity of Islamic faith had this to say for Mahatma Gandhi.
weaker sex of women as a commodity meant for the use and pleasure of
men owing allegiance to Islam.'While Islam was able to totally wipe
off even better civilizations in Egypt, Persia and in other
territoires of the Middle East and Northern Africa, its early spread
was finally checked only in India. Those who embraced Islam in India,
mosity did so under the threat of sword or were lured into it for its
easy promise of heavens where beautiful women and young kids were
promised as rewards to the believers. Many of ther upper class Hindus
embraced Islam to protect their lives, wealth and fiefdoms. At
Indians, there are said to be almost 16 crores of
Muslims. This does not include the populations of Pakistan and
Bangladesh who once formed one united India. India thus inhabits
second largest Muslim population in the world, next only to Indonesia
where too the Muslims find in their social and cultural systems,
It has been seen and analyzed that conversion to Islam in
India from the Hindus has been mostly on account of Muslim atrocities
openly practiced by Rulers like KhiIjis and Aurangzeb who showed no
tolerance and behaved like fanatic despots. The poor cross section of
Hindus lower castes joined Islam on inducements of money or to save
themselves frorn the strict discipline in the caste system of Hindus.
In this period, untouchability amongst the Hindu castes had also been
born and that was also one amongst other causes that promoted the
spread of Islam in India. It affected the lower castes considerably.
In Southern India, Hindus were forced to accept Islamic
faith under the sword of both Haider Ali and his son Tippu. On the
Malabar Coast of India and in the state of Karnataka, Islam spread on
account of compulsion since Tippu and his father Haider Ali scored
military victories over their Hindu rivals. in this political game,
the South of India was also greatly influenced by the support that the
Muslims Rulers in Delhi gave to the Muslim local chiefs. A case in
point is that of Nizam of Hyderabad who himself was a Muslim ruling
over the majority class of Hindus in this state.

Till about the 14th century end, the state of Kashmir was
dominated by the Bramins. This was won over by Afghans and later it
was greatly influenced by the Moghuls like Jehangir and Aurangzeb.
With the establishment of the British rule in India the Islamic spread
itself was greatly influenced. A sort of check took place for some
immediate political reasons. Hindu caste system with some orthodox
social practices like SATI etc. were checked.
Even at present, because of the bad
economic condition
within the Hindu society in India, the Hindus from all over the
country look up for getting better paid jobs in the Gulf Countries of
Islamic faith. It is no more a secret that easily earned oil money in
these countries is being freely used to not only attract Hindus to go
into these countries for jobs but they are even offered extension of
visas for staying there should they decide to change their faiths from
Hinduism to Islam.
While the modern India is greatly desiring to bring into
force the idea of family planning in order to check India's growing
population, Islam permits the increase of its number of followers by
disregarding such a national necessity.* Islam accepts its large
families as the gift of the God and opposes any sort of state's own
needs to bring into being any the check on the otherwise growing
populat;on. Even the census of 1991 and 2001 have proven this point
without any element of doubt.
There is in Saudi Arabia an alive state agency called the
Ministry of religious propagation. That Islamic country provides
lucrative funds from own its resources for spreading Islam in other
parts of the world where the Governments being non-Islamic are termed
as Darul Herb. This has been recently witnessed by the Islamic
terrorists attacking even the most up to date nation that is the USA.
The attack on the two building of the World Trade Center in New York
and later the continuing spread of Islam policy followed earlier by
Afghan Government led by Osama-Bin-Ladan and Mullaha Umer are
sufficient proofs in themselves. We in India, have also seen the
attack on our Parliament House at New Delhi and in the very recent
past , we have also witnessed the bloody attacks on Hindu temple at
Ahmedabad. Recent bomb blasts at Mumbai on 28thAugust 2003 are further
supporters of clear Islamic plan which people of India cannot ignore.
For India, it is necessary for any Government to first
ensure that one and only one law in all matters applies to each of its

citizens. In a democracy that declares itself against theocracy, there

is absolutely no room justified from any angle whatsoever to tolerate
more than one law based on theocratic beliefs of any cross section of
its people. This is really the suicide of the very belief in
Nationalism and Secularism. It is here that even the present
Government composed of many political partners needs to be openly
condemned for not insisting upon its citizens to follow only one rule
of law under its civil law code. The Supreme Court of India too has
again asserted their declaration of India adopting only one civil code
for all its citizens. If a criminal procedure code can be made
applicable to one and all, I find no sense and any reasonable argument
to live with separate personal laws of its widely heterogeneous
society. India will doom if not in the near future but in the present
21st century unless the Goverment in power altered its stance to
enforce one civil code disregarding opposition to it by anyone and
from whomsoever, notwithstanding 'the number of people involved. This
is a National need and unless enforced, holds in its pregnant womb,
symptoms of India itself becoming Darullslam which continues to be the
aim of Pan Islamic Nations. They are led by Pakistan who has openly
declared its support to Muslims of J & K holding India to ransom for
now being possesed of atomic weapons. This is therefore nothing short
of a political black mail of which Hindus in India have to take note
of.4;If war is checked for reasons of international politics, let my
countrymen be cautioned that a clash between the civilizaitons has
been predicted by a 1 5th century French philosopher Norstadam. No
more of Hindu timidity should allow the Islamic world to unite to
defeat the Indian Nationalism. Secularism only means that the state
does not-function on any theocratic beliefs and it does not and cannot
support pseudo secularism practiced as secularism in the name of
multiple Theocracy. If we now fail to take note of events, the
generations shall curse us for not sowing the right seeds for India to
grow in prosperity and we shall later suffer much more since we have
refused and continue to refuse learning any lessons from the history.
It is thus appropriate to look at a political concept in Urdu "LAMHON
NE KHATA KI, SAIDION NE SAZAA PAL" (for the errors of moments,
centuries stood punished.)

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, India's first Law Minister

one book on 'Thoughts on Pakistan: He writes as under in that book


Where there is Darul Herb i.e. where political
govrance is not directly and clearly under the control of the
Muslisms, the Muslims are to fight to ensure that they remain governed
only in accordance with the rules laid down in Islamic Jurisprudence.
They are ordained to oppose imposition of any law other than their own
personal laws when forced to live in a territory not controlled by
Islam divides the world in two parts and is
proud of it. The territory where political goverance is controlled by
Islamic followers is called Darul Islam and which is not so cotnrolled
is called Darul Herb. In view of this clear understanding, India can
never be a common motherland of Hindus and Muslims born in India. By
divine declaration and design Muslims in India must fight to change
Indian Darul Herb into Darul Islam even if it means waging a bloody
war and Muslims dying in promoting this cause".
We must not merely treat the above as an
execrise in academics. Muslims must work and shall work to finally
bring about such demographic alterations by which the State of India
gets Muslim majority and is governed in accordance with what is
contained in Quaran".
Indian history records the Muslims in India
planned to invite into India, Muslim rulers of Afghanistan in the year
1918. The intention was to organize an internal rebellion against the
British rule opposed solely by the Muslims of india". Hindus were not
to be included in this plan.
Muslims in India can not only begin a Jehad but
can also invite Muslim rulers from outside to help them convert India
into Darul Islam".
understand that he is a Muslim first and an Indian national only
Any realist must understand that Hindus
'Kafirs' and they are to be beheaded unless they convert into Islam".


accept the
loyalty of Muslim troops in Indian forces towards India and disregard
the factor of Muslims suddenly changing their loyalty to support any
kind of struggle backed by Pan Islarnic agenda".
It matters not if the Hindus on the subcontinent are more in number than the Muslims. By nature, Hindus are
coward and timid and one Muslim person is said to equal ten Hindus and
hence fear them not is the religious dictation by the Islamic clergy
to the Muslims living in India."
Dr. Ambedkar writes "While many debased ideas
of Hinduism may be found in the Islamic society of India, what is
worst is the treatment Islam gives to its women by dire cting them to
live under a veil".
There is no possibility now or hereafter to
evolve a common and peaceful society of Hindus and Muslims, living
together in peace.
No Muslim can ever accept secularism
common denominator of society. He rejects any kind of Nationalism.
Muslims may not support any counter
the same is irreligious and suicidal to the very spirit of Islam.
As per Quaranic
is worthy only of hate, disassoication
holds belief in idol worshiping. A
worshiper is dear to Allaha and is to
the secular Akbar the great, beheaded
battle of Panipat.




disctations, "Any non-believer

and be murdered more so if he
Muslim who beheads an idol
be respected as a Ghazi" (Even
his opponent Hemu in the 2nd

A Muslim must not deviate on account of
advancement in science from his real belief in Allaha and whose last
Prophet on earth is Mohd. Muslims must strongly assert themselves even
at the cost of their lives and wage a war or a holy Jehad if necessary
or when opposed. An opposer must be punished with death even when he
surrenders. This is the order of Allaha.
Indian can never be a common land to live in
freedom available to both Hindus and Muslims. This is the strict
belief of the Muslims who must prepare themselves for the final attack
and their victory over the Hindus.

Much more than what is stated above in brief, in fact has

been written by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who himself converted to Buddhism
at about the time just before his death.
Society states "Indian leadership unnecessarily suffered by opposing
abolition of Khilafat in Turkey. (This refers to Mahatama Gandhi's
support to Muslims in India when the British succeeded in abolishing
Khilafat by a Turkish leader by the name Kamal Pasha). Muslims in
India continue to entertain great hatred towards humanity that
includes Hindus. They unabashedly state and justify Islamic conduct of
proselytization on the point of sword. The world is watching the
spread of Islam all around the world. The Muslims acclaim that none in
the world not belonging to Islam will be allowed to pollute the holy
land of Islam in Middle East by stepping their feet on it. Should the
Muslims of Afghanistan decide to attack India, the Muslims in India
are divinely bound to suupport such an attack and to drive away the
Britons from the soil of India that should be politically taken over
by the Muslims only. The Hindus deserve to be killed and be treated as
the servants of the Muslims, which is the cause of their sufferance
for not believing in Allaha and his Prophet Mohd. This was the
declared policy of Indian Muslims in the year 1918, when a plan was
hatched to invite Afghans to invade India for thowing away the British
Lala Lajpatrai said "For the last six months I have spent
my time in studying History and Muslim jurisprudence. I am compelled
to think and declare that it is absurd to imagine Hindu / Muslim unity
in India, ever. I may like to trust the present Muslim leaders but I
cannot deceive myself from not correctly understanding what is
contained in Quaran and in the Hadits of Mohd. No Muslim leaders dare
defy the same."
Muslim unity in India is based on Muslim belief in Pan Islamic
fraternity and this relegates Indian Nationalism for Muslims. No
Muslim can ever limit his absolute allegiance to his country or even
to his own Nationalism. He survives by being continuosly brain washed
to owe allegiance to international Muslim brotherhood, the nucleus of
which is located in Saudi Arabia. No Muslim can stand up and fight
another Muslim nation".

Mahatma Gandhi said "Muslim by nature is made a bully.

Hindu by nature is timid and peace loving. I cannot agree to alter my
belief in non-violence even when the Muslims in India resort to
unwanted barbaric conducts against the Hindus. The time will come and
I pray to God to bring a change in the style of human thought that
respects Non - violence as a human habit". This is indeed a true style
of Hindu thought but can it be any more tolerated, is the question?
Jawaharlal Nehru said "On the floor of Lok Sabha while
talking on Kashmir, even if the world settles issue of Kashmir in
favour of Pakistan, they will yet find another cause to disturb India
and her peace for this is natural for them and is most unnatural for
India and the Hindus in India".
While addressing a Muslim league assembly at Lahore in the year 1940,
Mohd. Ali Jinhha in his Presidential address said :
"Muslims in India are an independent nation that does not and cannot
include Hindu Indians in it. I am at a loss to understand the
inability of Hindu leadership's understanding this singular fact.
Hindus and Muslims are not merely two separate religions. They are two
distinctly different social systems. To visualize Hindus and Muslims
in India uniting to create a common nation is a mythical concept. It
is only a fancy dream of some unawakened Hindu leaders. The mutual
hatred between the two socieites has already crossed the permissible
limits and this is now the sole cause of the people of India and its
rulers the Britons to understand it. While we stand on this cross
road, let no further time be lost in acknowledging this truth or else
the total India itself will be ruined. Hindus and Muslims follow two
different religious ideologies and two different social systems. They
neither like to live or eat together or to marry into each others
communities. The truth is that Hindus and Muslims are two different
civilizations. They also entertain great mutual differencs and hatred
towards each other since their thought processes grow on different
beliefs. They also draw their respective inspirations from two
different sources of History. They have their different religious
books and different religious leaders. Hindus in India out number the
Muslims. Hence, no common Nationalism can ever be built by the common
effort of Hindus and Muslims. Should any contrary effort by made, it
will only result in the disturbance of peace. If inspite of this clear
vision before me, any effort is ever made to draw out a common

Constitution for Hindus and Muslims shall

Constitution meant only for some dirty basket".




To wage a holy war called Jehad is amongst the basic
principles advocated strongly by Prophet Mohd. According to him, there
does not exist any chance of world peace unless the world as a whole
is converted into Darul Islam. He has himself unabashedly announced
the division of the world into two camps of believers and the nonbelievers. Similarly, the Islamic religion does not abhor violence,
but on the other hand, openly justifies and directs its believers to
rely on their strength that is intended to be used for the anihiliaton
of the people who resist such a violent attack on their own faiths or
On reading of a recently published book in English by one
Brigadier Malik "Quaranic Concept of War", one learns that Jehad for
Muslims is the direction of Allaha to destroy the non-believers
totally. It is not at all necessary that those directed to be killed
be first found as being guilty of something like violating human
rights. This itself, according to the book, is a sufficient offence,
not to be a follower of Islam. According to the author, Allaha
promises heavens to the Muslims who proceed to wage a Jehad and
indulge into destruction of humans not owing allegiance to Islam.
Allaha freely sanctions by his divine authority, murder of the nonbelivers and cruel treatment to them. He further permits the Jehadis
to put into their own use even the married women of the opponents and
treat the children of the vanquished opponents as slaves or at the
pleasure of the Jehadis. There is no Quaranic diction or any direction
in any Hadit to take non-believers as the prisoners of war. Such
captives, because of their non-belief and offer of resistance, is
itself a sufficient sin to be beheaded under the sword of the
Prophet Mohd. himself has gone to record to say that he
lives on the loot of such properties that belonged to the nonbelivers. He entitled himself to Male Ganimat and is on record taking
captured women in his harem. Even a son, by the name of Ibrahim was
born out of one such woman by the name of Moria. But he died when he
was very young. In order to truly understand the psyche of the
Muslims, one must look at this book's contents that clearly advocattes

spread of terrorism in the world for promoting the cause of Islam. One
therefore need not wonder as to what happened on 11th Sptember, 2001
in New York when the Islamic terrorists destroyed the two buildings of
World Trade Centre and attempted to attack the central military H.Q.
buidling of the United States of America located at Washington (DC).
According to the author, terrorism and spread of Islam are ordained to
march hand in hand in order to destroy the opposition and to frighten
those who do not subscribe to the thought of Allaha as stated by Mohd.
weapon that must be used before Jehad is commenced if not for anything
else but to demoralize the nonbelievers in Islam. A foreword to this
book is provided by the ex-President and Military General of Pakistan
who was Zia-Ul-Haq. He died in an air crash. Even the present dictator
of Pakistant as the President of the country has announced the state
policy of Pakistant to support Islamic Jehadwhenever and wherever
fought. One can therefore see an integral bond between Terrorism and
Jehadthat finds its first source of origin in the holy book of Quaran.
discovered from the pages of History. It is therefore important to
understand the Muslims psyche who hold faith in Terrorism that in turn
goes to support the concept of war or Jehad. The ideology of Islam
therefore is less of any human religion based on the need of welfare
of the world of humanity. It is really a political campaign of Islamic
invasion of the entire world and unless this is finally achieved, the
believers are religiously ordained to wage a Jehadand are permitted to
take support of Terrorism.
98% of Muslims in India are converts from Hindus. While
Islam unambiguously ordains upon its followers all over the world to
recognize only Mohd. as its last Prophet and abandon every connection
of any alternative nature with their past, yet belief in its ideology
includes at least one visit to Mecca for, Haj. By this method Islam
instills amongst its followers a permanent bondage with the Arabs.
Hence, those who convert to Islam not only alter their earlier styles

of God remembrance, but they also proceed to divert their Nationalism

towards Mecca in the Arab world. One can learn more about this reality
by going through the books written by Islamic scholar one Mr. Anwar
Sheikh who published the following two works on Islam highlighting the
above conclusions. The books are 1. ISLAM THE ARAB NATIONALIST
that Arab Nationalism drives its followers towards Arabic culture and
to spread and use in its way every activity that includes violence. A
few of the salient true features appropriate to Islam need to be
Prophet Mohd. himself declared to be the messenger of God.
The tribe in which he was born (Querish) was the superior most tribe
of the Pagans. The land of Arabia was singularly the ideal
What he said and which came to be later recorded in Muslims
holy book Quaran is the last word of Allaha.
Mohd. declared Kaba ( the round black stone) as the only
idol that was given to the Arabs by Allaha.
Kaba that was even earlier recognized as the holy place for
the Pagans was reasserted as the holy place of Islam. Who so ever
should embrace Islam must also simultaneously declare his belief in
Kaba and in the Arab superiority meaning Arab Nationalism as well.
Muslims anywhere in the world are ortained to bow five
times in a day by ritually offering Namaz through observance of
rituals that impress upon its followers paying obeisances to the Arab
territory of Kaba. The holy Namaz is to be offered by facing towards
Every Muslim as a matter of ritual must visit Kaba at least
once in his life time. Kaba is thus made the symbol of Arab
nationalism that must be followed by all follower's of Islam. This
automatically cuts off the followers earlier connections with their
own nation and in its place, the new belief promotes and altogether
different kind of loyalty in the matter of one's Nationalism.
Mohd. built only around himself the sole center, an ideal
model for the Muslims to follow him as the believers in Islam. The way

to heavens for the mortals born on earth passed only through his
declarations and all other approaches were declared as Kufr
Islam therefore turned itself into the only sanctioned way
to reach the abode of God where worldly pleasures left behind by the
mortals shall be available to those who follow Mohd. and his declared
path. There is very little said of human philosophy and the creation
from the point of view of spirituality in the holy book of Quaran.
Quaran came to be written in Arabic. This built immediately
an Arab center that was considered as the revealer of the only path to
reach the heavens. All non-Arabs who chose to convert to Islam and
provide strength to the Arab Nationalism indeed was by itself a great
service done by Mohd. to himself, to the Arabs, to the language of the
Arabs i.e. Arabic and to bring in its fold all the followers anywhere
on the globe. Any Muslim even today openly professes his faith in
Islam as declared by Mohd. by unabashedly relegating his loyalty to
the family in which he may have been born when compared to the
declarations of Mohd. This was a grand design really political in
character on which Muslims could advance their cause of expansionism
by combining religion with ultimate success in this political aim.
Hence this book is tittled as ISLAM - A CONCEPT OF POLITICAL WORLD
nationalism. Mohd. successfully united Arab cause containing its
language and its culture to be acknowledged by one and all as the
superior most declared through him by Allaha himself. No hesitation is
seen in the declarations of Islam who clearly condemn and negate any
other faith or dogma dealing with religion of spirituality as total
falsehood. He went to record those who did not believe in Islam as
Kafirs (unwanted by Allaha) and any belief held in the alternative as
Kufr. He divided the society in believers and non-believers. He also
divided the nations and the world in two distinct parts. The division
as can be seen is done on the basis of political control. Those
nations who did not rule as per Islamic doctrine are termed as the
hated Darul Herb and those who are governed by Muslims under Islamic
doctrine are termed as Allaha's loved nations as Darul Islam. He
declared himself as the last of Allaha's messenger sent to the earth
and what he said, did and recorded in Quaran as the last word of
Allaha that cannot be touched, amended or altered ever after him since
Allaha had no further message left to give to the mortals born on

To understand the problem of Muslim in India, a peep intol
the past history of India is essential. Altough, it is not wihtin the
scope of this book to analyze the effect of Islam in India from the
year 712 ownwardsm, yet one cannot ignore the essentialities in order
to truly understand the present day problem of Muslims in India. This
does include, unfortunately role of Muslims in organizing Terrorism in
India and using Muslims in India even to spread Terrorism in other
parts of the world. One cannot forget the Islamic psyche that revolves
around violence for spreading its message and its cause.
Mohd. - Bin - Kaism was the first Muslim invader who
invaded the territory of Sind in India in the year 712 which at that
time was mostly populated by Buddhists. He carried out the slaughter
of all adults over the age of 17 unless they agreed to give up their
faith in Buddhism and embraced Islam. The local king Dahir was killed
and his wife and son Jai Singh committed self-immolation in a fort
near Karachi. The two young princesses namely Suraja and Panna bhai
were captured alive and were seni as presents to the Kha rifa at
Bhagdad. It is said that even MohdBin-Kasim was ordered to be killed
and his body sown in the ox hide skin was forwarded to the Khalifa n
Bhagdad as per his orders The first invasion lasted for a little time
until later i.e. 200 years thereafter, further Islamic invasions on
India took place from the Turkish States in Central Asia. This finally
gave birth to the rules of Saltnats and later to the Moghul Empire at
One thing that stands clear from the history is that the
mair purpose of such Islamic military invasions was not merely to locl
the riches of India but these attacks were essentially directed to
spread the very doctrine of Islam in India. The present day problem of
Muslims in India in reality is the conitnuation of the very same
process that began in India almost 1200 years ago. Islamic dcotrine is
totally political. The very concept of Islam and its continuation is
nothing else but a continuing political invasion of earlier India and
expanding Islam, in the present day India of the 21st century. As far
as dogmatic assertions of Islamic theology are concerned, no change
whatsoever has taken place in them and hence the destructive attitude
of its followers and newer converts into it, cannot be ignored without
once again looking at the clictations of Islam. There is no scope

whatsoever for any one to ever differ or to amend the Quaranic

clictations. With the changes taking place in time and also in the
world scenario, Islam's basic philosophy remains static. While the
science greatly casts its impact on the lives of the people on earth,
Islam does not undertake to alter its original stand that was born in
the middle of the V1 century AD under Mohd. It continues to have its
main and only aim to convert the entire world into Darul Islam and
nothing be spared unless this finality is achieved. The recent attack
on the Parliament of India is clear reassertion of Islam's unaltered
attitude. This observation is further strengthened by the statements
of Osama-Bin-Laden of AI-Queida who found worldwide support of
Muslims. India cannot afford to ignore or neglect to take note of this
attiude of Islam that threatens Hindu way of life in India. Looking at
the acts of terrorism in USA, Indonesia, the design of Islam is openly
political or religious, social or cultural and directs world's social
and ,economic systems to follow the original plan as was announced by
Mohd. and is recorded in Quaran and the Hadits. It has its own system
of Islamic Jurispurdence to dispense justice that has not undergone
any change in either its civil or criminal matters, notwithstanding
how the world itself has changed in the last 1200 years. No non-Muslim
is equal to a Muslim and all Muslims are ordained never to trust any
non-Muslim or to ever befriend them. No Muslim in a Muslim state is
worthy to be considered for any responsible job on behalf of the state
and none be ever enrolled as an army solider in any state of Islam.
The non -Muslim must be subjected to special taxes and are ordained to
be treated with cruelty as a matter of rule. They are termed as the
Zimmis' by which word is implied the hated non-believer. Islam is not
a religion that permits tolerance. Non-belief in Islam is itself a
sufficient offence for an Islamic believer to kill any non-believer
and he who resists enfrocement of Islamic faith upon the non-believers
must be beheaded. Wherever Islam went on the strength of sword, it
chose to behead the opposers that included children and women as well.
Women are meant for the joy and pleasure of the men of Islam and are
allowed to be so used on an islamic invasion scoring military
world libriaries only because the Islamic victors apprehended such
libraries contained thoughts and ideas not acceptable or not in
accordance with the Islamic theology. The libraries at Sikandrya in

Egypt, Taxila, Vikramsheel and Nalanda in India were burnt only

because no opposing view or an idea even in the field of science that
did not find prior sanction of Islam could be tolerated. Darul Islam
came to be created wherever Islamic forces captured territory. Where
they filed, the struggle to win was kept going. Hence, even in India
of today, this Islamic invasion by the deifnition of its original
concept continues. We cannot forget how Bangladesh was created by the
help of Indian forces. Originally it was declared as a secular
country. Later however, in a very short time, it converted itself into
anohter Darul Islam. The same struggle is now going on even within
India that stands glaringly visible to the world in the state of Jammu
and Kashmir.
victors, the re-enters were either pushed out or they chose to run
away to save their own lives. One cannot forget the period of last
1400 years, when the world itself was not scientifically advanced. The
advnce in science over the globe owes its real beginning only in about
last 350/400 years. Prior to this, the world itself especially in the
Middle East and areas around lacked everything that the present day
world provides. The communications were difficult and the victors
dealt cruel blows upon the civilized beings. Even earlier invaders
like Huns, Mongols/ Kushans and latter the Islamic followers trampled
on these areas of the globe to wipe off the better civilizations in
countries like Egypt and Persia. From Persia, escaped some Caravans of
the Parsis who took refuge in India to save their lives form the
Islamic slaughter.
India itself came under the Islamic conquests from 712 to
1192 AD. further efforts were also made to go in the Southern
direction of the Indian sub-continent. In the 16 th century, a
beginning was made by Sher Shah Suri who himself had Afghan blood in
him but had learnt a lot in state management from Raja Todarmal of
Chunia, aTehsil in Lahore distirct. Amongst the Moghul rulers, Akbar
alone inspite of his illiteracy showed better tollerance towards the
locals in India. He too is on record beheading Hemu, the vanquished
King in the 2 n' battle of Panipat in order to become a Ghazi.
However, his son and grand son failed to follow his initiated policy
of tolerance towards the Hindus. It is a part of Moghul history in
India when the religional revolts of significant nature grew in all
directions of the Indian sub-continent and how the Moghul empire
itself uIltimately ended with the British Crown taking over the entire
India after crushing India's first battle of independence in the year

1857. Muslims in this battle fought for the Islamic rule & not for
real Indian Nationalism. This has been a historical tragedy.
fought against the British and registered their claims with the
British crown who finally took the whole of India from the hands of
Hindus and Muslims rulers, both. Muslims thus failed to serve the real
National struggle in the name of secular India.
shape. The British desired to rule over, India by exploiting the
religious differences between the majority Hindus and the miniority
Muslims. To begin with, even the British really failed to...
National struggle in the name of secular India.




shape. The British desired to rule over, India by exploiting the
religious differences between the majority Hindus and the miniority
Muslims. To begin with, even the British really failed to understand
the Muslim psyche based solely on Quaran. The greater failure of true
understanding later resulted in some important political blunders of
India's Hindu leaders like Mahatma Ghandi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Indian
Nationalism could not be sufficiently aroused to the needed degree
aginst the British Imperialism because of not only lack of resources
and funds but on the account of the very inherent weakness of
Nationalism into which the Muslims never fully and honestly
participated. Hindu leaders at no time took this fact intotheir
pragmatic planning. It is in the annals of history that the Muslims in
fact considered even conspiring against the soil of India. They
clsired to drive away the British from its soil by inviting
Afghanistan to invade India by relying upon the strength of Muslims
within India. Yet, the Hindu leadership of Nehru and Gandhi failed to
take into account the real Islamic plan of converting India into Darul
Islam. They disregarded the lessons of history. These leaders really
failed even to understand the psychology of Islam from the Hindus.
Such converts had lost even the minimum love from the Hindus. They
were ready to prove their loyalty to the new religion by supporting
even the Pan Islamization by becoming themselves as the 5 th Columnist
favouring the Islamic invaders. The Hindu leaders sorrily played in
the hands of the British and also failed to unite even the Hindu
Indian population as one nation desiring to throw away the British

yoke and to earn freedom for the whole lot of Indian population as one
nation. Muslims, as was stated frankly by Jinnah that they could not
co-exist with Hindus under any common Constitution continued to hold
this view steadfastly. This fact failed to register in the minds of
Hindu politicians.
India is an old nation with its own grand culture and
traditions. It has its own past glorious history and culture. It is
the only nation that can proudly acclaim its unparalleled culture.
None in the world could ever surpass the grandeur of past India.
Hence, no mixed nation of people was warranted to be formed unlike the
USA where there were diferent political states and many battles
including civil wars had to be won to finally draw out one common
Constitution of that country to bring about the United States of
America. India could never be expected to be united with Muslims who
are divinely directed to keep themselves aloof of the Kufrand the
Kafirs. This problem existed then and it continues to exist even today
when in spite of the partition of the Indian sub-continent into two
sovereign countries of India and Pakistan, the problem of Muslims in
India haunts India in its face showing further signs of balkanization.
Hindus are the idol worshippers and Muslims are ordained to kill the
idol worshippers as the worst enemies of Islam. The Quaranic
instruction on this point has not undergone any change.
Bangladesh is a definite accomplishment towards creating Darul I slams
out of DarulHei-bs. The battle for further invasion of the Darul Herb
in India continues. Our national leaders like Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru
both failed whereas Mr. Jinnah indeed succeeded. One cannot but admit
this fact of history, which is as clear as the sun shining on a clear
day in the skies. Regretfully, this naked expression of Muslims
reality is not being dealt with even by the present Government with
its Hindu leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani. May be
this book awakens them.
Our leaders thought that they had ended the problem of
Mulims in India by accepting the division of the country including
after swallowing the prominently announced Gandhi slogan "PAKISTAN CAN
ONLY BE BORN ON MY CHEST ". But for the Hindus and their ancient glory
in social and cultural fields, Islam failed to Cover whole of India
with its own theology as tney had done in Egypt and Persia. This
continues to remain as the sore point in the Muslim world. Muslims on
the sub-continent continue to lie in wait till this change too can be

brought about. In due course if Pakistan and Bangladesh were to merge

into India, Muslim population will seriously dominate Hindu politics
of today.
Hindu/ Muslim conflict in India to manipulate their imperialistic
designs, it will be wrong to say that the problem of Muslims in India
was created by the British. If that was so, the problem of Muslims
ought to have ended with the division of the country into India and
Pakistan. The Indian leaders thought although wrongfully, that with
the exit of the British from India and with the creation of an
independent state of Pakistan, Indians could live in peace as an
independent nation itself. How wrong such a political calculation was
is now for anyone to see and how the Indian national Congress under
the leadership of Nehru and Gandhi miserably failed? The slogan of
AkhandHindustan as was made by the Congress leaders stands as an
example of admission of Indian leadership's total failure. Can anyone
ever deny it?
Had we succeeded in making India strong and had we
succeeded in ending the problem of Muslims in India, one could have
perhaps read that part of Indian history with some sort of
consolation. But while Pakistan and Bangladesh stand created by
becoming Islamic nations, we in India inspite of being majority of
Hindus live in fear under the continuing threat of terrorism nourished
and patronized by our Islamic neighbours. Sorrily, we still do not
appear to have learnt any good lesson from the past history and still
expect that Muslim in India shall agree to call themselves Indians
first and Mulims later. We still feel that with the declared liberal
constitution of India, we will able to hold the plurality of India as
one strong Indian nation. It is nothing but a kind of PSEUDO
SECULARISM that shall never allow any Muslim to neglect his singular
or collective role of being a true member of Pan Islamization only. He
awaits his correct time of aciton as he has waited in the past. Hindus
ought to WAKE UP.
former MP Professor Balraj Madhok who has written on this subject some
grand literature in English and Hindi which needs to be read by all
lovers of India and her ancientism. Professor Balraj Mahclok was also
one of the early Presidents of the Jan Singh who went into making a
party, to oppose the Congress of Indira Gandhi by the name of Janata
Party. Its first Prime Minister was Morarji Desai and his prominent

comrades in those days were Choudary Charan Singh, Atal Bihari

Vajpayee, L.K. Advani, Raj Narayan, Georgre Fernandez, Madhu Limayee
and many more. The party soon split for its internal discohesion and
what came out of it was not what went into it originally as the Jan
Sangh. An altogether new party with old names of Atal Bihari Vajpayee
and L.K.Advani came out of it wiith the new name of BJP. Regretfully,
not only they left and marginalized Professor Balraj Mahdok, one of
the original thinkers and a senior member but the new party also
deviated from their original and declared policy of saving India i.e.
Bharat Mata as the legitimate claimants being the descendents of the
original race of the Aryans. They are Hindus who love this country as
their ancestors did respecting its ancientism, its social traditions
and glorious culture of the past. The original sa ron flag of BJS and
its election symbol of Deepak was also given up the BJP.
It has got to be said and accepted for the reasons of
Quaranic dictations and assertions, that the Muslims even though born
on the soil of India unless they settle to reorientate some of the
Quaranic dictations, shall always be looked at with suspicion. There
are some noticeable exceptions but let us not forge that




resurfaced in India of which due caution must be taken or else the
Indian way of life which is nothing other than Hindu way of life shall
stand permanently buried. What are the causes for resurfacing of
Muslims attitude more so when in the year 1947, the sub-continent was
divded in,two independent states. The Muslims got what they wanted
which is 30% of the grand land of Indian sub ~ continent. One may look
at the history of the world to discover if at all there is any other
such example where centuries old Hindu civilization settled for its
own freedom by foregoing a grand portion of tis own land. There could
never be another example of the total failure of the political
leadership that took in hand such an issue and failed miserably in
protecting the interests of the majority community of the Hindus in
India. Indian leaders of the Congress were in a hurry to capture seats
and political powers. They have gone on record for compromising with
the fundamental beliefs of the Hindus.

The further tragedy in proof of political blunders made by the Indian

National Congress of 1947 is in seeing the resurfacing of this problem
in India. Let us not forget that with the advancement in science, we
in India and our neighbours in Pakistan believing in different
religious ideologies, opens doors of confrontation with each other.
For the reasons of their faith in Islamic theology, we are now also
endangered by military attacks of atomic bombs. An answer to this
question has also to be simultaneously found. To discover and face the
realities as they exist, we have first to discover the reasons which
Lack of knowledqe of Islam :
The failure of political leadership in India has made the
present state worse than what existed in 1947. The leadership failed
to caution the public of the correct and unamendable aims of Islam. It
is universally followed by the Muslims all over. It can be easily
found out that the roots of this problem go down to Prophet Mohd.'s
own role in delivering to the world what is contained in Muslims holy
book Quaran and how it is to be acted upon in his declared Hadits.
Even the Hindu intelligentsia failed with India's political Leaders to
truly understand the long term aim of Islam. Hence, no proper
precautions were taken even when the Congress leadership agreed to
divide the land of the sub-continent between India and Pakistan.
emphasizes improvements in interse human conducts believing in the
true nature of man, which is both benevolent and joyful. Islam is not
merely an alternative way of God worship. It is a complete political
code of expansionism to bring under it the entire world. It not only
hates or discards any other way of life fit for the huannans on the
earth but in fact openly sanctions waging of the bloody wars and to
behead the opponents to it. It is a political doctrine. Mohd. its
Prophet, made himself the nucleus of the Islamic faith that was born
in Saudi Arabia in the middle of 7th century. Mohd. himself led over
26 out of a total of 82 small and big wars called Jehads fought for
the spread of Islamic faith all over the world. Islam clearly divides
the world society in two camps of believers and the non believers. It
announces an endless war until the entire world has been militarily
won over by Islam. Its clear message is contained in its holy book the
Quaran that can never be altered and it delivers the final message of
Allah as stated by Mohd. and is contained in this book. Some of the
expressions used in this text are already referred to in this

publication are once again stated. These are Millat a n d Kufr, Darul
Islam and Darul Herb. Muhajid and Muhadeen, Shahid and Ghazi are some
of the further expressions that need to be understood before one can
realize the real meaning of Islam which word paradoxically means
'Peace' in the Arabic Language.
It is note-worthy that in the last 1400 years after its
birth, Muslim have not been able to live in peace with any other
community of humans owing faith to any other religious belief. Where
the political control of a territory is not in the hands of the
Muslims or the territory is governed under any other ideology, the
territory is termed as Darul Herb. All Muslims are religiously
ordained to die (or become Shaheeds) to convert Darul Herbs into Darul
Islams. No Muslim is to consider any non-Muslims as equal to him and
none may befriend anyone not believing in Islam.
Jadunaath Sarcar and H.G.Wales had to write admitting that the conduct
of Muslim rulers in India was founded in the dictation of Islam as
contained in Quaran and Hadits. Unless one first educated oneself
about Islam and its literature, one would fail to grasp the cause of
cruelty meted to the local Hindus of India by the victorious Muslims
invaders from the North West of India. The British Imperialism in
India came to understand the impossibility of Hindu/ Muslim coexistence and hence they shaped their own strategy of ruling over
India by exploiting this clear difference between the large
populations of Hindus and Muslims. Muslim league, a political party of
the Muslims came to be founded in the year 1905. The very next year
i.e. 1906, Aga Khan a religious leader of a crosssection of Muslim
society met Lord Minto and demanded separate political rights for the
Muslims as electorates while efforts were being made to train Indians
into working a Western style of political goverance. The British took
the fullest advantage of such diifferences that shall always surface
and prevent Indians becoming a homogeneous nation demanding freedom
from the British. Hence, in conclusion, it can be said that the early
leadership of India under the Indian National Congress totally failed
to realize the realities facing India. They neglected to note that the
confronation of Muslims against Nationalism had its roots in Muslim's
holy book Quaran and no compromise or immediate agreement between the
Hindus and Muslims of India could ever be drawn for taking any
permanent advantage including ensuring in India, an all time peace. To
a very great extent, the unalterable mentality of Muslim and lack of

its realization with the Hindu

present Muslim problerii of India.






Neglecting to affect exchanqe of population on the partition of India

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar writing in his book on 'Thoughts on
Pakistan' published in the year 1946 clearly justifies an agrument of
India and Pakistan exchanging their respective religious populations.
Both Gandhi and Nehru ridiculed this sugestion that had found favour
both with Sardar Patel and Rajagopalachari. Dr.Ambedkar was both a
lawman and an intellectual historian. He clearly foresaw that Hindu
population in Pakistan will be brutally killed or will be converted to
Islam. The time has already proven his point. Even Jinnah was inclined
to accept this proposal. However, holding myopic view of the political
situation, Gandhi and Nehru rejected the idea of which, we can now see
its effects. In the Western Pakistan, there were 23% population of
Hindus at the time of partition of the country. Not even 1% of Hindu
population survives in Pakistan. In Bangladesh, there was 30% Hindu
population which has now come down to only 12%. In fact, Hindu leaders
went out of their way to have the departing Muslims dismbark from the
trains going to Pakistan from India. Such a phenomena has also been
filmed and shown in a film called Garam Hawa. While Bangladesh and
Pakistan have settled their Hindu problem once and for all, we in
India for the failure of our leadership remain stuck up with this
sordid problem that could have been solved but is left with us even at
the cost of yet another demand that may be made of another Darullslaln from the present territory of Hindu country. Demand for another
Mughalastan is already being talked of. Refer chapter XXIV of this
Constitutional flaws :
We all know that our present Constitution iis basically a reproduction
of British made Government of India Act, 1935. We have added to it
some provisions from the Constitutions of USA,
USSR, FRANCE, IRELAND and GERMANY Many provisions in this
Constitution like Article 30, 44 and 370 are unwarranted by virtue of
which alone the problem of Muslims in India has resurfaced. Once again
the blame for such lack of appreciation of situation squarely falls at
the door of the leadership of Indian National Congress. They never
could see through the evil possibilities for the good future of India.
Once again I have to repeat and say "LAMHON NE KHATA KI, SADION NE
SAZAA PAI" (for the errors of moments, centuries stood punished).

India is an ancient country with its vast land mass. It

was not formed like USA as the United States of India. Its vastness
had one common feature of Hindutva. This ought have been fully
exploited in the last 50 years or more. We however seem to have tilted
in abandoning the desired political unity of the country but instead
we drifted to bite the Muslim bait in applauding the differences in
Indian society by admiring its diversity and plurality. This singular
reason has greatly contributed once again in resurfacing the Muslim
problem before us. Indeed it is a very serious issue that can no more
be casually dealt with.
Our Constitution begins in the name of India i.e. Bharat.
I fail to understand as to why the name of the country as was existing
ever before and in fact still continues to exist as HIndustan , was
not added along with India and Bharat. This could have had a meaning
to unite whole of India in the name fo Hindus. This could definitely
make a psychological difference and why was it abandoned remains to
date a question that defies reasonable answer? In fact, India is not
even a federation where people and states with divided loyalties in
regions arre brought together for some superior purpose of existence.
Hindustan has been a recognized coutnry or a Nation since times
immemorial. It is the egoistic mind of the then Congress leaders who
defined the nature in the name of some sort of imagined secularism.
All the time, the leadership was obsessed wiith their old design to
consider Hindus and Muslims in India as one Nation. Even the partition
of the country brought about on the basis of two separate nations for
the reason of difference in religions did not seem to have altered the
thought process of Congress leadership. We now have to face and pay
the price of wrong political decisions done by our earlier leaders.
Readers may again look at the clearly expressed views of Mr. Jinnah.
The overall structure of the Constitution of India is to
protect and pamper the minorities, the largest of which is the Muslim
community. With our failure to look into their real ethos, we are once
again put to face the very problem for which the country had agreed to
divide iitself in two independent political units. Article 30 of the
Coonstitution is cletermental to the accepted theory of Hindus and
Muslims being two different nations. While we conceded this point at
the time of partition, we appear to have lost recognizing it for later
times. Similarly, while we integrated the princely states into the
union of India, we accorded a special and temporary stautus of almost
another free country to the state of J & K. This refers to Article
370. We can now see this having its own affect in that our own

pampered local leaders of the National Conference are asking for

greater autonomy for J&K. Should this be conceded, what argument shall
be left with us to have denied the same status to the states of
Travecore and Cochin, Hyderabad, Bhopal and other large princely
states that were merged into India without any pre condition?
Fragmentation of Hindu sentiment:
From the angle of political India, even small groups of
Hindus could not be united and brought on one platform to protect
their own long time interests. Groups like Arya Samaj, Hindu Maha
Sabha, RSS and Sanatan Sabhawere all put under greaf pressures to
supress the rising agitation of the Hindus for the reason that
everyone expected things to radically change in favour of the Hindus
when the country became free in 1947. Within the Congress party, there
continued to reamin a strong lobby Of Muslims led by India's first
Minister of education Maulana Azad. He was born in Arabia and was
educated on Muslim pattern in Cario and was a man of totally Muslim
make up. In order to prove the bonafide of Congress party as the
secular party in India, both Gandhi and Nehru are on record for having
always belittled the Hindu interests yet failing to take into account
the effects of such attitude in the long run. What we watched as
resurfacing problem of Muslims in India is also based on this reason.
One amy read Maulana's book (India wins freedom) where he without
ambiguity states that he himself opposed the partition of the country
on the ground that such a conduct will hit the real interests of the
Muslims who as known are religiously ordained to bring about a world
of Darul lslam. He was ably assisted in this game by his son-in-law
Mr.Hamayun Kabir who also was picked up and appointed as the first
secretary to the Ministry of Education. Nehru missed the focal point
that a department of education is an ideal forum to prepare the future
of the Nation. For such purpose, a man of standing was Dr.Shayama
Prasad Mukerjee. He was a staunch Hindu and was ideally suited for the
job. However, only to appease the Muslims, Nehru and Gandhi once again
committed a great blunder. We in India are paying for such political
blunders even today. Dr, S.P.Mukerjees ability as a political
visionary may be seen from the records of debates in the assembly of
Bengal before India was partitioned.
Sardar Patel was one Congress leader who could be said to
have possessed a long distance vision. After being disgusted with the
policies followed by Gandhi and Nehru, he is on record having said
that he knew "One national Muslim by the name of Jawaharlal Nehru". He

died in the year 1950 when Indian Constitution was formally adopted by
the first Parliament of India. He along with Dr.Rajendra Prasad
resolved the problem of Som Nath Temple in Gujarat once for all but
the other problem of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, on account of his early
death continues to haunt the entire country even today. Had he lived
longer, perhaps he could have influenced country's economic and
political policies better suited to Hindus. Maulana Azaad at the time
when the country adopted Hindi as country's official language felt
belittled and always worked to ensure that Urdu in Arabic script was
accorded by the state of India, an equal status with Hindi. He
succeeded in it, although not one Muslim can ever claim having
contributed to the drawing up of Urdu Script, borrowed from the
Arabic, a foreign language indeed. Hindu scholars in Urdu are as many
as the Muslims. It is a Turkish word meaning Soldier & had its start
In the year 1952 at the time of first election, the Muslim parties
particularly in Kerela began making bargains in seat adjustment for
winning the elections. The very Muslim party that was responsible for
the partition of the country once again resurfaced in Kerela and
continued to call itself as Muslim league. Nehru's own Congress party
shook hands with the Muslim league in Kerela that gave a fresh
momentum once again to the Muslims reemergence at that time which was
so close to the year 1947. In this game, even the communist party of
India played their own role to participate in elections and brought
about a Government in the form of coalition that contained the Muslim
league. This itself encouraged the Muslims left in India to reunite
themselves and to continue with their old game of expanding Darul
Islam wherever on the globe Darul Herb existed. This game in Kerela
continues to date and the Muslims voters have realized their new
strength of vote in a democracy. Hindus on the other hand have faced.
Secularism in India which too cannot be fully prescribed unless
Islamic followers agree to alter destructive Ayats contained in their
holy book of Quaran.
Jan Sangh and Janta party :
Congress policy of pampering the Muslims to woo for their
votes led to the formation of Jan Sangh by its leader Dr. Shayama
Prasad Mukerjee. It was a Nationalist party with Hindutva as its base.
It soon began making its impact. Between 1967 and 1975, Jan sangh did
emerge as a Nationalist party of the Hindus. However, it stood
accepted to begin with only in the North and among the higher castes

of Hindus. In 1968, its President Mr.Din Dayal Upadhaya was killed in

mysterious circumstances. The coming up of Jan Sangh was affected. It
was also affected for some of its internal politics when Professor
Balraj Madhok its earlier President was dismembered as the member of
Jan Sangh. The cumulative effect looked to pamper the Muslim community
in India who did not want to face the ideas of Professor Balraj
Madhok, admittedly had past record of strong Hinduism & passion for
being a true patriot. His own political comrades stopped him in his
political pursuit. Strangely even at his age of 84, he displays
courage & alertness of mind that can help the cause India, even today.
The politics in India in the year 1975, when Indira Gandhi
declared National Emergency took another shape of giving birth to
Janta Party whose first Prime Minister was Morarji Desai. This party
too suffered for its internal conflicts between Chou d ary Charan
Singh and Morarji Desai. The party had principally been voted to power
by the people rejecting conduct of Emergency brought about by Indira
Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi. He was a young man with some of his
own ideas but he was still a political novice. In the year 1977, Janta
party was formed with iits victory over the Congress party led by Mrs.
Indira Gandhi. Muslim community in particular worked at this time
against the policies of Sanjay Gandhi although even vviithout their
support, Janta Party could have won the elections all over India.
Muslims and their supporters somehow overrated the reasons of Janta
Party's victory. Religious leaders of the Muslims like Imam of Jam,
Masjid in New Delhi took the credit of over throwing the Government of
Indira Gandhi. Amongst other names who Constituted the Janta Party
were Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna and George
Fernandez. The party in the beginning promised to do away with the
miniority commission. The Muslim participants in Janta Party succeeded
in defeating this election promise of'Janta Party. Wiithin 3 years of
its winning the elections as a new Party into which had gone Hindu Jan
Sangh, soon split and what came out of it was not the original Jan
Sangh but a new party said to be of Hindus in the name of the BJP.
This break up once again suited the Muslims who never desired India to
politcically uniite and emerge as a strong political nation owing its
roots in India's ancientism.
Indira Gandhi was relected in the year 1980. At this point
of time, country went through witnessing the demand of Khalistan in
Punjab. Muslims and Sikhs united in this game and were supported from
outside Pakistan. While Indira Gandhi began reassessing the political
situation in India clearly understanding the impact of Muslim thought

in India, she was herself assassinated by her own Sikh security

guards, Her son Sanjay Gandhi had died earlier in an Air crash.
on his mother's funeral pyre :




Radio and television in India have been under the state

control. They played up the assassination of Indira Gandhi repeatedly
on TV channels that worked as a great medium of publicity to bring
Rajiv Gandhi in the seat of India's Prime Ministership. Hindus
supported him handsomely. They had been disillusioned by the untimely
liquidation of Janta party that almost broke up with open fights
between Choudary Charan singh and Morarji Desai. At about this time,
the Supreme Court gave a verdict in the case of Shah Bano and her
husband. The verdiict ran against the dictations of Prophet Mond.
contained in the chapter of Shariat in the holy book of Quaran. The
Supreme Court directed the Government to give effect to Article 44 of
the Constitution of India so that Muslim women on being divorced by
their husbands did not suffer as human beings. The Muslim community or
their religious leaders considered this judgement of the Supreme Court
as an attack on their personnel rights. Many delegations were led
against this to Rajiv Gandhi who in order to once again woo the votes
of the Muslims, succumbed to their pressures and negatived the affect
of this judgement of India's highest court by bringing about a Muslim
favoured legislation on the strength of his majority in the Parliament
of India. Once again the Apex court has given its views this time to
the NDA Govt, in the year 2003, that the country does need a common
civil code for all its citizens. One of the reasons that is
responsible for the spread of Islam in the world is its assured male
domination over the females, Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister
yielded to the Muslim pressure by abandoning considering its long term
affects in India. The Muslims once agin succeeded in a Darul Herb to
ensure that they were ruled by their own declared Islmic laws rather
han submit to the common law of land controlled by the Government in
the territory of Darul Herb.
The Muslims were thus in a position to understand that in a period of
about 35 years, they have reached a stage not to interfere in their
private religious laws notwithstanding that the Indian Constitution
itself contains a directory provision by which state is expected to
bring about one common civil code of law for everyone in the country.
The Muslim problem therefore became more aggressive than what it was
in the year1947.

External factors
I was born at Lahore now in Pakistan. I came to Delhi with
my parents, brother and sister on 14th August, 1947. At the time of
leaving Lahore, our neighbour one Mr.Ghulam Mohd Butt came to see us
off knowing that my fahter who was a Railway officer in the North
Westrn Railway had offered to migrate to India. I remember his young
son almost of my age at that time said "Hans Ke Liya Hai Pakistan,
Ladh Ke Leinge Hindustan." This had become a common Muslim slogan of
their victory for having won Pakistan. The creation of Pakistan was
itself a sufficient sore point for India to live even as their
neighbour. Pakistan's further fragmentation into Bangladesh in fact
adds further sore to India. With the population indexes of Hindus and
Muslism in the 3 countries, one cannot fail to notice the growing
population of Muslims around and inside India. We are presently facing
this problem in the Indian state of J & K. Muslims in India can be
expected to act to further divide India when the proper time has
ripened for that purpose. Hence, policy of Pakistan and Bangladesh
cannot be any different towards India. Should the Indian leadership
fail once again as before, it is practically prewritten on the wall
that in the coming 100 years, there shall be no secular India left but
in its place we shall have the whole of India converted into Darul
Islan7. It is a word of caution given by me as a warning based upon
analysis of the problem breifly carried out in this publication to
call upon Hindus in particular and other minority communities living
in India to wake up or else what holds for them in the pregnant future
is to lose totally one's entity by giving up all that we have had by
way of cherished values in our social, cutlural and economic systems.
inevitable for the reason of Hindu leadership persisting as always in
contnuing with one political blunder after another. Pakistan and
Bangladesh both Islamic Republics on the West and East of India have
become a matter of serious concern. The separatist idea of the Muslim,
world to convert the entire world into Darul lslam has not undergone
any change in the last 1400 years. We are a big nation with all sorts
of resources and manpower blessed with all needed human qualities.
Hindus must shed their fears and boldly act to revive the original
idea of the Jan Sangh now that we have experienced and seen the total
failure of the NDA Government led by the BJP. Its leadership has
proven totally inadequate for the challenges before the Indian nation
where almost 80% people belong to Hindu faith. This Government of BJP
has not even succeeded in solving RAM MANDIR ISSUE. In fact Seven out

of Eight top ranking Hindu leaders shall face a criminal trial in a

supposedly Hindu country.
In addition to the geographical sandwich of India between
Pakistan and Bangladesh, we continue to be black mailed by the Islamic
nations of the Middle East. They put up the cost of oil for which we
in India are desperate. In the year 1970, a barrel of oil drilled in
Kuwait was bought by India at the price of 0.70 US Dollars. The
present price of the same barrel of oil is over -50 US Dollars. This
is causing to us a great headache since the country has to survive by
importing huge qualities of oil from the Middle Eastern countries of
Islam. This is a very serious problem not only for the people of India
but it is in fact a problem for the entire world. Indian leadership
has to look into this weakness of the country to discover alternative
means of generating power at the cost which we can afford.
policy. None can forget the Pakistani Terrorists hijacking Indian
Airlines plane from Kathmandu and taking it to Kabul. For a country as
big as India, the foreign Minister of India had go to Kabul with
release of captured convict/terrorists in order to have the passengers
in the plane released. A recent news has instantly connected
Pakistan's hand in such Terrorism.The very Government in Afghanistan
had openly defied the entire world by destroying large Buddhist rock
carvings of 2000 years antiques in Bamiyan. They did so in the 21 th
century on the belief of their right held by them as stated in the
holy book of Muslims called Quaran. The same book unhesitatingly
declares the faithful Muslims to fight or wage not one but as many as
may be needed, Jehads in order to kill the infields Le, the idol
worshippers anywhere on the globe. Oh, Hindus, forget not that you are
definitely believers and worshippers of your Gods accepted by you as
per your own Dharam Shastras. You are thus carrying out a conduct of
Kufr and each one of you who believe in your 33 crores Devi/Devtas are
meant to be killed under the sword of Islam that is divenly ordained
for the Muslims never to feel shy of acting with utmost cruelty
towards you. This is what has been unmistakably brought out in this
book. Whereas, you are carrying the message of your ancestors i.e. 1.
punished for holding such views that do not find acceptance in the
message of Allha contained in the Quaran and said by his Prophet Mohd.
For your non belief in Islam, you are destined to be the companions of
fire in the hell of Allha, forget your pursuit for seeking Moksha for

it has no room in the message of Allha that gave to Mohd. his Prophet
his directions to physically and cruelly destroy you and your faith
wherever the faithful may find you.
There are 40 Islamic states around India. They act as a
united family of Islam. It matters not that we in India have the
second largest Muslim population in our own counrty. It matters not
that our Constitution guarantees equal rights to all those born in
India. It matters not that the Constitution provides special
protection to the minorties into which are contained almost 16 crores
Muslims. It matters not that our Constitution further provides special
protection to the minorities to spread their religious doctrines and
to manage their educational institutions as they may like and to
protect their minoritism. It matters not that the very Constitution
does not contain any special privilege or protection to the Hindus. It
matters not that notwithstanding any bar on account of religion,
anyone born in India regardless of his faith can rise to occupy the
highest post in the State of India.1t matters not that we have
practiced successful democracy in the last 50 years and 3 of our
Presidents have been those who were the believers in Islam, yet the
Hindus are now put to challenge which is now as clear as the crystal
for the whole world to see.
The Muslim problem of India should have ended with India's
division in two independent states in the year 1947. On the contrary,
on analysis, it can be concluded that the problem not only remains
unsolved but has become all the more worse than before for the Hindus
in India. Unfortunately, even to date, the Hindus remain utterly
indifferent to study the underlying genuine ethos of the Muslims.
Hindus have not sufficiently educated themselves in the Islamic
history. They also remain totally indifferent to the political

ramifications of the continuing Terrorism supported by the Muslims

particularly in Pakistan who also have their connections undisturbed
organizations remain ununited that suits the real purpose of the
Muslims. They remain as loyal as ever to the dogma of Islam. The party
that was born close to the year 1950 under the name of Jan Sangh has
gone into oblivion and unless the same is revived based upon the same
old analogy, India does run a great risk of being taken over by
Islamic theology in the next 100years. All Hindus organizations have
to come on one common platform of Hinduism without which the concept
of India as a Nation is unthinkable.
In the pre partition days, Muslims constituted about 20%
of the total population. At that time, the Muslims had the support in
a sly, manner of the British rulers. Today, the Muslims in India can
expect to be supported by almost 40 Islamic nations with Pakistan,
Bangladesh and the 5th Columnists living in India to support the cause
of converting India into Darul lslam.
There are some very important Muslim religious parties in
India that are led by important clerics of the Muslims. 'Jamaiyte
Islami'and 'Jamaiyte Ulma - e - Hind' are two such organizations that
have already establsihed their importance not only amongst the Muslims
in India but they have even connections with the important Muslims
leaders who have penetrated into other political or secular parties of
India.SIMI is another such organization.
parties. The first party as called Hajbe Allaha (party of Allaha) and
the second party is called as Hajbul Shaitan. Some Muslim scholars
provide an illustration of Muslim joining the Jews to set up a common
political control when Mohd. in his early days was at Medina. They
established a joint political command over this area, any combination
of such nature runs contrary to the dictations of Islam in Quaran.
Maulana Maudoodi in one of his published utterances stated that such a
common political control was nothing beyond a temporary military
alliance carried out for the purpose of final establishment of Muslim
control in and around Mecca and Medina. This combination did not last
more than 3 years until Mohd himself took over Mecca itself. Once
again another Muslim cleric talking of India and the Muslims in it
stated as the President of Jamaiyte Ulmae-Hind "If the Muslims in
Pakistan when it comes to rule that land in accordance with the
directions of the holy Quaran, not only I alone but the Muslims all

over the world bless this idea and the scheme or concept as something
highly auspicious". This thus is the unaltered belief of the world's
Both the above parties have been persistently saying that
Islam does not consider or recognize any sort of Nationalism that is
ordained by Allah. This applies to India and let the Indians be made
aware of that. It is impossible'or absurd to think ever a Muslim
placing his faith in any sort of secularism. The politics and the
religion in Islam are unseparable. The ultimate aim of Islam is to
cause total political domination of the entire world by the people
owing allegiance only to Mohd and Quaran. This is unamendable now or
ever hereafter. A non-believer is to be made the companion of fire to
whom Allaha himself has ordained to be so punished. This is thus a
Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni of the Jamaiyte Ulam-e-Hind
once again reassrts his faith in Islam saying "it is the most
important for the Muslims in India to firmly establish the Muslim
political control over India, Every Muslim must make this as his
singular aim notwithstanding that Muslims may have to lay their lives
and to wait for the final outcome for some more time. Allaha has
already blessed the Muslims all over the world to carry out this
scared task without fear and by their such attitude, fear and panic
will be created amongstthe opponents of Islam. The generations of
Muslims to follow are given this divine promise to enjoy the world as
the gift of Allaha and if in his cause, a Muslim dies while attempting
to behead the Kafirs, he will be received in SHASISHT' where Allaha
promises to serve him with his divine, gifts for the service he has
rendered to the cause of Islam".
Once again Jamaiyte Ulam-e-Hind published their views in
1950 in the following words "From the day Islamic rule of the Moghuls
ended in India, it has become and is to be considered as Darul Herd'.
Repeating the same views, he further said in the years 1971, 1977 and
1979 that every memeber of Jamaiyte Ulam-e-Hind must work to bring
about imposition of Muslim Islamic control of India. Muslims
newspapers 'Tanjim'wrote in the name of Doctor Kichu "Muslims should
expect no cooperation from the Hindus as they will always resist
reimposition of Muslim rule in India".
Doctor Mushir - Ul - Haq writing in a Muslim newspaper of
Delhi said "But for a very small portion of land in India, Muslims are

a Minority. Hence, a new political stance should be adopted to bear

Islamic fruits in future". "No Muslim can isolate himself with his no
belief in secularism and permit any non-Islamic domination over the
Muslims. For the Muslims, Politics and religion cannot be separated.We
have gone into accepting secularism in India after the departure of
the British under the compulsion of circumstances. Muslims have never
regarded secularism as a substitute in place of Islamic political
domination. Most Ulmhas in India support the above view as a period of
Muslims have brought out a 3 point programme to be followed till their
efforts to convert India into Darul Islam finally matures. They are :
1 .
Entry of Muslims in the politics of India and penetrating
into Indian political parties that advocate secularism.
Spread of Terrorism to demoralize Indian defence forces and
to combat the Indian police force as and when necessary.(This is
becoming too obvious).
Non cooperation with Government's announced policy of
family planning.
criminals of all sorts who face criminal prosecution are Muslims. Such
actions that have the tendency to unite Muslims as a Kaum=Nation are
to be encouraged by all Muslims living in India. All Muslims should
endeavour to convert as many Hindus to their faith as can be done
through inducements including marrying young Hindu women to the Muslim
While the world may note that Yoguslovia has18% population
and Bulgaria has 12% Muslim population, the former has already entered
into political and social turmoil for the reason of Islamic theology.
The Muslims desire to copy such like conducts of Muslims even in
India. Hindus are now being pushed out of Bangladesh and lacs of such
like persons are being made to settle on the Inclo-Bangladesh borders.
From there in a system,ic design they are pushed out with ISI aid to
the bigger cities in India. Hence, even Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and
areas in the state of Assam in India are being continuously attacked
by the Muslims supported by Pakistan. In this adventure, Students
Islamic Movement (SIMI) has been specially found very active in the
recent past. This organization has been banned by the Central
Government. This organization supported by petro dollars from the

Middle East and through the supply of weapons from Pakistan is already
involved in creating communal riots in the cities of India. The recent
Gujarat incident of riots owe its cause of burning alive the returning
Ram Sevaks from Ayodhaya at Godhra to this organization that has had
the support of Pakistan always. The Bombay bomb blasts of 28th August
2003 also find their roots in the SIMI.
Mr. Shahbudin now in Bihar is an ex-IAS Officer. He is on
record having said that the Muslims in order to protect themselves in
India must not forgert their role that will bear fruits in the time
away only if the present Muslims in India realize that their actions
to support Islam have to be based on the present realities of Indian
and world politics.
In conclusion therefore, one need not any more doubt the
real intention aim of Muslims in India who by their own divine
ordainments cannot be ever, the followers of secularism that is no
substitute for their final aim of attainment of converting India into
Dalul lslam which according to them at present is Darul Herb.
(by Prof. Balrai Madhok)





Ma.hdok's one article written in the year 1988. It is pertinent to
reproduce the same because it reveals a great deal that went within
the Indian politics of the period of those days. A pertinent question
of the main philosophy of the then Jan Sangh and how it was influenced
to take certain political stands that had direct bearings on the
question of the Muslim problem in India needs to be included in this
book. I have therefore, reproduced almost the entire article published
under the title 'Time for Decision'. Another letter written by him to
the then Home Minister of India, Shri Buta Singh is also reproduced
for the benefit of the readers.
"Time factor and human factor play very important role in
all human affairs, particularly in the political field. A mistake
committed by leadership on the spur of moment often penalises a nation
errors of moments, centuries stood punished.

A mistake committed by R.S.S. Jan Sangh leadership in

1967, has been bedeviling not only these two organizations but has
also imperilled the future of Hindustan and the Hindus. The mistake
and its aftermath need to be recounted for the benefit of all
Nationalists in India.
Bhartiya 1 Jan Sangh in early 1966 when Shri Din Dayal Upadhyaya
pleaded that Jan Sangh needed a President who had an all India image
and who could also communicate with the people effectively in both
Hindi and English. But he was dismayed when he was told that Upadhyaya
would not be available to him as the General - Secretary because his
services were needed by R.S.S. Guruji Shri Golvalkar.
Jan Sangh had at that time not come of age. Formation of
Swatantra party had narrowed its scope. Crushing defeat of Shri Din
Dayal Upadhyaya in the bye-election of Lok Sabha from Jaunpur
constituency, that had fallen vacant due to death of a Jan Sangh
member, caused great sorrow within the party. While Masani, Acharya
Kriplani and Ram Manohar Lohia all won their bye-elections from the
Congress held seats, Jan Sangh workers saw little chance of Balraj
Madhok win a Parliamentary seat from New Delhi. He goes on to state
further as under:
"But I had my own assessment of the stuation and vision of
the future. Agreement about the adjustment of seats with Swatant.ra
Party and close liaison with Arya Samaj brought about a sea change in
the atmosphere. My battle cry 'Congress is going, Jan Sangh is coming'
also had an electrifying effect. The results vindicated my optimism,
Jan Sangh won 35 and Swantantra Party won 45 seats in then Lok Sabha.
About twenty independents were also elected with our support. Thus the
fourth Lok Sabha came to have a Hindu minded Nationalist and rightist
block of 100 members. Communist party and P.S.P. which held second and
third places in Lok Sabha. The Congress was relegated to the fourth
place . Congress majority was reduced to just twenty members.
In the State Assemblies, Jan Sangh emerged as the main
opposition party in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punajb,
Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya PPradesh and Bihar. In Rajasthan
Swatantra Party had an edge over Jan Sangh and both of them had a
narrow edge over the Congress Party. In the National metropolis,
Delhi, Jan Sangh won six out of the seven seats in Lok Sabha and a
clear majority in Delhi Metropolitan Council. In terms of votes

polled, it emerged as the second party after the Congress on the

National plane.
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, the Socialists leader, then gave a
call to all the opposition parties to come together to oust Congress
from power on the basis of anti-Congressism. There were some power
hungry Congress legislators in all states who were prepared to defeat
and give United Legislature Parties. "Sanyukta Vidhayak Dals" (SVD) of
the opposition parties, a clear edge over the Congress Assembly
parties in all the states. Some power hungry leaders of Jan Sangh also
fell in line with Dr.Lohia
I was not in favour of this opportunists short cut to
power on the negative basis. I was particularly opposed to joint
fronts with Communists and Communalists which was my commitment to-the
voters. But I found myself in minority in my own working committee, I,
therefore, decided to resign rather than be a party to a move which I
considered to be wrong on principle and doomed to failure. I clearly
foresaw the fall of the S.V. D. Governments in a short time which
would give new credibility and lease of life to the Congress party. My
intention to resign created a flutter in the R.S.S. and Jan Sangh
ranks. Shri Bala Saheb Deoras who was then the General Secretary of
R.S.S., came to my residence and pressed me to stay on. I accepted his
request but gave him my frank assessment about the future of S.V.D.
governments and the effect of their failure on the future of Jan
Sangh. This one mistake that Jan Sangh committed in 1967, marked the
beginning of its decline.
My worst fears proved correct. S.V. D. governments began
to fall like house of cards wtihin a year. Their fall out cost Jan
Sangh dear. One fall out of those ill fated S.V.D. governments was the
mysterious murder of Din Dayal Upadhyaya, who had taken over
presidency of Jan Sangh from me, only six weeks back, in U.P. on Feb,
10, 1968. This murder and some findings of C.B.I. about it gave Indira
Gandhi a handle to blackmail some top leaders of Jan Sangh with
disastrous results for the future of Jan Sangh and democracy in India.
The other by product was the birth of Kranti Dal which was
later renamed as Lok Dal by its founder leader Ch. Charan Singh.
Leaders of U.P. Jan Sangh had brought Charan Singh out of the Congress
to make him the Chief Minister of the S.V.D. Government of which Jan
Sangh was the main stay.

return of Congress to power in the Hindi belt, its position continued
to be precarious in Lok Sabha. The split in Congress Parliamentary
party in 1969 reduced the ruling Congress party to a minority. The
fear of being voted out of power by the combined opposition resulted
in the dissolution of the fourth Lok Sabha towards the end of 1970 and
fresh elections in early 1971.
There were no three like minded parties which were being
escribed as reactionary, rightist-and "Patelites" by the Nehruite
Congress, Socialist and Communist parties. They were Jan Sangh,
Swatantra Party and Congress (O). A plan was made to forge an alliance
of these three parties. They were to have a common election manifesto
and were to sit as one block in Lok Sabha after the elections.
But some Nehruite infiltrators in Jan Sangh and Congress
(O) spilled the beans by insisting upion inclusion of Socialists in
the proposed alliance to prevent its being dubbed as rightist and
reactionary by Indira Gandhi. Socialists decided to come in it on the
condition that the alliance will have no common manifesto and there
will be no prior committmment to sit as one block in the new Lok
Sabha, As a result, the national alliance was reduced to just
electoral front aimed at adjustment of seats to prevent multicorner
In actual practice, even the adjustment of seats could not
be affected all over the country. As such the name "grand alliance"
given to it was a misnomer. It was neither, grand nor alliance but
just an adjustment of seats which too was not carried out faithfully.
coupled with the pressure of the people who had been totally alienated
by the Emergency excesses forced the political parties to merge and
form Janta Party. But there were doubts about the survival of Janta
Party even before it was formally launched. I well remember how
Prof.Samar Guha, the Socialist leader, who was my co-detenue,, in a
jail reacted to the first news about the formation of Janta Party when
it reached us in Rohtak jail in December, 1976. Will this unity last,
yours is a rightist party and we are the leftists? How shall we pull
together, he asked. And then, without waiting for my reply added
"There is no other way to get out of jail and get rid of Emergency!
Let us hope that unity will last. But if it does not, we can again

Party. R.S.S. which had been declared illegal and thousands of whose
workers were rotting in jails was determined to oust Indira Gandhi.
Its close links with Jan Sangh were well known. Jan Sangh leaders,
therefore, could speak from a position of strength. They were able to
persuade Ch. Charan Singh to give desired number of tickets to Jan
Sangh nominees and deny it to some other including nyself. In return
Ch, Charan Singh was assured that he would be made the Prime Minister.
Just as the S.V.D of 1967 was formed on the basis of
antiCongressism, Janta Party too was formed on the basis of
antiIndiraism. Had Janta leaders been able to provide it a positive
ideological basis, it could have survived the conspiracies of
Socialists and Inidra's agents within it. There was much in common
between Jan Sangh, Lok Dal and Congress (0) which together had about
240 members in Lok Sabha. All these parties were considered to be
rightists. They were closer to Sardar Patel than Pt. Nehru in their
thinking. Both Morarji Desai and Charan Singh had a clean image. Both
were Nationalists and proud of being Hindus. But they were allergic to
each other. Morarji considered Charan Singh to be only a tribal and a
caste leader and not a national leader. Jan Sangh leadership could
have acted as a bridge between them and made Janta government a really
Nationalist Government capable of giving a new direction to the
National politics and the National policies.
But Jan Sangh failed to rise to the occasion A.B.Vajpayee
and Nana Deshmukh were pulling in different directions. R.S.S.
leadership could not give any positive guidance to Jan Sangh group
because of its lack of thought orientation. It was concerned only with
the control of Jan Sangh group and through it, the Janta Party.
That is why Jan Sangh, which was in a commanding position
in Janta Parliament Party did not press even for implementation of
Article 44 of the Comstitution pertaining to uniform laws for all
citizens and abrogation of Article 370. Nor did it oppose the
formation of Minorties Commision, which had become the most potent
factor for further disintegration of truncated India. I treid my best
to persuade members of these three parties to form a common
ideological block within the Janta Party. I also suggested the
formation of a "Patel Forum ", Some of the Lok Dal and Congress (0)
members were agreeable but Jan Sangh members paid no heed. Since I was
not a member of the Parliament, I could only sugest from outside.

It is wrong to blame only Ch. Charan Singh and Raj Narain

for the break up of Janta Party. The role of Socialist members was a
destructive one. But the real guilty men were those who instead of
acting as a bridge between Morarji Desai and Charan Singh tried to
play the role of proverbial monkey in the fight between two cats. As a
result, the cats and the monkey suffered alike. The only lasting tie,
the real binding force, in politics is the community of thought, of
ideology. Organization and power also bind but only temporarily. Janta
Party had drawn up a common programme. But it had no common ideology,
no common basic* thought and no common vision about the future of
Hindustan. No astrologer was, therefore, required to predict its
disintegration and fall. I had given two years life to Janta
government in a press conference at Chandigarh in July, 1977. It
lasted a couple of months more.
The failure of Janta Party was basically a failure of Jan
Sangh and R.S.S. Had R.S.S.and Jan Sangh leadership been thought
oriented, it could have efectively influenced Janta Party and Janta
government in the making of politics even without securing physical
control over it. But they failed miserably. They failed even to put
any of their people on any key posts outside the government which does
play a role in influencing the National policies, For instance, R.S.S.
Jan Sangh could not get even a single person with Hindu orientation
appointed as a Governor or an ambassador. In fact even when names of
some top Jan Sangh people like Barrister U. M. Tridevi, who had spent
nineteen months in jail as MISA detenue, were suggested by Morarji
Desasi for some key posts, they were vetoed by Jan Sangh nominees in
the Government because of petty personal prejudices.
became even clearer after the disintegration of Janta Party. Instead
of re-emerging as Jan Sangh with its saffron flag and clear cut
ideology and policies, they floated a new party under the name of
Bhartiya Janta Party. It adopted the flag, ideology and slogans of
Janta Party including "Gandhian Socialism" and accepted Gandhi and
J.P. as its new sources of inspiration in place of Dr. Hedgewar and
Dr. Mookerji. The reply of a top R.S.S. man who had become the Vice
President of B.J.P. to my question about the rational of dropping Jan
Sangh ideology? Their following is comparable to clientalle of two
equally qualified physicians in a locality. It is a question of
prefernce and not of ideology.

This approach in regard to thought and ideology lies at

the root of the present confusion in R.S.S. and the drift in the B.J.R
This explains the statements of R.S.S. leaders that their workers are
free to join any party. How can a person committed to any ideals and
ideology become a member of a party the ideals and ideology of which
happen to be quite different? Those who say such things are either
ignorant about the ideals and ideology of the founding fathers of
R.S.S. or they have drifted away from them? They are treating R.S.S.
workers as automatons who have no will and mind of their own? But they
are mistaken. The rank and file of R.S.S. as also the workers of
B.J.P.drawn from R.S.S. have begun to question the wisdom of such
leaders and their orders. That explains why R.S.S. workers worked and
voted for Shiv Sena in preference to B.J.R at Aurangabad in the recent
elections held there.
refresh the memory of well wishers of Hindu cause. The train of
mistakes and error that followed the initial mistake of 1967, has
greatly harmed the Hindu cause and delayed the emergence of a Hindu
alternative to the Congress by twenty years. Jan Sangh is accepted
today even by its worst critics, would have emerged from principled
approach and not followed the path of oppurtunism in 1967.
Congress is in shambles. The socialists and left oriented ex-Congress
men and their parties have grouped themselves in Samajwadi Janta Dal
(SJD). S.J. D. has joined hands with like minded regional parties to
form a National Front to provide to Congress an alternative to the
Congress party. A look at the 71 point programme of the Front makes it
clear that it is going to be an alter ego of the Congress. It will be
more pro-Muslim than the Congress so that it may attract the Muslim
votes. That is why there is not only no mention of a common civil code
for all citizens in it but, what is worse, it has committed itself to
give a statutory status to "Minorities Commission" instead of
scrapping it or replacing it with a "Human Rights Commission".
Communist parties know that they can not come to power on
their own. So they are going to follow the well-known Communist
strategy of United Fronts. They are keeping their options open to
align themselves with the Congress or the National Front at the
opportune time. Since both Congress and National Front have the same
political culture and same basic policies of Socialism, Secularism and

non-Alignment as conceived by Pt. Nehru, the common sense can choose

any of them without any qualms of conscience.
Hindus are being taken for granted by all these three, the
Congress, the National Front and the Communists. AIl of them are
interested in maximum fragmentation of Hindu society. All of them fear
Indian Nationalism which is rooted in Hinduism. All of them want to
woo Muslims and other minority groups. That is why they want to keep
all parties with any kind of Hindu orientation at an arms length.
The leadership of B.J.P is keen to get an entry into the
National Front. But Front parties do not want to take the risk of
allianating Muslim voters because of R.S.S. connection of the B.J.P.
So they want to keep it out of the Front but may offer it adjustment
of seats. But in view of the experience of recent by-elections, rank
and file of B.J.P. is not in favour of it. Even such B.J.P. leaders
who are keen to get some crumbs, may find it difficult to settle at
the number of seats that the Front may offer to them.
This developing situation has bewildered the rank and file
of B.J.P. drawn from the R.S.S. as also many R.S.S. workers, They are
becoming nostalgic about Jan Sangh and want a Hindu oriented, liberal
alternative like Jan Sangh to both Congress and National Front to
emerge through unification of all ex-Jan Sabghis and other Hindu
oriented organisations. Most conscious Hindus want such an alternative
to be created at the earliest. Circumstances are proptitious for it.
The appeal of ideology of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu state, welfare
economy, Nationalist foreign policy and realistic approach to problems
of Pubjab, Kashmir and Sri Lanka is steadily growing all over the
country. There are favourable rumblings within 8.J.P. to its
President. L.K.A.dvani, in 1, which he has pleaded for taking a
distinct Hindu stance instead of running after National Front. 1 too
talked to Advani on the same lines.
Such a Hindu alternative can grow fast and gain power on
it., own to give Nationalist Hindu orientation to policies and
politics of Hindustan. 1 am confident that it can get 50 to 100 seats
in Lok Sabha in 1989 and come to power on its own in 1994, provided it
has credible leadership and effective organisational infrastructure.
had a distinct ideology and, credible leadership with clean and Hindu
image. But now that infrastructure is with Bhartiya Janta Party and
ideology and leadership with Bhartiya Jan Sangh rump. Some new

organisations with similar ideology like Shiv Sena and Hindu Munani
have also emerged in some parts of the country. They need to be
brought together. The leadership, the ideology and the infrastructure
must get together. This is the need of the hour.
The main hurdle in the way of emergence of such a Hindu
alternative is the R.S.S. leadership, which holds the key to B.J.P.
The rank and file of R.S.S. want its leadership to rise to the
occasion. But in view of the monolithic structure of the R.S.S. the
feelings and urges of its common workers do not carry much weight.
Only Sar Sangh Chalak counts.
But this situation can not continue
S. S. activists have begun to speak out.






feelings and urges of its rank and file. R.S.S. can still play a
decisive and positive role positive role provided its leadership takes
steps as under:

Makes it thought oriented instead of control oriented.

Gives up its hegemonious approach. It must learn to work
together with like mined people in the service of the common cause.
Makes effective use of its levers in the B.J.P. to give it
a Hindu orientation so that it may become the nucleus of the Hindu
alternative. If B.J.P. leadership refuses to listen, R.S.S. should
direct organisation and individuals to create the desired Hindu
Realise that there is no sense in talking about Hindu
consciousness and Hindu vote bank unless that consciousness is
channelised for political action and a political platform is created
in whose favour the Hindu vote bank may issue its cheques. The Hindus
working in Congress and other opposition parties can not be trusted
because they are bound by their manifestoes.
Give due importance to the time factor. This has become all
the more important because of the fast changing political situation.
An early dissolution of the present Lok Sloha can not be ruled out.
Therefore, Hindu alternative must be ready within a few months.

its commitment to Hindu Rashtra should be open and unequivocal and the
alternative leadershp it projects must have a Hindu image and also a
clean image free of corruption.
it fails now, it will be doing the greatest harm not only to
Hinclustan and Hindus but also to itself. It would be betraying the
heritage of Dr. Hedgewar and Shri Golvalkar and the trust of countries
people who have toiled for decades to build up R.S.S. and its front
Necessity is the mother of invention. A Hindu alternative
in the form of Shiv Sena has emerged in Maharashtra inspite of R.S.S.
and B.J.P. A similar phenomenon may take place in other parts of the
country also inspite of R.S.S. and B.J.P. in the days to come. But it
may take time and Hindus cause may suffer by default , In that case
R.S.S. leadership may also become a target of attack along with B.J.P.
leadership all over the country for betraying the Hindus. It is to be
hoped and wished that R.S.S. leadership will wake up in time and not
allow such a situation to arise.
Bal Raj Madhok