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Assignment No.

Semester Spring 2015
Software Engineering I CS504

Total Marks: 15
Due Date: 25-05-2015

Graded Assignment

The objective of this assignment is:
To assess your overall understanding of Software Engineering concepts.
To increase your level of understanding about requirement engineering phase.
To help you understand how to effectively collect requirements.


This Assignment is a Graded Assignment.

The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not
be accepted.
Assignment submitted through email will not be accepted.
This assignment is covering Software Requirements Engineering Lectures 1-9.
Recall the lectures delivered for Software Requirements engineering and solve your assignment

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Project Description:
A Brief Case Study of Coca Colas Company:
The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic
beverages. The ultimate objectives of their business strategy are to increase volume, expand their share
worldwide, maximize long-term cash flows and create economic value.
A brief introduction of Coca Colas Management Accounting Information System is that it is controlled by its
accounting managers. Management accounting is related to accounting information adopted by companies for
internal decisions made on how the business should be operated in terms of expenses sustained and sales
generated from such expenses. Coca-Cola makes use of cash book ledger for its management accounting
information and the companys cash book ledger is divided into two sections. One section is used for cash
disbursement journal record of all the payments made such as accounts payable and operation expenditures. The
second section contains the cash journal that contains all cash record and receipts such as cash sales and accounts
receivable. Company keeps record of all these journals on daily bases with respect to any given transaction
Q#1. By considering second paragraph of the case study, draw the basic Context level diagram of Coca Colas
Management Accounting Information System.
10 Marks
Q#2. Derive five important functional requirements of Coca Colas Management Accounting Information
5 Marks

Assignment should be in your own words and not copied from internet, handouts or books.
Your answer should be to the point.
We wish you very best of luck for your Assignment.
The deadline for Assignment no 1 submission of the course CS504 is Monday 25th May-2015.