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Chief Information Officer

Department of Information Technology

Government of Punjab.

We are independently working associates from India; plan to tie up with Microsoft Corporation for
the growth of its technology landscape and business operations. We are now tapping global
markets for Microsoft Public Sector Group. Microsoft offer high value solutions at low cost to
solve the challenges and issues that government sector organizations face everyday. Our People
Ready Technology solutions are designed to provide organizations with long tem stability and
maximum agility in responding to the evolving needs of the Public Sector.

Microsoft Public Sector Group offer lucrative business programs and models for the governments
of all levels from national, state to local level with our partners. We provide public sector greatest
range of choices in the use and deployment of software from on premise to online basis. Our
Software–plus-Services vision means government organizations can deploy software and
solutions from the cloud or the enterprise data center and deliver rich applications to PCs, the
Web and mobile devices. Our solutions integrate with heterogeneous computing environment
and set new standards in interoperability between new and existing applications; supporting fully
open standards and on demand operating environment with Windows Principle.

Microsoft Government Excellence Centers :- In Microsoft Public Sector Group we

have Central and Regional Government Excellence Centers ;the purpose of those excellence
centers are to work very closely with the governments worldwide so that they are able to help
them in a systematic fashion and guide them in their specific e-gov programs , technology and
solution needs. Our Central Government Excellence Center is to make sure that the messages,
strategies and visions of Microsoft Public Sector Group are consistent across the regions globally;
while Regional Government Excellence Centers would take down strategies, messages and visions
to the market and make sure that what Microsoft is trying to do organizationally is best translated
to the governments and citizens globally.
Microsoft Government Excellence Center is ours most unique technique to address all the issues
and challenges of disparate computing environments, IT infrastructure and solutions needs of
governments of all levels and sizes with our Connected Government Framework. Here Microsoft
gives governments and public sector the more secure, reliable, flexible and well-mannered IT
infrastructure with its software solution stack and products in every area of computing, provide the
most fascinated IT environment from Business Solutions of Dynamics to Windows on a solid
foundation of integrated technologies from Office, Share Point, SQL Server, Biz Talk,
Communication Sever, .Net architecture to Windows Mobile and Windows Azure. We provide all the
key software components from Operating Systems and Servers, Desktop Applications and
Unified Communication tools, Database, Middleware and Applications all based on open industry

Microsoft Global e-governance Starategy : - Microsoft as a leader in government

sector, analyzed e-gov framework of federal, provincial and local governments of developing and
developed countries, how they use modern IT tools, emerging e-gov trends and digitally provides
services to the citizens. We have seen only 15-20% governments has a clear cut strategy, vision
and roadmap to decrease beaurocracy, improved citizens services, reduce costs, time and effort
to provide those services for an accessible, accountable, responsible and transparent
government functioning. We also have seen lot of issues, challenges, confusing roadmap and
architecture of existing e-gov initiative of countries.Microsoft Public Sector Group with United
Nations, World Bank and other partners is working on a Global e-governance Strategy to address
all those issues, challenges and worldwide needs of respective federal, state and local
governments of developed and developing countries; provide government services directly to the
citizens in most efficient manner and making efforts towards the social inclusion of masses in the
technology. In Global e-governance Strategy, we have High Value e-gov programs those are the
emerging technology trends which are valuable for efficient government operations and
functioning or the projects and ventures helping the governments in terms of competitiveness and
nation’s building

Microsoft Active Governments :- Microsoft’s Active Government is our next generation

innovative model for worldwide governments of federal, state, local level and their agencies to
provide maximum value and high performance in their functioning and service delivery
mechanism with citizen centered perspective. e-gov can be a vehicle to deliver significant
efficiency, customer service, economic and social benefits to any nation . This model supports
governments in defining their e-gov vision with Microsoft Global e- Governance Strategy that
provide high level goal and value to constituents and government functioning. Here government
and their agencies work in an open and collaborative ways .This model delivers some common
characteristics for governments

• Generate maximum public value and high performance government services and internal
organizational efficiency.
• Governments are relentlessly citizen centered and outcome focused.
• Governments are committed to cost effectiveness; make their operations and results
transparent and accountable to all with Open and Lean initiative.
• Governments are innovative and flexible, continually striving to improve value delivery
and are able to respond creatively to new challenges and opportunities.
• Governments are integrated and futuristic in nature for economic and sustainability
development mechanism.

Active Governments is our effort to strengthen national competitiveness in global economy,

ensuring public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation and
collaboration. Our Open and Lean Government initiative support democracy and promote
effectiveness and efficiency in government. In Active Governments we have critical mission areas
where we work with the governments worldwide for those areas :-

• Economy
• Diplomacy and Policy Automation
• Infrastructure ( physical and technology infrastructure)
• Fiscal and Administrative Responsibility
• Open, Transparent and Innovative Government
• Democracy and Citizen Participation
• Security ( cyber and data security )
• Sustainability and Environment
• Defense
• Education
• Health and Human Services
• Citizen and Social Care
• Homeland Security
• Civil Rights
Governments of any level and their agencies face broad range of demanding issues, ranging
from improving organizational efficiency through to providing better services to citizens and
constituents. Microsoft with its Active Government model addresses two main key issues for
governments of all levels and their agencies and departments – internal organizational efficiency,
high quality service delivery and provide solutions, technologies and products for those issues :-

 the drive for internal organizational efficiency and adoption of best practice in government
processes with government process reengineering
 the cost-effective delivery of high quality services to citizens with multi channel access
( Web, telephone, SMS and face to face)

US Government Excellence Center :- Microsoft US Government Excellence Center is

working with federal, state and local government’s use of existing and emerging technologies in
government operations and delivery of transparent and efficient services to the public. With US
Government Excellence Center, we are committed to focusing on the American people as
customers and supporting governments departments and agencies as key elements in the
delivery of services.

The Federal Government continues to improve services and deliver results through the adoption
and implementation of the E-GOV initiatives and government wide solutions through Office of
Mananagemnt and Budget and its Federal Enterprise Architecture and other programs with
well defined priorities and provisions of required financial revenues for e-gov initiatives and bring
value both to citizens and governments of all levels from federal, state and local level. Microsoft is
committed to build the foundation laid by Office of Management and Budget to provide impetus
for long term growth of e-gov within the USA. We are the technology partner with federal, state
and local governments and also with other executive branches and agencies of government of
USA to execute President’s next generation e-gov and IT directive, strategies and programs.

US Government Excellence Center is our most unique and innovative business programs for
US governments where we offer end-to-end solutions, products and technologies to federal, state
and local governments and their agencies. Here we designed cost effective, innovative solutions
that allow government agencies to leverage existing infrastructure and application investments
and accommodate for future demands. The key solutions we offer to governments are :-

• Financial Management : - Budgeting, Accounting, Reporting, Enterprise Revenue System,

Asset Management, Earned Value Management, Balanced Scorecard, Tax and
Procurement solutions
• Administrative Responsibilities :- Enterprise Project Management, Human Resource
Management, Capital Planning and Investment Control, Identity Management, Records
• Operational Efficiency and Productivity :- Continuity of Operations, Task Management,
Supply Chain Management , Business Intelligence , Desktop Optimization , Server
Consolidation , Enterprise Search , Server Virtualization , Infrastructure Optimization ,
Telework , Smart Client and Web Services , Single View Platform .
• Federal Compliance and Regulation :- Investigative Case Management, Legal Case
Management, Federal Balanced Scorecard, Regulatory Compliance solutions, Federal
Enterprise Architecture , HSPD-12, Stimulus 360 , Federal Desktop Core Configuration ,
Service Oriented Architecture, Federal Server Core Configuration.
• Citizen Services :- Citizen Service Platform, Case Management, Contact Center / 311
Solutions , Grants Management , Transit Authority , Social Service Solution
• Public Safety :- Crisis Management, Fusion Framework , Simulation Solution ,
Emergency Management & Communication , Computer Online Forensic Extractor
• Health and Human Services :- Healthcare Management, Health Information Exchanges,
Medicaid Management, Chronic Conditions Management, Performance Management

We also have Technology and America’s Recovery to mkiopl jkioopp and Elevate
America program to improve access to the education and workforce skills required by American
people in the twenty first century.

Microsoft Public Sector Agreement :- Microsoft Public Sector Agreement has the
potential to reform public sector organizations to develop smarter business processes and deliver
the government agenda to make progress in public sector reform. Their primary objectives are to
ensure that public services are shaped around the needs and preferences of users and to
develop shared services that make back office operations more efficient and save money. It also
provides volume based software licensing that delivers extensive benefits and helps to incentives
aggregate purchase across the Public Sector.

Government of Punjab is doing a commendable job in the state’s use of information technology
in government operations and service delivery; established modern, efficient e-gov and e-citizen
vision. Now our efforts are Microsoft will sign Public Sector Agreement as a technology advisor
for the state wide e-governance application implementation, enterprise architecture and education
program initiative, we assist your government in conceptualizing NeGP of Government of India
and various mission mode projects under it and also Microsoft Global e-governance Strategy ,
Active Government , High Value e-gov programs and various G2C, G2E and G2G projects on
Windows based open standard software landscape with Microsoft technology and business
consulting services.

Department of Information & Technology of Government of Punjab can also take advantage from
our Software Assurance Program as part of our Public Sector Agreement to deploy, manage and
migrate Microsoft software solutions stack and IT infrastructure quickly, flexibly and economically.
Our Public Sector Group can provide broad range of benefits to your government with Indian
Government Excellence Center and various business programs and innovative strategies under
it like Software plus Services, Online Services, Cloud Computing, Dynamic IT and various other
initiatives with Microsoft Services to expand economic opportunity worldwide with our partners,
independent software vendors, value added resellers and system integrators. For all the
programs, models and initiatives, you can go through Microsoft website.