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Maple V Release 5.

Windows Campus Version
Welcome to Maple V Release 5.1!
This campus version of Maple V Release 5.1 comes preconfigured for
your network. Please ignore the section "Configuring the License
Manager" in the printed installation guide.
This readme file describes the following topics:

System Requirements
Installation Instructions
The Command Line Interface
Contents of the Maple Server Directory
Undocumented Product Changes
Using MATLAB and Maple V

System Requirements
------------------Before beginning the installation of Maple V Release 5.1, check that
your server and client machines fulfill the following minimum requirements:
* Intel 486DX, Pentium, or fully compatible processor,
or a 486SX with a hardware floating point coprocessor added
* 33-49 MB of free hard disk space (server only), depending on which
binaries are installed
* 8 MB of RAM * Microsoft Windows NT 4.0+, Windows 95, or Windows 98
Note that Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 machines can be
network servers or clients.
Installation Instructions
------------------------The network version of Maple V Release 5.1 must be installed on the
network server and on client machines running this version of Maple.
1. On the network server, install Maple using the following steps.
a) Insert the Maple V Release 5.1 Program CD-ROM into the
appropriate drive.
b) Choose Run from the Start menu. In the Run dialog box, enter
d:\setup.exe to start the Maple V installer, substituting the
correct letter for your CD-ROM if necessary.
c) A Welcome screen introduces you to Maple V Release 5.1. Click on
NEXT to proceed.
d) The Software License Agreement screen appears. To continue
installing Maple V Release 5.1, accept the license agreement by
clicking on YES.

e) The Choose Destination screen suggests a location for the Maple V

Release 5.1 files. Click on NEXT to copy the files. If you want to
select another location to place the files, click on BROWSE.
Note: If there is not enough hard disk space, an error message
appears requesting more space or a new location to copy the
f) The Program Folder will be called "Maple V Release 5.1 - Server"
by default. Choose another name if you prefer.
The installer also searches all of the drives for the CRC Standard
Math Interactive program. If this program is on your machine, a
dialog will ask you if you wish to upgrade the mathematical engine
of Standard Math Interactive to Maple V Release 5.1.
2. To configure Maple V Release 5.1 to run on the client machines on your
network, run the client setup program from the server. Go to each
client and start the client setup program by clicking on the
setup.exe icon located in the Client subfolder of the installed
"Maple V Release 5.1 - Server" program folder.
The client setup steps are similar to those in the
Server installation. On the client, the Destination you choose is
the working directory where Maple files are placed on the client
The Command Line Interface
-------------------------Maple V Release 5.1 provides a Command Line Interface to its program.
This interface is a small, efficient interface to the full Maple
mathematical engine. It is particularly useful when tackling large
problems on slower computers or on computers with limited memory.
On Windows platforms, the Command Line Interface can be accessed by
clicking on the Command Line icon. The executable file is "cmaple" for
Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. A description of this version of
Maple is located in the file "cmdline.txt".
Contents of the Maple Server Directory
-------------------------------------The installation procedure requires between 33-49 MB of disk space on the
server machine and, by default, places the Maple V Release 5.1 files in
c:\Program Files\Maple V Release 5.1 - Server. In this folder, you should
see the following files and directories:

The file you are currently reading

Description of the Command Line interface
Description of the Maple library archive manager
Description of the Mint Maple syntax checker
Information on updating source code to Release 5
An introductory Maple V worksheet
Uninstall information for Windows
Directory containing font information
Directory containing Maple V executable programs
for Windows NT users


Directory containing Maple V executable programs

for Windows 95 and Windows 98 users
Directory containing setup files for the Client
Directory includes the readme and style file for
Directory containing Maple V library files
Directory containing Maple V licensing information
Directory is currently empty and will be used to
store updates to the Maple Library


Undocumented Product Changes

---------------------------Print Quality
The Print Quality menu item from the Options menu controls the
resolution used when printing plots. The resolution options are High
(300 dpi), Normal (200 dpi) and Draft (100 dpi): the default setting
is Normal. Higher resolutions produce better images, but plots will
take longer to print than if the Print Quality was at a lower
setting. The Print Quality setting is saved for the next Maple
session if the settings have been saved using Auto Save Settings or
Save Settings from the File menu.
----Printing a Selection:
Please note that Print Selection is not available in Maple. Windows
provides the Print dialog box, but Maple greys-out the "Selection"
Using MATLAB and Maple V
-----------------------MATLAB is an interactive system and programming language for
general scientific and technical computation. You must have a copy
of both MATLAB (version 5) and Maple V Release 5.1 installed under
Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT to use the Maple-MATLAB link.
If you are using MATLAB, Maple will need to be able to find MATLAB
files in order to link the applications together. The PATH
environmental variable will need to be set using one of the
following methods.
All of the instructions below assume that MATLAB is installed
in the C:\MATLAB directory on your machine. If MATLAB is installed
in another location, substitute the correct location for your copy
of MATLAB in the following steps.
Windows 95 and Windows 98
Add the following command to the end of your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT

Restart the computer by choosing Shut Down then Restart from

the Start menu.
Windows NT
Click on Settings, then Control Panel from the Start menu.
Select System and choose the Environment tab.
Look at the "User Variables" section. If there is an entry
with Variable PATH, click on the entry and append the text
c:\matlab\bin to the Value field. If there is no Variable
PATH, type PATH in the Variable Field and add c:\matlab\bin;
to the Value field.
If the MATLAB Link does not work properly from within Maple, you
may need to update the Windows Registry with information about
MATLAB's location. Follow these steps to update the Registry.
Get an MS-DOS prompt by choosing Command Prompt from Programs
on the Start menu.
Change to the C:\MATLAB\BIN directory by typing two commands:
Type the following to update the Registry
matlab /regserver
You should now be able to use the MATLAB link.