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Recent Trends in Bank Loans
Saraswat Co-Operative Bank Ltd, Sangli.



Years 2013-2015


I hereby declared that project report entitled on A Study of Recent Trends in

Bank Loans with reference to Saraswar Co-Operative Bank Ltd, Sangli. is an
independent research work carried out by me during in plants training, under the
guidance of Ms. Ashwini Y. Raste.
I have not copied from any report submitted earlier to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
I understand that any such copying is liable to be punished in a way that the University
Authority deemed this.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Director Mrs. Suhas C. Marathe and
the Branch Head Mr. S.V. Bhosale gave me this opportunity.
I am extremely obliged to the concerned people for giving me the information. I would
like to thanks Ms. Ashwini Raste madam my Institute Guide and Mrs. Rakhi
Sangrolkar madam my Industry Guide who has assisted and helped me. My sincere
thanks to all of them, who spared their precious time and provided the required
I express deep sense of obligation to my Parents and my Friends for their valuable time &
guidance that helped me in improving the quality work.

Place: Sangli

(Miss Sayali V. Bhagwat.)

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a post graduation degree that is
to student who has mastered the study of business administration. The MBA degree is
thought to be one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world. Student
of MBA program study the theory and application of business and management
principles. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a
variety of real world business situations.
The study of banking system is very important for financial
sector. The word Loans are lifeblood of bank. Loans means some
money borrowed from Financial institutes at a given interest rate.
The term Loan refers to the amount borrowed by one person from another. The
amount in the nature of loan and refers to the sum paid to the borrower. Loan is may be
regarded as Credit granted where the money is disbursed and its recovery is made on a
later date. It is a debt for the borrower. While granting loans, credit is given for a
predetermined period.
Interest is charged on the loan at agreed rate and intervals of payments. There is a
sense of debt in loans, where as an advance is a facility being availed of by the borrower.
A loan is an amount given for a specified period and is recoverable with a particular rate.
In accordance with the requirement of MBA course researcher have summer
training project on the title of A Study of Recent Trends in Bank loans. The main
objective of the research project was to study the recent trends in loans with respect to
Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd, Sangli.
For constructing the research project researcher has collected data from banks
record keepings and with the help of employees. Mrs. Rakhi Sangrolkar Madam
guided me throughout my study. We jointly made every possible effort to eliminate all the
error in this project and this was possible because of her encouragement and support.


Chapter No.


Page no.


Introduction of the Study and Methodology



Introduction of Organisation



Theoretical Background



Data Analysis and Interpretation



Findings, Suggestion and Conclusion




Researcher has selected the project entitled A Study Of Recent Trends In Bank
Loans With Reference To Saraswat Co-Operative Bank Ltd, Sangli.
Chapter I: Introduction of the Study
First chapter is give introduction about subject of A Study of Recent trends in
Bank Loans with reference to Saraswat Co-operatiove bank Ltd,Sangli. In this
chapter an attempt is made to highlight introduction, and meaning, objectives and
importance, scope and limitation of the study and research methodology based on
secondary data collection and services about the loans.
Objectives of Study:
1. To study the loan procedures of the bank.
2. To know the types of loans of the Saraswat bank and related
3. To know the role of the Saraswat bank in development of the
banking services.
4. To analyze the working of loans of the bank for individuals and
5. To give the suggestions on the basis of findings.
Importance of Study:
1. This study will be useful to understanding the practical significance of
loan in banking services.
2. It is important study on the banking services against loan schemes.
3. It is also useful to the organization to understand effectiveness of its loans.
Scope of the Study:
1. To know the loans procedures in co-operative bank which are used by
companies, individuals who cannot afford the finance in lump sum
2. To know the benefits of the loans provided by the cooperative bank

Limitation of Study:
1. Information given by bank was not sufficient because to maintain secrecy
of the data.
2. This study is comprised of only loans in banking services.
3. Data collected was of last 3 years only.
Research Methodology:
To fulfill the above objective of study the information is collected
through secondary data to complete the work.
Secondary data collection:
Secondary data means data which is already available i.e The data which
have already been collected and analyzed by someone else secondary data may be
either the published data or unpublished data.
Published data are available in
I.) Annual reports for the year 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014 of Saraswat
co-operative bank ltd, Sangli.
II.) Financial reports, registers etc. of the bank. The source of unpublished
secondary data collected is from annual reports of the company.
Chapter II: Organizational Profile
This Chapter includes organization information, mission and millstones, product and
services of saraswat bank, organization structure.
Chapter III: Theoretical Background
To fulfill the above objective of study the information is collected through secondary data it
includes structure of banking sector in India, history of co-operative banks in India, Types of
co-operative bank, meaning and definition of bank loans, advantage and disadvantages of
bank loans, types of Bank loans.

Chapter IV: Data Analysis and Interpretation

This chapter includes Banks Interest rates within 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014,
documentation of loans and Researcher has prepared the graphs which are for data
analysis and interpretation.
Chapter V: Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions
In the light of major findings of the work and conclusions reached here in this Chapter an
attempt is made to suggest some remedial measures regarding Analysis of Different type
of loans practices carried out by Bank.


The demand and scope of Vastusiddhi housing loan is increased, which is

beneficial to people to fulfill their basic shelter need. (Table No.1)

Demand and scope of the Education loan is decreased as seen in the data.

(Table No.2)
Demand of Superfast car loan is decreased as seen in survey. (Table No.3)
The trend and demand of Vehicle loan is increased of two wheeler

purchasing.. (Table No.4)

MPLS Loans having positive response from customer. (Table No.5)
At early stage the demand for Udyogini loan scheme is increased but after
that at current stage there is no customer found who opted for Udyogini

loan of corporate loan scheme. (Table No.6)

The demand of multipurpose loan against fixed deposit is lower down as
per the survey. The price of household goods is decreasing day by day due
to satuaration in the market; this might be the reason behind decrease in

Multipurpose Loans. (Table No.7)

Most of the people prefer to take Personal loan against fixed deposit which
is seen in the observation. The interest rate against FD is lower than the

other loans which customer prefers to take loans against FD. (Table No.8)
The Corporate loan against fixed deposit is sloping down as seen in the
loan scheme study. (Table No.9)

Bank provides various loan schemes to their customers but some of that
are not much demanded by the customers as like Education loan, Superfast
car loan, Multipurpose loan against fixed deposit as well as Udyogini loan,
Corporate loan against fixed deposit are the of loans are not much

Some types of loan schemes which provided by the bank are rapidly
growing of its demand and expansions, which includes Housing loan,
Vehicle loan, Personal loan against fixed deposit.

The suggestions based on findings are as follows:

The loan facility provided by bank is one of the core banking function.
Bank provides various types of loan schemes to their customers but some
of the schemes are not much demanded by the customers such that
Education Loans, superfast car loans, multipurpose loans so that bank has
to give more efforts to attract more customers towards various types of
loan schemes. Bank has to show the availability and benefits of loan

schemes to their customers.

House loans are one of the types of term loans. To avail the tax benefits

people attracted towards the Housing loans.

Documentation for education is a lengthy process. This is because
repayments start after when the education is completed and the student
becomes earned person. This takes lots of time. That is why the documents

required are many in numbers.

Bank can take support of advertisement media to learn about the loan
schemes which shows the rate of interest, loan repayment period, required
documents, time period for sanctioning loan and also reputation of the

bank in the market.

Bank also have to take affordable rate of interest on loan to their
customers by the help of which most of the people are highly attracted
towards bank and its various loan scheme facility.

General Conclusion:
Saraswat bank plays a vital role in the co-operative sector. Bank having different
types of loans that plays an effective role in banking financial system. Loan is an
amount given for specified period and is recoverable with a particular interest
rate. Loans caries a specific rate of interest as agreed between the lender and the

Specific Conclusion:
Loan is the lifeblood of the banks. Saraswat Co-operative Bank has introduced
a wide range of credit schemes at attractive interest rates, which has become
very popular, especially among the middle-class in view of the easy
repayment plan.
Bank offers attractive interest rates on loan against deposits The Housing loan
is preferred by the customer as it provides tax benefits.
The car loan has reduced its attractiveness. Two wheeler loans are having the
more demand and less documentation makes it convenient. The corporate
loans have reduced its percentage.


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