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Request for Proposal Development of eLearning Module for operation of the Canon Sure Shot Camera

Company Overview Catalyst Interactive is a thought leader in the design, development and delivery of customised e-Learning solutions that are instrumental in enhancing organisational performance and achieving measurable business outcomes. With extensive national and international experience, we have provided services to many of Australia’s top performing companies and all levels of government. Required Product Description Catalyst invites proposals for the development of an elearning module to teach the use of the Canon Sure Shot camera. Target Audience Digital Media students in TAFE New South Wales Colleges. Required Deliverables 1). Storyboards will detail and document the course. The storyboards will be developed and submitted by the vendor, and approved by our company. 2). A Tutorial (courseware) will transfer the product information to the learner. The tutorial must use multimedia and include practice exercises and/or questions with feedback. 3). A Formative Test which will establish trainee mastery of the materials presented will be incorporated at the end of the training program. Photos and voicing is required. 4). User Documentation will be developed which explains how to install, use, and maintain the programs and applications produced for this project. Assumptions and Agreements
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The project must be completed by 28 September 2007. A preliminary budget for this project has been approved. Vendor bids may not exceed $150,000.

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Training course materials loaned to the vendor and produced by the vendor will be in English. ALL technical illustrations, drawings, and schematics to be included in the course will be approved our company. Our company will appoint one person, with decision making authority, to serve as a project coordinator/manager. Our company will provide appropriate support documentation for the successful completion of the project. The vendor will provide technical support to the client’s support staff once the program is distributed. The vendor shall warrant that on delivery, all media containing the instructional content of the program are free of material faults and processing errors. At the conclusion of the project, all materials developed by the project team will become the exclusive property of our company. In addition, any and all work sheets and other working documentation will also become the property of our company. When applicable, travel and lodging will be billed at cost. Ground travel will be billed at the standard rate used by our company. Billing for services and products completed will be submitted at the end of each month. Billing for travel, lodging, meals, postage, shipping, communications, et cetera, will be invoiced separately at the end of each month.

Required Proposal Format The proposal must adopt a business report format. Project Plan The proposal should include a project plan section in which the vendor should include a Gantt chart for completing the project. Time-Cost In the Time-Cost section, the vendor must detail the time and costs that will be required to complete the project. Additional Documentation (optional) Vendors must include a short demo or direct us to an internet site which demonstrates their production capabilities. Submission Deadline 4 September 2007 Submit Proposal To: Our Company’s Director, eLearning Operations For Additional Information or Clarification, Contact: Telephone: (000) 000-0000 Basis for Award of Contract Lowest bid subject to satisfactory proposal

Award Date 5 September 2007