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Bienvenidos a la clase de espaol II!

Seora Duck
Room A207
Phone: 817-305-4700 ext. 2148

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Spanish II! This course is designed to increase communication in the Spanish language as
well as develop an understanding of the culture of various Spanish-speaking countries. We will build
upon what was learned last year by engaging in all aspects of communication (speaking, listening,
reading, and writing). It is my goal to create a structured yet comfortable environment that promotes the
learning of a second language. The following policies and procedures have been put in place with that
goal in mind.
Come to class prepared each day. The following supplies are required:

3-ring Binder or Folder (with pockets and brads)

Spiral or Composition Notebook
Notebook Paper
Pencils and/or Pens
Red Pens (at least one)

Also, the following supplies are recommended, but not required: a highlighter, colored pencils, a glue
stick, scissors, and a Spanish/English dictionary.
Classroom Rules and Expectations
All rules outlined in the GCISD Student Handbook will be followed. Additionally, I expect all students
1. Work hard and put forth your best effort.
2. Respect other students and teachers.
3. Make a sincere effort to communicate in Spanish.
4. Have a positive attitude and try to have fun!
Academic Integrity
The use of electronic translating devices, including translation websites, is not permitted. The use of
such devices is considered academic dishonesty (cheating). Any instances of academic dishonesty will
be handled according to the CHHS Academic Integrity Code.
Grading System
Formative Assignments
(participation, daily assignments, quizzes, etc.)
Summative Assignments
(tests, major projects, etc.)


Bell Ringers
Warm-up exercises will be posted on the board or overhead most days. Students are expected to begin
working immediately upon entering the classroom and will have the first few minutes of class to
complete this brief assignment. These assignments are to be kept in a spiral/composition notebook and
may be collected and graded periodically.
Homework & Study Skills
Homework will be assigned occasionally to help reinforce the new skills we are learning in class. Even
on days when no official homework is assigned, students always have something to study. Practicing
Spanish a little bit every day is critical to success! See more information on how to be successful in this
class on the Tips for Doing Well in Spanish Class handout.
Attendance & Make-Up Work
If a student is absent, it is the students responsibility to collect any handouts and assignments that he or
she may have missed. Students are allowed one day for each day of class that was missed to make up
assignments, including tests and quizzes. Class time may not be used to complete these assignments.
Students will need to attend tutorials to make up a missed quiz or test and/or to receive additional
instruction. When possible, communicate with me ahead of time for a known absence (such as a
doctors appointment or field trip).
Late Work
All assignments should be turned in on time, as specified by the teacher; however, one late assignment
will be allowed per grading for a maximum grade of 70. Late assignments must be submitted prior to
the test over that material or by the end of the grading period, whichever comes first.
Retest/Redo Opportunities
If a student receives a failing grade on a summative assignment (test or major project), he or she may
retake/redo that assignment for a maximum grade of 70. Students must attend tutorials at least once
prior to being eligible for a retest/redo. Students must retest/redo the assignment during one of the two
times set by the teacher within five days of receiving the original grade. Students may retest/redo each
assignment only once. Formative assignments (participation, daily assignments, quizzes, etc.) do not
qualify for a retest/redo.
Extra Credit
Extra credit will not be offered to students on an individual basis.
Conference Times & Tutorials
My conference period is 6th period. I am available to meet with students and parents during my
conference period by appointment only.
Tutorials will be held in my classroom after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and before school on
Wednesdays. Afternoon tutorials are from 4:00-4:30 and morning tutorials are from 8:00-8:30.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to a
great year!