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Contact info.

Main Office
Kelly Manke

Adjusted Days Last Week of School

June 1st - June 4th are adjusted days. All Students are dismissed
at 12:53 Monday-Thursday. No School on Friday

Temperatures are predicted to be in the 90's on Wednesday,

June 3rd, in the afternoon. All are encouraged to dress
accordingly as well as bring water to stay hydrated.

Matt Dailey

Important Reminders

Vice Principal
Jennifer Whitney
Vice Principal

Quick Links

All medications left in the student office after June 4th will be
discarded. Please make sure that all medications are picked up by
an adult or with parent permission via a phone call or note by 3:00
on June 4th. Also, make sure to pay all bills and fines owed to the
cafeteria, library, and ASB as soon as possible.

8th Grade Promotion Information

Our Website
* 8th grade Promotion ceremony is on the grass

Go to this link
to view our Enrichment

and begins at 6:00 pm.

* Please dress appropriate for sitting outside.
* Consider arriving early in order to secure a seat
or bring your own chair to be placed behind
existing chairs.
* Parking is limited, AMS Parking Lot is reserved
for handicapped parking, dropping off is allowed. Plan

District Website

to park at Heritage High School.

Non Profit Flyers

* Please be considerate, everyone wants to see!

School Pool Transit Ticket

Items such as balloons and umbrellas are NOT

allowed DURING the ceremony as a courtesy to all.

School Pool Flyer 2015

We appreciate your help in making this an enjoyable

event for everyone involved.

Event Announcement Flyers

BUSD Food Service website.
Link it to:

Attendance Information
See our website under information
tab for the following information:
Attendance Education Code
Every School Day Counts
Attendance Poster

Important Dates!

2015-16 Walk Thru Information

Mark you Calendars Tuesday, July 21 from 1:00-7:00 pm and
Wednesday, July 22 from 9:00 am until Noon will be our AMS
Walk Thru.
Click HERE to view the to -do list.

If your planning on ordering a yearbook at Walk Thru please

make checks out to Adams Middle School. The $45.00 yearbook
price is a one time only walk Thru exclusive.
Our PE clothes cost $10.00 top and 10.00 shorts. AMS
Sweatshirts are $20.00 and Sweatpants are$20.00.
School pictures will NOW be taken at Walk Thru.
There will be a make-up picture day during 1st quarter.

Let's congratulate new parents' club members!

June 1 thru June 4
* Adjusted days school dismissal at
June 2
*8th grade trip to Great America
students will leave school around
8:15 am; return approx. 8:00 pm
*6th Grade Field Day at AMS
June 3
*Promotion Ceremony
AMS 8th grade student need to be
at school at 5:30...Ceremony begins
at 6:00 pm
*7th grade field to Brentwood
Aquatic Complex
June 4
*Last day of school
Adjusted day school dismissal at

Shelly Elsing-Goddard
Yvette Gardizi

Vice President
Tracy Nelson

Renee Burns



June 9
*AMS office closes at noon.

Ursula Shelby

June 10
*AMS Family baseball Outing
Oakland Coliseum

A Big Thank You to AMS Parents' Club!

July 14
*AMS reopens for 2015-2016
school year at 8:00 am
July 21
* AMS Walk Thru
1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
July 22
AMS Walk Thru
9:00 am-12:00 pm
July 28
*First Day of School for 15-16
school year. School begins at

Math Help Schedule

Go to AMS website to view
after school Math help

Our new and improved AMS Marquee has been installed! We are in
the process of setting up the software in order to communicate
important information. We want to thank our parents' club for
helping with the financing of our new sign.

Yearbook Distribution:
Any yearbooks that were not picked up on 5/29 can be picked up
before or after school June 1-4 in room 3. Students must turn in
PE locks and textbooks before they can get their yearbooks.
Extra Yearbooks:
There are a few extra books which can be purchased for $65.00
cash between June 1-4 in room 3.

Dear AMS Community,

Cell phones and Pagers
Student cell phones and pagers
may not be used during
school hours (including passing
periods and lunch).
They need to be off and remain in
your backpack at all
times. For emergencies, the office
phone is always
Adams Middle School will not be
liable for the loss or theft of these

Help us Spread the Word to End the Word. We invite you to be

a fan of respect and join us in an on-going campaign to stop the
use of the R-word and pledge #Respect for everyone. Over
500,000 people have pledged their support online since the
campaign launched in 2009 and we hope you can join us by making
your pledge to end the use of the R-word.
Visit and take the pledge and pass this email along
to all your friends so together we can create communities of
acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.

Have you heard??

Brown is the new Green!
BUSD is working in conjunction with the City of Brentwood to

AMS Dress Code

As Spring weather gets warmer,
we start noticing inappropriate
attire, namely mid-section shirts
and very short shorts. Please
remind students to dress
appropriately for school.
Students wearing inappropriate
clothing will be required to
change. Refer to your student's
handbook for further

Text Reminders

reduce water usage on district facilities by 35%. You may notice a

difference in the lawn and grass areas around our school. While we
want to contribute and support our state's effort in saving water,
some areas are such as playing fields are part of our Physical
Education classroom and every effort will be made to keep them
safe for our students and community programs that continue to
use them. Fortunately, some of our fields are on a different
watering system that utilizes non-potable water and is not under
the same reduction as city water. You may notice some as areas
greener than other areas during the Summer months.


All textbooks and library books are past due.
Please bring them to the library ASAP as it will be closed for the
summer on June 5th.

Any outstanding bills need to be paid by cash or money order only.

Make sure you always know

what's going on at school by
joining our Remind text group!
Just text @ams2014 to (858)
500-3493 and you'll get
reminders about spirit days,
dances, walk to school
Wednesday and more! Both
parents and students can join!
Your number is completely
anonymous and private. Text
rates do apply.

Our Morning
Announcements are
posted daily on our
school website. You
will see all the
information the
students hear in the

Lei's 8th Grade Promotion

Make sure to order leis for promotion today! Leis are a great way
to make your child feel special at promotion, and it's a fundraiser
for our school! Be a part of the tradition. Get yours now:
Email Mrs. Thornhill or Mrs. Griggs with any or

If you are planning to move over the summer, or are enrolling your
student in another school, please let us know. This helps us
prepare and forward your child's records, enabling his/her smooth
transition. Thank you so much for your help. If you have any
questions, please call your child's school or the Brentwood Union
School District Office at 513-6316.
you there!


It's Time to Get Your

Si est planeando mudarse durante el verano, o matricular a su

estudiante en otra escuela, favor de notificarnos. Esto nos
ayudar a preparar y a transferir los registros de su hijo, para que

Spirit ON!
The Parent's Club now has many
new t-shirt designs as well as
hats for sale to celebrate your
Adam's spirit! Check out the
latest designs on "The Adams
Middle School Parent's Club"
Facebook page.......there is sure
to be something for everyone!
Order forms are available in the
office. If you don't see a size
you need, write it down!
Remember that all proceeds from
any Parent's Club fundraisers go
directly to purchase projectors
for your student's classroom!
Thanks for your support!

Don't Forget Your

In accordance with California
Vehicle Code 21212 (A) All
students under the age of 18
riding scooters, long boards,
bicycles, roller blades to school
must wear a certified helmet
with chin strap. Please help keep
our students safe by insisting
your child wear a helmet and
obey traffic laws as they come to
and from school. Violators may
be cited.
Also,students are not allowed to
ride skateboards/scooters/bikes
on campus. Any student caught
riding on campus may have their
equipment taken away and release
to parents. Students may store
their skateboard/scooter in their
1st period class. Bikes should be
locked in the bike racks.

su transicin se lleve a cabo sin problemas. Muchas gracias por su

ayuda. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor llame a la escuela de su
hijo o la Oficina del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Brentwood al
cerun:yes'> If you have any questions, please call your child's
school or the Brentwood Union School District Office at 5136316. you there!

Contra Costa County Library Summer Reading

Festival 2015:
"Read to the Rhythm!"
June 6 - August 15, 2015
Contra Costa County Library wants you to shake, rattle, and roll to
your local library for the Summer Reading Festival, June 6 August 15! All ages from birth to adult can "mark time" on a
reading log, available in community libraries or online at,
to drum up record-breaking prizes and raffle entries! Tune in to
rockin' events taking place all over the county, and be sure to turn
in your finished record before the big crescendo on August 15!
For more information about Summer Reading Festival, hip-hop into
your local library or fast forward to the library's web site, at

Free Summer Lunches For All Kids

The summer feeding program in three locations this year.This
program is for all children of our community - please help us get
the word out.
Free summer lunch program for all children in the community ages
2 to 18No qualifications necessary
Lunch is served Monday through FridayJune 8 - July 17, 2015
(Closed - Fri. July 3rd )

Mary Casey Black Elementary,

408 Farmington Dr, Brentwood, CA
Lunch will be served from 12:00 to 12:30

Lost and Found

Please make sure to check the
Lost and Found for any missing

Villa Amador Community Center,

2101 Sand Creek Road, Brentwood, CA
Lunch will be served from 11:30 to 12:00

items. The Lost and Found

is located in the student office
and in the PE locker rooms. Any
items left after June 4th

Village Community Resource Center,

633 Village Dr, Brentwood, CA
Lunch will be served from 12:00-12:30

will be donated to charity.

Student with a Fever

Students with a fever may be
sent home "As a guideline for
both schools and home, students
may be sent home or stay home if
they have a temperature of 100
degrees or above and are not
feeling well enough to adequately
perform normal daily functions.
This is supported by both the
Centers for Disease Control
(CDC) and the American Academy
of Pediatrics."

All students going into 7th
grade must have proof of having
had the Tdap booster shot.
This will help protect your child
and others in your school
community from whooping cough.
OR EXTENSION for the 20152016 school year. All 7th
grade students will need to show
proof of Tdap immunization or
submit an exemption
will not be able to start

The Summer Feeding program is funded by United

States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It provides healthy
meals for children ages 2-18 during the summer months when
regular school is out.
There is no enrollment, paperwork or income qualification required
to participate. Just come to Mary Casey Black Elementary, Villa
Amador or Village Community resource Center to get your
lunch. Lunches must be eaten at the site.
For more information: Contact the Brentwood Union School
District Food Service Dept. (925) 513-6338

school until documentation for

the Tdap is submitted to the