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Extract from Ministry of Justice Official to an official at the Medicines and

Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of 7 March 2013 15:05:

The purpose of the round robin list is to help departments to get a feel for who else,
if any, has received the same request. In some cases, it might be useful to talk to
other departments to check on interpretation of the request, and perhaps also to coordinate the response somewhat. In some cases the lead departments for the
relevant policies might want to put out some advice directly to the departments that
have received the request, rather than to everyone on the circulation of the RR list. It
would therefore be useful if you could continue to let us know when you have
received a request which you think might be a round robin, and also when you have
received one that is already on the list.
Departments who receive the round robin list:

Attorney Generals Office

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Cabinet Office
Crown Prosecution Service
The Crown Estate
Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure, Northern Ireland
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for International Development
Department for Transport
Department of Health
Department for Work and Pensions
UK Export Finance
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Financial Services Authority
Food Standards Agency
Her Majestys Revenue and Customs
Home Office
Health and Safety Executive
Her Majestys Land Registry
Ministry of Defence
National Audit Office
Northern Ireland Office
Northern Ireland Government
Office for National Statistics
Ordnance Survey
Office of Rail Regulation
Scotland Office
Serious Fraud Office
The National Archives
Treasury Solicitors Department

Vehicle Certification Agency

Valuation Office Agency
Wales Office
Youth Justice Board
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Ministry of Justice
Department of Justice, Northern Ireland
Civil Aviation Authority
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
UK Debt Management Office
HM Treasury
Department for Education
Identity and Passport Service
Intellectual Property Office
Department for Communities and Local Government
English Heritage
Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Forestry Commission
Bank of England
Natural England
Office for Budget Responsibility
Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Northern Ireland
Competition and Markets Authority
National Savings and Investments
Office for Nuclear Regulation
Animal and Plant Health Agency
Environment Agency
National Health Service

Subjects of the 95 Information requests circulated on the round robin list

between 1 March and 19 April:

Budget allocation for litigation fees

Appointment diary of senior officials
Total spend on recruitment and positions advertised X 6
Details of various IT projects/programmes currently run X 16
Advocacy letters written by Prince Charles X 6
Amount spent on legal representation and advice in relation to Prince
Charless correspondence
Details of any live contracts with the company Hotcourses
All information held referencing email addresses ending
containing the phrase National Farmers Union or containing the acronym
Whistle blowing
Job description and person specification for the Chief Press Officer and
Director/Head of News

The register of gifts and hospitality for civil servants

Job descriptions and number of personnel in Secretary of States private
Companies lobbying on the issue of the EU regulation REACH
Information on meetings/discussions on British values
Meetings between civil servants and lobbyists in the past 12 months.
The amount spent by staff on company credit cards
List of information security policies, codes of practice and guidance
developed since 2004
Correspondence between various companies and senior civil servants X 5
The amount spent by IT departments on recruitment X 3
Any emails in the inboxes of ministers containing the words embarrassing,
compromising, compromised or breach
A list of missing laptops
Data on staff working in the department off work with mental health related
Correspondence between listed individuals and ministers
Copies of social media policies and waste electrical and electronic recycling
Number of civil servants having requested permission to speak to the media
Personnel from external organisations seconded to work in the department
Number of employees seconded to work in the private sector
Correspondence between the department and EuropaBio and the Agricultural
Biotechnology Council and/or its member companies
Correspondence between UK2020 and ministers
Procurement compliance functions
Number of staff employed and a list of the 100 most visited websites by staff
How much has the department paid the Cabinet Office for use of its
Government Digital Service Resources
Staffing and qualifications of procurement team
Full name, job title, direct contact number and direct email address for list of
senior managers
List of suspicious packages reported by passengers at London train and tube
How many days where named ministers in their departmental offices
Advice to ministers and senior officials on blog post Closing in on the tax
evaders by Richard Murphy
Staff seconded to external companies
Information on the use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Web browsing history of ministers
Legal spend in government
Correspondence between department and the European Commission
regarding EU structural funds and the role of local enterprise partnerships
Investigations by immigration authorities on departments premises to
investigate allegations of illegal or suspected illegal immigrants working there
Incidents of fire alarms being activated
The number of faulty fire alarms in the department
Certificates issued under the Cyber Essentials Scheme
Number of days granted as special leave to employees, and the reasons
Meetings with Duchy of Cornwall in relation to any legislation

Cost of policies around compensation schemes and exemptions for Energy

Intensives industries
Spend on printing and advertising
Spend on marketing
Spend on external recruitment agencies
Job descriptions of all individuals responsible for responding to FOI requests
Psychometric tests
Information held on Dragoman
Spend on bonuses and financial incentive payments X 2
Information on fire procedures
Information on job applications by disabled people
Letters between press office / ministers and named individuals
Staff mileage rates
Expenses claims
Policies on the use and editing of Wikipedia
Information on drafting of ministerial statement