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Foods To Avoid With Thyroid Problems


The thyroid is a gland which is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones.
These hormones are essential for the regulation of body metabolism. If the thyroid
hormone levels are not in the normal range various signs and symptoms may occur.
The thyroid gland uses the iodine from the diet to produce the thyroid hormones.
Over activity of thyroid glands can result in excessive production of thyroid
hormones. This is called as hyperthyroidism. If under activity of the thyroid gland
occurs it can result in hypothyroidism.
Top 10 Foods To Avoid With Hyperthyroidism
The important causes of hyperthyroidism are Graves disease, Toxic nodules,
excessive intake of iodine, and certain medications. The important symptoms of
hyperthyroidism are anxiety, tremors, rapid heartbeat, sleep difficulties, weight loss,
bulging eyes, scant or irregular period, enlargement of thyroid gland etc. If you have
hyperthyroidism, it is necessary to avoid certain food items.
1. Iodine Rich Foods
Iodine increases the activity of the thyroid gland hence it is necessary to avoid
foods containing iodine, if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.
You should avoid seaweeds, kelp and other sea foods which are rich in iodine.
You should avoid taking iodized salt as this salt contains excess iodine in them.
2. Caffeine
It is necessary to avoid stimulants like coffee, sugar or other caffeinated or
stimulating food and drink as they intensify the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
Replace caffeinated drinks with water or healthy fruit juices.
3. Whole Milk
Consumption of whole milk is not good for hyperthyroidism. So try to avoid whole
Consume skimmed milk which are healthy and easy to digest.
4. Enriched Flour
This flour contains fewer nutrients than the whole grains and is difficult to get
digested. This is a high glycemic food and may disrupt your sugar and hormone
level in the blood. Consuming foods with lower glycemic index can restore the
healthy hormone levels in the body including thyroid hormone.
Replace the enriched pasta, bread, snacks, cereals with 100 % whole grains like
brown rice, barley, quinoa, air- popped popcorn, whole wheat breads etc.

5. Added Sugars
Added sugars like cane sugar, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup etc add calories
and sweetness of the food and cause blood sugar spikes. These sugars have few
nutritional benefits. Hear palpitation seen in people with hyperthyroidism can be
controlled by improving the blood sugar levels.
Avoid food and beverages like soft drinks, pancake syrups, Jam/jelly, cookies,
cakes, pastries candy, fat-free frozen yoghurt etc.
6. Red Meat
Red meat has high levels of cholesterol or saturated fat. This can cause heart
diseases and type 2 diabetes. Reducing red meat intake can reduce the symptom of
hyperthyroidism. Red meat can cause inflammations in people.
Include more lean proteins such as cold water fish such as salmon, tuna, herring,
mackerel and beans and avoid red meat to reduce inflammation caused by
Avoid processed, fried, sauce topped meats which have additional fat in them.
7. Avoid Allergic Foods
Graves disease is a cause for hyperthyroidism. This is an autoimmune disease and
food allergies can trigger the symptoms of Graves disease. Hence it is necessary to
avoid foods that are causing allergies to you. Find out which are the foods that
trigger allergic reactions in you and avoid them.
Allergies from food include lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, peanut
allergies, wheat allergies, allergic reaction caused by food additives etc.
8. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Hydrogenated vegetable oil is used in many commercially prepared food items.
These are the sources of Trans fat and they damage the good cholesterol level and
worsen the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
Avoid eating crackers, cookies, doughnuts, margarine, pie crusts, onion rings
which are commercially prepared.
9. Dairy Products
Different type of foods affects people with hyperthyroidism in different ways. In
some people hyperthyroidism causes lactose intolerance or the inability to digest
milk or milk products.
Avoid dairy products if you experience indigestion, bloating or fatigue after
consuming milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt etc.
10. Alcohol
Alcohol can disrupt the energy level and worsen the sleep problems associated with
hyperthyroidism. Taking alcohol increases the risk of osteoporosis in people with
Limit or avoid wine, beer, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Hypothyroidism is the disorder of the thyroid gland, wherein the thyroid gland is not
able to secrete enough thyroid hormones. The main cause of this disease is the
iodine deficiency in the body. Hypothyroidism is seen in people of all age groups. In
children this can cause cretinism. As the thyroid gland plays an important role in
regulating the body metabolism, the low levels of thyroid hormones can weaken the
body. The major symptoms include gaining excessive weight, cold intolerance,
goiter, depression, constipation, fatigue, female infertility, dry skin, puffy face and
body, joint and muscle pain etc. A good healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition can
help to control the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It is important that you avoid the
foods that may cause the symptoms to flare up.

Ways to Increase Memory Power

1. When you exercise the body, you exercise the brain.
2. Improve your memory be sleeping.
3. Healthy relationships and fun with friends.
4. Laughter is good for your brain.
5. Reduce stress.
6. Feed your brain.
7. Vitamin B
8. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
9. Drink wine in moderation.
10. Read newspaper.
Home Remedies For Treating Liver Disease
Liver plays an important role in the digestion of food.It is situated on the left
abdomen below the rib cage .It is responsible for many functions in the body.It
produces bile which helps to reduce the fat from the body.It plays an important role
in the maintaining of sugar levels and also maintain fat and iron in the body.It also
involves in the production of proteins to the body.In more rare conditions acute liver
failure occurs rapidly in 48 hours.A liver diseases is a collection of
disorders,infections and condition that may affects cells and tissues of the liver.It
also affects the structure of the liver and leads to damage of liver or stop the
Symptoms of liver diseases:

Dark urine
Yellowing of your skin
Upper right side abdominal tenderness
Dry mouth
weight gain
loss of appetite
Breast development in males
vomiting blood
Weight loss
Enlarged liver
Joint aches
Loss of appetite
Main causes of liver diseases:
Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause
High consumption of food at a time
No urination in the morning times
Consuming too much preservatives,artificial sweeteners,food color,etc..
Consuming fried foods when you are tired.It is better to reduce the cooking oil when
frying leads to liver damage
Hepatitis A,B&E and other virus cause acute liver damage.
Liver damage is caused by autoimmune disease which can attacks liver cells and
cause inflammation and injury.
Alcohol abuse is the most common reason of liver damage.It can directly toxic and
cause liver inflammation.
Home remedies for treating liver diseases:
Dandelion root tea: This is one of the best remedy to maintain the liver healthy.Take
dandelion leaves to make a cup of tea twice in a day,it will give better result and
also you can boil some amount of roots of dandelion and boil them in water and
drink.It is also one of the best method to use dandelion root for liver disorders.
Milk thistle: This remedy is very effective in the treatment of liver disorders.Take
850 ml of milk thistle twice a day at mealtime.It will keeps your liver healthy
condition and also relief from various liver diseases.Researches show that it is very
effective remedy in the treatment of liver disease such as
cirrhosis,hepatitis(viral),toxicity etc....

Indian gooseberry: It is one of the good source of vitamin C which helps to keep your
liver health in most favorable conditions.Already know that gooseberry have liver
protective properties.It is suggested eat 5-6 raw gooseberries in day or you can
consume it through food or salads etc. to keep your liver in a good condition.
Turmeric: Turmeric is well known for its antioxidants and antiseptic properties.It can
keeps your liver health in good condition.Turmeric can prevents the viruses that
cause hepatitis A,B&E.You can take it in food,milk and also take 1/2 teaspoon of
turmeric with 1 teaspoon of honey.
Papaya fruit: Papaya is one of the best remedy to get rid of liver disorders.It gives
great relief who are suffering with liver cirrhosis.Take teaspoon of lemon juice with 4
teaspoons of papaya juice everyday and repeat it for 30 - 45 days to cure the liver
Apple cider vinegar: This remedy helps in flushing out the toxins from the liver.If you
take this before the meals it helps in maintaining of fat in the body.Add one
tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and add one teaspoon of
honey to it.Drink this mixture trice in a day to cleanse your liver.
Tips to maintain healthy liver:
Drink 2 - 3 cups of green tea every day to protect liver from diseases.It contains
catechins which supports the liver functions.
Regular physical activity keeps your body fit and remove the toxins through the skin
by increasing sweat.
Drink plenty of water it helps to cleanse your system.(Fluoride free water)
Consume apples and leafy vegetables which protects your liver by flushing out the
toxins from the digestive tract.
Avocados and walnuts also protect the liver from diseases.
Avoid alcohol
Spinach and carrot juice is very effective remedy who are suffering with liver