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Residual Current Circuit Breaker


peration Principle


VL1(F1-100) Residual Current Circuit Breaker provide the function of isolation switching and
earth leakage protection of electrical circuits.And also provide the indirect protection of the
operator's body against the dangerous effects of electric current and provide the protection of
the fire caused by the electrical circuit fault.

Standard: IEC61008


Our products have the guarantee period of 36 calendar months,that is a high quality and

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Adopt electromagnetic style release , can play a leak electricity and electric shock protecting
role while breaking in zero Line.

Construction Features:

Measuring component and buckling component of products is located between enter line end
and entrance line end ;

Movement characteristic of products can not be changed with outside mechanical tool ;

The operating organization has the free function to take off and buckle;

Operate part can not be taken down from the shell outer of products , the shell can not
influence the operating organization to work , the accessory group which replace the feelers
pressure, should guarantee the feelers pressure does not change while running.

Normal operation and mounting requirement

Circumstance temperature -5C ~ +40C, average temperature within 24h not exceeding

Altitude above sea level less than 2000 m.

Humidity not exceeding 50% at 40C and not exceeding 90% at 25C.

Installation class II or III.

Pollution class 2.

Installation method DIN Rail mounting type.

The external magnetism shall not be more than 5 times of terrestrial one.

Product shall be installed at the place where there shall be no severe impact and vibration.

Product shall be vertically mounted onto standard Din rail 35mm.

Technical Data


Number of poles

2P, 4P

Rated Current(In)

63, 80, 100, 125A

Rated residual operating current( In)

100, 300, 500mA

Rated residual non-operation Current( Ino)


Rated Voltage(Un)

AC 2P: 230/240V 4P: 400/415V

Residual current off-time




Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Inc)




Terminal protection


Overall and Mounting Dimensioned Chart

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

23/01/2011 by Lemau 6 Comments

This device is important in electrical wiring installation.It is a life guard device to protect
from electricshock.Others circuit breaker only can detect the fault from over current and
short circuit but cannot detect thecurrent leakage.
That why RCCB is very important.Only this device can detect the current leakage.The
current leakage can cause the injury or dead for human and can lead to fire
hazard.When design the distribution panel board,please make sure this device include in
our planning to for consumer safety and avoid equipment from damage.

What is Residual current circuit

breaker ( RCCB )?

The main purpose for RCCB is a provide protection against direct and indirect contact of
personnel or livestock and probable fire.Prevents shocks caused by earth leakage
which could be fatal.

Principle of operation
How RCCB can detect the current leakage? use the simple theory of balance
current through the current transformer.The residual current device monitor the different
between the load flowing through the current transformer and ensure the value of
ampere is approximately zero.
If current leakage happen,the current flow will not in zero value,the different value
exceed the rccb current rating,it can make the current transformer energized and send
the signal to the plunger to cut off the breaker.The important thing to ensure this device
operate properly,theearthing cable must be installed in electrical wiring.If not,RCCB
cannot detect the current leakage cause the current is floating in circuit.

Protection against electric shock

1) protection in the case of indirect touch (indirect protection of persons) and fault
protection when disconnecting impermissible high touch voltages caused by short-circuit
to exposed conductive parts.
2) protection in the case of direct touch (direct protection of persons) disconnection as
additional protection where live conductors are touched
directly.Hazardous shock currents are disconnected within no time if the rated residual
current of the device is In 30 mA.
3) protection against electrically ignited fire (fire protection) if the rated residual current
of the device is In 300 mA

General Description Of RCCB

To open a circuit automatically in the event of an earth leakage

between phase and earth and/or neutral and earth. With effective protection against
human contact to earth points.

Protection against Direct Contact of persons or livestock with live part.

Protection against Indirect Contact of persons or livestock with exposed

conductive parts which have become live under fault conditions.

Protection against Electrical Fires caused by high resistance fault arching but
not causing the over current protection device to operate.

Designed with surge current withstand capability to prevent nuisance tripping

during thunderstorms. Conditionally surge current proof (250A, 8/20us), without
time delayed tripping.

These devices are sometimes called an ELCB or RCD.

Use in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

RCCB Sensitivity
1) 30mA ( mili ampere )

Tripping current designed for additional protection against direct contact, or

where specially required by wiring regulations, the 30 mA RCCB protects against
leakage currents and indirect contact with earth loop impedance up to 1667 Ohms;
for use as additional protection against direct contact, residual tripping current must
not exceed 30 mA.

2) 100mA ( mili ampere )

Tripping current is suitable for protection against indirect contact and leakage
currents for larger installations; the 100 mA RCCBs operate within 30 ms, but do
not provide the same level of personal protection as the 30 mA units; the 100 mA
RCCB protects against leakage currents and indirect contact with earth loop
impedance up to 500 ohms.

3) 300mA ( mili ampere )

A less sensitive protection suitable for large installations having high levels of
leakage current; 300 mA RCCBs protect against leakage current and indirect
contact up to 167 ohms earth loop impedance.

RCCB possible application area

1) For universal use in normal circuits
2) For additional protection of socket outlet circuits
3) To achieve a high degree of service security
4) For commercial and industrial power installations

RCCB wiring technique