Enjoy Your Privacy; It'll Be Gone in a Few Years

Sponsored by the academy commentary «n how bad The "massive failure" of the and funded by the Carnegie things have become by 2000 family today, she said, could NEW YORK — By Hie year corporation, the commission is when someone will malce a ;ead to a new family .style 2000, Americans can expect making an inter • disciplinary fortune merely ky provid- with an emphasis on very small computers and robots in the home! the virtual disappear- effort to anticipate future prob- ing, on a monthly, weekly, families and a high toleration of ance of privacy, - a drastically lems, and to begin designing al- daily, or even hourly basis childless marriage or a more changed family unit and a gross ternative solutions. Us chair- a room of one's own." encompassing social style in national produce- of $4 trillion. man is Daniel Bell, the ColumMargaret Mead, the anthro- which parenthood would be limThese predictions are includpologist, said that many func- ited to a smaller number of famed in the first • working -papers bia university sociologist. tions now expected of the fam- ilies whose principal function and discussions of the Commis- Harry Kalven jr., professor sion on the Year 2000, published of law at the University of Chi- ily, may be transferred to wid- wculd be child - rearing. as the summer issue of Daeda- cago, said that by the year er, shifting groups. The rest of the population lus, the journal of the Ameri- 2000, "man's technical invent- "Companionship for w o r k , would be free to function — for play and stable living would the first time in history — as can Academy of Arts and Sci- iveness may,.in terms of pri ences. cy, have turned the whole com- come to be based on many dif- individuals. munity into the equivalent of an ferent combinations, within and To Reach a Limit across sex lines, among differarmy barracks. ent - sized clusters of individu- George A. Miller, professor of "It may be a final Ironic als. / psychology at Harvard, warned
By JOHN LEO (C) New York Time*

Trapped Under

that by 2000, the limit of man's amount of leisure torn* avail- ican population will live , to ing Boston, New York City and burgh; and "Sansan," ;which mind to absorb information able to Americans by 2000 could three huge supercities: "Bos- Washington; "Chipitts," the would stretch from San Franmay be reached. be "catastrophic." 'The Amer- wash," the urban strip includ- area from Chicago to Pitts- cisco to. Sari Diego.' • "We 'may be already nearing ican with leisure Is. a' man at some kind of limit for many of loose ends; it -will take him a the less gifted among us," he generation longer to", adjust to leisure than it takes the Euro: said, "and those still able to pean." LOS ANGELES (AP) — HJLLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — Bearded John Phillips and his handle the present level of com Two Oregon men have patented Kahn offered • list of one plexity are in ever increasing CALCUTTA (AP) — Eastern wife, Michelle Gilliam—of The hundred technical innova- a device which will make, people demand." India's • Communist-influenced Mamas and the Papas singing take the keys out of their cars. According to David Riesman, tions likely in the next 33 West Bengal state. government group—have purchased the 'ba. years, including a pocket Thomas Thompson, 59, an. auprofessor of sociology at Har has decided to send blood plas- ronial Bel-air home of .the late vard, growing pressures f o r telephone, home computers, tomobile service manager from ma to what it calls "the valiant Jeanette MacDonald. personal achievement couid programmed dreams, and Hillsboro, and William Mc- fighters of North Vietnam." Currently, they've having t bring severe social tensions by artificial moans for light- Farland, 37, • mechanic from State Health Minister Nani place sand-blasted. 2000, as well as a decline in ing large areas at night. Aloha, say they have developed Bhattacharya said a Bengal "It was all painted pink, and manners and charm. Kahn and Anthony J. Wiener an ignition switch that won't peace council has been formed we didn't like it," Phillips said. Herman Kahn, director of the of the Hudson Institute predict- turn the motor off until the key to help Hanoi oppose "American No purchase price was anHudson Institute, said that the ed that almost half of the Amer- is removed. imp2rialism." nounced.


Indians Plan Aid for NVN

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