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This fact sheet reviews the confinement programs and camps that Scientology operates as supposedly rehabilitative facilities for “deviant” members of its “elite” Sea Organization (SO). These programs, known collectively as the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), put coerced participants through regimes of harsh physical punishment, forced selfconfessions, social isolation, hard labor, and intense doctrinal study, all as part of leadership-designed efforts to regain members’ ideological commitment. The confinement that participants experience, combined with forms of physical maltreatment, intensive ideological study, and forced confessions, allows social scientists to speak of the RPF as a “brainwashing” program. Critics and many former members insist that the purpose of the RPF is to break the will of inmates in a manner that minimizes people’s abilities to operate outside of the ideological constraints of the organization. They also argue that it provides Scientology with a low-cost labor force because (willing and unwilling) participants receive almost no salaries. In any case, newspapers have reported about the program since at least 1984, with stories appearing in American, British, Danish, and German media. DEVELOPMENT In January 1974, according to Hubbard, “the RPF has been created by the Commodore [Hubbard] so that redemption can occur. That is basically its only purpose.” He identified four categories of people who were to be assigned to the RPF: “rockslammers” (people deemed to have hidden evil intentions, as detected by the E-meter); people who were unproductive and scored poorly on the Oxford Capacity Analysis personality test; “repeated stat crashers”, people who were held responsible for declines in Scientology organizations’ productivity; and “overt product makers”, people who produced poor-quality work. The unit was to work on “one job, one place, one time.” In addition to at least eight hours of physical labor (usually building renovation), a five-hour study period was implemented each day to improve the individuals’ knowledge of Scientology. The RPF was originally intended to last no more than a couple of months, however sentences are open-ended and may last as long as10 years with approximately $11 per week in pay. The Church of Scientology claims the RPF is entirely voluntary, however, refusal to go results in being thrown out of the Sea Org. RULES FOR RPF According to Scientology Order #3434RB, an inmate: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. “Has no liberties.” “Any travel between buildings is accompanied by a Security Guard.” “May not enter staff or public areas.” “May not have with them in the RPF any drugs.” “May not have with them... newspapers, TV, any music, radio, books.”

Additionally, they are berthed in dormitories isolated from the rest of the staff in housing 30 or 40 people in bunk beds stacked three-high. They may not speak to or approach staff or public or outside public (people in the community) unless spoken to. They address all other staff and even public as “Sir,” whether male or female. They must wear a distinctive black


and grey uniform at all times. Married RPFers are allowed one night a week with their spouse, but only if they are upstat. They may not enter staff or public areas, or elevator except when on assigned cleaning duties in those areas. Service elevator is used only. They must suffer additional time in the RPF for violations of regulations, failure to produce, excessive talking, refusal to come clean, or any other offense. They are not allowed access to their own mail, and eir passports, visa, IDs, credit cards and other documents are confiscated. STATEMENTS FROM INMATES “Personally, I could not believe that I had been sent to the RPF to live in a garage while five months pregnant. I could not believe that I could go from one of the highest positions in Scientology, from having daily correspondence and working closely with Hubbard himself to living in a dirty, filthy garage just that quickly with virtually no warning, little correction, or the appropriate gradient steps in between.” - Nancy Many, My Billion Year Contract (CNM Publishing, 2010), page 94. “I was absolutely horrified when I read them, because they talked about the creation of this - pretty much like a slave labour camp. Those weren’t the words used but that was the impression given. Where the unwanteds, those found wanting, seriously wanting were sent, and they were to be kept in this with no rights, no freedoms, no privileges of any kind. Pretty much the only rights they were allowed were a little bit of sleep each day, food leftovers. The harshest treatment, they were not allowed to speak to any of the crew. It was very, very, very bad that this was going on.” -Hana Eltringham regarding Hubbard’s orders to create the RPF (Channel 4 (UK, 1997): “Secret Lives - L. Ron Hubbard http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8385304411430772663&ei=kChwS6mZEJz0qAPzj92xBg&q=Secret+Lives+Channel+4&hl =en#) “Moreover, the RPFers were supposed to meet Travolta himself: ‘And he came to us, being all wonder and great and grandiose... I will never forget the look on his face when he saw us. We must’ve looked like something from one of those prison camps, one of the German prison camps, because he looked at us and ... he was utterly unable to speak. He just stood there. He was supposed to talk to us, and tell us all this s**t, and he literally stood there in horror.” -Jesse Prince, Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Force (RPF) by Dr. Stephen Kent (link below) “In the RPF you were labeled ‘treasonous’ and forced to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and oftentimes received only ‘rice and beans’ and water. During this time I personally observed a person chained to pipes in the boiler room in the Fort Harrison building for a period of weeks. In the RPF I saw people screaming and crying during the constant ‘auditing’ on the E-meter. The E-meter is a lie detector used during auditing. RPF prisoners were forced to undergo ‘auditing’ in order to ‘audit out’ their evil purposes against Hubbard and Scientology. I cried virtually the whole time I was in the RPF.” -Tonja Burden, Affidavit 1980, Las Vegas, Nevada UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” — Article 4 “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” — Article 5 LINKS • • Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF): http://www.solitarytrees.net/pubs/skent/brain.htm Rehabilitation Project Force: http://wiki.whyweprotest.net/Rehabilitation_Project_Force


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