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1. Which object pronoun can substitute the underlined phrase in the sentence?

Can you tell the people the way to the train station?
A) Them
B) Him
C) Her
D) It.
2. Complete the following sentence with the corresponding pronoun.
Laura saw _____ (her friends) last week.
A) Her
B) Them
C) Him
D) They.
3. Which questions are logical and gramaticallly correct?
1. What do you do?
2. What is Lorenzo playing?
3. Why are Rebeca watching TV?
4. Are Sergio a doctor?
5. What are you doing?
A) 1, 2, 4
B) 3, 4
C) 3, 5
D) 1, 2, 5.
4. We call them regular verbs because the past tense of each is dormed by adding
“ed” to the end of the verb. but some verbs have many different ways of forming
the past tense, because there is no regular pattern, these verbs are kown as
irregular verbs. Change to past tense the following verbs:
Choose, weep, Like, beat, drive, fly
Chose, wept, liked, beat, drove, flew
Chose, weped, liked, beated, wrote, flyed
Chose, wept, liked, beated, drived, flew
Choose, weped, liked, beat, drove, flew.
5. Complete the converstion using the correct form of the verbs for past
progressive. Use the verbs in parenthesis.
Lupe: I’m afraid I’ve broken the pot for the mole. Pedro: Oh no!
What 1 _____ (do)?
Lupe: I2 _____ (take) in into the dinning room I bumped into Chayo. She
3 _____(come) out just as I4 _____(go) in.

4 – was going. Choose the correct verb conjugation for the sentence in past continuons. 7. What’s the grammatically correcxt answer to the following question? “What were you doing yesterday at 3PM?" A) I were working on my PC B) I did not work on my PC C) I have worked on my PC . Choose the correct verb conjugation for the sentence in past continuous “My parents _____ for me” A) Were waiting B) Is waiting C) Are waiting D) Was waiting. Choose a logical verb with the correct form of the verb to be for the sentence in past progressive.1 – are you doing. 9. 2 – am taking. 4 is going 1 – was you doing. 6. 3 – were coming. “I _____ at the party.” A) Are playing B) Is playing C) Was playing D) Were playing. 8. 3 – was coming. 2 – was taking. 3 – are coming. 4 – am going 1 – is you doing.” A) Were wating B) Is looking C) Was dancing D) Are dancing. 2 – is taking. Past progressice indicates: A) A finished or completed action in the past at a specific time B) An action that happened before another action in the past C) An action in progress in the past at a specific time D) An action that began in the past and continues in the present. 10. 3 – is coming. “They _____ football at school. 2 – were taking. 4 – were going 1 – were you doing.

” A) Are singing B) Is rainig C) Was snowing D) Were coughing. 15. Jane was aware that something special occurred to him 3. 1. Mark the following sentences as correct C. Change the sentence to simple past tense: “Paty is going to bake cookies for the guests” A) Paty is baking cookies for the guests B) Paty baked cookies for the guests C) Paty was baking cookies for the guests D) Paty bakes cookies for the guests. 2. Everybody know about she. 11. 14. Roberto: Really? How long _____ you there? Lore: For three weeks Roberto: _____ you there on business or on vacation? Lore: I _____ there for fun. María Feliz was an actress. A) [1-C] [2-C] [3-E] B) [1-E] [2-C] [3-E] C) [1-C] [2-E] [3-E] D) [1-E] [2-C] [3-C]. 12.D) I was working on my PC. 13. My brother and me left earlier than usual. “It _____ last winter. Choose a logical verb with the correct form of the verb to be for the sentence in past progressive. Complete the conversation with the correct past forms of verb “to be” Lore: I _____ IN Istanbul last summer. What’s the contraction of “will not”? A) Won’t B) Wan’t . or if they have error E. A) Was → was → were → were B) Was → were → were → was C) Was → was → were → was D) Were → was → was → were.

"now". Decide which sentences are true 1. We use the auxiliary verb "to be" with the present progressive tense. everybody shouts." A) Then B) When C) While D) Last. 16. Choose a connector for the sentence. 18. I’ve just bought a nice bunch of flowers for _____:” A) Her B) She C) Him D) He.C) Willn’t D) Will not. Complete the next sentence with the correct object pronoun: “I love Mary. "___ I play soccer. 17. 4. 20 ¿Qué aplicabilidad tiene el inglés en tu vida cotidiana? A) Tratas de aplicarlo en todas las áreas de tu entorno donde sea posible B) En la escuela o casa cuando realizas actividades referentes al modulo C) La menor posible. A) 2 – 4 B) 1 – 3 C) 2 – 3 D) 1 – 4. porque no es un área que te guste i se te facilite . Form the correct plural form of the following word: child A) Childrens B) Child’s C) Children D) Childs. 19. In the simple present tense we add "ing" to all the verbs. "at the moment" are simple present time 3. We use the present continuous to talk about what´s happening now 2.

Pepe was sleeping because the Math class was boring? _____ because the Math class was boring? A) Did Pepe sleep B) Was Pepe sleeping C)Does Pepe sleep D) Is Pepe sleeping. . Choose the grammatically correct negative form of the following sentence: “I’m taking care of Mary’s pet. even though it's not happening at the moment D) Something that happens at the same time you're talking.” A) “I’m not taking care of Mary’s pet. with the structure of present continuous C) Temporary present.D) En cuestiones personales. Turn the next sentence into a question. Look at this poster: What is the purpose of the poster? They store only sells expensive jewels They store only sells jewels this week They store only sells cheap jewels now They store sells jewels at a lower price this week. 23. 21. identify the type of verb.” B) “I not taking care of Mary’s pet. sólo cuando te ves obligado a hacerlo.” D) “I don’t taking care of Mary’s pet." Expresses: A) A habit that you repeat everyday and at he same time B) Some plans for the future. 22.” C) “I’m not take care of Mary’s pet. 23. 24.”. The sentence "these days I'm sleeping a lot. In the next sentence. not the tense. The girl lives in Mexico A) Irregular B) Regular C) Progressive D) Perfect.

I heard a terrible noise in the middle of the night. please? A) Her B) Him C) Us D) It. I was awake because I usually work at night. Check if the prepositions 2 in”. the preposition is “on”. are correct in the following the sentences. What does this sentence express? “It will probably rain tomorrow morning. "Peter _____ TV in the evening" A) Watches B) Watching C) Watch D) Watch.” A) A prediction about the future . there’s a reception with family and friends”. 27. 28. Choose a verb for the sentence. Both are incorrect. 29. You understand that: A) Relatives and friends will get together a day after the wedding B) There will be a reception after the end of the ceremony C) Relatives and friends will get toguether a day before the wedding D) There will be a reception before the end of the ceremony.” A) Am going eating B) Am eating C) Are going to eating D) Am going to eat. like “on Friday”. “I _____ hot chips. Which object pronoun can substitute the underlined phrase in the sentence? Can you help my sister and me to finish the homework.25. 26. You’re invited to a wedding and the invitation says: “after the ceremony. 30.” “In” should be used in both expressions. Choose a logical verb with the correct form of the verb to be for the sentence in future. “At” should be used in both expressions. “at”. Both are correct because they are standard expressions.

I often write poems to my wife. Which sentences are in simple present? 1. answer the following question: What are they doing? A) They are dancing B) They won’t dance C) They are singing D) They like to dance. Why did you salm the door? 3. C) 3. 34. 33. 4 D) 2.B) Something that won’t happen C) A planned action in the future D) Uncertainty about the future. My brother is playing the guitar at the moment. Where did you picket up your English? 2. What time did the match was start? A) 2 – 3 – 4 B) All of them C) 1 – 3 – 4 D) None of them. 4. When does she had the accident? 4. 3. Which sentences are incorrect based on the grammar for simple past? 1. 5 B) 1. Complete the cuestion: “Will you please call me up when you _____ there? A) ” Arrive B) Would arrive C) Arrives . 31. 2. Jose is taking his grandparents to his house in this moment. 3 1. 5. 5. Based on the picture. Your parents are walking to the classroom now. 32. 4. The sun barely shines with this weather A) 2.

D) Will arrive. 37. A) On B) In C) Nothing D) At. 39. Rewrite the sentence using the simple future tense “I am a teacher”. star. 3-S. do you need any of these prepositions: “in”-“on” or ]”at”? or nothing? “All our relatives came for a celebration ______ last Christmas”. A) In progress in the past at a specific time B) That began in the past and continues in the present C) That happened before another action in the past D) Completed or finished in the past. 2-P. He reads the newspaper at morning 2. 3-S D) 1-S. 35. 38. Complete the following sentence: The simple past with regular or irregular verbs indicates an action: ______. 36. 3-P B) 1-P. 38. 2-P. ¿Cual crees que es tu desempeño en el manejo de los tiempos en pasado y presente? . street. Si tuvieras que presentar una examen de colocación de ingles en el ingreso a la universidad. bottle B) Bottle C) Star D) Noise Street. They speak Italian and Chinese every day A) 1-S. A) I will be a teacher B) I will be teaching C) I will a teacher D) I was a teacher. I’m speaking English to you because you want to practice it 3.Indicate which of the following words is an uncountable noun: A) Noise. 2-S. Indicate if the following sentnces are in simple present (S) or present progressive (P): 1. In the next sentence. 3-S C) 1-S. 2-P.

A) Bueno. it. Choose the correct preposition (at. him. A) Her B) Them C) His D) It. porque tienes bastante vocabulario. you. 40. tienes poco vocabulario. in or after) for the sentence: Hidalgo was born ______ Guanajuato _____ 1753. Complete the sentence using idiomatic future: “going to”. tienes dudas respecto al uso de los verbos C) Regular. 44. confundes las estructuras y olvidas frecuentemente las conjugaciones de muchos versos. Identify the object pronouns (me. por que aunque tienes buen vocabulario y sabes armar las estructuras. 43. you. “Lupita and Lalo (rent) _____ a car to travel along the country. 42. conoces las estructuras y manejas los verbos en sus diferentes conjugaciones B) Regular. us. Complete the following question: “_____ were you born?” I was born in 1980 A) Where B) Which C) When D) What.” A) Are going to rent B) Are going renting C) Is going to rent D) Will going to rent. At –at After – at In – in On – in. . Choose a superlative adjective for the sentence “china’s population is _____ of all the conuntries” A) The largest B) Heavy C) Small D)Fatter. her. porque aunque manejas una buena cantidad de verbos y tienes buen vocabulario. 41. on. them) Which object form of the personal pronoun can substitute the underlined phrase in the sentence? The boys are riding their bicycles. sigues teniendo fallas en las estructuras D) Malo.

” A) Am going to buy B) ‘m gonna buy C) Am going buying D) Am buying. present. present. past progressive D) Past. present. What’s the correct and logical question for this answer? “Beto is presenting his findings to Andres” A) How does Beto do it? B) What is Beto doing? C) Where did Beto go? D) When will Beto go?. Which sentence is grammatically correct? A) Have Rafael and Julieta Morales three children? B) Why is Julieta working as a hospital administrator this year? C) What are one important change in American families? D) Why Mexican families are changing?. past progressive. 46. He got the idea for the radio while he was watching TV. past progressive C) Past. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb “buy” and the form of future using “going to”: “I _____ a new car nect year. . past simple. past. Choose a comparative adjective for the sentence. What is the tense for each sentence? The British Trevor Baylis invented in 1996 a wind-up radio. present. I’m already saving money. A) Past. Choose one of these prepositions for the sentence: The telephone and the door bell rang _____ the same time A) At B) After C) On D) In.45. present. present. “Sandy’s hair is _____ Nancy’s” A) Tallest B) Fat C) Longer than D) Skinny. past progressive B) Pats. 49. 48. 47. past. You wind it up by hand. 50. It doesn't need electricity or batteries. present simple.

52. ¿Qué opciones aprendes? A) La más sencilla para facilitar el estudio y no preguntar B) Todas para tener diferentes alternativas para preguntar C) La mas usada para poder encontrar Material dE apoyo con mayor facilidad D) La que mas se te facilite. para evitar conversar y usar mas vocabulario C) Expresrias de manera autónoma tus ideas utilizando las nociones gramaticales y vocabulario propias para su formulación D) Consultarías las expresiones gramaticales y vocabulario en un diccionario o traductor para poder expresar bien tus ideas. “We ______ in a small town. observas que hay distintas maneras para hacerlo.” A) Is living B) Was living C) Are living D) Were living. Al revisar la forma de formular preguntas en future. para tener al menos una forma segura para usar.51. . Si conocieras a una persona de habla inglesa a través de una red social ¿Cómo intercambiarías información con ella sobre tu proyecto de vida? A) Usarías tus nociones granmaticales para expresar tus ideas apoyándote de un diccionario o traductor para consultar vocabulario B) Darias respuestas cortas y directas sin estructuras gramaticales complejas. Choose a correct verb conjugation for the sentence in past continuous. 53.