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1.1 This section covers the furnishing of vertical turbine pumping unit(s) as required and to
the expectations of the ENGINEER with regard to the manufacture of the equipment.
1.2 Each pumping unit shall be complete with a pump, electric motor, discharge head,
soleplate, anchor bolts, and all other appurtenances specified or required for proper
operation. Equipment furnished under this section shall be fabricated and assembled in
full conformity with drawings, specifications, engineering data, instructions, and
recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, unless exceptions are noted by
1.3 Except as modified or supplemented herein, all vertical turbine pumps shall conform to the
applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA E101 and the Hydraulic Institute Standards.


2.1 Complete fabrication and assembly drawings together with detailed specifications and
data covering materials, parts, devices and accessories forming a part of the equipment
furnished, shall be submitted in accordance with the submittals section. The data and
specifications for each pumping unit shall not be limited to the following:

Name of manufacturer.
Type and model.
Design rotative speed.
Number of stages.
Type of bowl bearings.
Number of stages.
Type of lineshaft bearings.
Size of shafting.
Size of pump column.
Size of discharge outlet.
OD of pump bowls.
Data on shop painting.
Max overall dimensions.
Total Weight.
Complete performance curves showing capacity versus head, NPSH
required, efficiency, and bhp plotted scales consistent with performance

2.2 Adequate operation and maintenance information shall be supplied. Operation and
maintenance manuals shall be submitted in accordance with the submittals sections. The
operation and maintenance manuals shall be in addition to any instruction or parts lists


SECTION 02530 - 1

Creekside Park
May 2011

2 Spare parts shall be furnished as specified. MANFACTURERS 6.1 The pumps shall be adequately supported during transit to ensure the pumping unit is not subjected to undue stresses. regulation and control. PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN REQUIREMENTS PUMP.packed with or attached to the equipment when delivered. DELIVERY. Spare parts shall be delivered to OWNER as directed. Guide to troubleshooting. Test data and performance curves.3. Lubrication and maintenance instructions. cross-section. 5. and assembly drawings. and limiting conditions. WARRANTY 4. and emergency conditions. routine. Parts list and predicted life of parts subject to wear. 8312 Series with Impeller No. and checking instructions. Outline. and normal operation.3 Final documentation shall be delivered on compact disk. and writing diagrams. AND HANDLING 5. and has demonstrated a commitment to the minimizing that impact by achieving ISO 14001 certification. Equipment function.2 Or Pre-Approved Equal (single stage) 7. adjustment.1 The manufacturer shall warrant their pumps to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after the product is first put into operation or eighteen (18) months after date of shipment. installation. Assembly. Operating instructions for startup. STORAGE. and Solidworks.2 Creekside Park May 2011 . alignment. 3. MS Office. 5. shutdown. A-312-T 6. CONTROL PANEL. whichever occurs first. engineering data. Operation and maintenance manuals shall including the following: • • • • • • • • 3. where applicable. Spare parts shall be suitably packaged with labels indicating the contents of each package. 3. PART 2 .2. 5. QUALITY ASSURANCE 3.1 The pump shall be the product of "Fairbanks Morse Pumps Model 14".1 Equipment shall be manufactured in the United States. Supplier shall be certified to the ISO 9001 standard for design and manufacture of vertical turbine pumps. readable using Acrobat. Equipment shall be manufactured in a facility that recognizes its impact on the environment. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 . normal operating characteristics. 4.PRODUCTS 6.

The performance of each pump with an enclosed impeller shall be based on a radial running clearance between the bowl wearing ring and the impeller of not less than 6 mils.5 The pumping application required for this project demands equipment that will operate reliably for many years.2 If the pumps are to be run utilizing a variable frequency drive. 8.6 At any operating speed. The performance of each pump with an open impeller shall be based on a radial running clearance between the bowl and the impeller of not less than 15 mils. CONTROL PANEL. vibration. The shutoff head shall be at least 115% of the head that occurs at the design point. 7.1 Pumping units shall be designed for the performance and design requirements as required.7. at maximum speed unless otherwise noted.2. or 0. SERVICE CONDITIONS Service Storm Water Tag Numbers N/A Quantity 1 Design Flow (GPM) 4.4 Pump performance shall be stable and free from damaging cavitation. 7. 7. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 .500 Design TDH 17. whichever is greater. the water to be pumped shall be assumed to have a temperature of 70°F. the pump curve shall be continuously rising and shall be free from dips & valleys from the design point to the shutoff head.3 Creekside Park May 2011 . 7. and it is the objective of this specification to deliver the highest quality equipment that is fit for purpose. 7.5 mil per inch of wearing ring diameter. the ratio of rotative speed to the critical speed of a unit or its components shall be less than 0. Un-scheduled downtime is unacceptable to the client.8 or more than 1. and noise within the operating head range.3 For design and rating purposes.75’ Minimum Flow (when using VFD) Minimum TDH (when using VFD) Maximum RPM at Design Conditions Minimum Bowl Efficiency at Design Flow/TDH Minimum Bowl Efficiency at Minimum Flow/TDH N/A N/A To Be Determined 85 N/A Maximum Motor HP 30 Pump Operation Constant Speed NPSHA (at top of barrel mounting flange) N/A PUMP.

1.1 The outer column pipe diameters 4" thru 14" shall be of ASTM A53 Gr. 9. Impellers with bowl diameters larger than 22" shall be double keyed.1 "Standard Specifications for Discharge Column Pipe".5 and shall be such that elongation due to hydraulic thrust will not exceed the axial clearance of the impellers in the pump bowls Maximum run out shall not exceed 0. the bowl bolting material shall be as listed in the subsection "materials of construction". based on the design capacity of the pump or as listed under the subsection "service conditions".2. The bowls shall be accurately machined and fitted with a suction case.2 COLUMN ASSEMBLY 9.1. The size of the shaft shall be no less than that determined by ANSI/AWWAE101 Specifications. The suction bearing shall be permanently packed with food grade grease.005" in 10 feet.2 The column line shaft shall be turned and ground and manufactured of the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction". and shall have a length not less than 2 times the shaft diameter. The butting faces shall be machined square to the axis of the shaft with maximum permissible misalignment of the thread axis with the shaft axis 0.9. B steel pipe in interchangeable sections not over 20' in length. and constructed of the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction". The bowls are to be of threaded connection for sizes up to & including 8" diameter.The enclosing tube shall be of ASTM A53 Schedule 80 with the ends machined square and parallel. The bearings shall be sleeve type of the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction" and are to be lubricated by the product being pumped.4 Creekside Park May 2011 . 9. bumps & dips and shall be cast of high quality free of blow holes. The waterways and diffusion vanes shall be smooth and free from nodules.2. The ends of each section shall be faced parallel and machined with 8 straight threads per inch permitting the ends to butt and insuring alignment when connected by standard mill steel couplings. PUMP CONSTRUCTION 9.002" in 6". The weight of the column pipe shall be no less than that stated in ANSI/AVVVVA Specification E101. When applicable. The line shaft bearings shall be sleeve type of bronze ASTM B505 alloy C84400. CONTROL PANEL.1 BOWL ASSEMBLY 9. The column size shall be such that friction loss will not exceed 5' per 100'. The water passages on bowl sizes 4" through 19" shall be lined with porcelain enamel and larger sizes shall be fusion bonded epoxy lined type (Skotchkote 134) to reduce friction losses. internally spiral grooved to allow lubricant to flow through. The bearings are to be located above and below each impeller. Section 5.1 The pump bowl assembly shall be manufacturer specific or pre-approved equal. 9. The top and bottom sections of column pipe for oil lubricated pumps shall not exceed 10'. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 .2 The impellers shall be cast in one piece of the enclosed type. Section 5. sand holes and other detrimental defects. The impellers shall be statically and dynamically balanced. threaded internally PUMP. They shall be furnished in interchangeable sections not over 20 feet in length. The impeller shafting shall conform to the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction". Unless otherwise stipulated. if the bowl diameter is smaller than 22" diameter the impeller shall be securely fastened to the shaft with taper split bushings (collets)of the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction". Impellers shall be adjusted vertically by external means and shall have sufficient axial clearance for reliable service in accordance with the specified operating conditions. and are to be flanged with machined rabbet fit connections for sizes larger than 8" diameter. and threaded externally to act as enclosing tube connectors . The pump bowls shall be constructed of the material as listed under the subsection "materials of construction".

Impeller adjustment shall be provided by means of a bronze adjusting nut located on top of the motor and constructed of ASTM B16 alloy 036000. Coupling guards shall be fabricated from 16 USS gage or thicker aluminum-clad steel or from 1/2 inch Stainless steel mesh expanded metal. 9. drilled & gasketed to provide a pressure containing seal to the top of the suction barrel.3 The discharge head shall be equipped with a tube tensioning device to apply and maintain proper tension to the shaft enclosing tube.4 A 3/4" tap shall be provided through the discharge head body to allow pre-lubrication of the line shaft bearings prior to pump starting.3 DISCHARGE HEAD 9. Abutting surfaces between the soleplate and the discharge head shall be machined to provide 100% surface contact with the discharge head base. Discharge head design shall be capable of containing maximum pressure developed by pump plus suction pressure.005". held in place by compression of the butted ends of the column pipe. The bearing retainers are to be on the material listed in the subsection "materials of construction". bowl model number. 9. Each guard shall be designed for easy installation and removal.5 Creekside Park May 2011 . ASTM A53 Grade B body pipe and ASTM A516 steel plate.4 Bearing retainers shall be of the drop-in type. Sealing between the plate & discharge head and the plate and shaft enclosing tube shall be accomplished by means of "O" rings.3.2. HP.3 Threaded shaft couplings are to be supplied for shafts less than 2-3/4" diameter and shall be sized per ANSI/AWWA E101 section A-4. They shall utilize left-hand threads to tighten during operation.5 The pump shall be mounted and supported by a separate steel base plate (sole plate). Bearing spacing shall not exceed 5'.2 A threaded coupling constructed of the same material as the top line shaft shall be provided to couple the motor shaft to the pump shaft.2. The soleplate shall be drilled to match the base flange drilling of the discharge head. RPM. manufacturer serial number.1. After proper tensioning. 9. The center opening diameter shall be of sufficient size to permit installation and removal of the complete PUMP.4. The pump shall be furnished with an Aluminum nameplate securely mounted to the discharge head. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 . Head shall be in all respects equal to Floway type "VF" receive the line shaft bearings. Maximum tube tread run out in 5' length shall not exceed 0. number of stages. CONTROL PANEL. A NPT pressure gauge connection shall be supplied on the top centerline of the discharge outlet. This device shall consist of a cast iron ASTM A48 class 30 tube tension plate and bronze ASTM 838 combination tube tension nut and bearing.3. 9. 9. The top of the discharge head shall be machined to accept a standard NEMA P base driver and have a diameter equal to the driver base diameter (BD). The base flange shall be machined. After adjustment the nut shall be positively locked in position to the motor clutch. 9. Tension shall be applied to the tube through internal threads in the top tube. 9. A 1/4" NPT barrel vent tap shall provided to vent air from the top of the barrel. pump type & impeller setting dimension).1 The discharge head shall be fabricated of carbon steel materials using ASTM A181 flanges.3. All couplings and other moving or rotating parts shall be covered on all sides by an OSHA approved coupling guard. At a minimum it shall contain information providing (design flow. design TDH. the nut shall be locked into position with a steel cap screw. The discharge flange shall be 150# ANSI raised face with bolt holes straddling 1/4" the vertical centerline. All necessary supports and accessories shall be provided for each guard.

1 Each bowl assembly shall be non-witness tested at the factory for capacity. A natural frequency analysis of the head. The pump manufacturer shall submit complete pump test reports. grouted and leveled within 0. shutoff head or point of discontinuity. Prior to coating. and electric motor shall be performed by a licensed Professional Engineer using FEA software. PUMP. discharge head ID shall be factory painted with a NSF 61 approved two part epoxy coating. All tests and test reports shall conform to the requirements and recommendations of the Hydraulic Institute Standards. A report shall be provided with the submittal showing that the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the pump and motor have been considered in the design of the discharge head. 9.1 The pumping unit shall be designed to safely operate free of resonant frequency. such as Carboguard 891.1 Equipment requiring periodic repair and adjustment shall be furnished complete with all special tools. The soleplate shall be permanently anchored. the pump manufacturer shall modify the pumping unit and perform additional tests.5 FACTORY COATING 9. CONTROL PANEL. rated head. 9.003 inches per foot by the installing contractor. column ID & OD. and certify that the critical frequency is at least 20% above or below the operating range. required for proper maintenance. instrumentation calibration data.15 9. with a final dry film thickness no less than 10-12 mils. test procedures. If the pump fails to operate properly or fails to meet the specified conditions or requirements during witnessed shop testing.6 Creekside Park May 2011 .8 SPECIAL TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES 9.6 ENGINEERED ANALYSIS 9. power requirement. and at as many other points as necessary for accurate performance curve plotting. instruments and accessories. all surfaces are to receive a commercial blast meeting SSPCSP10 and shall be primed. 9. and efficiency at minimum head. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 .pump assembly.1 The bowl assembly OD. including test arrangement. 9.4 FACTORY TESTING 9.7 ELECTRIC MOTORS HP 30 Shaft Type Hollow Shaft RPM 1200 Voltage 480 Enclosure WP-1 Efficiency Rating Premium Efficiency Non-Reverse Ratchet Yes Motor Operation Constant Speed Service Factor 1. & test data in curve format. Equipment requiring special devices for lifting or handling shall be furnished complete with those devices. The coating shall be applied in two coats of 4-6 mils DFT. motor stand (if applicable).

The representative shall be present when the equipment is placed in operation. 9. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 .1 An experience. A53-Gr B pipe) Sole Plate Fabricated Steel . and authorized representative of the manufacturer shall visit the site of the Work and Inspect. CONTROL PANEL. 10. A105 flg.9 SPARE PARTS 9. 10.1 If required.7 Creekside Park May 2011 . to be specified by the engineer and or owner.9.(A516-Gr 70 plt) Name Plate Aluminum Anchor Bolts Steel PART 3 .10 MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION Component Material Pump Bowls Cast Iron (ASTM A48 c130 . is free from any undue stress imposed by connecting piping or anchor bolts. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL 10. competent.(ASTM B505-91 Alloy 932) Collets 316 SS .(ASTM A582-88a) Line Shaft Sleeves 304 Stainless Steel Line Shaft Bearings Bronze/Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Bearing Retainers Ductile Iron — (ASTM A536-84 Gr 60-40-18) Discharge Head Fabricated Steel .(A516-Gr 70 plt.3 All costs of these services shall be included in the contract price for the number of days and round trips to the site as required. and has been operated under full load conditions and that it operated satisfactorily.2 The manufacturer's representative shall furnish a written report certifying that the equipment has been properly installed and lubricated. adjust if necessary.(ASTM A582088a Type 416) Bowl Bearings Bronze .Enamel Lined) Impellers 952 Bronze(ASTM B584-90b Alloy 952) Bowl Assembly Shaft 416 SS . check.9. and approve the equipment installation.EXECUTION 10. and shall revisit the job site as often as necessary until all trouble is corrected and the equipment installation and operation are satisfactory in the opinion of ENGINEER. is in accurate alignment. PUMP.(ASTM A276-90a Type 316 Bowl Bolting 304 SS — (ASTM F593 Gr CW1) Bowl Wear Rings N/A Impeller Wear Rings N/A Strainer Galvanized Column Pipe Thickness Standard Column Bolting 304 SS – (ASTM F593 Gr CW1) Line Shaft 416 SS –(ASTM A582-88a) Line Shaft Couplings 416 SS .

Design Requirements: 1.01 1. 1. AND PUMP ACCESSORIES SECTION 02530 . Section Includes: 1. Related Sections: 1. 10.5 Manufacturers' installation supervisor shall observe.02 1. terminal blocks. and similar equipment. lnstall·devices in accordance with manufacturers instructions and accepted shop drawings. instruct.04 Specific control panel enclosures shall be as specified in these Specifications or as indicated on the Drawings. National Electrical Code (NEC). guide. B. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION A. enclosures to house electrical controls. CABINETS AND ENCLOSURES PART1 1. 1. terminal blocks.Electrical REFERENCES A. END OF SECTION PUMP. PART 2 2. and direct the installing contractor's erection or installation procedures. Division 16 . Unless otherwise specified or indicated on the Drawings.01 Submit manufacturer's standard warranty. CONTROL PANEL. and similar equipment shall be NEMA 12 for indoor. Such services shall be included in the contract price for the number of days and round trips to the site as required. instruments. Submit product data and mounting supports.05 WARRANTY A. Cabinets and enclosures to house electrical controls. EXECUTION INSTALLATION A.4 The equipment manufacturer shall furnish a qualified field installation supervisor during the equipment installation. SUBMITTALS A. The equipment manufacturer will be provided with written notification 10 days prior to the need for such services. instruments.10. 2. National Electrical Manufacturers' Association (NEMA). wet locations and corrosive designated areas and shall be compatible with the conduit system being used.03 GENERAL SUMMARY A. B.8 Creekside Park May 2011 . dry and non-corrosive locations and NEMA 4X stainless steel for outdoor installations. B. Submit in accordance with Section 01300-1.