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Destroy All
E3 Presentation v2.32

Mothership looming above the Earth

o Says Press A to launch E3 demo
Press A
Play UFO launch cinematic
Fade to Black
Load e3_farm site

Site 1 Aliens Abduction at the Farm

Cinematic the idyllic rural setting is shattered by the arrival of a nasty little
alien called Crypto
o Music Cue - Lollipop / Shaboom remix / classic 50s tune
o Fade In
o Pan down to a shot of the farmhouse, american flag waving
o Cut to a scene near a dirt road that leads to the farm
o The farmers wife is returning from the market with a basket of eggs,
riding a bike along the road back to the farm. Birds chirp, a gentle
breeze blows, everything is good and grand!
o All of sudden, a blue glow forms around her.
o She lifts up into the air and starts screaming
o Farmers Wife : Put me down! (well just use the Urban Female for
o She is PK pushed off into the lake
o As she disappears we hear chuckling
o Pull back across to revealCRYPTO grinning, toothy mouth open
o Crypto : Pathetic Humans!
o Slowly pull back from Crypto
o Fade to black
Cut to Crypto at the farm, near the paddock entrance.
Run over to some cows grazing in the paddock nearby
Cortex Scan the jersey cow
o Cow : Mooo!
Cinematic - Crypto gets mad at the cow


o Crypto - The creature is blocking my scan with this Moo!

o Crypto : Identify yourself, calcium-filled Earth creature, or you will
be vaporized!
o Cow : Mooo!
o Cow takes a dump
o Crypto : You try my patience, ignorant lifeform!
Dog starts barking in the distance
Pick up cow with PK and slam it onto the ground. It dies.
Cinematic Farmer is out of house, we focus on him
o Farmer : What in tarnation? Whats getting my Bessie all flustered?
Sees Crypto becomes Alert then Aware, Farmer speaks and points
o Farmer : What in the blue blazes are you?
Cinematic farmer runs back to the farmhouse, hear door slam. Banging
around in the house, the farmer comes back out with a rifle.
o Farmer : Im coming to get ya, ya varmint!
The farmer takes a few shots at Crypto, Crypto locks on and dodges around
Crypto hypnotizes the farmer
Lead farmer to UFO, look up at the UFO
Cinematic - Farmer abduction, farmer is held up in abducto beam
o Distant shot of Crypto and the farmer in the beam
o Crypto : Initiating probe. Tell me your secrets human!
o Close up on farmer, his eyes bug out
o Farmer : Aaaaargh - Pain
o Pause for presenter VO
o Crypto : Playing dumb, are you? Pathetic creature.
o Crypto fiddles with a device on his arm, a hum gets louder
o Close up of farmer
o Farmer : Ooooooh! - Pleasure
o Two shot of Crypto and farmer
o Crypto : What sort of answer is that? Increasing power!
o Close up on farmer, eyes lolling, hes out of it
o Farmer : URK!
o Beam shuts off and farmer drops.
o Close up of farmer is in the hypno animation
o Crypto : Hes going to take a while to recover! I need more of these
humans to probe!
Newspaper Headline Cattle Mutilation Epidemic!, Farmer mysteriously
disappears, local says It were Martians!
Fade to black
Load e3_drvin block

Site 2 Infiltration and Panic at the Drive-In

Cinematic Establishing shot of the fair and fair entrance


Cars are parked about the drive-in, Fifties people mill about, the fair is off to
one side, drive-in at the other.
Start in cover near the fair entrance
Music perhaps have some 50s music emanating from one of the fair
Body snatch a person, stay in disguise for the next bunch of sections
Run into the fair
Explore the fair a little, Cortex Scan a few people
Bottle neck crowd 1 : In the main fair area. Hypnotize someone, make them do
a silly dance in front of people, they all watch
Bottle neck crowd 2 Near the fair exit. PK the carriages on the ferris wheel,
perhaps rip one off?
Move across to the drive-in area, wbatch a bit of the movie
Its playing a section of a 50s B-Movie the humans are shooting down UFOs!
Crypto runs up to the drive-in screen and removes his disguise.
Cinematic Crypto stands defiantly below the drive-in, facing the human
o Crypto : You think you can destroy us so easily? You humans are
pathetic! We will take control of your government and destroy all
Music Cue Bernard Hermann, combat music
Cause a panic, humans run in terror
o PK car and throw through drivein screen
o Show peoples terror reactions to Crypto
o Use PK car as a bludgeon
o Pick people up with PK
o Zap people
Newspaper Headline Drive-in Destruction Mystery, Government blames
Communist insurgents, military on alert
Fade to black
Load e3_city block

Site 3 Mayhem in the City

Music Cue Bernard Hermann, spooky music

Start in an alley way (note this is nowhere near the UFO)
Scientist walks past alley entrance, stops to check the time
Crypto Body Snatch him, then PK push him across the road
Run up the street to the Capitol Building
o Pass a dog that barks at you
o Pass a preaching Town Crazy, scan him a few times for some whacky
Town Crazy The end is nigh!
Show human research file - mailbox (ie a scannable prop?)?!?


o Crypto : This strange creature is fed paper-based food pellets by the

humans. It must be some form of pet its name must be US Mail.
Two soldiers are guarding the entrance (gates/building?!?)
Conversation minigame with the soldiers
o Soldier 1 : Hold it right there, pal!
o Response 1 - Disguised Crypto : Mein Gott! I just came back to
collect my notes, I wasnt expecting some kind of Spanish
o Response 2 Disguised Crypto : You like brunettes, ya? My cousin
Gretchen loves a man in uniform. Youd like to meet her, ya?
o Response 3 Disguised Crypto :Get of my way, dolt, or I shall
inform General Armqist of your communist sympathies!
o Response 4 Disguised Crypto : Have you ever been questioned by
a G-Man? I assure you it will be most.unpleasant.
o Soldier 1 Believability icon appears
o Soldier 1: OK, professor, you can go in!
o Soldier 2 : Hold it! You have to get past me as well!
o Turn to second soldier
o Response 1 - Disguised Crypto : Oh my! What will the president say
when I meet him empty handed. Id hate to be you!
o Response 2 Disguised Crypto : Please let me in! I am just a poor
little scientist.
o Response 3 Disguised Crypto :You know, Gretchen has a twin
sister named Heidi! I could introduce you.
o Response 4 Disguised Crypto : You got me! I am a little space alien
disguised as a scientist! Also the moon is made of cheese! Please
just let me in!
o Next bit is either Solider 1 or 2 depending on whether we do both
minigame branches
o Soldier 1 or 2 : Alright, Ill let you throughthis time.
o Soldier ushers Crypto in
Cinematic A pair of G-Men come around the corner, one points at Crypto
o G-Man : Sergeant! Thats no ordinary scientist, its some sort of alien
space freak! Take him down!
Cryptos disguise comes down
Music Cue Bernard Hermann, combat music
Take out the soldiers and G-Men
o Use the Disintegrator Ray
Run up the street towards the UFO in the park
o Zig zag back and forth across the street causing chaos
o Scare people
o Disintegrate cars and people
o Blow up cars and watch peoples reactions
o Toss ion Detonators
o PK people all over the place
o Using a car as a bludgeon
Run back to the UFO, which is landed in the park, and take off

Burn down trees in park
Abduct a tree and throw it at a building
Use Sonic Boom to take out buildings
Use Death Ray to set people, cars and buildings alight
Use Quantum Deconstructors to take out some of the larger
Once the main city block is flattened, fade to black
Newspaper Headline Disaster Strikes Union Town!, Gas mains explode,
levels city blocks!
Fade to black
Cinematic - Crypto is standing in front of the Capitol building, with the landed
UFO behind him. Wrecked and smoking tanks and army trucks litter the area.
o Crypto : Pathetic Humans!
o Fade to black
Text on screen
o The Invasion Begins - 2005
Fade to black

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