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COD2 1.

3 MP server fix
To install:
1.> Make a backup of your existing CoD2MP_s.exe as you will need to put it back
if a new patch for COD2 ever comes out.
2.> Copy the CoD2MP_s.exe file from within this RAR into your Call of Duty dir.
3.> Enjoy hosting games with no more failed keychecks! :)
How & Why:
Nobody released a fix for COD2 MP (at least I couldn't find one that worked) so
I made my own.
This one doesn't rely on the stupid 30 minute timeout, which was affected simply
by hex'ing the exe to change the string to something
like I appreciate the effort guys, but the 30 minute timeout sucke
d :)
Anyway, my version works by changing the string that is checked for acceptance b
y the auth server. By default, the COD2 server checks to see if it receives "ac
cept" from the auth server ( when it does a key check
each time a new client connects. If it receives "deny" or doesn't receive a rep
ly it keeps trying for ages (30 minutes plus) until it eventually times out and
lets clients connect regardless. I simply changed "accept" to "deny" so that ea
ch time a client tries to connect, it still lets them join even though the auth
server rejected their key :)
The only problem I could foresee with this is that a *legitimate* key may get re
jected, since the auth server would return "accept" which would end up actually
rejecting the user. In practice, however, I've found this doesn't occur since a
ll the "deny" messages I received were for invalid_client not bad_key so it ends
up just letting anybody connect since they all get "deny".
Anyway, forget *how* it works unless you're interested. Suffice to say it works
, and only the server needs to have the crack in place - clients don't need the
exe, so you only need this if you are planning to run a server (whether it is at
a LAN or online, it doesn't matter, it still works).
NOTE: I haven't tested this with a dedicated server, but I don't see how that wo
uld be any different since it uses the same exe and the same keycheck code.
NOTE #2: NO, this does not allow you to join uncracked online servers. There is
no way to do that since the server is the one that checks the cod2master auth f
or your key validity. This is a *server* fix, so only get it if you plan on hos
ting games, it does nothing for clients.
NOTE #3: Be aware that this sill connects to so do NOT
block it with your firewall. If you do, you're back to the 30 minute wait whil
e the auth code times out. I don't know if I recommend running this on a 24/7 d
edicated box since every single keycheck from your IP will show up as *failed* a
t the cod2master end... I don't know if they check that sort of thing but it mig
ht look suss.

NOTE #4: Even though it will work fine, I only made this for LAN play with my fr
iends as we don't have a permanent internet connections at our LANs. As always,
BUY the game like I did - publishers won't continue making good games if you ke
ep ripping them off.
Zoo Antelope...