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Class: BS (CS) 7A (E)

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UAAR alumni
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Zeeshan ilyas


BSCS A/Evening


Mujtaba Ahsan


BSCS A/Evening

The aim of the project is to facilitate the user in
searching the current location of the alumni of UAAR.
Application will show the user current location and working
location of UAAR Alumni and using Google map show the
current location into the map. App (UAM) will show the
current location of the alumni, also provide the latest news
regarding the uaar and upcoming events of the UAAR.
The application gets the information about the alumni
form Facebook and on the basis of that the alumni will show
the current geographical place through Google map.
Only those alumni information will show, who updated
their status regularly on Facebook or in touch with the social
media (Facebook).
o Showing current location of Alumni by extracting the
information from Facebook account of alumni.
o All the Data will be gathered from the Facebook and
mesh with Google map to show the location.
o Show the current location of the alumni.
o User can zoom to a country, city or even street level and
know if there are any alumni around.
o Contact information with detail UAAR
Out of Scope:

o Find the alumni through our application.

o We manually add some alumni data through registration
from this application.

Main objectives of the Alumni UAAR map are as
o This android based application will show the
geographical location of the alumni.
o Mash up the data of alumni from Facebook and
show it into the Google map.
o Zoom the current place of alumni with scrolling
and rotating
This Project will focus on showing the alumni location on the
Google map to get to know about the exact location of the
The Alumni UAAR Map (AUM) will show alumni on
the map with its current location .If you want to know the
alumni of the UAAR which is currently near to you then this
application will show all the alumni near to you, Through
Google map.
So using this (AUM) user simply can found all the alumni
location through this application. It will show you the place
of the alumni where alumni last online through Facebook.
The Google map shows only the places where the alumni are
last online.

Application will retain the location of the alumni on the base

of the data which we collect through Facebook.
By this way if some alumni get to known about other
alumni in other city or country then it is very useful for him
to known about those alumni by this application.
You are travelling to another city (or country) and need to
know about UAAR friends who may be located in or around
that region, user can check out using this application.
If any of your alumni have kept their contact
information private on Facebook, they obviously wont show
up in the Google Map
Alumni UAAR Map will go through all Facebook
profiles of all your Alumni UAAR to determine their current
location and plots that neatly on a Google Map.
Functional Requirements (system behaves)

System collect data from the alumni from database

Show the alumni on map where he is right now.
Alumni will show using Google map.
All the news regarding the UAAR will be shown.
Alumni can check where his mates are right now.
Each alumni have only one account.

Nonfunctional requirements
o The application interface is user friendly and should
facilitate the user using the application.

o The application is accessible easily over the Internet 24

hours and 7 Days a week as a web application and
mobile application.

Software Tools Needed:

Android studio IDE
System requirement:
o 2 GB min RAM, Recommended 4 GB.
o 400 MB hardisk space.
o 1GB for android SDK.
o 1280x800 min resolution