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9 Things You might like the new iOS9

Apple announced on Monday some features of its new operating system for mobile i
OS9 that could please the users of iPhone and iPad.
Here we share the innovations presented at its annual developers conference (WWD
C for its acronym in English).
1. Proactive Siri
Of all the features that Apple introduced iOS on its 9 the most exciting Siri is
your update.
Siri will become 'proactive' to predict what you want to know before you ask. It
's a feature we've seen in Google Now and Cortana from Microsoft.
The new, proactive Siri displays relevant information based on your location, se
arch history, email, schedule and habits.
For example, the new Siri review your calendar and tell you what time you go to
your next appointment considering data traffic. You can also check your identify
ing phone numbers you do not recognize. And if that were not enough applications
to use and suggest places to visit depending on the time of day.
2. Transit
Finally transit directions come to the app Apple maps. It will start with 12 cit
ies, but the company said it would expand this amount in the future.
This update has been highly anticipated. The lack of information on public trans
port has been one of the many reasons that Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the
lacking map application it submitted in 2012.
3. News
The Apple app news bears some resemblance to Flipboard and replace the commonly
ignored online store called Newsstand.
The news will be provided by 20 publishers with 50 different titles, this includ
es ESPN, CNN, Cond Nast and the New York Times.
Apple said its app will combine "the rich visual layout of a magazine with the i
mmediacy and personalization of digital media."
4. Wallet
The Passbook app is to receive a new name, Wallet (wallet) and some new features
In iOS9, Wallet Guadara Discover cards and credit cards and loyalty of users. Th
is in addition to those already present and Apple Passbook Pay: Visa, MasterCard
and American Express.
IPhone users will double click the home button when their phones are locked to e
nter this app.
5. Notes
The Notes app will receive a 'little hand cat' with iOS9, allowing you to draw s
ketches, add photos, maps and links as well as objects from other applications.
In addition will let you make automatic lists and take pictures from there.
6. Multitasking
IPad users will soon be able to run two applications simultaneously on the same
With a split-screen function, video photography in photography, a new app for cu
ts and changes, the iPad come close to being a real device for word processing.
7. Quicktype
In addition to multitasking, Apple introduced some gestures for the iPad in iOS9
, turning the keyboard on a trackpad.
Using two fingers, users can select text and move the cursor like a mouse.
8. Improvements in batteries
Apple said the iOS9 give you better battery life for mobile devices daily. Besid
es adding a low-power mode to increase performance up to three hours.
9. Beta open to the public
Are you excited by the iOS9? Although it will not be released until the fall, yo
u can review it before. For the first time ever, Apple will open the beta to any
one who wants to try the new OS ... anrtes that is officially presented.
IOS September will be released in July as a "public beta", which means that anyo
ne with an iPhone or iPad may revise the operating system.